The Medical Alphabetacy - Chapter 2


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The second chapter of my medicine themed Alphabet legacy. For more information visit boolprop.

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The Medical Alphabetacy - Chapter 2

  1. 1. Welcome back to the second chapter of the Medical Alphabetacy.We are right in the middle of the A generation and after just one advertisement we cango right back into the fray. Enjoy.The Mad Medics Multi-Malfunction Model Version 2.0 offers a wide variety of surgicalinterventions and emergencies. Our perfect simulator not only comes with a complete setof internal organs, but also some very tasty extra gimmicks. Buy the Mad Medics Multi-Malfuction Model today and get a free burger...if you can find it, that is.
  2. 2. Arteria! Its 3 oclock. Meaning little girls should be sleeping like the rest of theirfamily. What are you doing awake?"You forgot to put a roof over my room. Would you be able to sleep if your bed wasabsolutely soaked from the rain?"Oops..."And they are showing Lifestyles of Simillionaires. I want to learn how a real princesslike me should live."
  3. 3. Arteria is more of an evil sister than a little princess actually. Im not surewhy she doesnt like Aorta, but they always had a low relationship score.Oh well...sibling rivalry spices things up.
  4. 4. Arteria is such a little Mrs. Smarty-pants. Her first day at school and shealready brought an A+ home."My daughter rocks."I totally agree.
  5. 5. Hi there, Mr. Johnston."What the hell? Who are you and why are you being so friendly?"No reason, Im just a nice person. *mumbles* And you are a futurelegacy spouse.
  6. 6. "You give air 2 times and then 30 compressions. You have to press really deepfor it to be effective. Do you understand that, Aorta?""Press...""Exactly. CPR is very important."I like the idea. Although you daughter is still a little too young I think.
  7. 7. Birthday Time! And Calista, my Nanny, ist still awesome, helping Arrhythmia withher age transition. In the background Aorta is just going through her transitiontoo.Arrhythmia turns out the be a piesces with a 7/7/10/3/8 personality. The mostremarkable though is that although she has got her fathers eyes and mothershair just like her sisters her face looks a little different from them.
  8. 8. Aorta has turned into a very cute child and true to her passion for arts andcrafts she has already almost maxed her creativity skill.
  9. 9. Feeling that his time on this world will soon come to an end Flo tries tospend as much time as possible with his three girls, especiallyArrhythmia who will probably never really get to know her dad.*sniff*Im sad already and Flo isnt even dead yet.
  10. 10. Gunna, stop arguing with the nanny. Shes very trustworthy and shell takecare of your future children. Please dont anger her and maker her turninto one of those horror nannies that frequently appear in other legacies.
  11. 11. "Take that stupid creepy visitor in this house. There is a very good reasonI became National Nanny Nominee for november."I told you so! But did you listen to me? No of course not. I fear for thenext generation, I really do."Dont worry. There is nothing to fear. I wont hold the stupidy of theirpossible father against future legacy children."
  12. 12. This time Flo has the honor of teaching his daughter how to go potty andhe does it just as quick as Sue could.
  13. 13. "Say Daddy.""Dead."" almost got it. Daddy."
  14. 14. Although Flo would have loved to teach his daughter how to walk Suesimply beat him to it.
  15. 15. "Florian Medical, your shift in this world is over.""What? But there were still so many patients...and my girls...Cant I work someovertime? Im not even interested in getting paid.""No."Aww...*sniffles*
  16. 16. Rest in peace Flo Medical.I was shocked when you first turned up, but you proved yourself to be theperfect legacy spouse and will be missed quite a bit. You never had the chance tofullfill your lifetime want, but never complained about it, easily kept happy byyour kids and wife.And your great genes have to at least get a short mention too.
  17. 17. After Flos death Sue tried her best to explain to her girls why their daddycouldnt be with them anymore. Arrhythmia was still too young to fullycomprehend his absence, but Arteria and Aorta were heartbroken.
  18. 18. Another thief who should be ashamed of yourself. The family is grieving andyou have nothing better to do than to rob them?"Jessica said that they had a telescope. I couldnt resist. But she forgot tomention the burglar alarm."Just what the likes of you deserve.
