20 Tips on Change & Project Management


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Learnings from implementing business change using my favorite cartoonists and speakers to make the point. 20 Tips are shared.

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20 Tips on Change & Project Management

  1. 1. 20 TIPS & DIPS inCHANGE & PROJECTMANAGEMENTKey learnings Shirley Williams
  2. 2. “This project would run smoothly ifthere were not people involved” Shirley Williams
  3. 3. What is the Relationship?v Project Management §  Defining, planning, implementing a changev Change management §  Managing the soft side of the changev Global Project management §  Managing change across borders Shirley Williams
  4. 4. Influencing people to be their best Key part of Project Management Shirley Williams
  5. 5. “Shirliisms” of Project ManagementMy Personal Collection of Learnings Through My Favorite Cartoonists and Speakers David Waisglass Gordan Coulthart Randy Glasbergen Scott Adams Shirley Williams Michael Hammer
  6. 6. The Early Days……Dip #1: Managing the impossible is not always possible!Tip #1: Negotiate and find the “balance” to address needs Shirley Williams
  7. 7. Manage Expectationsv Clarify expectations at the beginning from both perspectivesv Provide mechanisms to engage at key decision pointsv Always take the customer on the journey- not just at the end Shirley Williams
  8. 8. Strive for Clarity Dip #2: Implementation of projects are rarely black and white - There are always surprises and levels of ambiguity – that is why a project manager is neededTip #2: Shirley Williams be black and white is the goal of the project What should
  9. 9. Team Selection…… Dip #3: Warm bodies are not the formula for an effective team Tip #3: As a project manager, make recommendations of the skills you need on the project Shirley Williams
  10. 10. Definitionsv A Committee: A group of people officially delegated to perform a function. The work is not necessarily interdependentv A Team: A group in which members work together intensively to achieve a common group goal .The work is interdependent and team members share responsibility and hold themselves accountable for attaining the results •  Ensure you have the right skills in the team •  Try to clarify the level of Authority/Empowerment Shirley Williams
  11. 11. Manage Expectationsv Clarify the goals – strive for this being black and whitev Ensure you have the appropriate team membersv Develop the roadmap/plan §  Open §  Inclusive §  flexible Shirley Williams
  12. 12. Team Selection…. and Effective Team Development Shirley Williams
  13. 13. Team Development vs Team BuildingDip #4: Team building is not an event-you need to loosen the team up Tip #4: As a project manager, you are a team leader Team building is a process of team development Shirley Williams
  14. 14. Open for BusinessDip # 5: You cannot lead a project by staying in your office Tip #5: You need to be visible, accessible and open...... Shirley Williams
  15. 15. Facilitate sharing of Ideas and Expertise Dip #6: Do not plan in isolationTip #6:Facilitate the sharing of perspectives within your team People implement when they are included and involved Shirley Williams
  16. 16. The Project Manager does not have to be the Technical Expert…… ask for help ….nicely Tip #7: The team delivers the plan The project manager drives it..Shirley Williams
  17. 17. Strive for Realistic Timelines…..Tip #8: Ensure you constantly engage your senior management on the plan and timelines Educate Manage Shirley Williams
  18. 18. Effective Time ManagementDip # 9; Not taking intoconsideration the stress levelsTip #9: Manage the timelines,Not in isolation: be considerate ofthe stress and your membersneeds Shirley Williams
  19. 19. Keep it Simple butComprehensive The Plan Tip #10: Ensure Efficient Communication Shirley Williams
  20. 20. …..And Effective Tip #10: Effective Communication ~It is Everything Tip #11: 90% of your role is communicatingShirley Williams
  21. 21. Effective Communication –Degree of Participation A key part of building Commitment Involve Convince Clarify Inform Awareness Understanding Acceptance Commitment Shirley Williams
  22. 22. Effective Meeting ManagementDip # 12; Not managing yourmeetingsTip #12 Meetings must add valueTip #13 How you manage yourmeetings is a reflection on howyou manage your project Shirley Williams
  23. 23. Global Management Communications more challenging andeven more imperative that it is done right Shirley Williams
  24. 24. Managing Major Change The Human Dimension of Change Michael HammerShirley Williams
  25. 25. Major Changev Is inherently cross-functional/ Divisionalv Will be resistedv Change management is the key to success Tip #14: The Soft stuff is the Hard Stuff Shirley Williams
  26. 26. Resistancev Who resists Everyonev How do they resist? Every way they canv Why do they resist Because they feel badShirley Williams
  27. 27. Tips 15: Be Aware of the Signs of Resistancev  Endless technical nit-pickingv  Theological debates on methodologyv  Asking for countless, additional analysis or informationv  Changing the subjectv  Missing meetingsv  Not following through on commitmentsv  Generalizing and broadeningv  Providing irrelevant or excessive informationv  Raising cosmic issues or unanswerable questionsv  Making unreasonable demandsv  Setting unachievable expectationsv  Passivity and monosyllabilism Shirley Williams
  28. 28. Rules & Tips of the Road: Principles of Change ManagementTip 16 §  It’s easier to pull people into the future than to push them out of the pastTip 17 §  “I’d rather be a changer than a changee”Tip 18 §  Change management is all encompassing Shirley Williams
  29. 29. Plan is just that, A Plan Tip #19: There will be times when projects do not go as planned or expected Plan for the unexpected and dont be so hard on yourself“Danish Proverb: It is easy to sit at the helm in fine weather” Shirley Williams
  30. 30. Have FunTip #20: Stay focus on the goal and don’t forgetto have fun! Shirley Williams
  31. 31. About Shirley Williams.!Shirley Williams has had a dynamic and assertive managementcareer that has led to a reputation of a visionary, result-drivenand passionate leader with excellent strategic implementationand motivational abilities.!Shirley has had 20+ years in the Pharmaceuticals, Healthcareand Information Technology. Shirley is the principal consultant Thank Youand owner at William Pearl and Social Media Pearls. Shirleyconsults in strategy, business transformation, team developmentand social media. Shirley also has her own Talk Radio Show onSocial Business Environment and Healthcare. ! Follow Me! Shirley Williams 31