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July 2011 edition of Three in One

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  1. 1. ‘THREE IN ONE’ The Magazine of St Peter’s, St Mark’s & St Swithun’s BelperJuly 2011 40 pence
  2. 2. Jesus at the Centre – transforming our CommunityOver the last few months the Vision the centre, and not our own wantsteam have been meeting together to and personal issues, then we willtalk, pray and study the Bible in transform our community, ourorder to find God’s way forward for church, our Parish and the placesour Parish. We have been looking at where we live. We can make awhere we can be better at difference.introducing people to Church and to So often we feel that as individualsJesus and also to grow our own we can’t change very much, butdiscipleship. when we work together andWe wouldn’t be a Vision team if we continue to look to Jesus as ourdidn’t come up with a Vision guide, then we can make bigStatement for the Parish and here it differences.is ‘Jesus at the Centre – Our Church community is beginningtransforming our community’. I to grow and each of us has anhope that you will begin to see this important role to play in thestatement on all our literature, transformation that is alreadytogether with the new logo, which taking place. We should be lookingwill help to remind us that we are for ways to transform our churchunited as a Parish in this place, and community so that people feelwill seek God’s way forward. welcome, stay and feel they belong.If we focus on Jesus and check that ‘Hope for Belper’ and ‘Churcheswhat we do continually puts him at
  3. 3. Together’ are both working to go and make a difference to others.change our community and we Church is not about what we do on aactively support both of these Sunday, but being Christ’s body inorganisations. But, that doesn’t everything we do, every day in allmean that we don’t seek to places. If we believe in Jesus as ourtransform our community in other own Lord and Saviour, then each ofways at the same time. us is part of the Church of God wherever we are.It’s not about shutting ourselvesinto our buildings and doing the So as a Parish we need to keepsame things we’ve always done – it’s putting Jesus at the centre of whatabout having the spirit of Pentecost we do, to pray more together, tothat drives us out to make a real study more together so that He candifference, a real transformation to transform us, so that in our turn wethe world in which we live. can transform others.The Spirit first makes a difference toour own lives and puts Jesus into Annethe centre and this should make usAMNESTY INTERNATIONALMany of you signed greetings cards last Christmas for prisoners ofconscience. Amongst the recipients was Eynulla Fatullayev, an Azerbaijanijournalist imprisoned on false charges; his real “crime” being to criticisehis government. The Belper Amnesty International group have beencampaigning for his release and are pleased to announce that he waspardoned and released in June.Eynulla said: - “I am very happy to be released. I am extremely grateful toAmnesty International who has campaigned since the beginning. In myopinion you saved me.”The greetings cards played a part in this. Thank you. Barbara AndertonThree in One 2 July 2011
  4. 4. Action Planning GroupThe Vision Team has done its work know Jesus for themselves, toand brought us to the point of the discover that He changes lives andAway Day on the 18th June. There brings hope, and this group will beis now the job of first of all sifting part of helping us along the way.through the many, many ideas and But, none of us can sit back and saysuggestions put forward on the day, ‘it’s not relevant to us’, for it’s whatand then making them happen. our Christian faith is all about;There will be a display in St Peter’s growing ourselves and growingof the contribution made by our others.youngsters who were there on the There will be lots of things to doday – they also want to see things along the way, so please pray andgrow and develop. volunteer! Make sure you come toOnce it is clear what we need to be Parish or local prayer events so thatdoing to grow, there will be a new we keep Jesus at the centre