The Role of the Social Employee - IBM & Digital Influence Group FutureM Presentation


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  • As early adopters of social business, we have remained true to our brand’s forward-thinking spirit–but have yet tofully capitalize on all the ways these dynamic platforms can help grow and evolve our brand, business, and competitive advantagein this increasingly connected, global marketplace.
  • The rapid spread of mobile, cloud, analytics and social computing is driving large and positive changes in how corporate IT functions, how businesses operate, how we work, and how we live our lives. These new forms of computing enable global interconnectedness, drive operational efficiencies and business value, and generate digitized data that can help individuals and companies gain new insights for better decision-making.They also make it possible for individuals to connect and work anytime, anywhere, and with any device.Social computing, in particular, is creating new ways to: create relationships, build and manage reputation, collaborate to create intellectual capital, co-create with clients and employees, share and build expertise, and much more, creating the opportunity for what IBM and others call Social Business transformation. The pervasiveness and complexity of new technologies – and the fast-paced, open and interconnected environment they help create – introduce new risks to organizations and individuals. The “consumerization of IT” makes it more challenging for companies to maintain the security of their infrastructures when potentially thousands of such devices connect to corporate systems. The consumerization of IT also challenges traditional boundaries between work and life and can create complexities for employees. The sizeable increase in online criminal activity compounds the challenge we all face. The Internet is increasingly a resource for criminals who try to steal "digital valuables” such as user IDs, passwords, confidential business data, and personal information.
  • It makes our calls-to-action much more compelling, credible, and likely to evoke a positive, pro-IBM response among clients and prospects–ultimately creating self-sustaining brand evangelism and driving brand preference.
  • The Role of the Social Employee - IBM & Digital Influence Group FutureM Presentation

    1. 1. The Role of the SocialEmployeeBuilding the IBM Brand in the Social Sphere TALK ABOUT US USING THE EVENT #FUTUREM #SOCIALBUSINESS
    2. 2. About UsStacy Darling Kevin GreenGlobal Projects Leader Senior Vice President, Strategy@iamadarling 2
    3. 3. “We’re All Marketers Now” McKinsey Quarterly, July 2011
    4. 4. Responsible for the brandexperience not only intraditional ways…
    5. 5. …But in socialways as well
    6. 6. Share… Content Interests Opportunities Knowledge Information Generosity Stories#SOCIALBUSINESS 6
    7. 7. Professional Personal Public#SOCIALBUSINESS 7
    8. 8. 8
    9. 9. By day…. By night! 9
    10. 10. Group Trainings are costly,ineffective and limited 10
    11. 11. The Result is everyone doingthe same thing, the same way 11
    12. 12. It’s my reputationand my audience.Enable me to createand share brandcontent in myown way 12
    13. 13. Our employees are the brand and we want you to be successful and drive business results. 13
    14. 14. 75% Success of Employee Engagement with Customized Plans 14 Source: Gallup Leadership Poll
    15. 15. The Value of Customization• Enable participants to drive business value while increasing individual influence• Empower participants based on their unique behaviors and skills• Ensure social interactions are aligned to organization’s goals• Minimize time required by participants to maximize value and ROI of social engagement activities• Reinforce + maintain brand value proposition, relevance, and competitive edge in increasingly connected, global marketplace #SOCIALBUSINESS 15
    17. 17. Our brand is experienced through the IBMer As IBMers, we are innovators and experts paving the way for a smarter world.#SOCIALBUSINESS 17
    18. 18. IBM’s Social Media FootprintInternal:• 433,000 users of IBM Connections• 26,000 individual blogs• 91,000 communities• 623,000 files shared (and 9.5m downloads)• 62,000 wikis• 50m instant messages/day• 35,200 IBM experts enrolled in Expertise Locator serviceExternal:• LinkedIn: 304,000 employees on LinkedIn; 748,601* people follow IBM on LinkedIn – more than any other organization in the world.• Twitter: Approximately 32,000 IBMers engage via Twitter each month. Methodology: This is an approximation based on a recent study that found 93k people or accounts tweeted about IBM per month. Based on the analysis, 35% could be considered IBMers.• Facebook: 171,600 people on Facebook with IBM listed as their workplace.• Alumni Network Group: 375,000 IBM alumni who have self-identified on LinkedIn. The Greater IBM Connection LinkedIn Group has 75,178* members. #SOCIALBUSINESS 18
    19. 19. Our expertise, experience and world-renowned reputation as industry leaders are the… most powerful marketing tools we have “Some forward-thinking companies are taking the next step. They are providing the training, tools and encouragement to make their employees expert at using social media. In doing so they are creating a competitive advantage.” – Jon Iwata, SVP at IBM#SOCIALBUSINESS 19
