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Chaper 40 R Presentation


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Presentation to the Dennis Planning Board regarding a proposal for creating a Chapter 40R Residential Zoning District.

Presentation to the Dennis Planning Board regarding a proposal for creating a Chapter 40R Residential Zoning District.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Town of Dennis Chapter 40R Zoning
  • 2. What is Chapter 40R?
    • Chapter 40R is special legislation to promote new approaches to housing development
    • It provides an incentive laden alternative to Chapter 40B projects
    • Promotes by-right zoning for housing creation with financial support for infrastructure and schools
  • 3. Why Chapter 40R for Dennis?
    • The Dennis Affordable Housing By-law promotes equivalent housing opportunities but by Special Permit rather than by-right
    • Provides financial rewards for appropriate projects the Town may have approved anyway
    • If the site is right, create appropriate zoning with all design standards set up front rather than in Special Permit process.
  • 4. Proposal
    • Rezone a site which represents a “conflicting land use” to promote a more appropriate future for the site
    • Promote “down-sized” housing close to a village center
    • Assist in relocating grandfathered use to a more appropriate location
  • 5. The Site Northern Paving property in Dennisport which is adjacent to a high density housing project and sensitive wetlands .
  • 6. Site Characteristics
    • Acres: 7.3 +/- acres
    • 6.31 upland
    • 1.03 wetland
    • Zoning: General Commercial II and Residential 40
    • Existing Uses: Construction company; school buses, automobile repair, residential
    • Construction company: 3 on-site employees, 15 truck drivers
    • Includes 3000 gallon above ground diesel storage tank for fleet refueling; vehicle repair, vehicle storage (15 dump trucks, associated trailers and up to 15 tractors/back hoes)
    • Bus company: 4 on site employees, 50 bus drivers
    • Includes 3000 gallon above ground diesel storage tank for fleet refueling (separate from that for construction company); vehicle repair, vehicle storage (50 buses currently allowed)
    • Automobile and small engine repair: 1 employee, 1 bay, 496 sf
    • Residential structure: 2 bedrooms
  • 7. Proximity The site is immediately adjacent to the Dennisport Village Center and is walkable to the village and Route 28 public transportation services.
  • 8.  
  • 9. The Plan
    • Rezone to Chapter 40R single family residential standards – 8 units per acre
    • Establish development standards including unit sizes, spacing and parking requirements
    • Establish building heights and footprints which promote down-sized housing
  • 10. Follow the West Coast “Cottage on the Common” Style Guidelines
  • 11.  
  • 12. The Proposal
    • Allow 8 - 12 units per acre
    • Require 50 foot wetland setbacks consistent with current wetlands restrictions
    • Require 50 foot street frontage which would provide for the access drive
    • Require 25 foot front setback from any street
    • Require 15 foot perimeter setbacks other than roads
    • Require 15 foot spacing between structures
    • Structural coverage including porches and walkways 40%
  • 13. The Proposal
    • Maximum impervious area coverage including parking 60%
    • Minimum open space including yards and common areas 40%
    • Maximum height with shed style roofs 18 feet
    • Maximum height with 6:12 roof slope 25 feet
    • Maximum floor area is 1.5 times the footprint with a maximum living space of 1,200 sf.
    • Parking required 1.5 spaces per unit
  • 14. The Dennis Port Design Charrette Has Also Considered This Idea
  • 15. Benefits
    • As currently crafted 51 residential units, 13 deed restricted affordable.
    • Waste water restrictions, might limit this to 90 bedrooms or construction of a treatment plant with nitrogen off-sets from surrounding neighborhood.
  • 16. Benefits
    • Immediate Chapter 40R payment upon approval of zoning of $75,000 which can be directed to Dennisport infrastructure needs (sidewalks)
    • Bonus payment of $3,000 per housing unit upon issuance of building permits for up to $150,000 which can be directed to Dennisport infrastructure.
  • 17. Benefits
    • Qualifies the town for school payments under Chapter 40S should the project generate more school costs than covered by new taxes.
    • Increases the town’s Commonwealth Capital Score and ranking for state grants.
  • 18. A New Future For Dennisport and a Misused Property