  19. 19. "Do something police lady! My dad would have beaten him two minutes ago.And he didnt even work for the police."
  20. 20. Took you long enough."Please do not hurry me. As stated by police rule number 13 I can only apprehendthe burglar after he has stolen something of great value. And sorry about yourflatscreen. Im sure your insurrance will pay for it."They did...but even though the tv was less than 24 hours old we didnt get the fullsum.
  21. 21. Arteria is always the first to get up in the morning."Of course. The early princess gets the prince. And I need to sneak out to thecommunity graveyard."Why?"Just take a peak at my want panel. I want to exchange the burglars soul fordads."
  22. 22. Since their fathers death Arteria and Aorta have gotten a lot closer.
  23. 23. Calista are you showing the first signs of getting Alzheimers? You gaveArrhythmia a bottle of milk half a minute ago."I can assure you as National Nanny Nom..."I get it, I get it.
  24. 24. And as frustrating as it might be for Sue (with the LTW to max all herskills) her daughter Aorta is the first to max a skill in this household.She is such a talented painter."If I dont get chosen as heiress I will open an art gallery."
  25. 25. "Im so glad that the two of you became good friends lately. It would havepained me if my daughters hated each other.""Dont worry mom." *both mumbling* "At least as long as the heir poll is stillfar away."
  26. 26. And its time for Arrhythmia to grow into a child and join her two sisters. Istill think that her facial structure is a little different from theirs. Especiallyher nose looks a little smaller. She also disclosed her hobby, which is fitness.
  27. 27. "The private school director should really be ashamed of himself. I madesuch a good salmon and he simply had to glitch up."Just put it away in the fridge. Well try again tommorrow.
  28. 28. After the failed headmaster visit its time for Arteria to grow up.True to her princess personality Arteria decided that she wanted to not onlybe very popular, but also have a prince (or more) to call her own. In order tocreate a powerful kingdom she also needs an army, lead by herself of course.She likes smart-looking guys with glasses, who also know how to treat aprincess to a decent meal. Bodybuilders arent her type.
  29. 29. Were taking another shot at the admission to private school. Since her mothermanaged to cause the headmaster to glitch Arteria is doing the honors this time.
  30. 30. And while Arteria is busy with smoozing and dinner Sue turned into avery professional looking old lady, who actually looks very much like mymom.
  31. 31. As you can see the girls got accepted into private school. And Aortaabsolutely knows whos responsible for that.
  32. 32. Being a true popularity and romance sim Arteria has no problem with puttingthe moves on one of the local boys."Hey handsome. Want to be one of my princes?""One of?""My one and only, I mean."
  33. 33. The boy is easily won over and Arteria gets her first kiss.
  34. 34. Time is running very quickly again and soon it is time for little Aorta to turn into ateen.Still competing with her sister she wants to be more popular than her by becominga famous sportswoman. And if she cant be more popular, than shell at least haveto get rich.Her taste in men is a little strange, since she likes finely dressed guys that stink.Traumatized by her fathers early demise Aorta doesnt want an older man.
  35. 35. "Arteria?!? What are you doing here? I thought you were on the phone.""Yeah...and just in case you wondered...we werent plotting on how to makesure that you stopped getting more screentime than us.""Shh...rhythmia."
  36. 36. To not be outdone by her sister Aorta got herself a boyfriend too. Fortunatelythe girls arent competetive enough to try to go after the same boy.
  37. 37. "Aortas got a boyfriend, Aortas got a boyfriend...and they are kiiiiisssssiiiing."*singsongs*Arteria stop being obnoxious and ruining your sisters first kiss.
  38. 38. Aorta was successfull, even though Arteria had tried her best."I still have the chance to ruin her first woohoo."Dont you dare, you little obnoxious thing. Still love you though.
  39. 39. "Press, press, press....gah...I cant remember what my mom told me. Was it2 breaths and 30 compressions or the other way round? I should havegotten a repeat course once I was old enough to count."Thats what I told you mother. But did she listen to me? No.