of allgroup needed to make things our planning and thinking.actually happen. This will be our God never asks us to do more thanAction Planning Group. Their job we are able – but often He asks us towill be to take ideas and work out do more than we think we are able.the steps to make them a reality. So together let’s step out in faithSome of those steps are obvious – and find out what He wants us to dogrow new leaders, pray together, as we plan together.look at how we welcome people. AnneBut some of these are just steps toa much bigger goal of growingdisciples. Days OffIf you feel you could be part of the Anne’s personal days in July will be:planning process, please do have a 1st Julyword with me. We need people 8th Julyfrom all three churches to be part 15thJulyof this group, some may have been 22nd Julypart of the Vision Team, but others 29th Julywill be bringing new and different Please respect these dates and avoidskills to the group. making contact on any churchOur desire is to bring others to related business on those days.Three in One 3 July 2011
  5. 5. Our Parish Away DaySaturday 18th June was the day our from different angles according toparish had the opportunity to come which church they were from andtogether in the beautiful setting of their own churchmanship, so it wasEyam Church hall, to prayerfully difficult to share a commonconsider the findings of the Vision perspective on the topics underTeam. All three churches were discussion. However, it wasrepresented – about 60 people certainly a lesson in patience andaltogether. We were blessed by humility!having some children present on the We tried to focus on what things weday and they went off to do their could do better as a churchown activities in the charge of community (as well asAnne’s son, Luke, and his wife. acknowledging those things we doWe were organised into groups of well) and what we would like ourabout 7 or 8 people with one of the church to be doing in three yearsVision Team as the group facilitator. time. A whole host of ideas cameWe were quickly put to work to out of the day and we had thediscuss the findings of the parish- opportunity to indicate ourwide survey we recently took part preference (or otherwise) for thesein about the state of health of our 3 ideas using our own set of ‘spotchurches. Despite the fact that Anne stickers’ – green for ‘yes, that’s ahad lost her voice, she still made us good idea’, red for ‘no, I don’t like it’,work really hard all through the and yellow for ‘it’s ok, I can live withday! it’.The work we had to do presented a Anne now has the unenviable job ofreal challenge as we had to make collating these findings and lookingsure that we listened carefully to at which ideas are both the populareach member of the group, and and the viable ones to tackle in theensured that everyone felt they future.were heard. I must admit that I The current Vision Team has comeexperienced some frustration as to the end of it’s working life (it’severyone came to the discussion ‘season’) so now we’re looking for aThree in One 4 July 2011
  6. 6. new set of people to volunteer to we need now is for people to cometake on the role of seeing us through forward with offers of help tothe next phase of planning and enable these ideas to come toseeking God’s will for our parish. fruition. That means you! What are you prepared to do in order to seeWe clearly have ideas and a heart to God’s Kingdom come here insee our church community flourish Belper?and expand into new areas. What AprilAway Day—Young People’s ViewsOn Saturday we went to Eyam on the Church Away Day. The childrensgroup was led by Luke and Helen. We went upstairs and did a posterabout what our church is good at, for example, what we do, if were goodat it, and what we could do in the future. After that we did some cakedecorating and went on a Treasure Hunt. We were dashing around Eyamlooking for some clues. I enjoyed it.At lunchtime we went for a wander around Eyam. We went in the CraftCentre and had a look in Tourist Information. We also went in the church.We found out that one third of the population of the village died during thePlague in 1665 to 1666.After we came back from lunch we made some Fathers Day cards. Wewent in the hall and told everybody what we had been doing. Then wefound our parents and we went home. Amy BradburyWe first introduced ourselves, then we asked the people what theirfavourite cartoon character was. Next we read a passage from the Bible.Then we made a poster of things we could improve at church, things we doat church and how our church is doing.We liked doing Sunday club. The church is doing well.We had a treasure hunt - the boys won ...and lots of sweets. Sam DawsonThree in One 5 July 2011
