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Literacy The Alphabetacy

  1. 1. Hi there! My name is Mitchi, and I’m here today to present you with a brand new Alphabetacy, the Literacy family! This here is Author Literacy, the founder.  Each generation is to be named after characters from books I like to read. This means characters from say… The Séance, aren’t allowed to be in this Alphabetacy, because I didn’t enjoy that book.
  2. 2. This is the Literacy house, before Mr. Humble came by. He’s skilling right now, with a book from the bookcase I had to delete to afford the grill. Unfortunately, he’s already lost aspiration points from the selling of the bookcase. =/ I forgot that Mr. Humble came at all, otherwise I wouldn’t have sold anything.
  3. 3. And here’s the welcome crew! Author’s turn-on’s are Red Hair and make-up, two easy(ish) things to find in a Townie. However, these three townies don’t really seem to want to get along. That guy back there with the funky pants made poor Raziel cry. :(
  4. 4. Author had to get a job, because… well, he was broke. XD Tell ‘em what you are, Arty. “ I’m a spy!” Or… something. XD He’ll eventually be a spy. I think. His little job icon looks a lot like the Neighborhood Watch guy.
  5. 5. Even though none of the welcome wagon people are useful to us, Arty spends a lot of time on the phone with the girl who came by. “So I got new wallpaper… and a counter!”
  6. 6. There’s not much to write about, because it seems every girl who could fulfill Arty’s turn-on’s walks by while he’s at work. It majorly sucks, actually, because we just sit around staring at a wall, basically. He comes home, eats, sleeps, uses the bathroom, and goes to work. Boriiing.
  7. 7. Finally, though, Arty snatches one up when he gets home from work. Her name is Kaylynn Somethingreallyridiculous, and she’s got red hair and make-up. And she’s hot! :D
  8. 8. “ WE have two bolts.” “ Yeah, even though my turn-on’s are hats and charisma.” “ Yeah, weird, huh?” “ Yeah.” “ Let’s make-out.” “ Kay!”
  9. 9. So, even though Arty has a want to fall in love, he WONT DO IT. He’s Best Friends with her, they’ve made out and done romantic actions up the you-know-what, and he won’t fall in love with her. Here’s Kaylynn, poor Kaylynn, falling in love with HIM.
  10. 10. “Marry me!” “My eyes are black in excitement!” However, a few make-outs and flirts later, Arty is in love and ready to propose! He actually fell in love first, just so you know.
  11. 11. So, I missed the wedding shot. I didn’t throw a party because he had like, 56 dollars. And no stereo or anything, so I was afraid it would flop. Anyway, Kaylynn is also a family sim (boring) and her LTW is to marry off six children. “ So we’re working on that right this second, if you’d like to stick around and watch. :D
  12. 12. Arty wanted to go on a date, so I had him ask out Kaylynn. She’s been throwing up constantly, and after she threw up (evidence is the dirty toilet) Arty ran in and started to make out with her. THAT is true love.
  13. 13. I’m actually really glad she got a baby bump (and a make over) because she threw up literally every thirty sim minutes. It was annoying, and I felt bad for her. “ I hope it’s a girl.” Me too, because I only know A names that are girl names. XD
  14. 14. I’m going to take this short break to show you an alternate time line. A time line where things didn’t end so happy. A time, where, due to the stupidity of sims (and sorta myself) things ended in… … . … . DEATH.
  15. 15. In this alternate time line, after their dream date, I stuck the grill inside so they could just do it from the inside and not walk to the outside all of the time to make dinner. Well. They started a fire… and Even though I tried to get BOTH of them to stop freaking out in time to call the fire station… they both caught on fire and died. So I uh… exited without saving.
  16. 16. Back in the actual timeline we’re following, Arty and Kaylynn are sleeping/snuggling together peacefully. They’re really rather cute, when Arty doesn’t have to go to work. I don’t know what it is, but if it’s a work day, he doesn’t want anything to do with his wife. However, if it’s a day off, she can barely eat dinner without him goosing her and making out with her.
  17. 17. “You got demoted?” “Yeah, bad chance card.” “…But… I’m pregnant.” “We’ll… sell the… uh… walls. To buy a baby bed.” “…We have seasons.” “Dang. I’ll go study.”
  18. 18. Labor! “LABOR.”
  19. 19. “Chess!” Nah, just kidding. He’s putting the pieces away, so he can scream along with his wife.
  20. 20. Meet Ashfur Literacy! Ashfur is an elder from the series Warriors. I think he’s probably in Windclan or Shadowclan, I can’t remember right this second. Unfortunately, Sim Ashfur was also a male. That’s why he got stuck with an awful name like Ashfur. Other than that, he has his daddy’s eyes and hair… and I think his parents skintone.
  21. 21. Meanwhile… Arty is busy playing with the fridge. He’s either stuffing his face or playing with the bottles. But he never leaves the stinking thing alone! Also, notice how they juggle what looks like water bottles, but can’t actually drink water…?
  22. 22. ‘ Hi little Ashfur! I’m pregnant with a sibling for yoooouuuu.” Let’s just hope it’s a girl so it’s not stuck with an awful name like ‘Ashfur’.
