Never Mind The Degree. Part Three


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Never Mind The Degree. Part Three

  1. 1. Never Mind The Degree-Part ThreeIn which a compelling conclusion is reached and happily ever afters are more than possible.<br />
  2. 2. Hello one and all. I am, of course, Donna Havar, the youngest of the Havars to escape the main homestead and head to college. I did actually spend two years in a dorm before coming here, to the family Greek House, but nothing interesting happened, so I decided not to document it (aka Alice was too lazy to take pictures). Due to the crazy way time works around here, I have now caught up with Admes and the quads, and we are all now entering out third year at college. Weirdness. <br />
  3. 3. We have a new house, much more awesome than the last two. This is Milky Jack*, our mascot. Our house is obviously called Alpha Beta Detonator, and is the best (and only) Greek House on campus. Now, shall we get on with the drama? *{Milky Jack is actually the name of one of my cartoons. It started off as me trying to draw Milky Joe from The Mighty Boosh, but it ended up looking like a cross between Milky Joe and Jack the Pumpkin King from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Hence Milky Jack The Coconut King was born. (If none of that made sense to you, look up The Mighty Boosh and Tim Burton, two of the most awesome things ever.} <br />
  4. 4. The phone rings. Boring. No one even bats an eyelid as Brian gets up to answer. It&apos;s probably Mum or Dad...more likely Dad, or possibly Emmett being Emmett. However, when Brian begins shouting and cheering, we all listen in extra carefully.<br />
  5. 5. Slamming the phone down, he runs to the fridge, pulls out a bottle of champagne and hustles us all into the library. &apos;What is it?&apos; Admes asks, scowling and straightening his dishevelled hair. When Alex arrives in a similar state of distress, I choke back a giggle. Not hard to guess what was interrupted.<br />
  6. 6. &apos;Fay gave birth! We have a perfect baby girl!&apos; Straight away any irritation at Brian is forgotten, as we fight to congratulate him. &apos;Little Bella Verte-Havar.&apos; Our glasses chink as we toast. Brain&apos;s grin does not fade throughout the entire affair. &apos;I&apos;m a dad!&apos; Gulping his drink, he runs for the door. &apos;I&apos;ll be back later. I have to go see her.&apos; <br />
  7. 7. After finishing our own drinks, we disperse back to our previous activities. I&apos;m heading back to the pool table when Rootie pulls me aside. I&apos;m slightly alarmed. Sure, she&apos;s my sister, but I barely know her. We never really talk. &apos;Listen, Donna. You&apos;re a lot like Carrie, right? You like to fight just for the sake of fighting?&apos; Shrugging slightly, I agree. &apos;Sure I do.&apos; &apos;Well, Brian&apos;ll be busy with his baby now, and Carrie&apos;s got that whole mess of stuff going on in her life.&apos; &apos;Yes,&apos; I say nervously, not liking where this is going. &apos;Well...Bennie is still a problem...well, Tamara is. Brian and Carrie were going to deal with it, but now...&apos; <br />
  8. 8. &apos;Oh. You want me to?&apos; Shyly she nods. &apos;It&apos;s not that I don&apos;t think you have a busy life, Donna. I know you do. But...Tamara&apos;s an evil bitch and no one else could take her. I would, but I&apos;m too bloody nice. Admes and Alex can&apos;t keep their hands off each other for more than five minutes and Trix is..Trix.&apos; &apos;I have a plan that might work. No worries Root. This woman sounds evil, and no one gets to be more evil than me in this family.&apos; <br />
