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This is a presentation Mike Manning and I put together to propose building an intranet with social tools integrated at our former company. There is a lot of great content in this deck so I wanted to share it.

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  • 268 companies from small startups to Fortune 100 enterprises were surveyed
  • Two way conversation: bottom-up may bEmployee engagement & education Recruitment Foster two-way conversation on innovation Generate ideas on how to improve businessChange management Share stories – SMB & VP-level “boss” blogsCorporate brandingCommunication tool: project & document managemente more important
  • Content Is King – When embarking on any social media strategy regular content development and an editorial calendar are a must. The value provided via content is what drives relationships.Conversation – If content drives the relationship then conversation builds the relationship to the next levelCommunity – Once the content is built and conversations are regular then community happens and from community comes sales.
  • From Brian Solls
  • Just a sampling of potential providersDrawbacks = decentralized…The Frankenstein approach WikCollaborative website set up to allow the community to edit and add content BlogA website that allows a publisher to publish articles, videos, and other useful content and allows readers to interact via comments. Strong blogs created community by responding and creating conversation. MicroblogShort status updates. Can be used to share information about what you are doing now and a method to let followers that you have new content. Also used to engage customers in conversation. Overtime community builds around these sites.Social NetworksAllows person-to-person connection without the need to meet face-to-face. Allows for sharing information, such as pictures, video, status updates, and other content. Provides the ability to form groups build community and have a conversation.ForumProvides a platform for public or private threaded discussion of ideas and concepts. Builds trust and subject matter expertise within the forum community. Social BookmarkingIndicating that an article or other piece of content is useful and worth reading. TaggingAllows users to add keywords to a document, article, video or other piece of content that will help others who are looking for that content find it later through a search.VideoSharing of video content. On social video sites the conversation via comments. community gets involved in the
  • Benefits:Faster and easier access to organizational information Faster and more efficient communication among employees -- less email!Reduced paper distribution Access for all employees to the most up to date versions of documents.
  • Social media intranet

    1. 1. Social MediaBy Mike Manning & Kevin MetzgerNovember 15, 2010
    2. 2. Topics We’ll Cover• Social Media introduction• Exploration of initial social objectives • Primary focus on internal & deployment of intranet • External3/2/2013 2
    3. 3. Social Media Defined A platform meant to encourage two way conversation and create engagement. Social Media Is NOT… Social Media Is… One-way conversation Open conversation Short-term or experimental Strategic investment over the long term built Something you can do without participation with trust through conversation Mass media Focused media channel for engagement in discussion and idea building. Another marketing channel Multidirectional, authentic interaction Another place to distribute press releases Greater emphasis on items that add value to audience. Press releases & other content can and should be distributed, but should not be primary focus. Social Media is an innovative approach to doing business with customer rather than doing business to customers. It is also a great method for driving conversations and trust within a company.3/2/2013 3
    4. 4. Business Trends n = 268 Streamlite is consistent w/ most other companies regarding social media, but a bit behind on the intranet3/2/2013 4
    5. 5. Initial Social ObjectivesInternal Objectives1. Drive innovation through employee External Objectives engagement in community. 1. Listening to market conversations2. Platform to build conversation and 2. Public recruiting tool community in the company 3. Sales/customer support3. Internal brand development Results1. Drive process improvement opportunities2. Foster culture change3. Maintain legacy company knowledge4. Build internal brand loyalty5. Better serve and reach customer and prospective customers 3/2/2013 5
    6. 6. 3C’s to SuccessContent, Conversation & Community3/2/2013 6
    7. 7. The Conversion Prism3/2/2013 Confidential © 2010 7
    8. 8. Internal FocusSome stand-alone options Microbloging / Nicheworking Blogging and Forums Collaboration•Private social network •Internal company blog •Chat rooms & file sharing•Short messages to employees (announcements, •Hosted internally or externally •One-on-one messaging etc) •Internal discussion forms for questions and generating ideas COMPREHENSIVE, SOCIALLY-ENABLED INTRANET [[Wiki]] sCRM Knowledge Sharing Social Bookmarking• Find customers where they live • Department Wiki pages (HR, IT) • Indicate relevance of articles• Engage organization in sales • Document management • Show popularity by readers vote3/2/2013 8
    9. 9. Internal Focus• If Social Media is the “democratization of information”, it makes sense to open the information first to Streamlite employees• Increase understanding of available tools• Use time to start listening to the marketplace & fine-tune use of tools• Start two-way dialogue first with employees on process improvements & innovation3/2/2013 9
    10. 10. Intranet• Collaboration and Social features • Employee profiles • Company directory • Chat • Forums• Department & company calendars• Blogs (executive, employee: sales, ops, etc)• Document management & sharing • Wikis • Online Forms • Links to resources (HRMS, Company Store, etc)3/2/2013 10
    11. 11. Intranet RisksAnd potential ways to mitigate them1. Low organizational buy-in • SMB buy-in/use and constant refreshing of information • Department-level administration2. Employee Education • Acceptable Use Policy • User-level access • Authorized Access Policy3/2/2013 11
    12. 12. External Listening• Start listening to the marketplace • What are people saying? • Where are they saying it?One of the most common concerns expressed about social mediais a reasonable fear that customers will air their grievances on acompany-sponsored platform such as (blog, Twitter, or forum).Our clients and their customers are online and already have themeans to talk about us. Listening provides the opportunity torespond.3/2/2013 12
    13. 13. Transition to External • Blog • Employee stories • Listings of jobs • Social recruiting sites Recruiting • Linked In • Twitter • You Tube • Facebook • LinkedIn • Training for sales force use to connect with potential customers Lead Gen. & • Twitter Customer • Respond to customer concerns (already doing) • Company Blog Support • Increase SEO • Support the recruiting effort • Engage in conversation with customers3/2/2013 13
    14. 14. Case Study KinaxisGoals Strategy Results Other Data• Double web traffic • Find out where the • Traffic: • Community has 3644• Double conversions (leads) audience hangs out • 2.7X increase in traffic to members• Foster a greater awareness • Get involved in key online • They have 13 members of of the company’s supply- locations • 3.2X increase in the company blogging chain management • Drive interest from there conversions (leads) • Posted 11 articles in solutions to the Kinaxis Web • 5.3X increase in traffic to October and average of properties by adding value the blog/community 84 views per post (not selling )through the • Community: • 22 comedy based creation of a highly videos, highlighting • 6X increase in registered engaging, content-rich benefits of Kinaxis community members “home” for supply chain • 15 informational videos experts to • Revenues: • Double-digit subscription • $70k research spend with LEARN, LAUGH, SHARE and growth (paid users of Forrester to understand CONNECT SaaSproduct community RapidResponse), topping • https://community.kinaxis. 30,000 users and com/index.jspa counting3/2/2013 14
    15. 15. Thank you