The Transforming Alphabetacy - Chapter 2


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This is the second chapter of my Transformers themed Alphabetacy in the Sims 2. I suggest reading the first chapter if you haven't already or visit the topic at I have a heirpoll there, but also accept votes on here.

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The Transforming Alphabetacy - Chapter 2

  1. 1. The Transforming Alphabetacy Chapter 2 – Growing up sixfold
  2. 2. Welcome back to the second chapter of the Transforming Legacy. Hopefully you read the first part, otherwise you probably won't know what is going on (or maybe you will even without reading, Legacies aren't quantum physics after all.) Now that they are complete, the family finally gets to spend some quality time together, enjoying a nice omelette breakfast on a saturday morning. Arcee is the only one, who has already finished, because in contrast to her well-behaved siblings she shoveled the food into her mouth like no tomorrow.
  3. 3. "Come on Alana, just say it! I will give Alice information when she asks me." ... ... ... "Alice?" *sigh* "That'll do for now."
  4. 4. Who gave Alana that bottle of highly radioactive energon milk? *looks around threateningly* *spots Alice trying to slip out of the picture* ALICE! It's always you!
  5. 5. "Now Alana listen closely. If our parents ask it wasn't me, who gave you the energon milk. Is that clear?" "Not Alice." "That's my favorite little sister."
  6. 6. "Don't touch me. Just because you would be perfectly dressed for a trip to the arctic doesn't automatically mean I'll like you." Slag it, Archie. Don't be mean. This is gonna be the girl you'll get your first kiss from. "WHAT?!?"
  7. 7. "You just know you love me and my smustle face." Yes, I have to admit Alice you are definitely a Simian I like. And you definitely are the resident queen of smustle. None of your siblings is quite as fond of smustling no matter where they stand like you are.
  8. 8. Wanda, you look so thrilled, that your daughter has just been potty trained. "What did you expect? This is the fifth time we have a toddler learn how to go potty. It gets old after the second time at the latest." On the bright side you are out of your boring grey maternity PJs.
  9. 9. "The symbols in my head just confirmed that you will be my first kiss..." *mumbles to himself* "Now, how would you like to be a future rockstar's girlfriend?" "Oh Archie. You're so cute."
  10. 10. Alana, what are you doing? Unlike your sister Arcee, you are not sloppy and she never did this....Although she is responsible for the puddle being in the bathroom in the first place. "You think of cartoon original." Thanks for reminding me. Just because the one you're named after transforms into a gondola and has a certein affinity to water doesn't mean you need to swim in the bathroom.
  11. 11. "Wow, Archie. You made dinner all by yourself. My little boy is so grown up. Looks like a very delicious dark chili." *coughs* "It's Mac & Cheese, Mom." Cooking is not Archie's strong point obviously. But at least he didn't cause a fire.
  12. 12. And in a glowing bout of green Alana manages to be the first toddler in this legacy to learn all her skills. Whoo...I'm so proud of you little sparkling. *four voices shouting in the background* „Energon milk is totally cheating.“ No, it isn't. You're just jealous you never got any.
  13. 13. "Up, up and away!" Hey Arcee, what are you trying? "I'm trying to fly away to Cybertron, but it's not quite working."
  14. 14. While Alice is the Queen of smustle, Arcee seems to be the Mistress of glitches. For some reason she is currently running everywhere. In case you don't remember this is the second time she glitched up, after her permanent stinkcloud during toddlerhood.
  15. 15. And like I promised Archie Mandy is really his first kiss. I think they would make a cute couple, although he refuses to tell me wether of not he has bolts for her. I'll think about aging her up if he doesn't become heir and they'll go on a huge arctic adventure together.
  16. 16. In order to not be outdone by her brother Alice went downtown to go looking for a potential mean...boyfriend. She actually found a boy she liked, who unfortunately left as soon as she had greeted and checked him out. Well, it happens to the best of them.
  17. 17. "Archie has already gotten his first kiss and I haven't! Can you imagine the humilation Arcee?" "No." "In case you missed it I'm standing right here." "I'm not talking to you until I get a kiss too." Alice really is miffed about that.
