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  1. 1. Christian Adventures International Presents
  2. 2. CONNECTING COUNTRIES TO CHRISTPlanning meetings for Madagascar See you in Brazil Greetings from Japan Benin, West Africa
  3. 3. Praying for Kazakhstan Equipping Evangelists of Eurasia for the harvestPraying for Kyrgyzstan The First Tent Ministry Creative Meeting.Making plans for Togo Big Plans! Lots of ideas!
  4. 4. DesMoines, Iowa, USA Daytona Beach, Florida, USA Making plans for Norway Bashkortostan, Russia Releasing Women of Kazakhstan to preach the Gospel Preparing meetings for Benin
  5. 5. Estonia
  6. 6. Japan
  7. 7. Japan
  8. 8. Kazakhstan
  9. 9. Kazakhstan
  10. 10. Ukraine
  11. 11. Ukraine
  12. 12. Norway
  13. 13.  Pollyana – Belgium  Eliane – We must be Nanterre, France concentrated on  Leslie’s message was people’s good qualities. simple: use your This part of the voice, and speak about message really Jesus Christ and what impressed me. He does. I will stop looking so  I will take God’s word much on people’s faults. and speak it simply as it We must overlook these was intended. faults and see all people  This has brought me as Jesus sees them. back to my new birth. Pastor Moise, La  Chrystele – Defense, France Lognes, France I need to put my faith  Most of all, I have to change into action. Leslie my way of preaching the pushed me to act. If I Gospel. Now, I will follow don’t act, God will not the pattern of “Jesus Loves” move. rather than “Respect”. In Acts 3, Peter and  I will apply this by John saw the crippled evangelizing people and helped them. I am differently. like this crippled and  Today when witnessed to a Leslie’s message is woman I spoke too much of helping me to get up. myself and not enough In practice, I will go to about Jesus. I have decided the sick of my church to that I need to put less preach to them in this emphasis on me and more way and exhort them to on Jesus. rise up in health.
  14. 14. CostaRica
  15. 15. Costa Rica
  16. 16. Costa Rica
  17. 17. France
  18. 18. Making plans for FranceThe Gospel Changes People’s Lives Michael – Normandy, France. People aren’t really aware of the significance of their relationship with Christ. The problem in France is that people are too philosophical and they need to change their thinking. I will put what I learned from Leslie into action and share it with other people.
  19. 19.  Alexander, France  Kevin said that women should not be afraid to tell other about God, and I know that God wants me to share His Word with others.  I love my country and really want to show them the way to Christ. I am motivated now to seek God to show me how He can use me to spread His message to France.•Lydie, France•We should include God in all of our dreams. IfGod has put these desires in my heart, it meansthat He wants this for me.• Kevin’s teaching helped me to maintain myvision. As a French believer, now I will dream ofrevival for France.
  20. 20. •David, Normandy, France •Everybody has the opportunity to open his or her mouths and tell others about God. •I learned at this conference that my participation in God’s plan is extremely important. •I am going to use my youth group as my accountability partner for what I have been taught here. •I want to explain to my friends who we are in Christ. It is important that we know where we really come from. Divine, Les Ulis, France Kevin is showing his obedience by spreading God’s word to Russia and to the whole world. I am ready to demonstrate my obedience and begin to share God’s love with people at my school. I have a new respect for God’s house, and I am willing to stand up to others who disrespect it.
  21. 21. Gabon
  22. 22. Benin, West Africa
  23. 23. Russia
  24. 24. Russia
  25. 25. Russia
  26. 26. Urals, Russia
  27. 27. Russia
  28. 28. Puerto Rico
  29. 29. Puerto Rico
  30. 30. Togo
  31. 31. Kevin andLeslie withnew friends inTogo, West Africa
  32. 32. Argentina
  33. 33. Argentina
  34. 34. Argentina
  35. 35. Mexico
  36. 36. Guatemala
  37. 37. Youth Meeting in Guatemala
  38. 38. Mongolia
  39. 39. Mongolia
  40. 40. Mongolia
  41. 41. India, Miracle Life Outreach
  42. 42. India Guntur, India
  43. 43. India
  44. 44. India
  45. 45. India
  46. 46. Armenia
  47. 47. Miracles and Music Tent Festival in Armenia
  48. 48. IntroducingPeople to God the Healer
  49. 49. No matter which country we are from, God sees us all as His Precious Children and loves us all alike
  50. 50. We appreciate your partnership and making these miracle events possible! If we can pray with you please contact us via and leave us a message! For more live stories from the field go to: Facebook: McNulty Ministries; Twitter: Drs. Kevin or Leslie McNulty; YouTube: McNultyMinistries SlideShare: mcnultyministries This presentation is written internationally. Photos and Text are prepared by Galyna Lyevshyna, Staff Photographer, Christian Adventures International