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MAPC sPARKing New Ideas Parking Symposium: Presentation by Meghan Jop


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MAPC sPARKing New Ideas Parking Symposium: Presentation by Meghan Jop

  1. 1. Meghan Jop, AICP Deputy Director, Town of Wellesley Outside the Box: Repurposing Parking for Placemaking April 8, 2014 Linden Square Wellesley, MA
  2. 2. Linden Street Commercial District 1876-2001 ● Split zoned Industrial/Business district ● Comprised of approximately 32 acres ● F. Diehls and Sons owned 18 acres ● Land now Linden Square ● District previously was considered the Town’s service area ● Lumber Yard/Hardware Store ● Light Industrial (printing) ● Car Dealership (Volkswagen) ● Grocery Store (Roche Bros.) ● Surrounded by residential
  3. 3. Linden Square 1997
  4. 4. 2001 Vision ● Maintain the existing character of the street. ● Enhance pedestrian safety. ● Improve the pedestrian experience. ● Enhance the appearance of the street. ● Provide more long-term parking. ● Enhance the residential areas of the street. ● Tie Linden Street to Wellesley Square
  5. 5. 2002-2004 Master Plan
  6. 6. Stakeholder Concerns ● Business owners and residents indicated a preference for existing land uses to be retained ● Suggested focus was small aesthetic improvements ● Maintain and add parking where possible ● Current zoning should remain ● Diehl Family indicated no intention of moving, selling, or redeveloping and was strong voice against project ● Commercial tenants politically tried to balance need for improvements with property owner concerns with process.
  7. 7. 10 Year Build out - 2003
  8. 8. Eastern Development ● 2005 acquired property ● Proposed Retail Lifestyle Center ● Rezoned 18 acres to Linden Square Commercial District ● Development Agreement Signed to further restrict uses ● Site was sold to Federal Realty in 2006 ● Development Agreement has been modified 3 times to accommodate VW. ● VW in process of improving site conditions
  9. 9. Development Agreement Site Enhancements ● Perpetual easement to the Town in order to widen road layout and sidewalk layout. ● Created “downtown” look with on-street parking ● Increased parking space width to 9 feet, from 8.5 feet ● Roche Bros. maintained car delivery to remove carriage corals ● On-site bicycle accommodations ● Pedestrian amenities – pocket parks, benches, common areas
  10. 10. Linden Square