Open Access publikācijas (2010. gada oktobris)


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Open Access publikācijas (2010. gada oktobris)

  1. 1. Jaunākās OA publikācijas Informācijas Īss raksturojums Interneta vietnes adrese avots EIFL EIFL ir starptautiska Open data at eIFL-OA web-site: bezpeļņas organizācija data Science Commons: Open Data Commons: Open Access nedēļa 18.-24.10.2010. OA Blogs: UNESCO: URL_ID=30671&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html Open Access nedēļa 19.-23.10.2009. Webcast invitation - The next level of student engagement: Open Access Week and beyond:> New Button graphics now available <> Order your SPARC t-shirts for Open Access Week<> OA week targets 200 participants<> Open Access Week Digital Repository Contest <> Open Access Week in Italy and three videos! < videos/> Pirmā Open Access Antropoloģijas diena 01.05.2009. publishing-in-anthropology/ more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1 EU/EC projekti The OpenAIRE Guidelines 1.0:; PEER (Publishing and the Ecology of European Research) projekts: OAD Open OA zinātnes un Access izglītojošo resursu Directory (lapu) apkopojums, ko uztur OA sabiedrība Open Access OA Bibliogrāfijas Journals žurnāls Bibliography 1   
  2. 2. OPEN OA kustības ziņas OAPEN Report: Overview of Open Access Models for eBooks: ACCESS NEWS How to build a business case for an Open Access policy: .aspx Publishing research papers: which policy will deliver best value for your university: persbpv1.aspx Online Guide to Open Access Journals Publishing: A Comparative Review of Research Assessment Regimes in Five Countries and the Role of Libraries in the Research Assessment Process: Ranking Web of World Repositories: "Best Practices" page: Methodology page: Situation for Open Access in the Baltic countries and the Ukraine: 10 Dutch Open Access website: Blog<>andConnotea Feed<>for more on these and other industry developments from the past month. A Compact for Open-Access Publication< ttp://>Elsevier price cuts in physics attributed to pressure from OA < physics.html>ALA calls FRPAA "keyissue" <> New transparency tool on NIH-funded projects< // funded.html> 5 more U.S. libraries join SCOAP3, edging closer to goal < edging.html> Harvard, publishers work Together < together.html> Google, Yahoo, Amazon support FRPAA < 2   
  3. 3. frpaa.html> What are institutions doing to promote author addenda? < promote.html> Author services on OA policies from libraries< // from.html> Collins confirmed as NIH director <> Nature on datasharing<> impact.html oaister-to.html Software Freedom Day 2009: Open Access, A2K & Preservation and Curation in Institutional Repositories: Scholarly Communication curation-in-institutional-repositories/ The Public Domain Manifesto: Public Domain Manifesto Facebook page: Manifesto/448371890304?v=info&ref=ts Public Domain Day website: Open Access Anthropology in Africa access-anthropology Harvard backs Open Access U.S. broadband study says "open access" fosters competition FCC Study: Open Access Lowers Prices, Improves Competition Prices-Improves-Competition-105014?nocomment=1 Is Open Access Journal Publishing a Vanity Publishing Industry? publishing-a-vanity-publishing-industry/ What problem can Open Access solve? open-access-solve/ Student Coalition for Open Access Solidifies, Now Represents over 5 million students internationally 3   
  4. 4. coalition-for-open-access-solidifies-now-represents-over-5-million-students- internationally/ Educational Material about Open Access Downloadable Open Access resources IRB The Institutional ( Repository Bibliography (IRB) aptver zinātniskos žurnālus, grāmatas un citas publikācijas IFLA IFLA World Library and Travel grants to support colleagues from countries in Asia/Oceania, Africa, Information Congress in Latin America and the Caribbean to attend IFLA 2010: Gothenburg, 10-15 August 2010 Milan, Italy, 2009, Starptautiskās konferences prezentācijas par OA: 1) Barriers to open access to scientific information in Kenya, with particular reference to agricultural information FLORENCE MUINDE and G.E. GORMAN (Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand 2) Aquatic commons model: the roles of IAMSLIC, FAO and IFREMER in supporting open access to fisheries and aquaculture research