Content Along the B-to-B Decision Journey


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Content Along the B-to-B Decision Journey

  1. 1. Content Along the B-to-B Decision Journey Jamie Mann Kathy Baughman
  2. 2. Jamie Herko MannSenior Marketing Program ManagerMicrosoft Office Communities and Influencers• Jamie runs Microsoft Office and Office 365 Community and Influencer strategies and programs across consumers, small and enterprise businesses. – The driving force behind utilizing Microsoft’s strong MVP (Most Valued Professionals), MCC (Microsoft Community Contributors) and Influencers across the decision journey to lower the cost of support and content generation on and off property.• Currently working on the convergence of two monolithic brands; Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365 from a Community and Advocacy standpoint, as well as the development of unique community models to accomplish reach across 85% of the languages and markets addressable by Microsoft Office.• Jamie brings with her more than 10 years of Microsoft experiences across support, operations, architecture and technical marketing.
  3. 3. Kathy BaughmanPresident and co-founder of ComBlu Inc.,a social business and influencer marketing firm• Kathy’s forte is social engagement and social business strategy. She is currently helping multiple organizations with content supply chain, brand advocacy and social measurement.• Frequent speaker at industry conferences, with recent appearances at SXSW, Social Media & Community 2.0 Conference, the Department of Defense Social Media Conference and the Word-of-Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Summit.• Conducts webinars on a variety of topics and leads workshops for organizations seeking to better grasp social strategy and content supply chain.• Co-leads WOMMA’s Community Management Certificate Program with the Community Roundtable,• Is an adjunct professor for Georgetown University and a past board member of the Council of Public Relations Firms.• Recently authored an e-book, “Content Supply Chain,” and writes the firm’s annual research report, “State of Online Branded Communities.” 3
  4. 4. The Enterprise Decision Journey Content, Conversation, Community Awareness Consideration Preference Purchase Post-PurchaseCustomer CustomerResponse Triggers • Needs • Options • Informed conversation • Identified preference • Experience • Wants • Education • Research • Make right decision • Assuage fears • Searches • Researches • Product-set • Pricing • Experience • Talks • Talks with colleagues, • Others like me • Features • Mentor • Researches experts and partners • More conversations • Solutions • Helps others People want to be informed People want to understand People want to tap the People want the right People want to help others;Customer Desire before they have their options and have knowledge of experts or solution at a fair price. spread the word; drive conversations. informed conversations. others who can relay real affinity. experience. • SEO • Forums (Advocates) • Communities • Content • Advocate private • Communities • Communities • Advocate stories – Websites community • Content amplification • Content amplification • Forums – Campaigns • Content amplificationStrategy – Partners – Features/Functions • Content amplification – ROI calculators – Social media Social – Credible sites – Studies – Stories/Cases – Pricing tools – All points of decision • Infographics – Stories/Experiences – Reviews – RFP generators journey • Curated lists – Influencer content – Impact – Deals – E-books • Demos • Centralized buying portal • Webinars • Product comparisons with personalization and curation Outcome Credible Resources Informed Options Experienced Influencers Informed Decisions Loyal Advocates © COPYRIGHT 2012, ComBlu Inc.
  5. 5. Post-Purchase Consideration Awareness Preference Purchase Deploy Optimize Renew/ Churn 5 6 7 1 2 3 4 The GRID The GRID Blogs, Forums, Wikis, Videos Blogs, Forums, Wikis, Videos Productivity How-Tos Deployment Case Studies MCC Forums On-Property MCC Forums *Ask An Expert *Ask An Expert *Find a Partner *Find a Partner *Try This *Rate this AssetInfluences Stages 1 2 3 4 6 7 1 2 3 4 5 7 vTSP Virtual Sales Force Technical Conference Leads Sales Conference Leads Content, Video, Session Delivery Content, Video Session Delivery Vertical Content Sales Coaching Off-Property Vertical ContentInfluences Stages 1 2 3 4 3 4 5 6
  6. 6. Audience Content Complexities Family/Consumer Small Business Enterprise Developers Answers Community.office365 TechNet MSDN Office365.comMarketing Office.comEntryCommunity Mix 60% UGC 40% Brand 30% UGC 10% Aggregated 30% UGC 10% Aggregated 50% UGC 10% Aggregated(Across Pillars) 60% Brand 60% Brand 40% BrandNatural Site Desire a consumer retail Reconciliation of brand identity Immature messaging on Traditionally a channel practice;Challenges customer journey and premise vs. cloud; message NEW brand and influencers Working on voice and motion control to create UCG
  7. 7. Content Quality Dimensions Awareness Consideration Preference Purchase Post-PurchaseUsefulness/ Establishes need or Research and fact-based Narrows choices through Pricing options, Product in use;Relevance ability to fill need content about the product, reviews and peer-to-peer bundles or packages enhancements; best service, issue or idea interactions way to use productSnackability Easy to grasp and share Demos, calculators, tools, Reviews or user- Promotions, sign-up Videos of unboxing or(Desirability) video, infographics generated content (UGC) tools, cart, etc. product use with recommendationsContext Category choices Differentiates or presents a Strengths and peer Value story Reinforce value of rationale reviews comparing to purchase through tips similar products or and tricks, etc. points of viewCompleteness Stimulates desire to Tells a story that makes the Provides information Online and off-line How-to information learn more about this user want to further explore needed to put at top of purchase options (e.g., construction, specific category, list: recipes, accessories, product, brand, issue or • Performance or All the information etc.) idea quality needed to complete a • Pricing or value purchase • Unique features, functions, flavors, POVExperience Mass, campaigns, Web Influencer-generated, third Peer-to-peer interactions Buying experience with Engagement and content, influencer- party endorsement brand or retail outlet relationship with brand generated and other customers and prospectsAuthority Brand-created Brand-created, plus third Peer-to-peer Brand and peer-to- Brand insider party influencers peerCall to Action Visit us at: Learn more: Try us: Special offers: Join our team: © COPYRIGHT 2012, ComBlu Inc. 7
  8. 8. Content Quality Dimensions Awareness Consideration Preference Purchase Post-Purchase Metrics • Volume of social • E-newsletter • Reviews or stories Conversion indicators: • NPS score content subscription created • Quality of leads • Number of • Shares • RSS feed registration • Reviews consumed • Retention period advocates or • Dwell time • Downloads of specific • Content shared of leads ambassadors • SEO content • Answer question in • Lifetime value per • Mentor and teach • Participation in communities and lead others about discussion forums discussion forums • Length of sales products • Brand sentiment • Links back to brand cycle • Participate in • Retweets properties • Number of new forums and • Reblogs • Brand sentiment leads per referral discussion boards • LinkedIn shares • Engagement with source or content • Create and share • Average page view per lead gen assets type product reviews visit • Linkbacks to lead • Average order size • Create brand or • Page views per uniques gen assets • Revenue per product stories • Hops to lead gen assets • Inquiries via digital reader assets Media Authority Owned Earned Earned Owned Owned Paid Paid Earned© COPYRIGHT 2012, ComBlu Inc. 8
  9. 9. Contact Information Contact Kathy Baughman at: Contact Jamie Mann at: Twitter: @ComBlu Twitter: @Herkova Blog ComBlu Lumenatti Blog 312-649-1687 9 K:Thought leadershipWOMMASchoolf of WOM 2012Content Quality Dimensions.pptx