Social media influencers characteristics, measures and value dec12011
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Social media influencers characteristics, measures and value dec12011

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  • 1. The Characteristics, Measures andValue of a Social Media Influencer Webcast December 1, 2011 Shirley Williams MSc. PMP. CMC. OMCP Toronto, Canada
  • 2. The World of Social Media800+ million on Facebook130+ million on Linkedin200+ million on Twitter 30+ million on Google PlusNumber of networks? Lots![
  • 3. Influencers• Online and Offline, building relationships with the right groups are important.• Within these groups, there are key individuals that have significant influence.
  • 4. What Is The Value?1. Their reviews are credible.2. Influencers can help spread the word.3. They have the ability to drive significant. traffic to your site.4. They can have a positive impact on your social media presence and business.5. Excellent benchmark.
  • 5. Key Characteristics of InfluencersKnowledge Is Power That Is Shared1. They are knowledgeable.2. They are respected.3. They are credible.4. They are topic or interest specific.5. They provide lots of quality content for their audience.6. They answer lots of questions with quality responses.7. They ask lots of quality questions.
  • 6. Key Characteristics of Influencers The People’s Choice: Social Chris Brogen: Human Business Works Media Celebrities8. They set themselves apart from their competition.9. They stay on top of what is current.10. They have high visibility online.11. They have an engaged and devoted following.
  • 7. How Would You Identify Them? • Listen • Search • Check • Assess • Engaged audience • Quality blogs Hot Spots
  • 8. The Search &
  • 9. The Search & Research
  • 10. How much influence does an Influencer have? and more…..
  • 11. What is Klout?
  • 12. Klout’s AssessmentKlout measures a persons influence across their social sites.Sites includes: • Twitter • Facebook • Google Plus • Linkedin • YouTube • Foursquare • Flickr • Instagram • Blogger • Tumblr • Wordpress • Last.fmKlout assesses activity and provides an overall rating from 1 to 100.
  • 13. Key components of the assessmentNetwork Reach: Your reach is the size of your engaged audience. It addresses the question of " How far can your message reach?“Amplification: Your amplification is based on the level of “action” your message or information drives eg the level of retweets, likes, shares, comments to a post, article etc. It addresses the question of "How much does your audience take action?“Network Influence: This measure addresses how “influential” is your engaged audience/connections or "How persuasive is your audience?".Klout also describes your preferred behavioural style Observer, Explorer, Dabbler, Conversationalist Activist, Socializer, Syndicater, Feeder, Thought leader, Specialist, Networker, Pundit, Curator, Broadcaster, Taste Maker and Celebrity.
  • 14. My Overall Klout Rating A Closer Look At A Klout Profile I have 7 of 12 accounts linked to Klout which they have used for this assessmentI have beenassessed as aFeeder Klout has listed topics which theyKlout also lists deem I havethose I have the influenceability toinfluenceTopical lists-List thoseinfluential withinthose topicsDaily Ks
  • 15. Klout’s List of Professionals that are Influential in Facebook as a TopicMark Zuckerbergoverall Klout Ratingof 10 (??) howeveris listed as the topinfluencer ofFacebook. Note heis not on Klouthowever is currentlyrated with a Kloutscore.
  • 16. How are some businesses using Klout?
  • 17. Klout Perks
  • 18. Virgin Airlines
  • 19. The Hiring ProcessThe recruitment sector is beginning to create a short list ofcandidates with a certain Klout score as it relates to the job opportunity.
  • 20. Access to Events
  • 21. Personalized Promotions on Facebook Pages There is an App that will enable companies to deliver different pages of their Facebook depending on your Klout score. The term is called Fan-gating where your experience on the site is determined by your Klout score.
  • 22. Hotel Upgrades
  • 23. Joe Fernandez, CEO Klout @ Mesh Marketing Toronto, November 15, 2011Speaks To New Changes On Klout:• Once your real name is online, your personal brand matters.• There is, and will continue to be, a lot more focus on context.• It is not about the number of followers; it is about how many engaged followers you have.• Klout had to improve and make the change.• Although a score in the 50s is a good rating; the trouble is nowhere else in your life is 52 a good number!
  • 24. What Does All This Mean?• Be aware of your Klout rating• Use it as a gauge• Do the research• Understand the context• Remember the human-side of influence• Balance your assessment• Build the relationship
  • 25. Step out and find your influencers! Or become one!
  • 26. Thank