  9. 9. &apos;Bennie?&apos; It takes a few days for the situation to arise, but I soon find myself alone with Bennie, taking in a rare day of late sunshine. &apos;Donna?&apos; &apos;I was talking to the others...&apos; &apos;Yes.&apos; &apos;About Tamara.&apos; Straight away his face falls. &apos;Oh.&apos; &apos;Bennie, I&apos;m worried. I know you love her and all, but she&apos;s so mean to your family. Sure, I agree with the stuff about Brian, he does look a bit like a rent boy at times, but it&apos;s okay for me and you and the others to say that, because we know him and we&apos;re joshing around. She&apos;s vindictive. Targeting Admes and Rootie because they&apos;re gay? Bennie, I have a girlfriend too! What does she say about me?&apos; <br />
  10. 10. He doesn&apos;t answer, just stares up at the sky. &apos;I understand that you care about her, but we care about you. We&apos;re your family Bennie, and we can see that this woman is no good for you. You deserve better than an intolerant shrew. You&apos;re a great guy and you can&apos;t keep letting women screw you over like this. First the cheerleader, now this? You&apos;re just like Dad, only Mum isn&apos;t even this bad. She has a soft side, but I don&apos;t think Tamara does.&apos; <br />
  11. 11. &apos;You have no idea what you&apos;re talking about. You don&apos;t even know her.&apos; I sigh, grinding my teeth angrily. &apos;Denial, original. For Ra&apos;s sake, Bennie. Wake up and see what she&apos;s doing to your family! She may be your fiancé, but we were your family first, and we&apos;ve always been there for you and we always will be. But if you do marry her, I don&apos;t know if we&apos;ll be able to stay with you. I don&apos;t know how many of us will be able to take her and her cruel comments.&apos; <br />
  12. 12. I can see that I&apos;ve touched him. Wiping at his face, he stands and stalks away, pacing the decking. &apos;Donna, I love her.&apos; &apos;I know you do.&apos; &apos;I can&apos;t...&apos; &apos;Bennie, I love Jeanie the way you love Tamara. But if she started bad mouthing you guys the way Tamara does, that would be the end.&apos; <br />
  13. 13. Standing, I leave him there to think. It needs time to settle in before stage two of my plan is launched. <br />
  14. 14. Besides, I have a lot of work to do. College is not easy, people! Luckily I&apos;m the smartest Havar to date, according to Alice, so it&apos;s easier for me than others. This is one of the rare times that I&apos;m actually glad Alice ruined our childhoods by making us skill. <br />
  15. 15. Term paper done, I get impatient. I&apos;m not the kind of person who can just wait for the pieces to fall together. I want to jam them together as quick as possible and get it over and done with. With Bennie busy on the phone, I sneak off, back to my old dorm, to get the ball rolling. <br />
  16. 16. &apos;Are you sure about this Donna?&apos; For the five hundredth time I roll my eyes and groan. &apos;Marsha, of course I am. He is going to love you. Just ignore his engagement ring and go get him.&apos; She hesitates, frowning slightly. &apos;But...I don&apos;t want to ruin his relationship.&apos; &apos;Marsha, listen, you&apos;re just going to go and talk to Benjamin, okay? If anything else happens, so be it, but for now, talking is good.&apos; She nods. &apos;Okay then...I guess.&apos; <br />
  17. 17. I have to practically push her out the door, but she complies. Marsha is one of my best friends. We met on my first day and have pretty much been thick as thieve since. She is the sweetest person to ever walk the planet. The kind of girl who rather than swatting at a fly will open a window and herd it out. Basically she is the perfect woman for Bennie. He just needs to see that. <br />
  18. 18. &apos;Hi, I&apos;m of Donna&apos;s friends. You looked lonely, so I decided to come and talk to you.&apos; Pressed against the window, I watch with bated breath for his reaction. He smiles hugely. &apos;That&apos;s really kind of you. I&apos;m Benjamin, but everyone calls me Bennie.&apos; Smiling shyly in return, her head bobs. &apos;Hey Bennie.&apos;<br />
