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  2. 2. Syafiqah bt razale (037538)Wan nurulfarhah bt awang@ hasan (037532)Tuan nurul shahira bt tuan yacob (037520)
  3. 3. FACTS IDEAS LESSON ISSUES ACTION PLANS1. ICT application 1. Teachers in Malaysian 1. What is the means of 1. Refer to journals. becomes an important school are difficult to ICT? 2. Refer to text/reference part of teaching and integrate ICT in 2. How to integrate ICT in books. learning. teaching. learning and teaching? 3. Refer to internet.2. Ministry of Education 2. Teachers face a huge 3. What is the benefit of 4. Discussion among has spends more effort task of managing and using ICT in group members. such as funding and reinventing ICT education? training as to prepare devices. 4. What are the issues teachers and students 3. Teachers do not apply and challenges in with ICT skills. the skills and facilities integrating ICT in provided. teaching and learning? 4. Students misuse the 5. Who is responsible to facilities provided in ensure the teachers school. have skills in ICT and 5. Students from rural implement their skills area lack of skills and during the teaching not exposed to session? technologies. 6. How to monitor the 6. In rural area, school misuse of ICT among frequently face the the students? shortage of electricity 7. What should the thus effect the government do to teaching and learning solve the problem in progression. rural area?
  4. 4. Challenges :The teachers in Malaysian school are difficult tointegrate ICT in teaching.Recommendation :1. Retraining teachers.2. Teachers should reinvent their own teachingskill and reduce the using of traditional ways.
  5. 5. • Teachers receive intensive training on how to integrate the ICT in teaching.• This is because most of them lack of confident in using technology.• It inhibits them to practice all the skills during their lesson.• Thus, the teachers should reinvent their own teaching skill and reduce the using of traditional ways.
  6. 6. Challenges :Students misuse the facilities provided inschool.Recommendation :1. School install internet monitoring software onschool’s computer to avoid the student frommisuse the technologies provided.
  7. 7. • By providing the technology items in school is still provide disadvantages among the students.• For example during their ICT’s class, they would try to sneak open the unhealthy social networking besides making their work.• At the end, they would just copy their friend’s work to be submitted.• Teaching objectives will not get.• Therefore, school should install the software.
  8. 8. Challenges :In rural area, school frequently faces theshortage of electricity.Recommendation :1. Provide adequate electricity supplies.2. Provide system integration engineer who isreally expert in this field.
  9. 9. • For this plan to be success, basic telecommunication facilities and electricity supply are needed.• Constant breakdown of electricity supply especially in the rural schools occurred, this is because of the inability of the existing system in school to cope with increase usage of electricity.• Will give effect to the teaching and learning process.• Authorities need to provide adequate electricity supply and system integration engineer who is really expert in this field when there is problem with the computer system.