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Evaluation question 4

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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. How did you use mediatechnologies in theconstruction andresearch, planning andevaluation stages?
  2. 2. ConstructionIn the construction of the music video andpreliminary tasks, I used different softwareand hardware. These include the digitalcamera I used which was a Canon 1100d(50fps, 720p), Photoshop, adobe premierepro and YouTube.The canon 1100d along with a tripod was used in the complete capture of the musicvideo. We made the creative decision to use a good quality camera and because itcould be filmed in 720p, this meant the quality of the footage was in Hgh Definition.Furthermore we also made the creative decision to not use a camera that shot in1080p because it would take up too much disk space meaning the project could bejeopardized from running out of time.After doing some research I found out that shooting at 50 frames per second wouldenhance our media text greatly. I spent some time looking through online blogs (use ofdigital media) to learn a little more about frames per second. Doing research allowed me tofind out that shooting 50 frames per second is more beneficial when shooting moving imageand using camera work techniques such as panning. This effected my creative decisionbecause it ultimately lead me to choosing this specific camera.We also used an industrial spotlight to help with thelighting which is a part of mise en scene. As the musicvideo was shot at night, we had to have a very powerfulspotlight.
  3. 3. Adobe Premiere ProAdobe Premiere Pro was used to edit the main task of my A2 coursework.However, differently from last year, the software was updated to CS4 + CS5.5. This newupdate helped a great deal as the software wasnt crashing all the time, meaning I had moretime to make creative decisions such as using colour correction and slow motion. Ultimately Iwasn’t limited by what I could do on Adobe, whereas I was in AS media studies.The Post production stage started by importing files intothe project. Adobe premiere pro then allowed me tocut/trim/colour correct and do all use all sorts of editingtechniques to enhance my media text. To the right is ascreen shot of some of the colour correction I was using.This digital technology was by far one of the most beneficialtechnologies that helped with my creative decisions. Editing the musicvideo was an ongoing process, which took a number of weeks tocomplete, so Adobe Premiere Pro, allowed me to render my work sofar and then come back to it whenever I needed to.
  4. 4. YouTube &PhotoshopYouTube and Photoshop played a bigger part in aiding my learning, which effected mycreative decisions and enhanced my ancillary tasks.• Photoshop is a graphics editing program, created and developed by Adobe. Usinganother adobe program was helpful for my coursework because it meant bothprograms had similar functions and ways of working.• I used Photoshop to create my 2 ancillary tasks: The Digipak and theAdvertisement. It was my first time using the software, which meant YouTube wasso important in order to aid my learning.• Photoshop was useful because it meant I could layer different photos andelements to my Digipak and advertisement. I made the creative decision to learnhow to use Photoshop as my software of choice because it would ultimately helpcreate more professional looking ancillary tasks, compared to if I had created it onWord, Publisher or Paint.• YouTube aided my creativity in photoshop because I made good use of ‘How to’guide videos on YouTube which taught me from scratch how to get the most out ofPhotoshop
  5. 5. Here is an example of one of the videos I used to aid my learning for Photoshop.YouTube was an important piece of digital technology because it meant I could quicklearn functions of the program so I could make creative decisions. From YouTubeTutorial videos I learnt how layers work, how to import pictures, how to add effectsand many more digital features. I made sure the videos were well received by otherviewers
  6. 6. Here is an example of editing in Photoshop. Here you can see the differentlayers, e.g. the background, ‘The Fringe’ title, explicit sign and the pull of sticky label.These are all conventions of real media texts, which is why Photoshop was soimportant to my creativeness because it allowed me to incorporate all of theseelements.
  7. 7. YouTube/Google -Research• Not just to aid my learning of different technologies, YouTube was also used todo research into existing real media texts to get inspiration for my own mediatext which would ultimately aid my creative decisions.• I used YouTube to watch other music videos by bands of similar genres. YouTubewas a great platform to learn from because there was no limit to what realmedia products I could consume and learn from.• I used Convergent technology such as my Iphone, which also had features suchas YouTube and Soundcloud. Going back to Construction, Soundcloud was theplatform used via my Iphone for the making of the music video – Id linkspeakers up to my phone and play it so the band could stay in time during theperformance aspect of the video, which would ultimately help with continuityand ease the editing process because everything would be timed perfectly.
  8. 8. Tumblr was a platform that my group and I used to keep up to datewith worth and record progress. I uploaded planning tasks such asstoryboards and real media text analysis to my blog to show my skilldevelopment. This allowed me to incorporate real media conventionsinto my music video and ancillary tasks.Tumblr is great because it not only offers just text, but lots of differenttypes of technologies, converging on one platform:Tumblr allowed me to go back to past posts, update/improve and wasused as an organizational tool for all my coursework.Research and Planning
  9. 9. Evaluation• For my Evaluation questions I used different digital online medias suchas Glogster, Voki and Prezi. These programs demostrate good use ofdigital technologies and presented my evaluation questions ininteresting formats.• I was familiar with some of these programs because I had used them inmy AS media Evaluation as well which meant I could get the most outof them.
  10. 10. Evaluation – AudienceFeedbackTo get in depth audience feedback, instead of just getting comments andstuff, my group and I thought we would get feedback in the form of avideo, which was uploaded onto YouTube. It was filmed using the canon1100D again, so we were familiar with this camera, cutting down set uptime. We filmed three people watching the video and then giving positiveand negatives of our film.