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Cts tradeshow remarks

  1. 1. Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail Transit Project November, 2015
  2. 2. Who is Metrolinx? Plan Build Operate 2 Metrolinx was created in 2006 by the Province of Ontario as the first Regional Transportation Agency for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.
  3. 3. Metrolinx catchment: Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area (GTHA) Expansive • 8,242 km2, 1.5 times the size of Prince Edward Island • Diverse spectrum of urban, suburban and rural land use Fast-growing • 6.6 million people in 2011, will be 9 million in 2031 Complex • 4 levels of government • 30 municipalities • 9 municipal transit agencies + Metrolinx Certain Metrolinx initiatives reach beyond the GTHA • Select GO Transit services extend to an outer arc of communities including Peterborough, Barrie, Waterloo and Niagara. • PRESTO and Transit Procurement Initiative serve communities across Ontario 3
  4. 4. A Region under Pressure The GTHA “suffers from traffic congestion problems, poorly integrated transit services and relatively underdeveloped transport infrastructure.” OECD Territorial Review, 2010 • Average commute time per person, per day is 82 minutes. • Projected to increase to 109 minutes in the next 25 years. • Costs $6 billion in travel costs and lost productivity every year. • By 2031, this number could increase to $15 billion. • Over 500,000 tonnes of annual GHG emissions is due to traffic congestion. 4
  5. 5. • A blueprint that reaches out 25 years into the future to guide and direct decision-making − Aligned with Growth Plan and Greenbelt • About values as much as it is about vehicles – includes over 100 priority actions and supporting policies covering a wide range of transportation areas • A living document − Adopted in November 2008 following extensive public and stakeholder engagement − In February 2013, the Board approved some technical amendments to reflect analysis completed 2009-2012 − The Plan must be fully reviewed at least every 10 years after the passing of the Metrolinx Act in 2006. The first formal review process is now underway. Regional Transportation Plan: The Big Move 5
  6. 6. We Plan: Today
  7. 7. We Plan: A Network Vision
  8. 8. Building the regional rapid transit network 8 Two bus rapid transit projects Partially in-service, with remainder under construction: • Viva in York Region • Mississauga Transitway Five new light rail transit lines Under construction: • Eglinton Crosstown In design/planning: • Finch West • Sheppard East • Hurontario-Main • Hamilton Transforming GO train service • More service on all lines • Electric trains, every 15 minutes or better in both directions, for most GO customers Connecting it all together • Expanding and revitalizing Union Station, the heart of the regional network • Deploying PRESTO across the entire TTC 8
  9. 9. Project Overview The implementation of the Eglinton Crosstown is organized into three key components: Enabling Works - LRVs Alternative Financing and Procurement Operations
  10. 10. • 10 kilometres of twin bore tunnels, divided into two contract packages currently under construction by separate contractors. • 76 LRVs that will be delivered as part of the vehicle supply contract that Metrolinx has with Bombardier Enabling Works - LRVs
  11. 11. Design and construction of the complete LRT line, including underground and surface stations, the Eglinton Maintenance and Storage Facility (EMSF), public realm infrastructure, the integration of the twin tunnels and LRVs, and provide maintenance for a concession period of 30 years. Alternative Financing and Procurement (AFP) Contract
  12. 12. Under the terms of the Master Agreement between the City of Toronto, TTC and Metrolinx, the TTC will be responsible under contract to Metrolinx for operations, including vehicle operators, station operations, and train control. Operations
  13. 13. The Winning Team: Crosslinx Transit Solutions
  14. 14. The Construction Schedule
  15. 15. ● Metrolinx recognizes that its major infrastructure investments should also provide benefits for the communities in which it works, including employment, apprenticeship, and local supplier opportunities where possible. ● We are building a strong community-labour partnership with a support base of workforce development agencies, learning institutions and funders. ● Crosslinx will develop and deliver a community benefits program in cooperation with Metrolinx, IO, Toronto Community Benefits Network (TCBN), the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, unions, sub- contractors and other community based organizations. Community Benefits
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Editor's Notes

  • Adopted unanimously by the Metrolinx Board of Directors in November 2008 following extensive public and stakeholder engagement
  • This map shows the existing regional rapid transit network.

    (click to reveal the 25-year plan)
  • We have a 25 year regional transportation plan with $16 billion of projects completed and underway -- this plan is delivering real results.

    This shows the transit network proposed in the 25-Year Plan of The Big Move Regional Transportation Plan.

  • 19 km long: 10 km underground and remainder running on surface in dedicated lanes
    Up to 60% faster than current bus service
    Closely integrated with the rest of the regional transit network:
    Will connect with TTC subway at three existing subway stations (Eglinton West, Yonge-Eglinton and Kennedy)
    Will connect with GO RER at one existing GO station (Kennedy) and two planned GO stations (Mt. Dennis and Caledonia)
    Coordinated planning along corridor to ensure transit-supportive land use:
    “Eglinton Connects” and mobility hub planning
    Joint development initiatives in partnership with private sector
    First part of tunnelling now complete
  • Tunnelling work is well underway
    Tunnels in west launched in 2013 and are now east of Bathurst St.
    Tunnels in east launched in September 2015 and are approaching Laird
    Tunnelling will be completed in 2016
  • Mx and IO are thrilled to have awarded the AFP contract to CTS
    Consortium is comprised of some of the biggest and the best companies building transit and infrastructure
  • Consortium will begin March 1, 2016
    Early work being done, using Keele Station as a pilot
    Crosstown in service September 2021
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