    20. 20. The Digital IBMer: Creating Value for IBM and Our ClientsThe ongoing initiative focuses on building IBMer digital eminence and helpingIBMers live our values in the digital world by being: – Social: Collaborate via social computing to pioneer intellectual capital and drive innovation that matters for clients and the world. – Smart: Be IBMers at our best – build and share insight and expertise, and exercise good judgment to take the right actions. – Secure: Practice secure computing – build trust by taking personal responsibility to secure IBM, our clients and colleagues. Dedication to every client’s success; Innovation that matters to our clients and the world; Trust and personal responsibility in all that we do #SOCIALBUSINESS 20
    21. 21. What is Required to Help Meet IBM Business Objectives:Pursue Social Business Mitigate Digital RisksEnable the effective use of the digital  Create a security savvy workforceworld. where IBMers protect themselves, IBM and our clients in the digital To drive IBM’s strategic goals, world. particularly client experience  Increase employee knowledge and To build their own reputation change employee behavior to mitigate To further collaboration and efficiency digital risks. on a global scale To continue to differentiate IBM as a  Security leading corporation, commercial partner  Disclosure and employer  Liability  Privacy  Reputation #SOCIALBUSINESS 21
    22. 22. Mitigate Risks and Apply Digital Skills to PursueBusiness Opportunities Strategic Outcomes Personal responsibility IBMers for Digital become Expertise effective at Enable mitigating risk IBMers to IBMers live the become IBM expert at values in using digital the digital for IBM biz world goals Personal Helps responsibility differentiate for security IBM as leader and risk in social business#SOCIALBUSINESS 22
    23. 23. Driving Digital ExcellenceThe Digital IBMer initiative is creating compelling assets, resourcesand enablement programs that drive secure, social and smartcomputing practices and compel IBMers to engage.— Belief: Help ALL IBMers understand the importance and value of social and secure computing as a key differentiator for IBMers, IBM and our clients.— Action: Encourage IBMers to learn and engage in social and secure computing practices as a natural component of their personal and professional lives.— Advocacy: Compel IBMers to teach and share their digital skills with one another in addition to sharing their knowledge as Forward Thinkers. #SOCIALBUSINESS 23
    24. 24. Communities, Education & Ambassadorship Three Communities: One Mission#SOCIALBUSINESS 24
    25. 25. Digital IBMer Hub Learning-and-doing Offers broad Education on Social and Security topics Provides Enablement on specific tools and technologies Highlights Social Business resources Encourages Recommended Activities to improve your social footprint, then track your progress#SOCIALBUSINESS 25
    26. 26. The IBM Select Social Eminence Program bridges social profilingand behavior analysis to identify and leverage the point whereemployee behavioral preferences and brand objectives intersect… IBM SelectSOCIAL PROFILING Social Eminence BEHAVIORAL ANALYSIS Program …Creating and capitalizing on opportunities that are mutually beneficial to the individual and IBM. #SOCIALBUSINESS 26
    27. 27. Enabling IBMers Leverage their professional reputation and grow influence in the social sphere Sustain engagement while proving their competency and expertise Support and amplify word-of-mouth aligned to Go-to-Market (GTM) priorities#SOCIALBUSINESS 27
    28. 28. Building Trust & Credibility   =The trust and credibility of our Experts ensures:• Effective delivery of brand messages• Relevant and receptive audiences• Creation of compelling and credible calls-to-action• Positive responsesUltimately creating self-sustaining brand evangelismand driving brand preference.#SOCIALBUSINESS 28
    29. 29. Social Business Managers IDENTIFY, EDUCATE and EMPOWER Subject Matter Experts & Thought Leaders Social Business Manager#SOCIALBUSINESS 29
    30. 30. Social Business Manager is a Change AgentOversight for all Acts as theaspects of a personalsocial business conduit, coach &program trainer to experts#SOCIALBUSINESS 30
    31. 31. IDENTIFY, EDUCATE, EMPOWER, MEASURE, OPTIMIZEto meet and exceed program marketing goals in three simple steps: 1 Expertise Identification + Social Behavior Assessment 2 Tailored Content + Recommendations 3 Quick Steps + Actions to Get Started #SOCIALBUSINESS 31
    32. 32. Study: SME Compared to Other Tactic Results* Traditional Digital Marketing Experts’ Digital Engagement Reach and amplification Conversion rate 4% 12% Call to action 16% 44% Lead *source= Unica Netinsight#SOCIALBUSINESS 32
    33. 33. Helping IBMers and the World be Secure, Socialand Smart 33
    34. 34. Digital IBMer Program BenefitsTrain, enable and measure employee social media activity in anauthentic wayProvide relevant content and messaging to employees based onexpertise and skill levelReinforce and maintain brand value proposition and relevanceStrengthen security awareness and safe computing practices #SOCIALBUSINESS 34
    35. 35. Getting Started1) Understand the social behaviors of your employees2) Educate employees based on interests & strengths3) Create a collaborative culture4) Enable & activate5) Integrate employees into marketing programs6) Identify & reward participation and innovation #SOCIALBUSINESS 35
    36. 36. Connect with UsStacy Darling Kevin GreenGlobal Projects Leader Senior Vice President, Strategy@iamadarling 36