The Medical Alphabetacy - Chapter 1


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The first chapter of my medicine themed Alphabet legacy.

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The Medical Alphabetacy - Chapter 1

  1. 1. Welcome to my next try at a legacy.Ive never gotten very far, but who knows this time might just be the one.This is going to be a medicine themed alphabetacy, so all children will be named after medical stuff.As an additional rule all heirs without a job-related LTW will work in the medical field. If a child rollsthe LTW to reach the top of the medical career they will automatically be heir otherwise Ill have apoll.Since I dont want to rely on some random founder this time Ive taken it upon myself or rather mysimself to get this legacy going.Now please introduce yourself...myself...whatever.
  2. 2. "Hi. Sue Medical here. Im not only named after my creator, but also a scorpio justlike her. My exact personality stats are 6/5/6/4/4.Im a knowledge sim, striving to max all 7 skills, which is a very doable LTW in myopinion. I dont want to be responsible for this legacy failing after all. My turn-onsand offs wont really matter since the only spouses allowed in this legacy will have towork in the medical field.Now please build me my humble hut and let me get on with my life."
  3. 3. And there it is our wonderful house complete with outdoor kitchen and indoorbed-/bathroom. Isnt it nice?"Are you kidding me?"Stop complaining! The last flat I lived in didnt even have a stove. And Im nota legacy founder."You convinced me. Its ok I guess."
  4. 4. And Sue goes right to doing what I actually should be doing in real life too.Studying. Go girl, get those skills before you get pregnant and arepermanently in the red with at least one need."Im not studying. Im just leafing through this medical lexicon to findsuitable baby names."
  5. 5. "No job in the medical career? Are they kidding me?"Sorry, youre part of a computer game. No one said that it was veryrealistic. Or do you really think that anyone would advertise a job aspickpocket?
  6. 6. The welcome wagon only had one guy that Sue greeted with great enthusiasm.Unfortunately he wasnt very forthcoming with information about his job, evenafter becoming friends with her."Maybe hes a spy or a mad scientist or something secret like that."Or maybe hes just one of those stubborn sims.
  7. 7. The next day Sue was finally lucky in getting a job in the medical career, whichalso brings us closer to finding a suitable husband for her."Its the short nighty Im wearing, otherwise I would have never gotten thatjob."Um...*twitches*...whatever. Just bring home a male colleague please.
  8. 8. "Hi. Im Jolanda. Youre friendly neighborhood gypsie. I sell dates. Interested?"I dont know if you have noticed it but Sue is currently surrounded by threeguys. Does that look like we need help?"But my dates are high quality."I seriously doubt it.
  9. 9. "Whoo. The guys are fighting over me already."Not really. One has the wrong job and the other hasnt even talked toyou yet. Now get over your delusions and get back to making lunch likeyou were supposed to before they interrupted.
  10. 10. On her first day of work Sue brings home a promotion, but nocolleague. So back to spouse hunting the traditional way."And I thought youd be happy. Stupid ungrateful real life self."
  11. 11. Please, please, please dont have a job in the medical career. Otherwise Iwill have to turn this into a medical uglacy.Fortunately he didnt tell Sue his job yet. There is still hope that he wontbe a suitable candidate for the family.
  12. 12. It seems like every guy in my game is working in culinary. Of all the men Iasked only one of them had another job."Why did you put up that rule with the medical job for spouses again?"Because I hate not going all the way through with themes. Be glad that Iat least decided that non-medical job-related LTWs would be fullfilledinstead of forcing all future generations into medicine.
  13. 13. "You dont have a job in medical? I cant tell you how meansad...I am.""But wed be such a pretty couple, dont you think?"*crickets chirp*"Um...yeah...well...rules are rules, you know."
  14. 14. Arent you ashamed of yourself, Jessica? Stealing from a legacy founder, whohasnt even gotten additional spouse money yet."But she had a telescope. Do you have any idea how much those are worth onthe black market?"