  19. 19. Okay, I&apos;m shocked. I expected it to be harder than this to get him to come out of his shell. &apos;Your ears are really cute!&apos; I watch, amazed, as a blush creeps up his jaw. &apos;My parents are Elves. My whole family is.&apos; Eyes like saucers, she mouths a &quot;wow&quot;. &apos;I&apos;ve never met an Elf before. My uncle was a Vamp...until he was staked. That&apos;s pretty much it for my family.&apos; <br />
  20. 20. Hours pass, and I start to get sleepy. It&apos;s past midnight, and their still chatting. At some point they got into the hot tub, kicking out a visiting mascot. <br />
  21. 21. I have to go for a toilet break, and when I return Brian and Trix have both taken my place. &apos;What is it?&apos; I ask, batting them aside. &apos;WOW!&apos; Bennie&apos;s there with his arm tight around her waist, smiling the goofiest smile ever as she strokes his chest. Their eyes are fixed on each others. They look hypnotised. &apos;Donna, you&apos;re a genius,&apos; Brian hisses into my ear. Beaming I turn to him and laugh. &apos;I really am.&apos; <br />
  22. 22. &apos;I really should be going,&apos; Marsha says sadly, getting out of the tub. &apos;It&apos;s quite a walk back to my dorm.&apos; Bennie quickly follows her, grabbing her hand and pulling her back. &apos;Then don&apos;t go. You can stay here.&apos; Then he bends down and... Shut me up before I swear! &apos;Can you believe it?&apos; Trix breathes beside me. &apos;No,&apos; Brian says, just as awed. &apos;I spent years trying to make this happen, and Donna does it in under a week.&apos; Grinning, I leave them too it. I have a phone call to make. It&apos;s about time I met this Tamara. <br />
  23. 23. It&apos;s not hard to guess where Bennie and Marsha go when my back is turned. {I would like to add in here, that this was a totally ACR romance. I had something totally different planned for Bennie, but fate is fate and he chose Marsha.} <br />
  24. 24. &apos;BENJAMIN HAVAR!&apos; I feel slightly bad as I listen to Tamara shrieking at my brother, but it&apos;s for the best. At least I waited until he and Marsha were finished before I sent the monster up there. I deserve a medal for that. With Trix off somewhere, it was only Rootie, Brian and me, also known as, to use Tamara&apos;s affectionate names, the Dyke, the Rent Boy and the Whore. It seems I&apos;ve taken Carrie&apos;s place as the family slut, despite my long-term monogamous relationship with my Jeanie. Let it never be said that Tamara was a reasonable, logical woman. <br />
  25. 25. &apos;How could you do this to me? Cheating on me with some little slut!&apos; He snaps. I have never seen or even heard of Bennie snapping. He&apos;s not the type. Like Dad, he&apos;s more of a passive being, rarely even complaining. &apos;How could I? Maybe because Marsha doesn&apos;t call my sisters whores! Maybe because she has never made my brother cry! Maybe it&apos;s because I have never heard her repeating racial slurs about my mother! I dunno, Tamara, maybe it&apos;s because she doesn&apos;t make me want to vomit every time she opens her mouth!&apos; Go Bennie! <br />
  26. 26. I hear a bang, but I&apos;m too scared to open the door to see what&apos;s happening. &apos;You cannot talk to me like that!&apos; &apos;Just get out of here. The wedding&apos;s off and we are over. Tamara, you&apos;re a bitch and I&apos;m not going to take it anymore.&apos; &apos;You can&apos;t dump me, Benjamin Havar!&apos; &apos;Funny, I think I just did.&apos; <br />
  27. 27. Everything goes quiet. During the ruckus, Marsha slipped out, eyes red. Poor thing. She&apos;s far too nice for this. &apos;Go away Tamara.&apos; Stomping ensues, and we all quickly dart into rooms, pretending to be busy. There&apos;s a lot of banging and shouting, and then finally the front door slams. {Yes, Bennie is such a neat freak that he started making his bed in the middle of an argument. Weirdo} <br />