  18. 18. Spark is teaching his three little girls how to do their homework. Although I have to ask: Don't you think Alana is still a bit young for complex mathematical equations? "Of course not. Her brain is very advanced, because it was developed from my superior coding. She'll easily get what I teach her."
  19. 19. „ Rawr. Me big monster. Me eat Simians.“ Superadvanced brain power? I really don't think so. Spark seems to be deluding himself when it comes to the youngest of his girls.
  20. 20. It was time for Alpha Trion to grow up into a toddler. Just like I predicted he is a cancer with a 6/5/5/4/6 personality. Hopefully he'll manage to find other ways than personality stats that will differenciate him from his siblings.
  21. 21. "Mommy stupid. Can see her." Now Alpha really shows some signs of advanced brain power. We'll see where this goes. And Wanda, you can stop your ridiculous hiding game.
  22. 22. Spark are you still trying to get in contact with Cybertron? "No. I just thought if I almost executed myself, you would probably be interested in me again." I'm sorry Spark. There is just so much interesting stuff going on with your family, that I don't have much time for you. Plus Wanda is simply interacting with the sparklings a lot more than you, so she gets more face time. That was a good hint, you know.
  23. 23. "This stove will prove to my beloved Archie, that I would make the most perfect legacy wife ever." Well Mandy, just bringing the stove is not enough. You need to prove that you can also use it to become part of this legacy. But regardless of that you have a pretty neat chance of marrying in.
  24. 24. "Why is it always me, who has got to do the potty training?" Because you're the family Simian. Now stop complaining about it Wanda. This was the last time for this generation.
  25. 25. It snowed so much over night, that the sparklings' school was cancelled today. Since the teens are therefore at home and can watch their younger siblings I allowed Allspark and Wanda to head Downtown for some quality couple time. They really earned it, considering how after their marriage they mostly just got together to make babies.
  26. 26. "Wanda, I have to say I'm so glad I met you. You made my stay on this strange new planet very enjoyable and without you I wouldn't have six lovable sparklings. Thank you so much." "I'm so glad I met you too Spark. Without you I would have aimlessly wandered the neighborhood forever." Those two are so cute.
  27. 27. "Look out, honey. The little ones have followed us here." "What?" *splat*
  28. 28. This is definitely Spark's revenge for the fact that his wife pawned him at the waterballoon fight at the very beginning of their marriage. This time there was no clear victor, although I still think Wanda rocks more at throwing things than Allspark does.
  29. 29. "Who do you think you are, alien-skinned freak. Get out of this town, before I beat you with my purse.“ Mrs. Crumplebottom! You old wrinkly xenophobe. How dare you tell my legacy founder off. Wait till I get my hands on you. You're Decepticon fooder, missy. Spark and Wanda headed back home after she appeared and pestered them continuously.
  30. 30. "I found him! There is an Iceman in front of our door. Just you wait, you won't steal any of my siblings from us." I think Archie has officially gone round the bend now. This isn't even an evil snowman.
  31. 31. And another bathroom birthday for one of my girls. At least this time I did not forget it, I just don't felt like buying a cake and then having trouble with the transition, like I usually do when using said cake. Alana grows into a pretty young lady, although the green PJs do not quite match her usual color scheme.
  32. 32. "Faster Mommy, faster. So I can fly to Cybertrooooon...." *crashes* "Are you ok, Arcee?" "Slag, didn't work."
  33. 33. Hannes, who is Alice intended first kiss doesn't need much convincing before he puts the moves on her. "Pff...were you expecting differently? I'm gorgeous. And I have good blackmail photos concerning him and the social bunny." I don't think I want to know details.
  34. 34. Alice gets her first kiss. "Mmpf...hel...p...mmpf." Bad luck, Hannes. You wanted to get involved with her, now you gotta deal with the tongue. In the background Alana is hiding from the big bad wolf behind the beginnings of her snowman.
  35. 35. Sibling smustle! Yay!
  36. 36. It was time for Arcee to grow up. She turned out just as pretty as her sister Alice. True to her gemini personality she decided that having fun was the most important thing in her life. Arcee does not only know where it's cooking, she also wants to make a living as a cook. But that doesn't mean that she will give up on her dream of going to Cybertron one day and gaining the knowledge necessary to achieve that. On a side note: There is Annabelle playing video games in the background, which is not only her favorite, but rather her only hobby.