  7. 7. It was advertised as “An opportunity…………..”Many of us were fortunate enough faces to the names we see in’Threeto attend the Parish Away Day on in One’, to speak to people from18th June at Eyam Church Centre. other churches that we’d never met before and to discover the names ofI wonder why we decided to go? others we regularly speak to in ourWe probably booked our places for church but we’d never thought toa variety of reasons. ask their names.Perhaps some of us went because it It all felt quite comfortable up tosounded like a pleasant way to this point.spend a Saturday with our friends.Some knew that what lay ahead Lunchtime was spent eating andwould be hard work. chatting and dodging the showers to take the opportunity to look aroundMany found the prospect interesting the interesting and pretty village ofand challenging; others were more Eyam. If you haven’t been, it’scautious. highly recommended. (And weIt certainly started conventionally worked on the post-it wall, too)with Anne leading us in praise and We returned from our break toBible study. confront the harsh reality that notWe agreed to be honest but everything we do meets the needsrespectful in our discussions and to of our church and the people oflisten to different points of view. Belper in 2011. Many of usThe small group activity which suspected this already.followed concentrated on those Just what do we need to do in theareas which we think we do really next 3 years and how do we drawwell as shown by our Healthy up our Mission Action Plan? WeChurch Questionnaire and which generated so many ideas that thethe Vision Team has been studying. post-its and paperwork spreadIn the best tradition of away days further round the wall and into thewe contributed via post-its on large hallway. The common grumble wassheets of paper which rapidly filled that we didn’t have enough time tothe blank wall. capture everything.For many of us this activity We were certainly honest andprovided an opportunity to put respectful and what a greatThree in One 6 July 2011
  8. 8. opportunity to discover just how Saturday with our friends? Ofthoughtful and creative we all are! course it was.So….where to now? Anne and the Did we find it interesting andVision Team will be digesting our challenging? Certainly.ideas, publicising the details of our Was it uncomfortable at times?work, selecting the really important Definitely.areas and setting out the actionplan. If you were there, do you agree that it was an opportunity? We do.One certainty is that we will need alot of help and support from If you couldn’t make it on Saturdayeveryone in our churches to grasp and would like to know more,the opportunity (it’s that word please ask someone who was thereagain!!) and use our own strengths because they’d love the o---------- toand talents to translate these ideas talk about it.into reality. Bob & Sue AllenWas it a pleasant way to spend a Thank you again!I have just sent off another £200 to St Crispin’s Home in India, thanks to allthose who faithfully buy our greetings cards. Brilliant! We have recentlyreceived photos of the curtains and desks that were bought with themoney we took over in January; the dormitories and sick bay look so muchbrighter now and the youngest primary children no longer have to sit onthe floor for their lessons. Our donations make such a difference. Thankyou so much. Kate Gough Three in One August Deadline Fellowship News The deadline for the August 2011 If you have any news to share edition will be 5.30pm on Monday about the fellowship please let us 25th July. know. Anne and Andrew HardyThree in One 7 July 2011
