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The Medical Alphabetacy - Chapter 3


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The third chapter of my medicine themed Alphabet legacy. For more information visit boolprop.

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The Medical Alphabetacy - Chapter 3

  1. 1. Welcome back to the third installment of my medical alphabetacy.Last chapter the girls grew up and left their cozy little home for college. Being as clever as they arethey earned lots of stipends and could have easily bought a house on campus, but I prefer dorms."Pff...youre just too lazy to build a house because you suck at it.""I could have made you a nice floor plan.""And I would have done some interior decorating."Thanks, but no. I did make over your rooms though to better suit your tastes. And before we really getinto this discussion lets just find out who won the heir poll.
  2. 2. "Just like I expected, although I still think you need to build me a castle now that Im heiress. I need tocall Gunna and get engaged to him so we can get married right after graduation."Um...Arteria...I hate interrupting you...but..."What, do you mean?"Youre not heiress. Im showing you first because you came in last in the poll."Are you kidding me? Im the princess! How dare they not vote for me? Im not gonna accept this.“
  3. 3. Aorta came in second place. And other than her older sister seems very happy about it."Why wouldnt I be? I get to paint and do pottery and sew and all the other wonderful artrelated things in this world instead of popping out babies. Who in his right mind would complainabout that."Your sister...."Im not so sure about the right mind with her anymore."
  4. 4. "Oh my gosh, seriously? People voted me heiress? You didnt expect that,did you?"No, I didnt. But I can work with it.
  5. 5. "Arrhythmias gonna pay for this. Nobody but me was supposed to be heiress.NOBODY!"Actually thats not true Arteria. I like all of you girls. I just expected you to win,because you got the most screentime. I never promised you anything."I hate you just as much as my sisters. Im going to ruin this for you. Be assuredof that."
  6. 6. Arrhythmia is taking her duties as heiress very seriously. Her first semesterhas only just started, yet she spends lots of time skilling and working on hergrades."Of course. I need to become an architect as soon as possible aftergraduation, so I can finally start my city project on the moon."
  7. 7. Arteria has seemingly calmed down finally."Of yourse. Not being heiress is not so bad. I mean....I get to live in luxury, marrywhomever I want and dont need to have babies."See...told is the title of your essay Devilish plans for take-over 1.1?"Dont worry. Its about military tactics. I want to be a general, remember?"Why am I not convinced?
  8. 8. "Aorta, how can you seriously be ok with this. You were the only one of us tomax your skills and a hobby and yet you didnt become heir. Youre not evenprotesting. Why not?""Why would I? Im happy with the peoples decision.""Gah...Sims with nice points!"
  9. 9. "Gunna...have you heard who became heiress?""Not your strange little wanna-be-alien sister I hope."*crickets chirping*"What? Oh my experiment on me!""No, shes gay, you dummy. But thats not the point."
  10. 10. "Hey, Arrhythmia. Your sister told me that you arent interested in me beingyour spouse.""Nope. But that doesnt mean that I wont experiment on you. My alien friendshave given me quite a few ideas on what to to with you. I just need to go up thereand visit them asap to get the necessary equipment."You know youre lucky we dont have a telescope yet, dont you, Gunna?
  11. 11. "Since youre the only possible male spouse currently known to this legacy I have a plan."Should I remind him how your last plan failed, Arteria?"Shut up....No, not you darling. What I was saying: If youre my lover and future husbandthe legacy wont have a male spouse...and guess legacy.""But there could be other male doctors out there.""Pff...not if I find them before our creator. And this is only part of my plan."
  12. 12. "Hey Jennifer. Aorta Medical here. Do you remember me? My dad brought you homefrom work back when he was still alive." "Yes, there is only girls this generation and noIm not heiress." "Want to come over and see if shes your type?" "Ok. See you in abit."Aorta, feeling that Arteria is trying to bring the legacy to its knees tries her verybest to get her younger sister a suitable spouse. Since the only one who knows Iris(another known doctor) is Arteria shes not an option, but fortunately there is anotherfemale doctor available.
  13. 13. "Strike...I got invited into a legacy family. I only hope Aortas sister is ascute as she promised me."Youre a townie. You arent allowed to be picky.
  14. 14. "Oh my...this is her?"Do you have a problem with that Jennifer?"No. I just didnt expect her to be gorgeous like that. I mean legacysims sometimes..."I can assure you, this is not an uglacy. At least I hope so.
  15. 15. Jennifer was very shy at first, having never been flirted with by a girlbefore. But in the long run she of course couldnt resist Arrhythmias veryoriginal compliments."Youre so pretty I want to take you on a space cruise and never come backdown to earth."
  16. 16. While her sister is busy getting herself a girlfriend Aorta has found anotherway to express her creativity that makes her glow with joy.
  17. 17. But a new hobby is not the only thing Aorta has found. There is also Elmar,another student living in their dorm and just as interested in arts and crafts asher. I see love on the horizon and maybe he can help her in her gallery later.
