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Embracing & Sustaining Your Community Ecosystem

  1. Embracing & Sustaining Your Community Ecosystem Bill Johnston - @BillJohnston Director of Global Online Community
  2. ecosystem 2 Confidential Global Marketing
  3. Social Media: Describes a large spectrum of tools and activities. Online Community: Intention to foster a network of relationships around common interests, over time. 3 Confidential Global Marketing
  4. Mass Social Media Market External External Community Community Community External External Community Hosted Community Communities Support Mastery & Use Affinity Ideation External Extranets Topical Experts Internal Internal Networks / Workgroups Enterprise Global Marketing Collaboration
  5. Dell’s Social Journey Online Community Strategy & 5 Global Marketing Planning
  6. Five years of experiments and experience Global Marketing
  7. Social Media & Community Team (SMaC) Goal: Embed Social Media into the fabric of the company. • Centralized Team (Hub & Spoke) SMaC • Range of social disciplines • Strategic advisors • Governance • Operations for key infrastructure • Training 7 Confidential Global Marketing
  8. Listening: The Heart of our Social Strategy A critical first step, a social “trojan horse”, and the social radio for all. 8 Confidential Global Marketing 3/21/
  9. Social Media & Community University: Employees = Social Rock Stars Principles Policy Governance Training, Certification & Tools Global Marketing
  10. SMaC Talk Unconferences: Social Media Live! 10 Confidential Global Marketing
  11. Community Planning 1. Business Goals 2. Customer Needs 3. Social Ecosystem 4. Prioritize Social Presence 5. Metrics 6. Governance 11 Confidential Global Marketing
  12. Discuss Goals 1. Define your • Intention business goals • Value • Risks • Staffing / Overhead • Leadership / Culture change Process • Stakeholder Interviews • Working Sessions • Synthesis 12 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  13. Research 2. Customer • Surveys Needs: Research & • Interviews Listen • Online discussions Member Needs • Expectations of you (the host) • Role & Facilitation • Content & Features • On domain or ecosystem • Member types • Desired culture • Activities & contributions 13 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  14. Outputs 3. Social Ecosystem • Influencers Audit & Listening • Existing communities • Key blogs Social Ecosystem Research • Active groups • Discovery, either via your listening platform, or • Online tools like Google Blog Search, Twitter, Delicious ,etc • Looking for: – Company and product brands – Issues & topics – Execs & Employees – Existing user & affinity groups • 14 Confidential Global Marketing
  15. 4. Prioritize based on opportunity 15 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  16. • Business Value (examples) 5. Community – Brand: Net promoter score, Metrics sentiment, satisfaction, advocacy – Support: Questions, answers, time to answer, % answered by you, views of answered content – Content: Content created, views of content, comments – Web Traffic: Pageviews, uniques, referrers, domains – Innovation: ideas • Community Health – Velocity of Change: Registrations, content creation, content consumption – Population Segmentation: 90/9/1 – Creators: posts, answers, comments, – Watchers: views, page depth, time on site, bounce rate Global Marketing
  17. Considering ROI • Value has to be expressed in Value can be: the context of your • Direct Sales organization. • Indirect (Relationship) Sales Support • Value will be multi- • Cost Reduction dimensional. • Influence on Purchase • There in no single silver • Increased Attention by Customers / Prospects bullet. (no shortcuts) • Increased Loyalty • Increased Presence • Content Creation • Customer / Market Insight • Impacts to CSR / Sustainability Initiatives • Cost of NOT Participating Global Marketing
  18. 6. Establish Governance 18 Confidential Global Marketing
  19. Programs 1. Engagement 2. Community Management & Moderation 3. Advocacy 19 Online Community Strategy & Planning Global Marketing
  20. Engagement Planning Community • Content, Content, Content Engagement: (did I mention content?) Oxygen • Engagement Calendar • Active Community Management • Regular Communication • Acknowledge Contributions “Sorry it took so long for me to • Feature Members vote on this one. I haven't been on here much lately. This site had so much • Reputation Management potential but Dell doesn't seem to want to support it properly. I feel bad for the • Incentives mods who put a lot of effort into the site.” Cy Jervis (jervis961) 20 Confidential Global Marketing
  21. Engagement Engagement Tactics • Content, Content, Content (did I mention content?) • Activity Calendar • Active Community Management • Regular Communication • Acknowledge Contributions • Feature Members • Incentives • Reputation 21 Confidential Global Marketing
  22. Community Management & Moderation (hint: not the same thing) Global Marketing
  23. Planning Framework: Management & Moderation Key Roles Management & moderation • Community Manager • Staff for 24x7 coverage M-F / – Host ~ ½ time on weekends – Guide • Coverage needs will depend – Conversation Starter on: – Cultural Model • Platform(s) – Cheerleader • Features – Ombudsman • Volume of content • Moderator • Configure anti-spam / smut – Authority capabilities – Security • Add features to allow – TOS Enforcement members to flag content 23 Confidential Global Marketing
  24. Management & Moderation • Terms of Use & Guidelines – TOS to satisfy Legal – Guidelines to shape community culture • Guidelines – Add link in registration – Persistent location: Consider footer or right sash – Manage to them • Moderation – Separate moderation from facilitation and engagement – Have one “moderator” account just for rules and enforcement – Have a visible and persistent means to allow members to flag and escalate questionable content – Remove content that violates guidelines – Set policy and threshold for timeouts and banning members – Create escalation paths for content that challenges HSG principals Global Marketing
  25. Advocates ~1% will drive 90% content & engagement Global Marketing