  40. 40. Giving up on the CPR already?"Yes. Id rather focus on something Im good at. I mean, look at mypainting. Isnt it pretty?"Sure, its your first masterpiece. But this is the MEDICAL legacy. If youwant to be heiress you have to have some medical knowledge.
  41. 41. "Grrr...Im an alien! And when Im grown up I will abduct you and experimenton you.""Um...that is....nice. Are you the heiress?" *looks panicked*"Not yet. But I will be."
  42. 42. Just keep shoveling Gunna. Way to impress your future mother in law."Maybe it will deter them from marrying me. Im scared of the little alienand her experiments.""No chance. I dont care about your manners as long as youre still a doctor."Dont you dare think about changing your career, Gunna.
  43. 43. "Gunna, I hear youre scared of my sisters psychosis. There is actually a verysimple way in which you can assure that you wont have to marry her.""Really? Please tell me. Im so scared.""Just like me. If the potential spouse preferes me the voters can simply notnot vote me heiress.""And youre sure thatll work?""Absolutely."
  44. 44. "Wow, look at that Ive gotten fit."I salute you for managing what I never quite reach in real life.
  45. 45. "Arrhythmia, youll leave your hands off Gunna. Hes mine. Are weclear on that?""I have no idea what youre talking about, sis. I just wanted to playwith him."
  46. 46. Aortas dedication to painting bears fruit in her maxing the hobby."Mrs. Medical, if you dont get chosen as heiress wed be honored tohouse you paintings at the Sim Gallery of Modern Art.
  47. 47. Arteria really knows how to hold a grudge. Shes the only one in the householdstill mad at him and continuously showing it."He stole our tv. And I missed two episodes of Lifestyles of Simillionairesbecause we didnt have a new one."
  48. 48. Arrhythmia finally grows into a teen and keeps her tradition of the green PJs."Of course. Green is pretty. Money is green too."Once she is rich Arrhythmia wants to construct a town on the moon and meetlittle green men. But its not only money she strifes for, but also romance. Herlove interests turned out to be quite the surprise, since she preferes women withmake-up and expensive perfume.
  49. 49. I just wondered why Arteria had the wish to beat death, when I noticed thegrave sitting in the middle of our playground.Rest in peace, Tifi, friend of Arteria, whose death I didnt even notice.
  50. 50. Before the girls head off to college Arrhythmia gets a shot at getting herfirst kiss. Since she doesnt have much time she cant be picky and chosesthe girl that Aorta brought home with her."Ill fly you to the moon and back if youll be my baby."
  51. 51. Notice the lack of kissing picture?Nerissa here was being really difficult. How is it possible that she has a crushon Arrhythmia, yet says no to a date? Grrr...
  52. 52. Fortunately (for her) Nerissa understood that the only way for her to survivethis legacy, was to agree to kiss Arrhythmia, which she did the next day.
  53. 53. Now that all of the girls have gotten their first kiss they head off tocollege, leaving their mom at home to wait for one of them to return asheiress.
  54. 54. Since the girls have gone to college this chapter comes to a close. None ofthem rolled the LTW to reach the top of the medical career, meaning wellhave a heir poll on boolprop.The next thee pictures will once again show you the girls and theirrespective stats.I hope you enjoyed this chapter of the Medical Alphabetacy and will onceagain join me for the college years, soon to come.
  55. 55. Name: ArteriaAspiration: Popularity/RomanceLTW: Become a generalPersonality: 6/10/9/4/3Specialties: Shes the family princess and has already assured herself theloyalty of Gunna, the male spouse for this generation.
  56. 56. Name: AortaAspiration: Popularity/FortuneLTW: Reach top of athletic careerPersonality: 4/7/8/4/10Specialties: Shes the only of the girls who has a maxed skill and hobby,being the artistic genius of the family.
  57. 57. Name: ArrhythmiaAspiration: Fortune/RomanceLTW: Become a city plannerPersonality: 7/7/10/3/8Specialties: Shes different from her sisters in many ways, one of thembeing her facial structure, another being her preference for women.