and management STEPHANIE HAAS (University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA), PATRICIA MERRIKIN and ARMAND GRIBLING (FAO David Lubin Memorial Library, Rome, Italy) and FRED MERCEUR (Bibliothèque La Pérouse, Ifremer, France) haas-en.pdf presented at the meeting Agricultural Libraries: Worldwide trends in open access to agricultural information: en.php#monday) 3) Open Access Initiatives in Academic Libraries : Challenge to the User KAUR KIRAN (University of Malaya, Malaysia ) and YIP PING CHIA (University Tunku Abdal Rahman, Malaysia) 4) The challenges of advocating for open access through institutional repository building: experiences from Makerere University, Uganda MIRIAM KAKAI (Makerere University Library, Mampala, Uganda) presented at the meeting Library Theory and Research: Research into open access (other papers from this session (#105) are here: en.php#monday) 5) Interactive open access publishing and public peer review: The effectiveness of transparency and self-regulation in scientific quality assurance ULRICH PÖSCHL (Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany) 6) Open access practice in National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China) LI LIN, LIU XIWEN, and ZHANG XIAOLIN (National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China) 7) Le libre accès dans les universités arabes: Opinions et pratiques des chercheurs et des éditeurs WAHID GDOURA (Manouba University, Tunis, Tunisia) 4   
  5. 5. presented at the meeting Science and Technology Libraries: Open access to science and technology research worldwide: strategies and best practices 8) Open Access policies in developing and transition countries (in English) transition-countries 9) Measuring the Usage of Cultural Heritage Documents: The German Project Open Access-Statistics Matthias Schulze, University of Stuttgart, Germany presented at the meeting on Statistics and Evaluation, Information Technology and Preservation and Conservation Microsoft Scholarly Research Communication sekcijā pieejamas brīvpieejas 101609.aspx publikācijas Publius Dažādāko sabiedrības Project pārstāvju esejas eduction/091109 ererereerere sabiedriskā dialoga rerublius P uzturēšanai OASPA Open Access Scholarly 1.Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP): Publishing Association OASIS Izglītojošas informācijas uzziņu portāls kā Skatīt izmantošanas instrukciju: praktiski realizēt BJpros brīvpieejas resursus ROARMAP Teicama platforma augstas kvalitātes Registration of institutional repository (IR): Open Access znātniskās literatūras, and pārskatu, izglītojošu Institutional kolekciju, multimēdiju, roarmap Repositories dogitālo ierakstu, with EPrints izstāžu repozitāriju veidošanai OA Self-Archiving OA Self-Archiving Policy: University of Pretoria Policy: University of Pretoria, SOUTH y%20of%20Pretoria AFRICA JISC Resursi par IKT InfoKit upgrade: (Joint novatorisku pasaules Information līmeņa vadību, atbalstot Research Information Management: Systems izglītību un pētniecību Committee) Campaign ‘Research 3.0 – driving the knowledge economy’: JISC Information Environment Programme 2009-11. Guide of web 2.0 services in JISC projects: Part 1 - Giving your project an identity – setting up tags, blogs and twitter: services-in-jisc-projects-part-1-of-3/ Part 2 discusses social bookmarking, aggregation and note-taking: services-in-jisc-projects-part-2-of-3/ Part 3 briefly discusses using skype and dealing with meetings before 5   
  6. 6. moving on to general advice about IPR, publicising details and further information: services-in-jisc-projects-part-3-of-3/ RSP Repositories Support InfoKit is a practical guide to setting up and running digital repositories: Project University of DataShare project Edinburgh, UK EOS Enabling Open Scholarship augstskolu un zinātnisko iestāžu informācijas serviss SPARC Akadēmisko un 4th Annual Sparky Awards: Scholarly zinātnisko bibliotēku SPARC Open Access Newsletter January 2,2010: Publishing starptautiskā alianse and SPARC News 10.htm< Academic SPARC Open Access Newsletter, 1/2/10: Resources Coalition 10.htm< SPARC enews/November 2009: d169261d58e00647b3ae91d9ed9 SPARC enews/October 2009: b26d9b0df37c4365c5103c3a78b> Studentu koalīcija OA atbalstam: Webcast invitation - The next level of student engagement: Open Access Week andbeyond<> SPARC calls on campuses to coordinate open-access policy efforts <> Six sites are hosting the 2009 Sparky Awards. What are yourplans< p://>; < g/sparc/ a53613cc5da154a0802c/send_to_friend sparc/media/09-0203.shtml ala/newspresscenter/news/pressreleases2009/february2009/acrlatkinson.cfm 6   