  23. 23. This family basically lives on hotdogs. Normally burnt hotdogs, but it doesn’t seem like pregnant Kaylynn gives any care about the tastiness of her dogs. “ Mmfgmmsm.” Right. They aren’t dogs. They’re hotdogs.
  24. 24. This always cracks me up, cause it’s not like she hasn’t seen it before. Really, look at that bump. XD And it always cracks me up that the person in the shower never even reacts. You think they’d gasp and cover up or something!
  25. 25. Soon after, it was time for Ashfur to grow up into a cute toddler. :D “Let’s hope his clothes are at least nice!”
  26. 26. Thankfully, Arty had enough points/high enough bar/good enough mood to teach the new toddler how to walk. Also, if you’ll notice, his clothes are NOT good. They’re a pink body suit thing with sneakers.
  27. 27. The next day, Baby Two was on it’s way. ROBOT ROLL CALLLLL
  28. 28. Author! “ goingtoworkbye!” Good luck working with that glitched hand, ya jerk.
  29. 29. Ashfur! “ Usingdapotty.” Your mom’s giving birth to your sibling. “ -hums-” Buncha Jerks.
  30. 30. Luckily for Kaylynn, the exterminator was there to watch the birth of her next child. Although I didn’t catch his name at all, to thank him properly. “GIVINGBIRTHHERE.” Sorry, sorry. To the next slide!
  31. 31. Meet Boy 2! With the same eyes and hair as his older Brother, Artur is not much better off! Artur is the High Prince of the Red Sea or something. He’s from a romance trilogy about mermaids, the first one is titled “Sleeping with the Fishes”. He’s very silly and very into himself. Most importantly, he’s HUGE and very strong. Also, he has red hair, in the book.
  32. 32. Ashfur has changed his clothing so he’s a cute little Badger. Which is ironic, because the Badgers are generally the ‘bad guys’ to the Warrior cats. Except for one in the second series who helps the cats find their way to the new safe place. But she’s the only one who’s nice. If I’m even remembering correctly.
  33. 33. Every few days, one of the adults has to make some more hotdogs, because the leftovers run out. The leftovers run out quicker if Kaylynn here is pregnant, but eh.
  34. 34. I’m assuming you realized from the picture where he’s on the toilet while his mom’s in labor and his dad is running to work, that Ashfur is potty trained. This is him shortly after being taught to talk. I apparently suck at getting the little doodads in the picture. =/ “ Yay! I can talk and walk! Watch me walk away as I talk!”
  35. 35. “I got a promotion.” Cool! “Yeah, really cool. Cause my wife sucks and sits at home all day sleeping.” It’s true, even though Kaylynn is home all day (she quit her job) the only things she does are sleep and eat. Arty here teaches the toddlers everything they need to learn (well, Kaylynn got the memory for potty training, but he did all of the work).
  36. 36. Much to my relief, Artur grew up substantially different from Ashfur (although their similar names might get confusing). For example, he’s got like seven neat points, while Ashfur only has two.
  37. 37. Also, um… well, this is kind of embarrassing. I was so busy trying to make sure Artur and Kaylynn didn’t die (Kaylynn has THE WORST pregnancies ever, it’s awful. She’s always in the red and never in the green and I’m always thinking she’s going to die) that nobody even noticed poor Ashfur growing up into a child. “I’m going to take out all my anger for being ignored on this bear. D<“
  38. 38. Ashfur, the little brat that he is, is the very first sim I’ve had who’s brought Marsha home. I don’t even know what to expect, but… well, she can’t be worse than the stupid sim who calls my family at two in the morning. Honestly, sims.
  39. 39. As you can tell by Author’s face here, training Artur has not been going well. At all. Author is busy trying to get promotions so his family doesn’t starve to death (They’re so poor, it’s not even humorous) and Kaylynn is actually almost starving to death several times a day. Artur didn’t even finish learning to talk here, because he’s in such a bad mood.
  40. 40. Here’s a very pregnant Kaylynn finally managing to potty train poor Artur. I think… Anyway, as usual, her husband did the majority of the work. She only got the memory. “There, now you won’t stink anymore!” Not that there isn’t dirty bottles and dishes EVERYWHERE or anything.
  41. 41. You know what this face means!
  42. 42. And as usual, the family is completely busy. Daddy here is teaching Artur to walk before he passes out from exhaustion. (The plumbob is artistic, I say!)
  43. 43. And Ashfur is sleeping in his parents bed because Artur likes to make a lot of noise in the kids room.
  44. 44. Thankfully, the birth went without a hitch, and we welcome the very first girl (and first potential heir, as the heir has to be the opposite gender each time, by my rules) Alba! Alba is very special, because she’s the first baby girl AND the first redhead! Alba is from the Time Traveler’s Wife. She is Clare and Henry’s daughter, and is also a TDI (I think that’s what they’re called). This means she can travel (spontaneously) through time, just like her Dad. This novel is my very favorite.
  45. 45. That’s it for this installment of Literacy the Alphabetacy! Stay tuned for next time, where we’ll discover: -Personalities for the Legacy people! Hurrah! -More Babies!!!!!!! -Lots of pictures! See you then!