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Clint Schmidt - TagMe 2010
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Clint Schmidt - TagMe 2010



TagMe es un evento de la Alcaldía de Medellín, a través de su programa Medellín Digital y la Dirección de Planeación Municipal, el cual se realiza con el propósito de acercar a los ...

TagMe es un evento de la Alcaldía de Medellín, a través de su programa Medellín Digital y la Dirección de Planeación Municipal, el cual se realiza con el propósito de acercar a los universitarios y emprendedores de la ciudad con las nuevas tecnologías, mostrando experiencias que alrededor del mundo han sido exitosas.



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  • Viral growth is key93% say LM has improved their language skills89% say LM is better than other programs they have used79% say they have recommended friends/family

Clint Schmidt - TagMe 2010 Clint Schmidt - TagMe 2010 Presentation Transcript

  • The World's Largest Language Learning Community
    Clint Schmidt
    Vice President of Marketing
    company confidential
  • My Background
    Graduated from Wharton School of Business
    First Internet start-up in 1998
    Expertise in Internet Marketing for high growth companies
    Half.com: acquired by $300 million USD by eBay
    eBay: built the world’s largest affiliate program
    1-800-CONTACTS: led e-commerce for world’s largest contact lens retailer
    ZoomIn: India’s leading photo site
    Livemocha: world’s largest language learning community
  • Topics for Discussion
    Livemocha and the future of digital businesses
    What I’ve Learned, Tips to Share
  • What is Livemocha?
    What is Livemocha?
    The world’s largest language learning community, with over 5 million members from over 200 countries around the world.
    Offers free and paid online language courses in 35 languages.
    Every lesson includes speaking and writing practice reviewed by native speakers.
    Learning with native speakers
    is the most fun and effective way
    to learn a language!
  • How does Livemocha work?
    Online courses begin with essential words and phrases required for real conversations
    Interactive exercises measure your comprehension
    Each lesson includes speaking and writing exercises, routed to native speakers who provide tips to improve
    Return the favor by helping others who are learning your native language
  • Help from Native Speakers
    • English native speaker
    • Learning Spanish
    • Spanish native speaker
    • Learning English
    With a reputation for helping others!
  • A Truly Global Community
    Livemocha is a rich mix of languages and cultures
    -- the power of network effects --
  • Tremendous Growth
    Livemocha is one of the fastest growing communities on the Internet
    Over 5 million registered members in less than 2.5 years
  • Traditional Alternatives vs. Livemocha
    Limitless Learning Content
    Millions of videos, flashcard sets, tips, lessons, audio clips
    Almost any language on the planet
    Convenient access from any Internet connection
    Helpful connections with native speakers and tutors
    Fun, interactive exercises
    Save scores, measure your progress, share with others
    Help people worldwide learn your native language
    • Software with audio/visual queues
    • Score-keeping
    • Still talking to yourself
    • Portability
    • Reference value
    • Costly to print and distribute
    • Static, difficult to update
    • Solitary learning
  • Economic Development? Learn English
    Average Foreign-born Income
    by English Proficiency and Educational Attainment
    (Employed Adults)
    Proficiency in English can double or triple earning power
    Income Gap
    Company Confidential
    Source: US Census, Parthenon Group
  • Livemocha Active English
    Award-winning course for Conversational English
    Content provided by Pearson Education
    12 courses. Beginner to Advanced. Over 400 hours of learning content.
    Mapped to Common European Framework
    Video exercises, grammar, role play
    Tutor Reviews
    Paying customers in over 100 countries
  • What Does The Future Hold?
    Internet cloud as a vast repository of specialized content and tools
    Range of access through various devices and formats
    Access to the world from anywhere in the world
    Identity and social structures in the cloud alter and supplant traditional social norms
  • The Age of the Consumer
    People communicate very differently now than 5 years ago
    Habits and preferences grouped in 2-3 year periods, not generations
    Consumers want 3 C’s:
    Consumer expectations rise exponentially as they learn what technology can do
    Smart phones and personal hardware devices
    Media consumption
    Movies and video games
  • The Future of Digital Business
    Costs and barriers to innovation are disappearing with stunning speed
    A planet of innovators, creating many options… what sticks?
    Must break through the clutter and offer a reason to try
    First mover advantage with new innovation
    Establish Network Effects: “born viral”
    Leverage scale with more content, or better or more relevant content
    Master the User experience
    Create switching costs
    Don’t get beat at what you do best: competitive advantage
    Loyalty/retention benefits
  • Scary Times for Traditional Business
    Established businesses at risk if they do not adapt to reach, impress, and retain customers
    • Start-ups should choose an established company to kill
    • Do it better: Google vs. Yahoo; Facebook vs. MySpace/Orkut
    • Use technology to change the game: Craigslist, Wikipedia, iTunes, Livemocha
  • Tips for a Start-up
    Know your customers
    Measure and manage your metrics
    Exploit your advantage every chance you get
    Build and inspire a great team
    Work harder than your competitors
    Absolutely positively nail your elevator pitch
    Do these things well, and you will create
    a successful business and attract investors.
  • Lessons I Never Forget
    Start-ups impart lessons:
    Steady hand vs. emotional roller coaster
    Rome was not built in a day
    Benefit of focus: ruthless prioritization
    Team orientation wins
    Big egos and lazy people are a cancer on a young company
    Fortune favors the bold: big ideas inspire everyone
  • Thank You
    Clint Schmidt
    +001 206 422 2693
    Presentation on SlideShare:
    <link will go here>
    Livemocha Active English
    2009 English-Speaking Union President’s Award
  • Appendix
  • Mochapoints: Your Progress and Reputation
    • Measure your learning and teaching activity on Livemocha
    • Earn badges that recognize high levels of activity
    • Members use Mochapoints to determine your commitment to learning and propensity to help others
    • The most active and helpful members benefit by attracting best learning partners
    • Earn free access to Basic courses by helping others and contributing to the community
  • What makes Livemocha special?
    Innovative utilization of social networking
    Native speakers integrated into courses
    “Well-lit path”
    Basic courses are free
    More fun and practical than alternatives
    Word-of-mouth drives global growth
    Network effects
  • Understand Customer Drivers
    What drives customer decisions?
    Reason for learning
    PC ownership
    Broadband penetration
    Disposable income
    Propensity to pay
    Comfort with e-commerce
    Price sensitivity
    Competitive alternatives
    Preferred payment method
    Compelling value proposition
    Localized in their language
    User experience norms
    Site speed
    Cultural considerations
    Currency display and taxes
    Self-study or Teacher-led
  • Listen to Customers
    60% of Livemocha members learning English
    What do they like most?
    Easy to use
    Lots of lessons
    Helpful native speakers
    What do they want?
    Video conversations
    More grammar
    Advanced levels
    Access to qualified tutors
    • Feedback emails
    • Feature Request Forum
    • Surveys
    • Interviews
    • Facebook/Twitter
    • Blogs
    • Power User groups
    • Reporting and Analysis
  • Livemocha Active English
    company confidential
  • Video Conversations
    company confidential
  • Integrate Native Speakers & Tutors
  • Traditional Pedagogical Model
    Company Confidential
  • The Andragogical Model
    Company Confidential
  • What Digital Can Deliver
    Connections with native speakers, next best thing to immersion
    Massive amounts of content in infinite number of language pairs
    Very low distribution cost in every corner
    Immediate automated assessment
    Rich multimedia/interactive learning
  • Livemocha Active English
    Winner, 2009 English-Speaking Union Presidents Award
    Learn More About Livemocha
    Clint Schmidt
    VP, Marketing and Product
    Seattle, WA
    +001 206 422 2693