  28. 28. &apos;Are you okay?&apos; I start as Bennie appears from nowhere. I had been taking Marsha to the kitchen for a glass of milk to calm down. When I see Bennie stroking her cheek tenderly, I slip away discreetly. &apos;I feel really bad,&apos; she admits in her timid little voice. &apos;You got in trouble because of me.&apos; He laughs. &apos;It was worth it, and it helped me see just how evil she is. Thank you, Marsha.&apos; <br />
  29. 29. They continue the gooey stuff until the air is thick with it. Gagging, Trix and I try to distract ourselves with pool. &apos;Are you sure about her? She&apos;s not going to be another Tamara, right?&apos; ‘Trix, Marsha is one of the nicest people I&apos;ve ever met who wasn&apos;t Rootie. She’s gotten me through a lot of hard times. Trust me, she will never be like Tamara.&apos; &apos;Can you believe those comments she made about Mum?&apos; I shake my head, disgusted. &apos;Some people are just petrified of anything different to themselves. Most people only have one group they target, but Tamara seemed to discriminate against anything and everything possible, from race to sexuality. It’s sick!&apos; &apos;I&apos;m glad she&apos;s gone. I dunno how much more Admes could have taken.&apos; <br />
  30. 30. As we continue to bitch about Tamara and how glad we are that she&apos;s disappeared, Bennie and Marsha slip outside. It&apos;s so sweet. They really don&apos;t seem as though they only met this afternoon. This is perfect, and what Bennie deserves. Though I am slightly worried about the engagement ring that he still hasn&apos;t removed. I sense that things aren&apos;t going to be as easy as we hoped. <br />
  31. 31. &apos;I told you I&apos;d fix Bennie.&apos; Trix scoffs. &apos;You? Donna did it! You can take credit for Rootie and maybe even Carrie, but Bennie was Donna&apos;s victory. She&apos;s a smart girl.&apos; Smugly I smile. It&apos;s not often that anyone compliments me on anything more than my looks. It&apos;s nice to have my brains appreciated as well as my beauty and brawn.<br />
  32. 32. It wasn&apos;t only Bennie who was grossing us out with public displays of affection. With graduation approaching, Jerry would often come over to discuss wedding plans with his fiancé. At this rate there won&apos;t even be a cake, as they never seem to get much planning done. &apos;Trix, Mum&apos;s here!&apos; She ignores me, typically. Rolling my eyes, I lob a pebble at her head. Starting up to shout at me, she sees Mum and flushes crimson. <br />
  33. 33. In a rather lame attempt to distract Mum, Trix runs her hands over our youngest sibling, cooing. &apos;Do you know how many it is?&apos; Mum laughs. &apos;Just the one, thanks to that alien kid your dad had.&apos; &apos;How is Gienah? And Lix and the triplets?&apos; &apos;All fine. Lix is the cleverest kid we&apos;ve had since Donna and the triplets are making friends with everyone...other than Emmett, who&apos;s making &quot;contacts&quot;. And Gienah&apos;s pretty sweet.&apos; From Mum that&apos;s a compliment. She must really like the alien. While that stings a little, as she barely gets along with her own kids, it&apos;s nice that she isn&apos;t, and pardon the pun, alienating Gienah.<br />
  34. 34. Leaving me to distract Mum, Trix pulls Jerry up to her room for makeovers and fun times. She&apos;s so lucky. I can&apos;t remember the last time I got to see my Jeanie. Between classes and my crazy family, I&apos;ve barely had five minutes to myself. <br />
  35. 35. But it&apos;s worth putting up with my crazy family for moments like this. Bennie finally starting to act like our brother again.<br />
  36. 36. It&apos;s more than two weeks before I am able to call up Jeanie and invite her over. Everyone assumed that I was going to be like Carrie, sleeping around and avoiding commitment, and it did seem that way when I was younger. But I moved into the dorm and met Jeanie, and I never wanted anyone else. She&apos;s perfect for me, and a welcome break from the general havoc of my family. <br />
