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Less Is More


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Sneak peek: Pecha Kucha Night Charlotte, Volume 1, September 25, 2008
Credits to come. Most images via Flickr, Creative Commons licensed.

Published in: Design, Technology
  • I'm presenting this Thursday 9/25 at Charlotte's 1st Pecha Kucha Night
    Event info on Slideshare:
    Full event details:

    Credits: (most images are CC licensed - see individual image pages for details)
    1) Acrylic coffee table by MUJI via
    3) Zen Garden by euart
    4) Smart Car in Vancouver by s0litude
    5) Ant by by Jeff Kubina
    6) fixie by svacher
    7) Hug a half by YanivG
    8) CD player by MUJI via
    9) iLounge shuffle wallpaper via
    10) World Wildlife Fund Logo
    11) …it’s a long story
    12) Day 62 - Boxed In by lintmachine
    13) Twitter screenshot
    14) 5k info:
    15) 'Piper' in one stroke by akaalias
    16) Apple core via
    17) minimal color 3 by hokkey
    18) Guy Kawasaki business cards by Justin Ruckman via
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