  18. 18. While her sisters are busy with falling in love Arteria has launched another part of herplan into action. She cant do it alone though and whom better to ask for advice than thefriendly neighborhood gypsie."I usually keep out of legacy business, but your creator was very rude to me when Ioffered dates for your mother. So Ill help you. You need to get into the secret society.Im sure they can help with your plan. And here is the adress of another friend of mine.Shell give you the power you so desire.""Thanks. As soon as Im heiress I will definitely book one of your dates."
  19. 19. Arrhythmia really couldnt care less if her sister is plotting anything behind herback. She is simply in love with Jenny. The two of them make such a cute couple,even though they only have one bolt with one another.
  20. 20. Now that she knows how to advance her plan Arteria does not waste any time.Unfortunately it isnt quite as easy as she thought."Nobody knows whos a member of the secret society. Thats why its secret. Youjust have to befriend lots of people on campus and hope you meet the right ones."
  21. 21. Im sure Sue, who is just about to ring the doorbell, planning to check on herlittle girls will be very happy to see that Arrhythmia has found the woman ofher dreams.
  22. 22. You look happy, Sue."Of course I do. My little girl just proposed to my future daughter-in-law, who isa doctor. What more could I want. If only Flo would still be here with us to enjoythis moment."Im sure he is watching from somewhere and is happy. The only one missing thewhole thing of her own free will is Arteria, who decided that things were goingfar too well for her sister.
  23. 23. Their interest in everything that has something to do with arts and craftshas forged quite the bond between Elmar and Aorta. Im sure they soon willbe engaged too.
  24. 24. With the good grades the girls easily achieved Arrhythmia could afford to getherself a telescope and go hunting for the elusive aliens she was so fascinatedby.Has no one ever told you that only knowledge Sims care about spaceexperiences?"If I dont meet them how do you suppose I will be able to build a city on themoon for them? Its just business I want to talk, nothing more, nothing less."
  25. 25. Like I expected Aortas proposal also happened under the watchful eyes of her familymembers, although both of them dont look exactly thrilled."Why would I be? Im only here because I said that I would be obnoxiously watchingall her firsts. Thats also the reason Im in my underwear and eating instead of payingattention.""Shush Arteria...youre ruining the moment.""As if you wearing pink pjs doesnt!"
  26. 26. "Mrs. Arrhythmia Medical?" *checks his notes* "Im here to deliver the first copyof your book.""Wow....I never thought that Ba dum ba dum ba dum - The heartbeat book wouldever be published.""Yes, well. I also need you to pay for this copy so at least one has been sold."Arteria looks a little bit pleased that her sisters book was quite the failure, whileArrhythmia vows to never again write something just because of family tradition."Aliens and Money will be my theme next time."
  27. 27. "So you want me to flirt with them and nuke their relationships? No problem.Thats what cow mascots do."And here I was, hoping that you had given up your plan of becoming heiress."No way in hell. I was just busy trying to get into the secret society."
  28. 28. I think Arteria should have specified whom the cow needs to flirt with.Plan failed."Amateurs, amateurs! All of them!"
  29. 29. Drawing and pottery and simply sewing is just not enough for her anymore, soAorta has decided to also design her own clothes. Very pretty I might add.Now go and make some for your sisters.
  30. 30. And as promised Arteria gets a dress worthy of the princess she believesherself to be."Just so you know. This doesnt make me stop wanting to take over thelegacy."
  31. 31. Arrhythmia is the last to get a new dress, but she seems a lot happierabout it than Arteria did.
  32. 32. Oh my...I didnt know you were a ghost, Elmar."Shh...dont tell Aorta. I dont want her to freak out and break up with me."Shes a free and artistic spirit. I wouldnt be too worried. And in case thisghostyness doesnt disappear by itself...
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  34. 34. Whoo...the girls are halfways through college.Arrhythmia, our heiress, is already engaged to her spouse and has almost all theskills she needs for her LTW. So for the remaining college years she can focus onher new writing hobby and try to meet aliens.Aorta is still passionate about all kinds of arts and crafts, but she has managed totear herself away from painting for long enough to get a fiance.And still trying to ruin it all. Fortunately she hasnt even managed toget in the secret society yet.
  35. 35. Aorta, why are you writing your essay in the bathroom?"My theme is color coordination and in case you havent noticed the toilet andsink are the only things in the whole dorm that perfectly match my clothes. Sowhere else would I write it?"
  36. 36. Jenny brought over some flowers in the middle of the night, whileArrhythmia is already sleeping. Thats so much sweeter than the gifts datesusually bring. Im sure shell be very happy in the morning.
  37. 37. Arteria, what are you doing in Arrhythmias bed?"I just wanted to know what it feels like to sleep like a heiress..."
  38. 38. Synchronised essay writing rocks!Does anyone else see the irony of the fact that its Arteria and Arrhythmiawho work so well together?