  37. 37. *mumbles to himself* "Why do people find this's easy. Just match block to hole and it fits." Well Alpha. Not every toddler is quite as smart as you.
  38. 38. Since it is high time that the Cybertronians finally get a car I bought them this piece of junk to fix. "Why don't we get a real car?" Do you really want to take the risk of accidentally buying a Decepticon and bringing him home with you? "We could also be lucky and get an Autobot. But point taken."
  39. 39. "Are you seriously telling me that your dad comes from space." "Yep." "This is freaking awesome." "Now that you're impressed...want to go out with me?"
  40. 40. With the spring romance boost in full force it wasn't hard for Arcee to convince Harry to give her her first kiss. And on a useless side note I really like the maxis winter outfit Arcee is sporting. The outerwear is usually not that nice, but this is one of the few I like.
  41. 41. We leave the two freshly made lovebirds alone for another picture of family smustle goodness. I still think Alice is the master smustler of this lot, but maybe the younger ones will grow into it with time.
  42. 42. Whee...a townie with random Decepticon red eyes...girls all of you go greet him right now! If one of the girls becomes heir and has 2 bolts with him, we'll have a shot at bringing the red eyes back into the family.
  43. 43. "Finally grown up. No more activities that are below my intellectual capability. And ducky PJs! Yay." Alpha sure is glad that he has finally grown up. Now that all of the sparklings are in school I can invite the headmaster over. Been waiting to do that forever, because I hate to do it more than once per generation.
  44. 44. Now that the nursery isn't needed anymore I turned it into a nice room for the two boys to share. It has everything either of them could wish for: Music equipment for Archie and books for Alpha. The color scheme is a somewhat violet-blue theme, to suit both of them.
  45. 45. Now that is a gift worthy of a pleasure Simian. You are aware of the fact, that Arcee is still a minor? "So what?!? I'm not old enough to drink either and I don't care." We'll see if I let you continue to be a bad influence on Arcee.
  46. 46. This is another thing that sets Arcee apart from the rest of her family. While everybody else is either interested in science or tinkering, her predestined hobby is fitness.
  47. 47. "Dear Diary. According to my faithful little informant I have found out, that the maid is originally from Pleasantview. As far as I can gather she had numerous affairs there and was a possible suspect when it came to Bella Goth's disappearance. Possible use: Blackmail. Maybe the maid will have some further information for me."
  48. 48. Since it will be her birthday tonight I decided to give Annabelle some screen time. She is basically the neglected child of this family, getting even less screen time, than Allspark and he barely gets any at all. I'm really sorry Annabelle, but you just aren't interesting. Well, maybe once you grow up and roll an aspiration I might decide on a story for you and give you more attention.
  49. 49. "Hello, Headmaster Walter." "Nice to meet you, Miss Cybertronian. I hope to get a good impression and admit your family to our school." *handshake gets very firm* "You better be or I might unearth some unpleasant things from your past." *twitches* "Err....ok..."
  50. 50. Why in such a hurry, Alana? "I made a muffin for the headmaster, so he'll like us better." I don't know. Maybe you'll just save that nice crispy thing for until after you've be admitted.
  51. 51. "I can see, that your family is a very close knit group. That is very admirable." "Of course. Well you know, my husband came from outer space a long time ago, that kind of family secret makes you stick together.“ *chokes* *coughs* "Headmaster? Are you ok?"
  52. 52. Annabelle grew up and even though she's pulling a face here, I actually think that she is the prettiest of the girls so far. Since everybody is kinda ignoring her Annabelle decided she wanted a family and romance, to catch up on the love she so missed in her childhood. She also vows to pay lots of attention to her three future children and make them graduate from college. This is actually easy, which makes me like her a lot better.
  53. 53. The headmaster, knowing what's good for him not only admitted the Cybertronians into Private school, but also got out as fast as his legs could carry him. "I really hope that scary girl doesn't become heir, so I'll never have to deal with her again."
  54. 54. Now that she is a teen and I finally pay attention to her I sent Annabelle downtown to find the man of her least for as long as she's still a teenager. "I'm keeping an eye on you, spawn of the metal-skinned alien."