  26. Advocacy Program & Benefits Framework Program Benefits • Identity • Logo / Badge • Definition of Benefits • Annual Gift • Program Guidelines • Dedicated Program Manager • Annual Scoring & Renewal • Enhanced Privelages • NDA • Enhanced Access to Dell / Dell Information • Quarterly Councils • Private Forums • Event Participation Global Marketing
  27. Building the Internal Community * Councils * Communication * Listening * Events * Internal Social Media * Training 27 Confidential Global Marketing
  28. Internal Community & Communications • Councils – SMaC Council – Community Leadership Council • Communications – Weekly SMaC Digest • Listening to Accelerate Adoption – R6 Content to many employees 28 Confidential Global Marketing
  29. Internal Social Media & Collaboration • Blogs • Chatter • EmployeeStorm • Sharepoint 29 Confidential Global Marketing
  30. Training & Events • SMaC University – Over 10 training modules – Community, Facebook, Twitter, etc • SMaC Talk Unconferences – Open Space – Global (Austin, London, Xiamen) – 150-400 employees at each – Social media reach of over 100k 30 Confidential Global Marketing
  31. Market Social Media & Community External External Community Toolset: Community Centralized Community Platform, External Community Hosted External Community Distributed Communities Support Mastery & Use Participation Affinity Ideation External Advocates Internal Internal Networks / Workgroups Collaboration 31 Online Community Strategy & Planning Enterprise Global Marketing
  32. Online Communities Centralized platform, distributed engagement. • Telligent Platform Features – Forums – Blogs – Wikis – Networking • Key Programs for Community – Listening – Management & Moderation – Advocacy – Reputation Management 32 Confidential Global Marketing
  33. IdeaStorm Evolving from the “Social Suggestion Box” • Better alignment w/ PG planning • Idea Partner program • Storm Sessions – Time bound, topic-specific ideation sessions • Storm Projects & Challenges (Future State) – Sequential Storm Sessions planned for a design cycle – Ex: Develop the “Sustainable Laptop” 33 Confidential Global Marketing
  34. Internal Collaboration Myriad tools to support internal collaboration. • Chatter • EmployeeStorm • Internal Communities w/ Telligent Enterprise 34 Confidential Global Marketing
  35. ROI = A Mosaic of Value 35 Confidential Global Marketing
  36. Social Media is valuable across the entire customer lifecycle. • Insight: Social media improves Dell’s reach and share of voice • Insight: SM keeps customers engaged, provides solutions and improves loyalty. • Insight: Established causality • Insight: Social media based Our External between social media activity Communities Communities support improves sentiment and purchase and reduces operating expenses • Insight: Social Media provides high Business Value and contributes to demand gen lift Global Marketing
  37. Social Media ROI: Popular assertions/beliefs vs. Dell findings to date: Popular notions about Social Our Findings Media Works only for Consumer Impacts each of the Dell Businesses: Consumer, Public, SMB, LE and Services Relevant only for “top of the funnel” – good for Impacts every part of the marketing funnel. brand awareness, not effective at acquisition Being harnessed for lead gen and driving conversion Cannot impact Brand building Social listening, support and research content establishes brand credibility. Can be measured (Social Net Advocacy) Social Media ROI cannot be measured as a Run-the-business metrics can be applied on business metric – is more like PR – can “assist”, Social Media and integrated into business but cannot be tied to revenue operations. Has been tied to Consideration and Revenue Global Marketing
  38. Your Customer Community is part of a powerful & valuable social ecosystem. Are you enabling or ignoring it? 38 Confidential Global Marketing
  39. Thank You! Recommended Resources Contact Info • “The Power of Pull” – Hagel • & Brown • @BillJohnston • “Connected” – Christakis & • Fowler • “Engage” (2nd Ed.) – Brian Solis • #TheCR, #octribe, #cmtychat tags 39 Confidential Global Marketing
  40. END 40 Confidential

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  1. Photo credit: the organisms form a communityExternalitiesGenerative
  2. Connecting your networksManaging relationships and knowledgeAn incredible assett
  3. August 2006Blog Outreach Expands Beyond Tech SupportEngagement with anyone who commented about the company. Business model and other issues considered.August 2006Blog Outreach Expands Beyond Tech SupportEngagement with anyone who commented about the company. Business model and other issues considered.June 2007Dell joins TwitterWhy don’t we reach out and help bloggers with tech support issues?February 2008Twitter ExpandedStart experimenting with Twitter for business– another venue to help customers, but also thanking Dell customers. Outreach leads to some Twitters asking for help on purchases.May 2008Dell Outlet Achieves $0.5M in Sales via TwitterCommunity team active on TwitterJune 2009 $2M+ Sales via TwitterDell outlet on Twitter surpasses $2 million in sales with another $1 million dollars in sales at 2009Dell TechCenterA Collaborative Community for Datacenter pros grows by 400%December 2009Huffington Post BlogDell’s VP of Social Media and Community, Manish Mehta, begins blogging at Huffington PostJune 2009Global Twitter Revenues of $6.5 M Community across the social web =3.5 million direct customer connections
  4. “be a social organization not an organization using social media”
  6. Site is 4 y/o – needs a refreshConsulting w/ community Actively engaged
  7. Photo cred: Bill Johnston (me)
  8. Value has to be expressed in the context of your organization.Value will be multi-dimensional.There in no single silver bullet number. ( & no shortcuts)Value can be: Direct SalesIndirect (Relationship) Sales Support Cost Reduction Influence on Purchase Increased Attention by Customers / Prospects Increased Loyalty Increased PresenceContent CreationCustomer / Market InsightImpacts to CSR / Sustainability InitiativesCost of NOT Participating
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