  37. 37. We&apos;ve been dating for over two years, but she was still adorably surprised when I got down on one knee. &apos;Really Donna?&apos; &apos;Of course. I love you Jeanie and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.&apos; When she said yes...well, it&apos;s the best feeling in the world. I never understood it before, why people feel the need to get married, but I get it now. <br />
  38. 38. Things settle into a nice, predictable routine, and for a few months there&apos;s no drama at all. Then the hush is broken as one day in the summer Bennie settles down for a game of poker with Marsha and another of our friends, and sees a familiar face across the table. &apos;Lindsay? What are you doing here?&apos; <br />
  39. 39. Battering her eyelashes, she smiles. &apos;What are you talking about, silly? I&apos;m playing poker.&apos; His lips thin. &apos;You know what I mean. Why are you here?&apos; Gently she shrugs, fingering her cards. &apos;Can&apos;t I drop in on an old friend?&apos; &apos;We were never friends, Lindsay.&apos; &apos;Oh, you&apos;re so silly sometimes Bennie! Of course we&apos;re the very least. You can&apos;t deny your feelings for me.&apos; <br />
  40. 40. Marsha snorts quietly. Like a snake, Lindsay snaps her head round, appraising. &apos;Something funny?&apos; &apos;Yes,&apos; Marsha admits. &apos;The idea of Bennie having feelings for you.&apos; Laughter erupts around the room and Lindsay flushes angrily. &apos;And I suppose you think he likes you, walking around his house in your underwear like a common whore?&apos; &apos;I would get dressed, but my clothes are a bit wet. He could barely wait for me to take off my shoes, earlier, before throwing me in the hot tub and...well, you get the picture I&apos;m sure.&apos; <br />
  41. 41. Bennie smiles. &apos;That was fun.&apos; &apos;What?&apos; Lindsay snaps. &apos;You&apos;re actually...involved with this little twerp?&apos; &apos;Involved and happy to be so. Tough luck Lindsay.&apos; &apos;It won&apos;t last,&apos; Lindsay says, a smug smile on her lips. &apos;You&apos;ll wake up one day and realize that she&apos;s not what you want.&apos; &apos;Don&apos;t count on it.&apos; Her eyes flash and she turns back to Marsha. &apos;You don&apos;t deserve him.&apos; Marsha smiles, shoulders lifting. &apos;Maybe not, but I&apos;m lucky enough that he doesn&apos;t seem to realize.&apos; <br />
  42. 42. &apos;Looks like you loose, Lindsay,&apos; Phoebe says, smirking as Bennie leans Marsha against the table. &apos;He&apos;s really not that in to you.&apos; Fuming she gets up and slams off. I don&apos;t like her expression as she leaves. It&apos;s too much like plotting. <br />
  43. 43. With us all paired up, Rootie was the only single sibling left. Admes and Alex. Bellatrix and Jerry. Benjamin and Marsha. Brian and Faydra. Carrie and Seth. Me and Jeanie. When I saw her outside with Crystal, I was weary. The fact she is a cheerleader sent of alarm bells, but it quickly became obvious that Crystal is nothing like Lindsay. Apparently they&apos;ve been secretly dating for a while. Root was too scared to tell us about her, after the whole Barbera thing. She wanted to make sure that she hadn&apos;t made another mistake before telling us all. <br />
  44. 44. While she was introducing Crystal to us all, I could see how nervous Rootie was. When we all voiced our encouragement and approval, it was amazing. The tension seemed to just fall away. She smiled and we all saw just how happy she was. They disappeared up to Rootie&apos;s room just after they arrived, and haven&apos;t emerged since. We can still hear them though. <br />
  45. 45. Rootie proposes that night. None of us were surprised. Sure, we hadn&apos;t expected her to get back on the horse so soon after Barbera, but after seeing her with Crystal, it was obvious that was where things were heading. All of us are engaged now...other than Bennie, though he still hasn&apos;t taken off his engagement ring from Tamara. I&apos;m starting to worry about that. <br />