  9. 9. Jeff Lucas on Change‘Why do we get so attached to things being the way they were? While theChurch should be a place of stability, it is also a community of journeyingpeople, and changes of scenery are to be expected and embraced. Whenthe Church stops moving, she stops being the Church. We are a marchingpeople, hopefully a carnival train, inviting others to come with us as wecontinue with each other and God.’ - [Jeff Lucas’ notes on Acts 15: 1-11]‘For travellers there are no paths. Paths are made by travellers walking.’ -Antonio Machado‘He who limps is still walking’ - Anon Farmer’s Market CafeWhen the Salvation Army Corps moved out of their building on the MarketSquare late last year the opportunity arose to continue their monthlyministry to the Farmer’s Market stallholders and shoppers. Now, underthe ‘Hope for Belper’ umbrella, we open up the hall from 8am until 1pm,serving drinks and cakes and providing a friendly place to meet and chat.Earlier this year we took the decision that there would be no charge forrefreshments, explaining to customers that local Christians just wanted toprovide a much needed service without looking for anything in return.Donations more than cover costs and any surplus is given to Hope forBelper for their continuing work. If you’d like to help in any way, makingcakes or biscuits or serving drinks please contact us. It’s great fun and awonderful way of meeting people and ‘being church’ in the community! David and Kate GoughVisit our Website on www.stpetersparishbelper.orgSt Peter’s Parish weekly news sheet appears on the welcome page ofthe parish website.Three in One 8 July 2011
  10. 10. St Mark’s invite all three churches to our fun weekend on 22nd/23rd/24th July 2011 at 104 Sandbed Lane Camping is available Friday/Saturday night for caravans and tents etc. SATURDAY  John Walker with his miniature steam engine.  Guided tours of the quarry by Wilf Hunt.  Games and activities for all ages.  Various Vintage Vehicles  Fish & Chip Lunch  BBQ Evening SUNDAY  10.30 am Joint Parish Morning Service on the field.  Picnic Lunch  Social Natter  Prize giving.  Tidy up and farewell Please come and support this event. Drop in for one hour or stay for the whole weekend. Names and numbers for camping to your churchwardens by 17th July 2011.Three in One 9 July 2011
  11. 11. Three in One 10 July 2011
  12. 12. Three in One 11 July 2011
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  14. 14. Three in One 13 July 2011
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  16. 16. Three in One 15 July 2011
  17. 17. Three in One 16 July 2011
  18. 18. Three in One 17 July 2011
  19. 19. Three in One 18 July 2011
  20. 20. Consumers or Disciples? (Mt 11:16-19) To what can I compare this generation? They are like children sitting in the market-places and calling to others: We played a flute for you, and you did not dance; We sang a dirge for you and you did not mourn. We are a market-place generation. Consumers devoted to pick and mix, Cafe church, traditional church, Fresh expressions, stale expressions, Flute playing, dirge-singing Dipping in and out, Moving on, Rejecting what doesn’t please me, right now. We are consumers, yes. But disciples? Life-long learners, Committed to the Way, Devoted to the Truth, Experiencing the fullness of Life which is Jesus? Prepared to endure to the end, Being thankful in all circumstances, Even when that involves a cross? Are we really becoming And making disciples? God, who sent the flute-player And the dirge-singer, Give us wisdom. By Daphne KitchingThree in One 19 July 2011
  21. 21. The Road To EmmausOn the Sunday after Easter at St setting new roof supports andJames Church, Riddings, the Gospel recovering the bodies of those stillreading was the story of the two remaining. During this work thedisciples on the road to Emmaus. bodies of 40 men were foundLuke 24: 13-35. In this story the altogether. It was obvious thesetwo men are joined by Jesus, men had lived for some time afteralthough they do not realise this at the explosion. They had writtenfirst. Sally, the priest, in her sermon two messages in chalk on a plank ofsuggested that we all may have wood. These read as follows:-encountered Jesus in a similar way “The Lord has been with us, we arewhen