  55. 55. "And then the handsome prince turned into a yellow sportscar and raced away with her into the sunset. And then the two of them lived happily ever after." "Yay. Can you tell me another story, Alice? I want one were the princess turns into an Autobot to be with her beloved, then turns into a gondola, but in the end decides she'd rather get back to her original form and not be with the one she loves. Can you do that?" "Um..." *speechless*
  56. 56. Meanwhile Annabelle literary puts the moves on her intended boyfriend Amadeus (I love the choice of names Maxis programmed into the Sims.). It's going quite well I would say.
  57. 57. "Mmh...what do I do now, that I finished the muffin batter? And where did my cooking book disappear to?" And I thought you were smart, Alpha. "I am. But baking is hard and girl stuff anyway."
  58. 58. Wanda, what are you doing there? "Well, since we ignored Annabelle so much, I though I'd at least watch her get her first kiss." Of all the times you could have chosen to pay attention to your daughter it has to be this? You have no shame woman. "I also plan on watching when she has her first woohoo. Just so you know."
  59. 59. It's Allspark's birthday today, so he and his wife have a little private pre-party celebration. "Now about a last woohoo before I turn old and wrinkly and need to pee every five seconds?" "You're on, Spark."
  60. 60. Everybody has gathered in the kitchen to see Allspark grow up. I even got a cake for my beloved founder. He doesn't look a day older, which makes me very happy.
  61. 61. Now that Allspark has grown into an elder it is time for the three oldest Cybertronian sparklings to head out to college. Archie, Alice and Arcee will be missed here, but we'll soon see them again during the college years. Maybe this will also give Annabelle, Alana and Alpha a little more screen time.
  62. 62. Those private school uniforms look really good on you. Too bad we didn't get to see them sooner.
  63. 63. Now that some of the sparklings are out of the house Allspark and Wanda have a lot more time to themselves. And they do what every other couple does. They make out in the bathroom in their PJs.
  64. 64. Annabelle is no better than her parents, virtually spending all of her freetime dating and making out with her boyfriend. At least it is only one boyfriend for now, since she hasn't gotten enough points for a secondary aspiration.
  65. 65. "Your defence really needs some work, Rosie. You need to think before moving your pieces. You must anticipate at least the next 20 possible moves of your opponent, planning the whole game ahead before you even move one piece." "Um...can't we just play tag or something?"
  66. 66. "What do you mean by I need to continue your project?....Why would I help you find a way to Cybertron?....No.....And stop calling at midnight, Arcee, we need our sleep. Bye."
  67. 67. "I still gotta say the Jetformers were definitely my best idea." "Why can't we transform into giant aircrafts?" "Oh honey, that's because Wanda is a Simian and therefore you are mostly Simian too, with just a few of my genes thrown into the mix."
  68. 68. In order to make Alana the happiest little Simian ever I gave the family a pool. She now spends most of her day swimming in there. You'll grow fins someday if you continue like that. "But I'd rather turn into an boat!"
  69. 69. Alana grew up and turned out absolutely gorgeous. No wonder she wants to become a little Miss Popularity and have the most fun in life that she can. What I don't understand about you though Alana: Why do you want to get into the military. You're fashionable and fun-loving, that doesn't fit. "But I want to go to the Seals and make all of them wear pretty swimwear." I'm sure they'll appreciate the effort....not!
  70. 70. It was also Wanda's time to turn into an elder that very same night. I feared how she might look, but she turned out to be one of those really pretty elder women. "Get me out of these Granny clothes right now!" I'm on it, Wanda.
  71. 71. "I'm now leader of all the Simian Criminals in this town. Will you now admit that I would make a good Decepticon?" No. But I'm happy that you reached your LTW and are therefore permaplat. Sadly this will mean even less attention from me.
  72. 72. Alana has chosen quite the unusual boyfriend for herself. While she is Mrs. Popularity in Pink, her boyfriend looks more like emo social reject. "Pff. You just don't know anything. Men with Make-up are all the rage at the moment."