  46. 46. The drama continues into the autumn, when I walk onto the decking to see Brian in the hot tub with some blonde draped over him. In shock, I hide in the shadows. Neither of them heard me arrive, too caught up in what they&apos;re doing. <br />
  47. 47. Sickened I watch as he stuffs his tongue down her throat. I know I should stop them, but I can&apos;t. It&apos;s like I&apos;m frozen and can&apos;t do anything to prevent it from happening. <br />
  48. 48. I stand there watching for what feels like an eternity, before they get out of the tub. Then it all comes flying out. I run over to him and slap him round the head with all the strength I have. &apos;Donna!&apos; he complains, rubbing the sore spot. &apos;What&apos;s the matter with you?&apos; &apos;Me?&apos; I shriek. &apos;Me? What&apos;s the matter with you? Forgot about Fay did you? What about Bella. Your DAUGHTER!&apos; <br />
  49. 49. He swears loudly, hands moving to cover his face. &apos;Oh my God! What did I do?&apos; His voice rises higher and higher in his distress. &apos;You screwed up, Brian. That&apos;s what you did. How could you do that to her? Fay is at home in that hovel of a flat taking care of your two year old daughter, and what are you doing? Gods, Brian! I wouldn&apos;t even expect that from Carrie!&apos; <br />
  50. 50. He just stands there, staring at me, hands on his head. &apos;You have to tell her.&apos; That snaps him out of it. &apos;What? How can I tell her? Hey honey, how&apos;s the kid, oh, by the way, I cheated on you the other day. So, shall I get takeaway or shall we leave Bella with Mum and go get a proper meal? I can&apos;t tell her!&apos; &apos;Then someone else will. She deserves better than this, Brian.&apos; He turns away. &apos;I know.&apos;<br />
  51. 51. Walking into the house, I pace. What am I going to do? Fay needs to know, but I can&apos;t tell her. We barely know each other. I could get someone else to do it, but do I really want to embarrass her anymore by telling more people about it? Crap. Looks like I&apos;m going to see my niece. <br />
  52. 52. &apos;Who&apos;s the cutest little girl in the whole world?&apos; &apos;Bewwa is!&apos; I laugh as my little niece grins at me. &apos;Yes you are, aren&apos;t you? The prettiest little baby in the world.&apos; &apos;Stop it Donna,&apos; Fay scolds tiredly. &apos;I have enough problems with her father without Bella developing an ego from hell as well.&apos; Laughing I wink at Bella. &apos;She&apos;s my first and so far only niece, and the only kid I&apos;ve ever met that I didn&apos;t hate. I&apos;m going to spoil her.&apos; Fay sighs, but concedes defeat. &apos;At least someone does.&apos; Oh dear.<br />
  53. 53. &apos;Wanna play hide and seek Bella?&apos; I ask, tipping her upside down. Her happy screams fill the room. &apos;Yah! Yah I do Auntie Donna!&apos; &apos;Then you go hide, and I&apos;ll count to ten.&apos; Giggling excitedly she toddles off towards the bedroom, and I go and sit beside Fay.<br />
  54. 54. &apos;You okay?&apos; Her eyes roll. &apos;Why are you here Donna? We&apos;re not friends and you hate children.&apos; &apos;Taking care of her own your own can&apos;t be easy, I know Fay, but snap at me again and you&apos;ll regret it. I know that we aren&apos;t friends and I know that I&apos;m not the most maternal person, but it&apos;s my duty as an aunt to stop by every now and then.&apos; Her eyes narrow. &apos;Brian cheated on me, didn&apos;t he?&apos; <br />
  55. 55. I stare, shocked. &apos;What?&apos; Lips thinning over her teeth, she scowls. &apos;I&apos;m not stupid, Donna. I knew he would do it. I just imagined it would be Trixie or Carrie who&apos;d tell me about it.&apos; &apos;No one else knows. I’m the only one who saw him and I didn’t tell anyone else.&apos; &apos;Auntie Donna!&apos; Groaning I look down at the little girl at my feet. &apos;I was just coming Bella.&apos; &apos;Kay!&apos; Placated, she leaves again. <br />