He may have been alongside all ready for heaven. Half past 2us in difficult times. o’clock Thursday. Signed Ric Cole.”This reminded me of the men in the A second message read as follows:-Seaham Harbour Colliery explosion. “Bless the Lord; we have had a jollyThe explosion occurred on prayer meeting, every man readyWednesday the 8th September 1880 for glory. Praise the Lord. R. Cole.”at 2.20am. By midnight 67 men had Note that these men were notbeen rescued. This left 164 men looking back but forward. Whatstill underground, none of these happened there when these mensurvived. After three weeks of hard who, knew there was no hope oftoil the decision was made to seal rescue, could leave behind messagesoff that section of the mine. This like that?was in order to cut off air to thefires that had been started by the I believe the Lord was with them. Iexplosion as there was the danger of can imagine the Lord suddenlyfurther explosions. appearing amongst them and saying, “Peace be with you. Do notOne year later that section of the be afraid, I am with you, I am goingmine was re-opened and the work to prepare a place for you, thatbegan clearing the falls of roof, where I am you will be also.”Three in One 20 July 2011
  22. 22. In 1961 I visited Seaham Harbour the death toll was 1000 killed perColliery to see some of the year. Often father and sons workingequipment being used on one of the in the same mine meant a womanfaces. At that time I was the could lose several of her menfolk.Undermanager at Shipley Coppice In one such disaster five men fromColliery. During the visit I saw the one home were killed. This was aplank of wood with the messages husband, two sons and two lodgers.quoted above in a glass case in the The sorrow and grief suffered bymanager’s office. that woman would have been accompanied by a total loss ofWhen the colliery closed the glass income.case with its plank of wood wasinstalled in the church at Seaham. Albert KnightThe coal mining industry sufferedmany such disasters, for many years Messy Church!!!Three in One 21 July 2011
  23. 23. CHRISTIAN AID WEEKMany thanks to all those who helped collect envelopes and gave duringChristian Aid week. St Peter’s collected a total of £912-49. Anyone whowrote a cheque may find it takes a while to be cashed as cheques have to besent to the area treasurer for processing.The Good Friday hunger lunch raised £152.78 and this has also beenpassed on to Christian Aid.Spring Harvest 2011Spring Harvest was great. The mornings started at 9.00 with worship forthe whole family. The lively singing and drama was a great way to start theday. Gerard Kelly gave the morning talk on the book of Malachi whichteaches us that God has chosen us for His purposes and therefore we needto follow His laws. We were reminded that we made the choice to followGod and He wants people to worship Him.During the day we had a choice, either to go to a seminar, or to have freetime when we could go for a walk, or swim, play crazy golf, go to thefunfair, or even sleep!!During the evenings there was a time of worship and a talk. The worshiptime was led by Noel Robinson and with so many people present, it wasuplifting. We may sing some of his songs in church in the future. Therewas also late night entertainment which Jonathan Veira led and was veryenjoyable.I would recommend Spring Harvest, and it would be wonderful if morepeople from the parish attended. To find out more speak to Anne or RoyStraton, David or Kate Gough or me.The bookings for 2012 opened on the 15th June. The dates for Minehead are: 31st March – 5th April 5th April- 10th April (Easter) 10th April – 15th April For Skegness 10 April-15th April Ivan RobinsonThree in One 22 July 2011
