User Experience TOP 10
Get to know your user 1
(Assembling personas)
Examine the  competitive landscape 2
Get organized 3
Test early, test often 4
Be straightforward 5
Write for the web 6
Design for use cases 7
Design from the inside out 8
Visual design is  not just cosmetic 9
Code with web standards 10
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User Experience Top 10


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These are the slides I presented at the the August 09 Charlotte SEO Meetup. It's a very high-level overview of user experience design, with links to some great sources of further reading.

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  • UE is a word of large scare that is hard to define and top,anyway what is ,it must persist and promote user's needs and expect~
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  • Click the 'Notes on slide...' tab above up there ☝to see the accompanying narrative.
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  • Things to take into consideration in website design. Whether you have a multi-disciplinary design team, or are tackling it on your own, these concepts can be applied to your project.
  • See things from their point of view – you are not designing for yourself – you are too close to the subject matter, you know too much. keyword research can provide insights into how users reference products/services, ask questions, identify their needs, etc. This informs the guiding principle for all to follow: Balance user needs with business needs
  • Create key personas – assemble a picture of the user(s)… who are they? What are their needs?
  • What are your competitors doing? (Do it better)
  • Do your users expect a certain level/type of functionality, based on similar experiences? (especially when a certain functionality is key to the user’s goals, e.g. – real estate search)
  • Content audit, categorization, terminology
  • Top down vs bottom up – look at the info both from a holistic view of how the system is organized and from a “ground-level” view of a user’s journey Organize like your customer, not like your business Keyword research can influence your organization and naming of content/categories URL structure should mirror the organization
  • Get others to look at your designs – gauge reactions to visual design, organization of the content etc
  • Card sorting exercises – do your subjects come up with ways of categorizing that you hadn’t thought of? Design low-fi clickable models – have users test key tasks Observe users to identify issues and correct course – better earlier than later!
  • Don’t overcomplicate things Don’t make the user work too hard
  • Simplify Write for scannability Modularize – support multiple paths Write for keyword density 1 main idea per page Talk like your user, minimize industry jargon
  • anticipate user flows This page is designed with the goal of getting new user registrations
  • Customize the experience Missed opportunity to serve the needs of the user. (Authenticated version of page offers the logged-in user no clear path to the tasks they can perform on the site – everything is still focused on “sign up!”)
  • At the page-level: 37signals calls it “Epicenter design” – find the one most important thing on the page. Design that first and build everything else around it. Focus on designing a clear path to the desired action minimize distractions At the site-level: Design sub-pages and components that are core to user activities first. Then design home page.
  • users make snap judgments regarding a site's relevance and trustworthiness, based on visuals. Visual design also aids usability.
  • Web standards increase usability and improve SEO
  • How to keep them coming back: Fresh content (regular updates, blogs) Social aspects (community)
  • Game mechanics add an element of fun and challenge which incents users to spend more time, more often. If there is a system of rewards, people want to achieve (Top reviewers, most useful comments, top contributors, etc.)
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