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Annual report 2017 final


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BCC, UCC Annual Report

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Annual report 2017 final

  1. 1. Moderator’s Report Submitted by Steve Bailey, 2016-2017 Moderator “It has been my blessing and privilege to serve you as Moderator over the past year.” Your Executive Council listened to God’s spirit of love and desire for community, and appointed in the fall of 2015 three outstanding Committees to facilitate our transition from Jim Chapman to a then-unknown new Senior Pastor. We will be forever grateful for the careful and thorough work of the Profile Creation Committee for drafting a Church Profile based upon reliable and comprehensive congregational data garnered from Dr. Jim Pence’s comprehensive and professional CAT Survey. This year, your Search Committee carried on that good work, utilizing the Church Profile in sifting through scores of candidates in a remarkable spirit of service and collaboration. These two committees were comprised of smart and dedicated people who committed hundreds of hours to serving our congregation, but those commendable human efforts do not fully account for the process and ultimate results of such efforts. These fine and faithful people humbly (and at times, not so humbly!) bent their collective ear to the whispering of God’s loving spirit, and, thereby enriched and strengthened our beautiful congregation of precious souls. We gratefully acknowledge these fine servants, and we give thanks to God’s glorious love in the transition that took place this year! Which brings me to Reverend Anne Cubbage. We found her, she found us, and the Holy Spirit was right in the middle of it all. Since she came to us five months ago, I have been deeply impressed to observe and work with Anne. She is a dedicated and authentic person who has undertaken her call with energy, strength and a servant’s heart. A true pastor. Her cute little red car is in the church parking lot early in the morning, and she pours her considerable love and intelligence into a wide array of tasks, projects and meetings with a level of energy that is truly remarkable. She has undertaken a conscientious and thorough effort to reach out to all four corners of our congregation. She has attended scores of meetings with your Boards and committees She is undertaking a clear eyed review of the church’s administrative structure. She has collaboratively worked with Lynn and Marta and the cohesion within our Pastoral Staff has been a blessing to behold. And Lynn and Marta ain’t chopped liver either! Our Music and Faith Formation Ministries are flourishing. The excellence of the Worship Services remains at the highest level. Your Executive Council has collaboratively worked this year to advance BCC’s missions. We are committed to financial accountability and sustainability. We continue to work on improving church government and the constitution of your Boards and Committees. In that regard, we are grateful for Dean Quaranta’s diligent work in the areas of Board and Committee Appointments and communications among and between them. This report would be many pages long if I were to extol the fine qualities of each of your Executive Council’s members, so those accolades must await another time. Simply put, it has been an honor and pleasure to work with each and every one of them. The new members of the Boards and Committees have dedicated themselves to serving you and the broader missions of BCC. I I am confident that your combined leadership group will, with your energy, help move our church forward in expressing God’s love both within our congregation and outside our church’s walls.
  2. 2. On a personal note, serving on the Executive Council over the past five years has allowed me to connect with our church in ways that would have been impossible without such service. I have been loved and nurtured in the process. My heart is grateful for all of you. God’s blessing all over your sweet selves,
  3. 3. Pastor’s Report The old adage is that ‘God Loves Us Just As We Are—But Too Much To Let Us ​Stay That Way’. Although it has become cliché, our faith narrative bears this out. We as a people of faith are deeply rooted in history, intensely connected to a God who is desirous of intimate loving relationships with all the creatures of this earth; and we are called out of our places of comfort, to face the unknown with boldness and courage. Almost 5000 years ago, a man named Abram was told to “​Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you​.” (Genesis 12) Two millennia ago, Jesus charged his disciples with boldness and courage as they left all that they had previously known in order to ​“​ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons​.” And what boldness and courage were exhibited by our pilgrim ancestors as they chose to leave the Old World: everything they had come to know, many of their friends and some of their revered leaders including the Rev. John Robinson who charged them to keep open minds, to listen for God’s stillspeaking voice in even some of the most surprising packages. His well-known words to them as they sailed towards the New World were, ​“I am verily persuaded the Lord hath more truth yet to break forth out of His Holy Word.” It is always time to ask the question, “​Does God have yet more truth to break forth?​” To examine truth in this way will require us to have a great singleness of mind, to move with boldness and courage. Are we willing to be the church that is ever moving on in the light of God? Are we willing for God to fill us with the heart and mind of our faithful and righteous ancestors? What difference would it make to the community if Broadmoor UCC closed its doors as a religious institution? What makes our viability important? If we are bold and faithful, what is it that God has called us to do and be in this time and in this place of our history? John Wesley, founder of Methodism said, “​Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can​.” Are we living out our life as a church with this purpose in mind? Broadmoor UCC has a strong history of doing exactly this. This is one of the main reasons Tammie and I chose you out of all the churches in the UCC. You understand that there is a special difference between service organizations, missions,. . . and church--You are a church that recognizes that its relationship with the community begins in its relationship with God—a relationship exemplified as the ‘body of Christ’. ​We chose you because you are a church that understands that as a people of faith we are called out of our places of comfort to face the unknown with boldness and with courage. My vision for Broadmoor UCC is that we will be the church that shares God’s love in a vital and real way with ALL of our community.