  24. 24. Serendipity or “the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men”As you might imagine visitingvarious churches requires a certainamount of planning. However, as inmost other things in life these plansdon’t always work out, so there isalways a need for some flexibility.Heavy traffic, spending significantlymore or less time at one locationthan we planned and even problemswith the Satnav have all resulted inus changing our plans. This oftenmeans that we have to miss outsome places and arrange to visitthem on another occasion.Although it is often easy to findwhen cathedrals and the larger St Mary’s Ecclesfield Anne Hardy 2011minsters and abbeys are open. For the difference between amany of the smaller churches we Communion Table and an Altar. Weexpect to find some of them closed. also spent time sharing our faithFor example, when we set off to with one another.visit Ecclesfield Priory, HalifaxMinster, Bradford Cathedral, The site of the church in EcclesfieldDewsbury Minster, Woodkirk Priory appears to have been a place ofand Wakefield Cathedral, we did not Christian worship for 1500 yearsexpect to find either of the priories and was the mother church for theopen. moorlands area of the West Riding of Yorkshire.Arriving at Ecclesfield, just north ofSheffield, we found that a midweek It is not clear when the Priory wascommunion service had just founded, but in 1310 thefinished and we were welcomed Archbishop of York had to act towith open arms. We were given a ensure that they observed theirpersonal guided tour and we learnt religious duties.Three in One 23 July 2011
  25. 25. The current building dates fromaround 1200 and has beenreworked over the centuries.By the time we left we were wellbehind schedule but absolutelydelighted with the experience. Bythe time we reached Dewsbury wewere running so late that wedecided to leave Woodkirk and St Mary’s Woodkirk Anne Hardy 2011Wakefield for another day. during the reign of Edward II (1284-In early June we found ourselves 1327), it was reckoned amongst thewith a free Wednesday so we most famous in the country. It isdecided to make another trip up the said merchants from France, Spain,M1. The first place we visited was and even Germany came to sell theirWoodkirk Priory. Again I was not merchandise at it. Today Woodkirkexpecting to find the church open is not even named on some maps.and again we arrived just as a mid- Once again we spent much longerweek communion service was there than we had planned for andfinishing. Where else but in a again we left our new friends feelingchurch could you meet people for blessed.the first time and yet feel you’veknown them for years. From Woodkirk we travelled to Wakefield and then on to Howden,Woodkirk means wooden church, arriving just as the verger wasand was originally a cell of BlackCanons under Nostel Priory and was clearing away hymn books after a funeral.founded in the reign of Henry I(1100-1135). The current building Perhaps these trips will remind usdates largely from the late 12th that sometimes when our planscentury. In 1832 a severe storm don’t work out we might be in fordestroyed the roof and severely something far better.damaged the building. However, Andrew Hardythe rebuilding retained and restoredmuch of the original structure.A fair was held at Woodkirk, andThree in One 24 July 2011
  26. 26. Family OccasionsFuneralsSt Peter’s26th May Cyril Lees (74) of Nottingham Road2nd June Keith Blount (72) of Laund CloseSt Swithun’s25th May Edith Harrison (89) of Glen ViewCrematorium7th June Elsie Stone (92) of Ada Belfield Residential Home India Evening July 1st, 7.30pm @ St. Peter’sAt last we have found an opportunity to share ourexperiences of our visit to India in January of thisyear!! As well as re-visiting St Crispin’s Children’sHome in Pune we were privileged to spend two days ata rural health project, visiting a hospital, farm and thesurrounding villages. We heard some incrediblestories of God’s transforming power and grace.Many of you have supported the work at St Crispin’sby buying our greetings cards, sponsoring Kate’s efforts to slim andmaking generous donations. Please come along and see how that money ismaking a difference to the lives of the girls there and how God is at workthrough other Christian projects. We are thrilled that St. Peter’s hasadopted St. Crispin’s as one of their charities to support over the next 3years and we will do all we can to keep you fully informed ofdevelopments there.Indian-style refreshments served! David and Kate GoughThree in One 25 July 2011