  7. 7. sparc/media/09-0122.shtml Ziņojums par izglītojošo publikāciju pieejas modeļiem:maksa un ieguvums: nalreport.aspx Par OA politikas izvēli: New SPARC Guide and Online Community Aid Library-University Press Collaboration: SPARC at ALA, January 2009: 87b7e1c6c1e02e825f4a94504cd Open access in 2008 09.htm#2008< 09.htm#2008 Open access in 2007 08.htm#2007< 08.htm#2007 Open access in 2006 07.htm#2006< 07.htm#2006 Open access in 2005 06.htm#2005< 06.htm#2005 Open access in 2004 05.htm#2004< 05.htm#2004 Open access in 2003 04.htm#2003< 04.htm#2003 DuraSpace Bezmaksas DSpace 1.6:; Crowdvine programmatūru Download DSpace 1.6: nodrošinājums digitālo resursu pieejai DuraCloud new technology:< Sociālais tīkls 0699887&s=1972&e=001RvJ_WwWrCD- individuālai kaMSYPji3XhW7fF_zRCsoWqtlwC2DGMBWVp0BJGs9HLnKElGwh2v_j komunikācijai OtZYcHp9h1_KTsk8iywDBH3jt8VosVc9_sBx357WeyhKFpYw66A5X0C KKFpKD11bOqlIPXM2YA Beta test program for DuraCloud:< 0699887&s=1972&e=001RvJ_WwWrCD- VB9J5tkGHH7QrMZpRzvfnjuhpAAvEAMke_LTjZ2YXtPcbGroxQ4L92sx Yi3wNXCg6WIZxLDfNhb6- DQHn0ApTX5PIeWfWUvNJWncdWQ2nJgL8zI7R5Efk8lDXoguuzV8 DuraSpace Blog: reaches-over-700-instances-worldwide/ 7   
  8. 8. PLOS Akadēmiskie recenzēti Public zinātniskie un medicīnas PLoS ONE receives ALPSP's 2009 award for Publishing Library of e-žurnāli Innovation< Science tp://> Article-level metrics at PLoS - addition of usage data<> Book ”Structural Bioinformatics” (Methods of Biochemical Analysis)by Jenny Gu (Editor), Philip E. Bourne (Editor) Anal%20%20ysis/dp/0470181052/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qi d=1233943511&sr=8-1#sipbody Golden Jauno ideju portāls Swamp AgEcon Aptver 170 institūciju Search publikācijas lauksaimniecības, enerģētikas, vides u.c. nozarēs Repository Project ”UK Search Institutional Repository Search” Bioline Pieeja 70 e-žurnāliem International no 16 pasaules valstīm SHERPA 32 Lielbritānijas ROMEO service: augstskolu un Britu Repository Staff and Skills Set documents: bibliotēkas repozitārijs UNESCO UNESCO OER OER Open komitejas diskusija par Educational informācijas pieejas Resources rezultātiem DRIVER EK sadarbības un DRIVER Studies: līdzfinansējuma projekti brīvpieejas digitālo repozitāriju tīklu veidošanai DRIVER Guidelines v2.0.: BASE Multidisciplinārs (Bielefeld informācijas meklētājs Academic akadēmisko resursu web Search saitēm Engine) CERN OAI7, the 7th CERN Workshop, University of Geneva 22-24 June 2011: OAI6, Workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication , Geneva 17- 19.06.2009.: 8   
  9. 9. Electronic Version 3 Theses and Dissertations Bibliography KE Kopprojekts IKT Comparison of various studies on Journal Business models: Knowledge infrastruktūras attīstībai http://www.knowledge- Exchange informācijas ieguvei 2fdownloads%2fOpen+Access%2fKE_Briefing_Paper_on_Journal_Busines s_Models.pdf DOAJ Daudznozaru (Directory of elektroniskie resursi no Open Access 4226 e-žurnāliem Journals) Depot Daudznozaru Lielbritānijas universitāšu un citu institūciju elektroniskie resursi DFG Daudznozaru Vācijas (German universitāšu un citu Research institūciju elektroniskie Foundation) resursi SURFFOUN Daudznozaru DATION Nīderlandes universitāšu un citu institūciju elektroniskie resursi Fedora Apvienotais digitālā (Flexible satura programmatūru Extensible repozitārijs Digital Object Repository Architecture) RepositóriU Minho universitātes M repozitārijs openEyA Multimēdiju skaņu Science Dissemination Unit (SDU) "International Academic Webcasting ierakstu sistēma uz Grant for Developing Countries: Linux bāzes Jaunākā versija: openEyA v3.0.5 Blogos par OA Open source, Open standards, Open access, Open educational resources, Open data, Open notebook science - organized around the following questions: What is the target of this movement? What is being made open? As compared to what? What legal regimes are implicated? How does openness happen? What are the major variants of open works of this type? resources-a-proposal/   9