  56. 56. &apos;Donna, I knew that after I had the baby he would cheat. After I had Bella, I...well, we grew distance. He&apos;s a typical guy and couldn&apos;t understand why I wasn&apos;t ready to be intimate right away. I accepted that he would cheat on me until I was ready again.&apos; &apos;But, Fay, you don&apos;t have to put up with that! He loves you and if you explained everything to him, I&apos;m sure it&apos;d be fine. If he thinks you’re just being cold then he’s going to get confused. He’s only male.’ That raises a smile. ‘I expect so. Once he graduates and moves in with Bella and me, that’s the end. He’ll be faithful or else. But, for now, I understand that he needs to do this, and I love him enough to let him.’ I shake my head. ‘I couldn’t do that. If Jeanie cheated on me I’d die.’ She shrugs. ‘I don’t like the idea of him with other women, but what else can I do?’ I have no answer, so leave, finding Bella hiding under Fay’s bed.<br />
  57. 57. &apos;Your parents are crazy, you know that little one?&apos; Her green eyes light up. &apos;Yes.&apos; Gently I kiss her forehead. &apos;I have to go now. I&apos;ll see you later, kay Bella.&apos; &apos;Pwomise?&apos; &apos;Of course. Someone has to keep you normal in this crazy family.&apos; Fay laughs. &apos;Thanks for coming Donna.&apos; &apos;Sure. And you can always talk to me, okay Fay? I&apos;m not the most emotional person, but I can listen if the need arises.&apos; <br />
  58. 58. I had hoped that would be enough drama until graduation, but less than a week after the incident with Fay and Brian, disaster struck again in the form of Tamara. &apos;What are you doing here?&apos; Bennie spits. We all gather on the porch, ready to step in. &apos;Is that any way to greet me?&apos; His arms cross defensively over his chest. &apos;Get lost, Tamara. No one wants you here.&apos; Her lip curls. &apos;I see you&apos;re still wearing our engagement ring. Not ready to move on.&apos; &apos;How I deal with my problems isn&apos;t your business, is it Tamara?&apos; <br />
  59. 59. &apos;You love me Benjamin.&apos; We all gasp as he charges up to her. Even Tamara winces back. &apos;No I don&apos;t! I did, maybe, but you manipulated me and made me ignore my own family! I love Marsha now, and that&apos;s that!&apos; &apos;It won&apos;t last.&apos; He turns back to the house. &apos;People keep saying that, but I don&apos;t agree.&apos; Pulling it off of his finger, he throws his engagement ring over his shoulder. &apos;It&apos;s over.&apos; <br />
  60. 60. &apos;Are you okay Bennie?&apos; Marsha asks as soon as we all troop back into the house. &apos;I heard shouting but didn&apos;t want to disturb you.&apos; He smiles, we all do, at her sweetness. Almost tripping over his own feet in his haste to run over to her, he drops to his knee in front of her. &apos;Marsha, I love you so much, and I never want to be apart.&apos; Her eyes go huge. &apos;I love you too Bennie.&apos; &apos;Will you marry me?&apos; He pulls a small box out of his pocket. &apos;I saw this the other day and knew it was for you.&apos; &apos;Oh my gosh!&apos; she screams, snatching it up. &apos;It&apos;s beautiful!&apos; <br />
  61. 61. &apos;Is that a yes?&apos; he asks as she leaps up to kiss him. &apos;Duh!&apos;<br />
  62. 62. Autumn comes early this year and we&apos;re all set to graduate in a few weeks. With so little time left at college, I really had hoped that the drama would abate and we&apos;d have a calm final hurrah! <br />
  63. 63. Wishful thinking. &apos;Donna?&apos; &apos;Yes Trix?&apos; &apos;I think I broke my bottom!&apos; <br />
  64. 64. With Bennie&apos;s life back on track, leave it to the other male Havar quad to mess with everyone&apos;s calm...or rather just my calm, as again I&apos;m the only one to see him. <br />