  73. 73. This really irritates me. I was so looking forward to the up, up and away action Supervillains and Heros always do, so why do I get a limosine? Is it an elder thing or an AL thing? I want my fly animation back. *cries*
  74. 74. And with many hearts swirling around them the unlikely couple of Alana and Zacharias manages to get their first kiss.
  75. 75. Wanda for some reason thinks that pink PJs are the perfect thing to wear for rebuilding a broken down car in your backyard. Crazy old lady. I already have a strong suspicion what the paint job will turn out to be.
  76. 76. Noooo, Wanda! Get away from the vampire. "Pff...I don't care what he is and that his face is not the prettiest. He has Decepticon eyes and therefore he'll marry into the family if one of the girls likes him. Now shush, I need to make friends." Bossy crazy old lady. *sticks tongue out*
  77. 77. This is kind of a normal household picture. Annabelle is definitely the gamer in the household and can frequently be found in front of the computer or playing video games. Alana is for more studious than her, doing her homework or skilling in some way.
  78. 78. "My emo lover boy, I just wanted to tell you that you are the best kisser ever." "Thanks...but that is like the fifth time in a row you told me that." "Just can't say it often enough."
  79. 79. "And Snow White, being quite the unsuspecting and stupid Simian took the apple from the vendor, whom she could have recognized as her Step-mother had she just paid attention...." "Dad, this is all unrealistic and made up. Please tell me a real Story about Cybertronians."
  80. 80. *sigh* "Ok. Once upon a time there was a spaceship called the Ark. It carried a small group of Mechs, all belonging to the Autobot fraction of the Cybertronians. The Decepticons of course had a spaceship too..." "Yay, this rocks."
  81. 81. Alpha Trion finally grew up to. As you can see he is a fan of asian attire and also likes the teachings of Konfuzius. He plans to honor what he learned from the sayings and live his life accordingly. "Konfuzius says: A Simian with a family is a happy Simian. He also says that grilled cheese is the food of ancient gods." Alpha also wants to get involved in the Simian education system to make sure that the superior knowledge he gained due to his Cybertronian heritage is not lost.
  82. 82. Now that all of the sparklings are grown up, it is time for them to head off to college. But before that happens Alpha takes the time to steal his first kiss from a girl he has long been friends with. She has been waiting for this day since she met him and is very happy to comply with his wishes.
  83. 83. Now that all six possible heirs are headed to college it is finally time to decide who is gonna continue this family. On the next couple pages I will once again show them all to you and hope you'll vote in the heir poll I put up on or leave me a comment on here.
  84. 84. Designation: Archibald Cybertronian Primary/Secondary Aspiration: Popularity/Fortune LTW: Become a Rock God Character: Cancer 6/5/5/4/6 Turn ons/offs: Swimwear + Make-up/Stink
  85. 85. Designation: Alice Cybertronian Primary/Secondary Aspiration: Knowledge/Fortune LTW: Become a Media Magnate Character: Cancer 6/3/5/6/6 Turn ons/offs: Grey Hair + Sporty/Good Cleaner
  86. 86. Designation: Arcee Cybertronian Primary/Secondary Aspiration: Pleasure/Knowledge LTW: Become a Celebrity Chef Character: Gemini 2/10/10/6/7 Turn ons/offs: Perfume + Black Hair/Stink
  87. 87. Designation: Annabelle Cybertronian Primary/Secondary Aspiration: Family/Romance LTW: 3 Children finish college Character: Cancer 6/3/6/4/6 Turn ons/offs: Glasses + Creative/Charismatic
  88. 88. Designation: Alana Cybertronian Primary/Secondary Aspiration: Popularity/Pleasure LTW: Become a General Character: Cancer 6/5/5/4/6 Turn ons/offs: Underwear + Good Cleaner/Red Hair
  89. 89. Designation: Alpha Trion Cybertronian Primary/Secondary Aspiration: Family/Grilled cheese LTW: Become Education Minister Character: Cancer 6/5/5/4/6 Turn ons/offs: Full-Face Make-up + Red Hair/Sporty
  90. 90. This concludes the second chapter of the Transforming Alphabetacy. Vote for the heir, so Wanda can finally fullfill her LTW and our founder couple will get the grand-sparklings they've been craving. Thanks for reading. I once again hope you enjoyed and will join me again for the next chapter.