  39. 39. "Look at this. Someone threw a book on the floor in front of our door.Money and the moon....hey, thats my new book. Why is it on the ground?"Probably because it was another fail. No offence girl, but you obviouslylack writing talent. Maybe you need to get yourself a new hobby.
  40. 40. "Mrs. Medical...I arrest you fo...""Oh shut up. What the heck took you so long anyway, huh? Ive had tomake millions of friends for you to finally accept me. I mean honestly."
  41. 41. I can see you secretly smiling Arteria..."Of course I am. My plan is finally working and soon Arrhythmia will behistory and I will be heiress.""Wow...usually the secret society is good for legacies, not trying to ruin them.I like doing something different."
  42. 42. "Just like the gypsie said...this is perfect. Now I only need to sneak this backhome and the legacy will be mine finally."
  43. 43. "What do you mean by you wont resurrect Tifi as a flesh-eating zombie. Butthats the only reason I kept her grave all the time." "Of course I knew her.She was the girl that died in our backyard." "What does that matter...Im...."Death just hung up on Arteria and refused to resurrect her zombie minion.Too bad Arteria...your plan has failed if you ask me."This isnt over. Not yet."
  44. 44. Arrhythmia has every right to grin like that. With maxing her logicskill she has all the skills needed for her LTW.
  45. 45. Now that Arrhythmia is closer to becoming the perfect heiress, Arteria triesto get her plans back on track as soon as possible."Hi Suzie. Im so glad you came over. Youre simply the best person ever."*mumbles* "The best person for my plan that is.""What did you say?""Nothing...nothing...come on I need to show you something."Suzie, if I were you I wouldnt go with her.
  46. 46. See, I told you so. But does anyone ever listen to me?
  47. 47. "It is your fault that my own daughter is spying on me, you crazy dormie."*fumes*"Why are you complaining to me lady and not to Arrhythmia? She was the onespying.""Because shes at class and I need someone to vent my anger on."
  48. 48. "Anyone care to tell me what happened. It wasnt her time yet. Shes only a youngadult, so why am I here to get her?"Well you know Death. Its your fault! YOU refused to resurrect Tifi, remember?
  49. 49. "I really cant believe that Arteria should be responsible for this. I know thatshe wants to become heiress, but that she would go this far...."Better believe it, Aorta."I cant believe that it has come to this, but Ill try to protect Arrhythmia. Iwont tell her about Arteria though. I dont want her to worry needlessly.Being heiress is burden enough."
  50. 50. "Hello Death, its me again. You know what I want and you know what willhappen if you refuse. Do we have a deal?"
  51. 51. "Suzie, Im so glad I could save you from death. I really have no idea why youwere suddenly imprisoned behind a wall of greenery. Im very sorry, that Icouldnt save you earlier.""Uh....""Yes, well. Youre probably thankful that I saved you, arent you and wouldlike to help me with my plan. Youre a little pale, but maybe itll workanyway...who would have though that death could ruin a persons skin color.""" *looks confused*"Yes! I want you to..." *whispers*
  52. 52. "Arteria, I cant believe you seriously did this. I still dont know what you areplanning exactly, but I will try to stop you. This legacy isnt yours.""I have no idea what youre talking about, Aorta. All I did is revive my goodfriend Suzie after her accidental and sad death."
  53. 53. "Suzie, whatever my sister asked you to do, please dont. Dont be a partof her plan to ruin this legacy.""Can not....not help. human back."
  54. 54. "Jennifer plan."Suzie, what the heck are you planning? Please dont eat our spouses brains.She still needs them."Arteria say....flirt...with Rhythmia...Jen leg...acy."
  55. 55. "You pretty...would love to" *tries to hug and kiss*"Hahaha...Suzie. Youre so funny. That was such a good joke.""I wanna be you...girl....friend.""Of course you can be my friend. After all thats happened to you."Well take that Arteria. Arrhythmia is immune to Suzies flirting andJennifer doesnt seem bothered by it either. Another plan failed.
  56. 56. "You are such a failure! I just hope you die again soon. And dont think Illmake you human again, you stupid brainless zombie.""Sorry...Arteria. I""Now I need a new plan. First the cow mascot and now you...amateurs, allamateurs."
  57. 57. Arrhythmia, unaware that she has managed to foil her sisters plan to destroyher relationship, is still very focused on meeting aliens."I absolutely need to show them my plans for a space city. Ive already found acouple planets that have the right surface properties."
  58. 58. Before Arteria can think of another evil plan to stop this legacy orArrhythmia has the chance to go to space the girls finish their lastsemester."We did it! Whooo."A short party is in order before they return to the main household and usuallegacy life. Enjoy it while you can.
  59. 59. This shot of the girls concludes the generation A college chapter.I hope you enjoyed your read and will join us for the next chapter too.Will Arteria hatch another evil plan? Can Aorta successfully stop her if shedoes? What will become of Suzie, the zombie? And most important: WillArrhythmia start the next legacy generation or focus on her alien dreams?Or will she maybe even manage to combine both?