  27. 27. Dates for Your DiaryJoint Holy Communion on Sunday 10th July at 10.30 am.This is for the whole Parish to welcome to our new Curate Rachel and herfamily. Children’s activities. Service followed by a ‘Bring and Share’ Lunch.Parish Walk The next walk is on 10th July, leaving St Peters at 2.30pmafter the church lunch. The walk will be local and details are beingarranged by Roy Stratton and Mick Reade.To see the other walks planned over the summer see the Walking scheduleon the parish web site under Parish Life, Walking Group. Pleasecontact Roy Stratton (0781 600 2678) for further details.Art and Crafts Sale with teas, music and hand bells. At St Swithun’son Saturday 16th July, from 2pm to 5pm .Joint Outdoor Morning service at 10.30 am on Sunday 24th Julyat 104 Sandbed Lane. Bring a chair/rug and picnic.Parish Harvest Supper and Barn DanceSaturday 1st October, Belper Community Hall. Tickets and more detailssoon.Retreat to Iona: Reflection and Prayer led by Revd Rob Marshall3rd - 7th October 2011BOOK NOW! INCLUSIVE COST - £493An opportunity to discover the meaning of pilgrimage in a special break tothe island of St Columba with the writer, broadcaster and veteran pilgrim-age leader Revd Rob Marshall. The tour price includes; three nights halfboard (breakfast and dinner provided) and one night bed and breakfast(dinner is not provided), coach travel from York to Glasgow and Iona,coach and ferry journeys between Oban and Iona, all lectures and visits.Items not included: All lunches, gratuities & gifts to churches (£20), Sin-gle Room Supplement (if available) £95, Drinks with meals and any itemsof a personal nature.Contact Adam Orr (UKLTG): 01482562455 www.ukltg.comThree in One 26 July 2011
  28. 28. STORY WORDSEARCH Solution on page 32You will meet one of the Bibles mostoutstanding prophets in this story.19 words have been omitted, and thenumber of letters in the missingwords is indicated by the figures inbrackets. Decide what those wordsare, then find them in the grid (someletters are used more than once).When youve found the words, putthe circled letters in their correctorder to give you the charactersnameWhen Nebuchadnezzar king of Bab- The most (11) of the four resolvedylon besieged Jerusalem, he took not to (6) himself with the rich foodvaluable articles from the (6) to and wine offered to him.keep in the treasure house of his But/ said the official, I am afraid ofheathen god. He also ordered (8) his my lord the king who has (8) yourchief court official, to bring (6) himfood and drink. He feared that theiryoung men from the captive Israel- appearance would (6) and that theites. They were to be healthy and king would kill him for allowing this(8). to happen. But the young man askedNebuchadnezzar ordered that they that he and his companions be givenbe taught the Babylonian culture, only (10) to eat and (5) to drink forand take responsible positions in ten days. Then the official couldthe kings (7). They were to have the compare their appearance with thatbest food, as eaten by the kings of others who had eaten the rich (4).household, and be trained for three After ten days the four looked (9)(5). than those who had dined richly.Among those chosen were (4) Their leader, a man of (3), and inter-young men who were each given a preter of (6), found favour withheathen name to replace their (6) Nebuchadnezzar, and stayed on un-name. til the commencement of the reign of (5).Three in One 27 July 2011
  29. 29. Three in One 28 July 2011
  30. 30. Diary1st Fri 7.00 pm Young People’s Fellowship (YPF) to 9.00 pm in St Peters west end (Every Friday in term time) but July 1st picnic at Carsington, 22nd July Summer BBQ at Heage. Fri 7.30 pm ‘India Evening’ at St Peter’s (see page 25)2nd Sat 8.00 am Prayer Morning at St Peter’s – 12.30 pm 2.00 pm Wedding of Alexander Jennison and Kelly Fowler at St Peter’sSunday 3rd The Second Sunday after Trinity E100 Week 12 Teaching of Jesus (Lost and Found)ST PETER’S 10.30 am All Together WorshipST MARK’S 9.30 am Holy Communion with Sunday Club (3+) 6.30 pm Evening PrayerST SWITHUN’S 11.00 am Morning Worship 10.15 am The Ordination as Deacon of Rachel Marszalek at for 10.45 am Derby Cathedral.4th Mon 6.30 pm Craft Club in St Peter’s west end – 9.00 pm (every Monday in July)5th Tues 7.30 pm Churches Together In Belper meet at Our Lady’s Catholic Church, Gibfield Lane6th Wed 1.15 pm Little Church at St Peter’s for little children (on the – 2.45 pm 6th, 13th, 20th and on the 27th Picnic & Play from 12 noon to 2.00 pm)Sunday 10th The Third Sunday after Trinity E100 Week 13 Miracles of Jesus - RestoredST PETER’S 8.00 am BCP Holy Communion 10.30 am Joint Holy Communion for the Parish to welcome to our new Curate, Rachel and her family. (see page 26)Three in One 29 July 2011