  15. 15. Sue earned some money by treating a lama, meaning she has a real housenow. Unfortunately it is still mostly empty, but its the thought that counts.The husband hunt is still going strong, even if we havent gotten lucky yet.Ill soon have to invest in some elixier, unless she brings home a coworkersoon. And to think that usually my sims bring one home everyday...*grumbles*
  16. 16. "Are you happy now?"Um...hes old! Gah...didnt you promise to not sabotage this legacy?But I guess I wont be picky. Its already the second week and hes the firstpotential spouse to show up. Otherwise well probably never get generation Aunder way.
  17. 17. "What are you complaining about? Im not a total apeface."Small favors at least.
  18. 18. "Oh, you sexy old man, wanna be part of this legacy that only accepts youbecause you are a doctor?"He was easily convinced.This is kinda like one of those bad hospital soap operas, where everydoctor has an affair with one of their co-workers.
  19. 19. One date later and theyre already madly in love. And for some strange reason Imalready liking Flo (which is short for Florian and is going to be Sues soon to behusbands name from now on), even though he hasnt done anything to earn it yet.And please ignore the kicked over trashcan in the background that I only noticedwhile I took the photo. Stupid random trashcan kickers.
  20. 20. "Oh wow, a ring with minty fresh smell that goes right up my nose. How could Isay no to that?""See I told you that going with the mint chewing gum instead of a diamond wasthe right decision."Just because Sims are strange creatures."Whom are you talking to honey?"Dont worry Flo. Youll get to know me soon enough.
  21. 21. Is there a more romantic way to get married than in your empty livingroom without wallpaper or carpeting dressed in your surgeon outfitfrom work?.........No, definitely not.
  22. 22. So lets introduce the new addition to this legacy family.Florian Flo Medical, a fortune sim with the lifetime want to reach the top ofthe adventurer career, which I unfortunately wont be able to fullfill. Hes aGemini with a 4/7/8/3/3 personality. He brought §6.000 into the marriage andworks as a general practitioner.I still like you Flo.
  23. 23. What can I say...first try was a hit. The old man really still got it going on."Urg...stop babbling and get me some antiemetics...blearg..."Not available in this game. Im very sorry.
  24. 24. Did I mention that I like Flo?Hes such a good husband. Autonomously cleaning all the time even though hehasnt got that many neat points. Even preparing dinner so his wife canconcentrate on a pregnant sims main tasks...eating and sleeping.
  25. 25. Now that she had found a husband and gotten herself pregnant with the firstchild of generation A Sue is finally allowed to focus on her LTW.
  26. 26. And Flo once again proves that he is the best sim husband ever. He simply joined hiswife to chat while she was having one of her midnight snacks and listened to hergoing on and on about all the vitamins the salad she was currently eating had andcomplaining about how there wasnt any vitamin substitution available for pregnantsims."Its your fault if I start suffering from hypovitaminosis you know."I think Ill take that risk instead of hunting the internet for vitamin substitutecustom content.
  27. 27. "What am I supposed to do...what am I supposed to do...what..."Flo! Stop being overly dramatic. There are not only two doctors present, butyour wife is also done with giving birth if you havent noticed it yet."Um...oh..."
  28. 28. Please welcome little Arteria Medical into this world.She is named after the blood vessels that transport blood away from the hearttowards the peripheral parts of the body. Her skin tone is somewhere betweenher mothers and fathers (genetic skintones ftw). Shes got her fathers eyesand I think her mothers hair color, but Im not quite sure.
  29. 29. "Im so glad I can go back to work now that Im not pregnant anymore."Actually I wouldnt count on it, Sue."What do you mean by that?"Remember the whoohoo you had right before going to work?"Aww...and I just got a promotion too."
  30. 30. Since Sues first baby bump coincided with the arrival of her carpool she,like Flo, had to go to work. Meaning we get to hire a Nanny.But fortunately Calista really seems to know what she is doing because thefirst thing she did after entering the house was changing smelly Arteriasdiaper."Of course I know what Im doing. I come from a family with a longtradition of Nanny-ism. I even won the National Nanny Nominations lastnovember. Are you still in doubt?"
  31. 31. "Oh my...Im already in my last trimenon. And you almost took no picturesduring my whole pregnacy."Well, its not really my fault, that all is going quite well and nothing strange,outrageous or overly exiting is happening. Im sure its going to get betteronce Arteria grows into a toddler.
