Chapter 1.2: One is Plenty, Thank You


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Chapter 1.2 of The Absolutely Crazy Matriarchy

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Chapter 1.2: One is Plenty, Thank You

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Absolutely Crazy Matriarchy! In the last chapter, our founder Holly's first (and only) child, Susan, was born. Susan turned out to be scarily intelligent with a bent on taking over the world. Erm, Susan, what ARE you doing to that bunny? "Dominating it. Just as I will dominate the WORLD." Should I be worried? "Yes. Yes you should."
  2. 2. Because Holly and Susan are doing so well money wise, I remodeled their kitchen for them. And fixed up an area of roof I forgot to put in, oops. "Blue? Why blue? Why not pink?" You have too much pink in your house. Even Susan the evil genius likes pink. "I don't like pink, it's a good cover! Nobody suspects the little girl in the pink dress!" Or the butterfly. "Huh?" Never mind.
  3. 3. "Do I have to wear this? I feel too much like a goody two shoes." School dress code, hun. Sorry. "When I take over the world, I will DESTROY school uniforms!"
  4. 4. OMG the gypsy chick left us a lamp! I plan to use it for when one of my heirs has an unattainable LTW and needs perma-plat. I love genie lamps! :)
  5. 5. And Susan is back from taking over the playground. "Not up to that stage yet. I'm simply hiring minions." Like the redhead you brought home with you? "Exactly."
  6. 6. "The best way to implement our plan is to send subliminal messages to the public through their televisions!" "You're odd." You don't know the half of it.
  7. 7. Promotion! Promotion! Only one stage left until you get your LTW! "And perma-plat-ness. If I get another promotion, can I have a pink bathroom?" No. "Awww!"
  8. 8. "This hat is ridiculous." You need to skill if you want that promotion. The hat helps, believe me. "It's still stupid."
  9. 9. She looks like an angel when she's asleep. "Zzzzz... world domination... zzzz." But she doesn't SOUND like an angel. o_O
  10. 10. Oh, hello. Susan has brought home Amelia Pierce, the heir for a matriarchy I lost interest in ages ago. "Will you help me take over the world?" Don't listen to her, Amelia! "Is she a little bit crazy?" Oh, we're all mad here.
  11. 11. This guy KEEPS COMING AROUND! I have no idea who he is, and he has no attatchment to Holly... oh, they're friends. But that's all. Argh!
  12. 12. "Ahh, TV. The nerve center of so many evil plots. Muahaha." What's wrong with watching TV for entertainment? "Only fools do so." Well, that confirms what I hypothesized about half of the known world...
  13. 13. Promotion? "Promotion! Perma plat is MINE!" Awesome. No need to worry about aspiration failure any more.
  14. 14. Birthday time! Make a wish, Susan! "I wish for a helicopter, an atom bomb, and a persian cat!" Suddenly I feel nervous.
  15. 15. "Sparkly!" "Woo!" Uh oh...
  16. 16. "Ack! A school uniform!" She's a looker. She'll be breaking hearts, and limbs, very soon. Susan rolled Knowledge, with a relatively easy LTW of maxing out her skills. Her turn ons are blond hair and fitness, and she hates stink.
  17. 17. I redid Susan's room - since she grew up, she seems less hell bent on world domination. "Darn right. Bring on the boys!" Oh heavens. Which is worse - absolute evil, or puberty?
  18. 18. "Do I have to do this? I might break a nail!" You want your skills maxed. You need exercise. Go tell someone who cares. "Hmmph."
  19. 19. "And I guess all this skilling is for the same reason?" Hey, you're the knowledge Sim here. You should ENJOY this. "Should. Don't though." You are so infuriating!
  20. 20. Since Holly's getting on a bit, I decided to have Susan paint her portrait for the Legacy Wall, when I build it. "Legacy Wall? Try glorified graveyard! There'll be ghosts everywhere!" Coincidentally, meeting a ghost is one of your wants. "Yeah, did I sound scared?" I'm a bit worried about the free roaming ghosts thing. They'll get annoying. Specially if I sell stuff.
  21. 21. And here's Holly's place on the Legacy Wall. Her Arts and Crafts plaque will go under her portrait when I get the chance, and the ropes will go when she's buried there. Kinda pretty, huh?
  22. 22. "Hi dad!" "Hi sweetie! Still planning world domination?" "Pfft, that is SO last week. I'm into boys now!" "Why am now more worried?" Don't worry, Pao. It's part of her job as an heir to find a suitable father for the next generation. "I'm still worried!"
  23. 23. Aww, a nice family dinner. This is the first and probably last time this will happen. "Good spaghetti, Holly." "Yeah, you really made it taste tomatoey, mom." "Well, this is awkward."
  24. 24. "Hey, Fire! Guess what?" *looks up from homework* Yes, Susan? "Promotion!" Susan is now an overachiever. Usually I send my Sims to university when they get to Susan's stage - skills at at least nine, top of their career, A+...
  25. 25. And this legacy is no different. Susan raked in the scholarship simoleons - not quite enough to start a greek house, but if I'm careful she'll save up in no time. "University, here I come!"
  26. 26. And this legacy is no different. Susan raked in the scholarship simoleons - not quite enough to start a greek house, but if I'm careful she'll save up in no time. "University, here I come!"
  27. 27. "Zzzzzzzzzzz..." Holly? "Go 'way. First decent sleep I've had since Pao knocked me up."