  4. 4. I know that in order to bring this vision into focus we should increase our knowledge through study & conversation, grow in our prayer and commitment of time and monetary resources, and learn to give words to our understanding of God’s love. In order to bring this vision into focus (to offer God’s love notes to our community) we could: ● Start a satellite church (faith & life conversation) in a non-threatening, non-traditional space (i.e. soccer field, coffee shop, Cheyenne Mountain Park) ● Become a real presence as mentors in the local elementary school ● Offer a parents night out for the community once a month ● Create an FBI (fixers, builders, and instructors) group to assist people in need, both inside and outside the Broadmoor family ● Purchase a church van and provide transportation for the seniors in our immediate neighborhood. ● Become more visible and participatory in the digital community. I have high hopes and great expectations for us as a church! I am sure that when we look at the abundance of God’s gifts and imagine what new land God is calling us to move into, that God has more light and truth to break forth . . . right here in Colorado Springs, right now at Broadmoor UCC. Let us be bold and faithful as we move forward into the future, sharing God’s light and truth in bold and courageous ways! Grace & Peace, Pastor Anne
  5. 5. - Our middle & high school youth ministry spent thesummer doing special activities such as aHoly Hike. - Our children / youth attended summer camp at La Foret Conferenceand Retreat center. - We hosted PeaceCamp in thesummer of 2016 - Our youth ministry volunteered at Our Lord'sDinner every other month. - Our Children'sWorship (pre-k-3rdgrade) waslovingly supported by amazing volunteers. - Our Youth ministry attended theRMCUCCSpirit Spark Fall Retreat and SpringRetreat at La Foret. - Youth had a"Light Inside" Pumpkin Carve beforeHalloween. - We offered an 8th and 9th grade OWL course in Fall and a 4th, 5th & 6th grade OWL coursein Spring. - Our 4th and 5th graders had an awesomeprogram called Putting their Faith into Action.They sold hot cocoa to purchase and createblessing bagsfor our neighborsin need. - In winter of 2017 our youth mission trip team did monthly homemade soup fundraisers. - TheBoard of CElead a Multigenerational Advent Workshop. We made Advent Calendars. - MartaFioriti created an Advent Devotional for church members. - NeikaRosenberger lead the second annual family holiday movie night in December. - We created anew and improved Multigenerational Family Christmas Eve servicewith apageant. Faith Formation Annual Report Rev.Marta Fioriti,Minister of Faith Formation CorinaHurst, Children/ Youth Ministry Assistant
  6. 6. - Our youth ministry studied White Privilege in the winter of 2017. - 35 adultsjoined a5 week course on White Privilegein the winter of 2017. - Thesecond annual Lenten Lecturescoincided withour Lenten theme,Roll Down, Justice. - 14 BCCmembers(children, youth and adults) created a Lenten devotional. - Lenten Spirals werecreated at our Multigenerational Lenten Workshop for at home learning. - TheFiresideRoom was adorned with large "Stations of the Cross" coloringpages duringLent. An activity for the whole church. - Children buried theAlleluia banner under arock in our Glen.; a Lenten tradition that began in 2013. - Our Ash Wednesday service2017 was very accessibleto whole families. - Maundy Thursday wasalso accessibleto whole families.Our Stationsof theCross wereset in the Sanctuary thisyear. - Our youth groupsserved at theannual RAWtools,Plottingfor Peacefundraiser. - Thespring youth mission trip team fundraiser washomemade pies! - A small group of adultsattended the JamesW.Lectureship, Peter Rollins. - BCCsponsored theFilm: American Conscience.It was ahuge success.