  32. 32. Time for Arteria to grow up and turn into an absolutely gorgeous little princess.Shes an Aries with a 6/10/9/4/3. No idea where all those outgoing points comefrom, but in combination with her not so many nice points they are probablygoing to cause some chaos sooner or later. Yay!
  33. 33. Why is your daughter glowing green?"Its a new product by U.N.-Safe Pharmaceuticals. It hasnt even gone on clinicaltrial yet, but the results are fantastic. Arteria learned to go potty in no time."Are you sure its a good idea to give your daughter an untested drug?"They assured me that the glow will disappear in time, so dont worry."
  34. 34. Arterias face looks a little scary, dont you think."But she learned to talk so fast. And her green glow matches my PJs. I thinkyoure just jealous that you dont have good stuff like that in real life."
  35. 35. And with a spin and twirl we welcome little Aorta Medical into this world.Aorta is named after the mayor artery in the human body. Like her sister shehas her fathers eyes and her mothers hair. Her skin is a lot lighter though,almost her mothers shade actually.Hopefully shell be as cute as Arteria.
  36. 36. And with the help of both the strange new drug and her father Arterialearns the last of her toddler skills."Its actually clinically approved now and can be legally bought as SmartMilk.Still no known adverse effects."
  37. 37. Since everything is going very, very smoothly Sue and Flo get ready for makingthe last child for this generation. Maybe a boy this time? Although I could livewith another girl too.This time it didnt work on the first try...ah well...Flo is not getting anyyounger so he is excused.
  38. 38. "Iris, you may not believe it but I am able to predict your future from thisempty plate.""Wow. What does it say?""I predict that due to the fact that you work in the medical career you willmarry into this legacy as soon as a male heir is choosen."
  39. 39. This is Sues worst pregnancy by far. Shes continuously sick. And hungry.And tired. And cranky. And whatever else she gets into her head.
  40. 40. Time for Aorta to grow up and guess what...she turned out just as gorgeous asher sister.She is a piesces with a 4/7/8/4/10 personality. I have absolutely no idea wherethose 10 nice points come from, but Im not complaining. She has also chosen herhobby already, deciding that she likes arts and crafts.
  41. 41. And once again with the help of a certain chemical accelerant Sue teachesher second-born how to go potty. Aorta seems decidedly unimpressed by hernew skill."Are you kidding me? Anyone can do it with the help of SmartMilk." havent learnt to talk yet.
  42. 42. Flo once again had the honor to teach his daughter how to walk. And it workedeven though the SmartMilk had worn off already."I conceed that it can be done without the green glow."
  43. 43. The girls, even though they are only toddlers, already have very differentinterests. While Arteria spends all her time talking to her little bunny headminion, Aorta is completely focused on drawing one picture after the other.
  44. 44. Other than her husband Sue doesnt believe in teaching her daughterwithout the help of SmartMilk."Mommy love SmartMilk."
  45. 45. Arteria grew up and turned into a very cute little girl. She is still thefamilys little princess with loads of charisma points already.
  46. 46. "Why did you get us a new stove? It burns the food. The old one never this."Sure. Just blame it on the stove.But actually Sue does have a point. With the old stove they didnt have burnedfood once. New stove...bam...first meal burned.
  47. 47. "Ewww...Mom is getting her forewaters all over the floor."Arteria shush. You new sibling is being born, show some respect. And thismeans that your mum will finally get out of her permanently red-yellow stateof mind."But..."
  48. 48. Please welcome Arrhythmia Medical into the family.Keeping with the cardiovascular naming scheme I used for this generation sheis named after the heart condition where the heartbeat is not following anormal rhythm. Considerung how much harder this pregnancy was in comparisonto the other two I would really have expected a boy. (Should have known itthough. My legacy families always have an overabundance of girls.)
  49. 49. Now that the last child of the A generation is born its time for a shortbreak and the end of this chapter.Flo and his two oldest girls say good-bye for now.Me and the Medicals hope you enjoyed your read and will join us for the nextchapter of the Medical Alphabetacy.