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  1. 1. Chapter Three The Icing on the Cake  
  2. 2. Welcome back. As you might have noticed, Daisy and Fern are sitting in front of a large lavender colored house of sweetness. This is becos the original legacy house got glitchy and slow. They had made so much money with the home business that they could afford to build this gloriously cute building. Fern has just moved home, she loved the dress she wore in uni so much she got another just like it but with an apron.
  3. 3. "Smshsmack... Err... Hi Fern," said Ben, "nice to see you're back from uni, what you up to?" "Baking... Baking cakes and babies." "Babies!" "Yup and the first Bun in the oven is going to be yours." "Oh dear."
  4. 4. "Shes behind you Ben!" Sadly this attempt did not equal lullaby. "ON TO THE PHOTOBOOTH!" "Did that butterfly just yell at us? Is it the same one who told you to play darts with me when you were a teen?"
  5. 5. "Thanks Ben, you were just the ingredient I needed for this bun." "You are quite welcome and if you ever want that butterfly out of your hair, I wouldn't mind catching it for my collection, I'm sure its a rare breed." "Oh that's alright Cupcake, its really quite harmless." "I'm not harmless! Im magical!"
  6. 6. They re-opened the business as a cakeshop. Becos the last lot was so messed up they had to move and so the Business has started at level one again. Almost instantly I missed the easy going tickets only thing. No one had any till skill so everything took forever.
  7. 7. "Yes, Fern, there is a bun in the oven." 
  8. 8. Fern pops, inconveiniantly, at the top of the stairs. 
  9. 9. Unlike her mother, Fern eats sensibly. 
  10. 10. "Uh, hi Dad, why are you making flowers?" "Your mum has had that Want to hire me since she started the business. I see you are already working on generation 3." "You take this whole parenthood thing rather easily for a Romance Dad." "I'm a follower of the Go with the Flow philosophy."
  11. 11. "Ah nothing better than a cool autumn breeze up your kilt after a long afternoons work." "You are one strange dude, Brandon." "Sup Butterfly?" "Not much just fluttering by, did Daisy Influence you to garden?" "Yeah but I'm still getting paid so its all sweet."
  12. 12. "Alan, my pudding, will you come over and help me out with this bun, I may look like the perfect housewife but the romance in me wants her sexy curve's back."
  13. 13. "I love cooking with you Fern."   Alan and Fern have three bolts, she only has three bolts for one other Sim, that would be my Simself, who thinks Fern is Damn Fine! Funnily enough my Simself also thinks Alan is tasty.
  14. 14. "Mmmm cake and woohoo".
  15. 15. "Maybe when this one if baked I will cook one up with Alan."
  16. 16. "What are you doing out here in your pjs?" "I'm waiting for my date." "Who is your latest chap?"
  17. 17. "Vampiric Amin Sims."
  18. 18. "BLEH!" "I'll just leave you two, eh?"
  19. 19. "MUMMY!"
  20. 20. "There you are Amin, look my daughter just had her baby."
  21. 21. "BLEH?" "Mum could you hold this for me, I think there was two buns in the oven."
  22. 22. "How does it feel to be a Gran?" "Uh great, where has my date gone, Butterfly?" "He's watching Tv." "Cool, hey Fern popped out another?"
  23. 23. This is Lilly, so far she is cute with her lily white skin, black hair and pale green eyes.
  24. 24. This is Thyme, she has a slightly darker skin tone and black hair. The brown eyes are from her grandfather Brandon, that made me happy becos I think Brandon is just swell.
  25. 25. Daisy got on with her date...
  26. 26. ...while Fern hung out on the bubble blower. "Are you sure this is good parenting Fern?" "Butterfly! My little sugerbuns are just in the other room, I'm staying here with the bubble blower so I can hear them if they cry." "Riiight."
  27. 27. I just recently realized that I had forgotten to Daisy's LTW, she wants 20 lovers. I have never finished that LTW but she is half way there. To speed up the process she went downtown to find the matchmaker. I would Dial-A-Gyp but my game is a bit glitchy and whenever I do that, the matchmaker just sneaks in and drops of a Freetime genie lamp and sneaks away. Daisy likes to go downtown anyway.
  28. 28. "What you looking at Brandon?" "Daisy's date just hit a parrot on his way down."   I think Brandon keeps popping up so I don't forget that he sort of co-founded the Knomancy.
  29. 29. Back home Fern is writing another food related romance Novel, a bit like Joanne Harris's Chocolat but trashier and full of baking related innuendos.
