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Published in: Technology, Art & Photos
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  1. 1. TECHNOLOGIESBy the Hell On Earth Crew
  2. 2.  Firstly, Kamraj has learnt how to utilise the camera and how toproceed with its functions and uses, even test trying it when he firstgot the camera whereas before he did not know even how to zoomin, now he is very competent with video recording and loved filmingand finishing of the video Hell On Earth.RecordZoom In/OutAuto/ManualFocus
  3. 3.  Secondly, Ceme and Dan have learnt how to Edit a video uponusing Adobe Premiere CS6.My colleagues both edited thevideo to there optimum levels, by adding non diegeticsounds, music, special effects, as well as trimming thesounds and synchronizing with the images to create aSlasher/horrific effect.
  4. 4. We as a whole group have found Google blogger thebest towards the use of producing a blog for HellOn Earth. We have found ways of adding a gadgetlink at the top of our blog, as well as doing manyfeatures such as adding PowerPoints as well asother useful things these will be discussed in thecoming slides.This has helped us towardsorganising our blog by labelstruly an amazing feature welearned.
  5. 5.  We have used YouTube to upload our video Hell OnEarth as this software has made taking snapshotsof our video(Hell On Earth) as well as others thiswas indeed easier even a lot faster, this has helpedus greatly among time management where we wereable to meet deadlines.
  6. 6.  We have used different technologies as in presenting our blogwork, for example we have used Scribd, Microsoft PowerPointand we even had time to create a Pressi, we have learntdifferent visual aspects and how to really convey readers thetrue meaning of visual Media by really going in depth ofvisual characteristics by using motions and Sounds andspectacular animations to eye dazzle the viewers and to beunique.
  7. 7.  We found difficulty in taking snapshots and puttingthem up on the evaluation, however in the end wepersevered by taking snapshots from our uploadedYouTube Video Hell On Earth, this is how we tooksnapshots and the programmes we used wereYouTube for print screening, paint for saving theprint-screen in a Bitmap IMG format, and Pixlr forcropping and changing it to Jpeg, as well asadjusting the quality too 100percent.This was agreat use profoundly towards evaluation.
  8. 8.  We have created our own title page by usingadobe premier CS6.
  9. 9.  We have created our own company which iscalled Blood sport cinema. We done this byusing Sony Vegas and we have fullyunderhanded the features needed to make it.We had to adjust lighting and colours.
  10. 10. Thank You For Viewing Our Slideshow