  31. 31. ST MARK’S 10.30 am Parish Holy Communion at St Peter’s 6.30 pm Evening PrayerST SWITHUN’S 10.30 am Parish Holy Communion at St Peter’s10th Sun 2.30 pm Meet at St Peter’s for Parish Walk in the local area. (see page 26)12th Tues 7.30 pm St Peter’s Council meets St Peter’s west end14th Thurs 11.30 am Meet at the car park for St Mark’s Fellowship outing. Meal at the Miners Arms followed by a visit to Hopton Hall 8.00 pm St Mark’s Council meets in St Mark’s Hall16th Sat 2.00 pm Art and Craft sale at St Swithurns to 5.00 pm (see page 26) 1.00 pm Wedding of Richard Brown and Lorna Lownds at St Mark’s 3.00 pm Wedding of Kevin Hennessy and Michelle Brandrick at St Mark’sSunday 17th The Fourth Sunday after Trinity E100 Week 14 Cross of Christ – Life through ChristST PETER’S 10.30 am Holy Communion Sunday Club (0-14) 2.30 pm Baptism PreparationST MARK’S 9.30 am Morning Worship 6.30 pm Holy CommunionST SWITHUN’S 11.00 am Morning Worship18th Mon 7.30 pm St Swithun’s Council meets at the church19th Tues 10.00 am St John’s School Year 6 leavers’ service at St Peter’s All welcome.20th Wed 2.30 pm St Swithun’s Group meet at the church. Speaker: Rev David Rowley. rd th23 , 24 & 25th St Mark’s Church‘ Fun Weekend’ at 104 Sandbed Lane (see pages 9 &26)23rd Sat 1.30 pm Wedding of Alex Holmes and Caroline Waterfall at St PetersThree in One 30 July 2011
  32. 32. Sunday 24th The Fifth Sunday after Trinity E100 Week 15 The Church is born – Open to allST PETER’S 8.00 am BCP Holy Communion 10.30 am Joint Parish Outdoor Morning Worship at 104 Sandbed LaneST MARK’S 10.30 am Joint Parish Outdoor Morning Worship at 104 Sandbed Lane 6.30 pm No evening serviceST SWITHUN’S 10.30 am Joint Parish Outdoor Morning Worship at 104 Sandbed LaneSunday 31st The Sixth Sunday after Trinity E100 Week 16 Travels of Paul – A new thingST PETER’S 10.30 am Holy CommunionST MARK’S 9.30 am Morning Worship 6.30 pm Holy CommunionST SWITHUN’S 11.00 am Holy CommunionAUGUSTSunday 7th The Seventh Sunday after Trinity E100 Week 17 (Fruit of the Spirit) The Christian lifeST PETER’S 10.30 am All Together Worship & ThanksgivingST MARK’S 9.30 am Holy Communion 6.30 pm Evening PrayerST SWITHUN’S 11.00 am Morning WorshipCost of preachingOne beautiful Sunday morning, a priest announced to his congregation:"My good people, I have here in my hands three sermons...a £100 sermonthat lasts five minutes, a £50 sermon that lasts fifteen minutes, and a £10sermon that lasts a full hour. Now, well take the collection and seewhich one Ill deliver."Three in One 31 July 2011
  34. 34. ‘Yoredale’ Holiday Cottage To Let - in the Yorkshire Dales Stone built cottage, in Gayle. Accommodates 5 3 Bedrooms-1 Double/1Twin/1 Single. Log Burner.2 small enclosed gardens-dogs welcome, outside dining. The Pennine Way runs behind the cottage. Hawes 10 min.walk provides: Good Pubs/ A Park Shops/Museums/ Wensleydale Creamery. Parking x2Contact Gail on 0777 482 4161 for Brochure and
  35. 35. WHOS WHO? email TelephoneVicar: Rev Anne Stratton rev.annestratton@btintemet.com 839560Curates: Rev April Tompkins april_tompkins@hotmail.com 835122 Rev Rachel Marszalek revrachelemma@gmail.com 07521 002414Administrative Assistant: Dawn Holden office@stpeterbelper.plus.com Church Office 828772Readers: John Walker john@belperln.gotadsl.co.uk 688373 Margaret Baxter 827309 Dinah Dawson Jonathan Tillin jonathan.tillin@gmail.com 821043Churchwardens: Andrew Race aj.race@btintemet.com 07976 760358 Gill Reade family@mickreade.wanadoo.co.uk 820564Deputy Churchwardens:St Peters Roy Stratton 839560 Sue Allen sue@getbusy.uk.com 07980 693375St Marks Yvonne Sewter 826123St Swithuns Mavis Cresswell 823983P.C.C. Treasurer Andrew Race 07976 760358P.C.C. Secretary Angela Thomas 824149Editors of Three in One Andrew and Anne Hardy andrew.hardy3@btinternet.com 825729