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How did you use media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages?
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How did you use media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages?






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How did you use media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages? How did you use media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages? Presentation Transcript

  • How did you use media technologies in the construction and research planning and evaluation stages?
  • Research & Planning One form of technology which was integrated within this project was Wikipedia helping me to learn more about the chosen artist Travie McCoy and his musical style which represents him. From researching him I learned that he used to be the lead vocalist in the band (Gym Class Heroes) and he has only released one album. I also found out which record label he was signed to which was Fueled by Ramen and Mercury Records.
  • Research & Planning YouTube has many advantages such as it being widely accessible and containing many R’n’B music videos, witch is the Genre which me and my group have decided to represent in out music video. As well, I could also view amateur videos from previous media studies students and analyse their approach, I then discussed and described these videos for tips in preparation for making my own video. By focusing on how other students have improvised showed me that high standard professional music videos can be generated when planned well which led me to create plans and storyboards breaking the song down into sections in which I would then film to.
  • Research & Planning Microsoft Power Point I used this software in order to present my ideas to the class in order to receive a feedback. Microsoft Office Word I usually do all my work in office word before posting it in my blog, this helps me to check my grammar and spelling.
  • Research & Planning Blog
    • Being able to access my blog not just from the school computers but from my own personal computer and everywhere else, this made it easier for me to upload my research and planning stages and also update any thoughts or changes that me and my group made in our music video or the ancillary task. One of the benefit of using a blog is that I could upload images, sketches which made work more interesting instead of just having texts .
  • Production Tripod
      • Using a tripod can help a lot when taking critical photographs or when shooting; This year I was able to confidently experiment for example, I learned if using a tripod for close ups, it allows me to use slower shutter speed without worrying about moving the camera when I take the pictures. When we first shoot our opening of our music video without a tripod, we noticed that scenes were shaky and not steady at all, but when we used a tripod it made it more professional .
  • Digital Camera/Camcorder
      • Our group first used Samsung camcorder to take pictures for our ancillary tasks, which was the same camcorder we used to shoot, but when we were editing our pictures we noticed that most our images were very blurry, so we used Nikon D500 which had a higher mega pixel then the Samsung camera it captured the images clearer.
  • Any Video Converter Production
      • The software any video convertor helped me allowed when converting our footages to wmv format, and it didn’t take long for the clips to covert very quick and easy to use.
  • Editing Picnik To edit my ancillary task I used a combination of Adobe Photoshop and Fireworks but the main editing was done in Picnik which is an online photo editing service. It is headquartered in Washington, United States . You can upload images from a computer and edit them out, the way I like. As you can see I choose to edit my pictures in black and white as my music video is in that colour Picnik allows me to experiments when I am editing, in this pictures I made the guitar stand out by as I believe the guitar is one the key elements used in our video
  • Picnik offers a number of different templates these templates also include fonts, frames, collage designs and stickers. As you can see below these are the fonts I used for my ancillary task.
  • Adobe Premier Pro Editing
      • It was difficult at the start to understand how to use Adobe Premiere Pro but after getting the hang of it, I was able to try new things to improve the quality of my work. This software is much more advanced it allows you to utilise higher range of editing choices for example changing the clips brightness and lighting, sharpening footage, rewinding and slowing down clips to create a certain effect. I was able to change to colour of my clips to black and white, as I think it made it more interesting.
  • Editing Adobe Photoshop
      • In Adobe Photoshop I used mainly to delete to change the mistakes . For example In my magazine advert I was supposed to put Billionaire but I put ‘Lazarus’, so Photoshop allowed to me deleted it and change it, without the need of editing the whole picture again .
  • Editing Paint I used Windows Vista Paint, which I have access of it in my personal computer. The window vista paint has an increased number of undo levels to 10 times, a zoom slider, and a crop function have been added. This version saves as .jpg by default, which can dramatically impact the overall quality of an image, especially after multiple saves of the file due to its method of compression.
      • I used Macromedia Fireworks software to put all my digipak pictures together
    Macromedia Fireworks Editing