  65. 65. &apos;Brian!&apos; I complain later, once his newest bimbo has gone. &apos;What now?&apos; he sighs, oblivious as ever. &apos;For a guy who spends most of his time protecting his family, you sure do know how to break a woman&apos;s heart.&apos; &apos;WHAT? You told her?&apos; I scowl. &apos;No, she guessed. I was going to tell her, but she guessed that was why I went to visit her.&apos; His arms cross defensively. &apos;Donna, I can&apos;t believe you were going to tattle on me!&apos; &apos;Tattle? We&apos;re not kids anymore Brian. You cannot treat Fay and Bella like this.&apos; <br />
  66. 66. &apos;I&apos;m not hurting anyone!&apos; I sigh and push past him. &apos;Are you sure about that? When was the last time you spent time with Bella? Or even spoke to Fay? Trix, Carrie and I speak to your fiancé more than you do. I remember whenever Mum would come and visit you, just after you met Fay, she would come home talking about how in love you looked, how happy you were. What happened?&apos; I don&apos;t wait for an answer, because I know I won&apos;t get one. Brian&apos;s not Brian anymore. He&apos;s not the big brother I used to love and admire. He&apos;s gone all wrong.<br />
  67. 67. As predicted, he ignores me and continues to seduce any woman to walk into the house. We all watch with gritted teeth, knowing that mentioning it won&apos;t help, but none of us are happy. He&apos;s throwing away so much and for what? I really will have to persuade Fay to kick his arse, at least a little bit.<br />
  68. 68. Despite Brian distracting us all, we do all graduate with the highest honours. To celebrate we throw one last party in the house, inviting the entire family. A nice end to a hellish four years. {And yes, the entire Havar family, the blood family that is, were present, other than Gienah, who was still a toddler at this point. You can&apos;t see everyone, but they were all there. It was nice} <br />
  69. 69. Admes and Alex remained together through the entire thing, being the most sickeningly sweet three bolt couple ever. They’re now married, and plan to start a family right after their tours of the Bon Voyage destinations, which I will be filming and releasing soon. <br />
  70. 70. Beatrix married Crystal and they are preparing for the first part of Rootie’s Queen Bee challenge, Never Mind the Bee Sting, which I will be very stupidly starting soon. What kind of moron plays both a 26 pregnancy challenge and a Queen Bee challenge in the same neighbourhood? Me apparently. <br />
  71. 71. Bellatrix stayed with Jerry, despite their problems, and they are very happy together with their only child, little Ruby. They had a small wedding, looking at it as more of a formality than anything else. They’ve been together so long it barely mattered. <br />
  72. 72. Benjamin and Marsha are still happy together, married and with three kids. The twins Jack and Elena, who are currently teens, and Benjamin’s mistake in space, little Avalon. Avalon is the sweetest little thing ever, and the twins are awfully cute. Elena is in my opinion the cutest sim I’ve ever bred in game. <br />
  73. 73. Fay chewed Brian out about the cheating, and he’s now faithful as the day is long, not even looking at other women without Fay’s permission. Bella is now a very independent teen, taking after her mother in looks and temper, and Fay is pregnant with their second and hopefully last child.<br />
  74. 74. Donna married Jeanie and they live alone in a small house with no plans on filling it with screaming kids at all. They’re happy just being alone for once, rather than in a house of crazy relatives. <br />
  75. 75. And that’s that. But no worries. I enjoyed making Never Mind the Degree so much that it will be back soon, with Edward, Emmett, Emery, Felix and Gienah. Not for a little while though, but there will be other Havar related escapades to keep you amused. Never Mind the Nooboos will be updated soon, as will Never Mind the Legacy, and both Never Mind the Tour Guide and Never Mind the Bee Sting will be starting soon. Laters all. Love Alice.<br />