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Chapter 3.2: One Hell of a Plot Twist


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Chapter 3.2 of The Absolutely Crazy Matriarchy

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Chapter 3.2: One Hell of a Plot Twist

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Absolutely Crazy Matriarchy. If you haven't read the first few chapters, you should do so. It's important. Last time, our beloved heir, Rebakah, was tragically eaten by her scheming brother's cowplant. Rebakah will be sorely missed - "Hey!"
  2. 2. "What's with the eulogy? I'm not dead!" *double-take* Wait, what? You're alive? "Yup." Then who's the tombstone? "Some townie." *phew*
  3. 3. Okay, this is Amber Miguel. She's the townie who wandered into Gladys. I accidentally left the gate unlocked after getting Shenene to feed Gladys, and poor Amber was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gave me an opportunity for some drama, though.
  4. 4. "Waste not, want not!" Daniel, that's someone's life essence! Have some respect! "Hey, she left it lying around. Her fault."
  5. 5. o_O Streakers. Just as annoting as mascots.
  6. 6. Um. Rebakah, I think you forgot to open the door. "Why bother? I can just stick my hands right through!" Are you sure you're not dead? "YES!"
  7. 7. Haha, Jackie got zapped. Stupid Sims keep staying in the hot tub during storms. "Must... find... shower!"
  8. 8. "Mmm. Punch!" Usually you put it in a cup. "That's boring. I want ADVENTURE." That's your definition of adventure?
  9. 9. "Hey, Fire! I've graduated!" Okay, get to the phone. Wonder what life'll be like without Shenene around? Daniel's gonna drive me nuts.
  10. 10. "Yep, one taxi to Veronaville, please." Good luck, Shenene!
  11. 11. "Bye, Shenene! I love you!" I think he's actually going to miss her.
  12. 12. "Look, Beka, life without Shenene has made me realise that I'm an idiot. Will you forgive me for all the attempts on your life?" "Of course. You're my brother!"
  13. 13. Senior year equals placeholder moving-in-ness. Hello, Jackie. "She still can't hear you." "Who are you talking to?" "Fire. You won't be able to hear her unless you become a solid part of the Legacy somehow." "Oh, this is a Legacy? That explains a lot."
  14. 14. SMUSTLE FACES! Boy, Jackie looks... manic. "Jackie, Fire says you look manic." "Why thank you!" She fits in just fine.
  15. 15. I can't believe it. Daniel, feeling remorse over his evil deeds? "Life without Shenene has allowed me to put things in perspective. Nothing, not even heirship, is as important as life with her."
  16. 16. "Whoa, freaky old dude!" "Quit spying on me with than darned telescope!" Hee hee. She brought it on herself.
  17. 17. "Hey, Fire. I only have one semester to go!" At last, we see the light at the end of the tunnel! Keep it up, kiddo!
  18. 18. "Cow's eye! I mean... bullseye. Heh. Heh." You pinned a picture of the cow to your dartboard? "Maybe..."
  19. 19. WHOA NELLIE! Okay, that's just wacky.
  20. 20. And so is this. Jackie, get out of the wall! "Jackie, Fire says to get out of the wall." *muffled voice* "I can't, I'm stuck." Great.
  21. 21. "No more! No more assignments!" Hey, you want honours, right? "Not THIS bad." Too bad. Get to work.
  22. 22. "Hello dad." About time these two had a get-together. I've been a bit slack in the family relations department.
  23. 23. "He shoots. HE SCORES! And the crowd goes wild for Daniel Chandler!" Dream on, Danny Boy. "Hey, it could happen."
  24. 24. "Mum? I'm calling to let you know I've changed my mind about taking over the legacy." *That's great, hun. Call me when you get home to Veronaville.*
  25. 25. Ehehe. Frozen cheerleader, anyone? Blue suits her, actually. :)
  26. 26. "I'm taking Gladys back to the Secret Society." Good plan. Mind you, that doesn't mean she won't be back. I get the feeling that we'll be seeing more of Gladys in the future.
  27. 27. "There. Now the wrong people won't be able to get their hands on her." Like you did? "Quiet."
  28. 28. "Graduation time!" Yup yup. Two down, one to go. No party for you though. "Can I come to Beka's?" Sure.
  29. 29. "Hello, I'd like a taxi to the Gast residence in Veronaville?" Daniel's going to go live with Shenene now. She'll keep him sane. I hope.
  30. 30. "Awesome. I'm taller!" Bye, Daniel. He graduated Summa Cum Laude, by the way. They all will.
  31. 31. So, Beka, any last thoughts before your final exam? "I want chocolate!" You can have some after the exam.
  32. 32. GRADUATION! Generation Three is out of college! "Party time!" I'll say.
  33. 33. Family smustle time! They're a bit out of synch. You guys need practice. "I can't belive both my kids got out of college alive!" It was a close call.
  34. 34. I want one of these. "Fwee!"
  35. 35. Family hot tub scene. Plus Jackie. Jackie, you should be at class. Quick, march!
  36. 36. "Whoa, what's happening?" You're growing up, hun. Time to move on.
  37. 37. "Hey, I'm sexy!" Not the clothes, though. You'll need a makeover when you get home.
  38. 38. And off she goes, our young heir. Off to a future of achieved LTWs, babies and grandchildren. "I can't wait." I heard that sarcasm. That's it for chapter 3.2. Tune in next time to see Rebakah start her adulthoold in style!
  39. 39. "I have the house to myself. Cool." ... "I call hot tub!" Placeholders. *sigh*