  30. 30. Then she notices that her pjs are clashing with all the red walls and furniture in the house so she has a geeze in her draws for something more romance.
  31. 31. "Do you like Mummies new nighty Sugerbun? Isn't it smexy?" "Goo!"
  32. 32. "Hi, Jayd, do you like my smexy new nighty."
  33. 33. Yeah, my Simself, really likes that new nighty.
  34. 34. Simself Jayd prefers to keep a low profile and hasn't told Fern that she is a Simself. That doesn't keep her from dating the Heir though.
  35. 35. Ah yes, time flew and it was finally time for babies to fly. Ooooo what do they look like?
  36. 36. Lilly goes first.
  37. 37. Aww cute hair, she can keep that. Lilly is 2/2/2/10/10.
  38. 38. Thyme follows, look closely and you can see she has her daddy's nose. Thyme is 4/3/9/7/10.
  39. 39. Fern clipped back Thyme's hair before giving her a bottle.
  40. 40. Lilly played with the xylophone and cracked up when Socrates started dancing for her.
  41. 41. "Why are you sneaking around the knomancy house Sim-me?"
  42. 42. "I had a great date and I wanted to give Fern this Mr Bearlybutts." "Aw that is sooo cute." "You can just shutup, and if you ruin this for me..." "Your going to... What? Hahaha! Don't worry, I will keep your little secret." "Yeah, pleaseandthankyou!"
  43. 43. Speaking of cute, I just love how they grew up in those pjs.
  44. 44. The twins have quite a lot in common, they both love building towers with blocks, they spend most of their time chattering away. They never fight, becos they are both so nice. Thyme is not as patient as Lilly and seems to have endless energy. Lilly is quieter than her sister and a little shyer.
  45. 45. Thyme was harder to teach, she wouldn't stay still. Lilly was just happy to sit and daydream.
  46. 46. "When I'm big I'm gon hava car ana puppy ana train ana..." "You can have a car." "Butterfly!"
  47. 47. "Butterfly said I could have a car ana puppy ana bouncy castle ana..." "I only said she could have a car, honestly." "Hey I'm trying to read guys." "How do you manage it? Reading, carrying Lilly, walking downstairs and looking sexy." "Mummy is sexy."
  48. 48. "NO SINGING, leave me alone, I DON'T WAN TA SING!"
  49. 49. Daisy had to give up on teaching Thyme a nursery rhyme, becos it was time for the twins to grow up. They decided to have a quiet birthday since the girls were shy.
  50. 50. Lilly went first.
  51. 51. She cheered her sister on as Thyme did the Growup Wiggle.  "Come on Thyme, Its really easy."
  52. 52. "Yeah, this rocks." Lilly rushed by, "Lets get changed."
  53. 53. "Mum, can I get a haircut?" Asked Thyme as she examined herself in the mirror.
  54. 54. A few minutes later. "Wow, yes this is perfect." "I think you look like a boy." "That's the point, Butterfly, and now its out of the way." "It does suit you."
  55. 55. The kids finally calmed down enough for Fern and Daisy to give them some presents.
  56. 56. A car for Lilly and a helicopter for Thyme. They played with them until it was bedtime.
  57. 57. Another aw moment. Notice they both have Ben's lips.
  58. 58. "I don't want to go to school," Lilly said to her sister. "Meh! don't worry," smiled Thyme, "We gunna be fine, we just gotta stick together."
  59. 59. While the twins were at school, Fern went downtown. She had not been out of the house much since she had the twins.
  60. 60. "This decor suits my dress a little too much."
  61. 61. She enjoyed the time to herself. She meet this distinguished gentleman, they had an instant connection. Mostly becos one of Ferns turn-ons is grey hair.
  62. 62. "What are you two whispering about?" "Teeheehee, oh nothing Butterfly." giggled Lilly. "Right. Well how was school?" "Ok," said Thyme, "the classes were really boring but playtime was fun, they have a junglejim."
  63. 63. "Looking nice Fern." "Alan, my candy muffin, you are as sweet as ever."
  64. 64. "Hey Alan?" "Are you the talking butterfly Fern tells me about." "Yup. I just wanted to ask if you heard that lullaby?" "Yes I did. "Gratz." "I'm a romance Sim, I really should run a mile."
  65. 65. "Hey Mum, sup?" "I'm playing hide and seek with Alan."
  66. 66. "You must be Alan." Alan had obviously decided to stick around for a bit.
  67. 67. "BLEH!" "Oh Vampiric Amin, you always know exactly what a girl wants to hear."   Thanks for reading.