  7. 7. It is very evident that God leads, inspires and energizes us all as we work together to provide many varied musical opportunities at Broadmoor Community Church. I have completed my thirteenth year as Minister of Music and together we continue to bea vibrant, growing and exciting ministry for the church and community. Here areafew of thehighlights of this year: - We had a very successful Music Camp for children in K ? 8th grades in July, 2016. We performed the musical, TheLost Boy, on Friday evening and had an ice-cream social. - TheSummer Concert Series in the Glen has been very well received. Many of our members brought their neighbors and friends to six concerts: JoRiCa+1; Acme Bluegrass Band; Mo Mungus; The Mitguards; Velvet Hills Chorus; Woodshed Red. Thesummer concert attendancewas over 1,000. - Our Sept-May Concert Series continues to bring us many wonderful concerts that enrich our lives.The ten concertswe had this year were: five concertsby the Chamber Orchestra of the Springs: Pikes Peak Flute Choir, Summit Chorale, Abendmusik, Parish House Baroque; and the Pikes Peak Opera League.There werewell over 2,000 in attendance. - Our Cherub Choir (K ? 3rd) and Chapel Choir (4th ? 8th) have had a very successful year. NeikaRosenberger led theCherub Choir and I led the Chapel Choir. The choirs have participated in both worship services nine times including a Christmas and Spring program. We performed a Christmas musical,?Christmas isHere, Sing Noel?,on December 4 and ChristmasEve we sangtwo songs from themusical aswell. - NeikaRosenberger also led a Music & Movement group for 4 and 5 year olds not yet in Kindergarten. This is a fun way to prepare thechildren for Cherub Choir. Minister of Music Report Rev.Lynn Hurst
  8. 8. - The Sanctuary Choir continues to provide beautiful and meaningful music each Sunday and for special services throughout the year including Lessons and Carols, Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Easter. Our worship istruly enhanced by their ministry. - The Music Interns have continued to bless us with their special music, directing and special dramatic presentations in worship. We extend a big thank you to Jenna Wu, Emily Fitzgerald, Tierre Allen and Josh Zambrano. Morrigane Dowler joined us for the last 3 months. Jenna and Tierre graduated in May. Josh and Emily plan to continue in September 2017. - The Broadmoor Bronze Bell Choir played twelve times in worship including Lessonsand Carols, ChristmasEve, Palm Sunday and two Easter Services. - The Senior Adult Bell Choir is having a lot of fun learning the technique of playingbells and being in fellowship together once a week. - Thenew Youth Bell Choir played in church three times. - We have been blessed with beautiful liturgical dance several times through theyear. - A special thanks also to: Neika Rosenberger for directing the Cherub Choir and Music & Movement and leading with her beautiful voice in many services; Linda Lynch and Marcia Wilcox for accompanying our children?s choirs; Stephanie Brink for being the substitute director, substitute bell ringer, leader of the Music Interns and wonderful soloist; Dan Scherling (organist/ accompanist) for his invaluable help and beautiful playing for worship. I look forward to the next year and pray that our music ministry will continue to bring people together in uplifting praise of God and celebration of God?s presence in our lives and our congregation.
  9. 9. Board of Worship and Arts Submitted by Gary Foote, chair Our Board is currently operating with 6 members: Gary Foote, Chair; Kaye Thompson, Arts Committee; Pat Cole, Communion Team; Ron Evenson, Ushers; Eric Leeper; and Neika Rosenberger; Revs. Anne Cubbage and Lynn Hurst serve as non-voting Staff Members, while our Executive Council Liaison position is currently open. Our Goal – ONE CHURCH​ ​through Worship, Music, and Art Opportunities – please consider the many meaningful BOW&A activities that can add to your involvement in and your contribution to our BCC Community. Here is an update on the activities of the Board of Worship and Arts: MUSIC MINISTRIES Under the leadership of Rev. Lynn Hurst, our Music Ministries continue to blossom as an essential part of our message and worship. The Adult Sanctuary Choir and ​Bronze Bell Choir ​- continue to be a strong, inspirational part of our worship experience. Opportunity ​– ​new singers and ringers are always welcome in our Sanctuary and Bell Choir families; you must read music to join the Bell Choir. Music Interns - while Neika Rosenberger and Stephanie Brink continue to grace our program, this year we have been blessed with four talented college students -- Josh, Tierre, and two Emilies! With the occasional return of ‘Intern Alums’ these talented young musicians are a unique and wonderful part of our church family, both musically and personally. Children’s Choirs - we celebrate the continued growth in both numbers and talent of our children’s choirs. Neika Rosenberger brings her unique talents to the younger Cherub Choir, while Lynn leads the older Chapel Choir and Youth Handbell Choir. Opportunity – introducing your children, grandchildren, or friends/ neighbors’ children to the wonderful world of BCC Music, changes young lives and strengthens our church. Senior Bell Choir​ - meanwhile, our older Church Seniors continue to pursue the joys of ringing. Opportunity – step right up and give this a try!
  10. 10. The BCC Concert Series - Lynn continues to develop the year-round musical programs that mark Broadmoor Community Church as a musical center for our community. While performers enjoy the unique environment of our Sanctuary and the Glen for their concerts, we in turn get to enjoy talent from these groups -- the Chamber Orchestra, Youth Symphony, Abendmusik, and others -- as part of our Sunday Services. Opportunity – we need volunteers to help set up, serve, and spruce up after Lynn’s concerts – especially for the SIX outdoor Glen Concerts this Summer. Music and Arts Camp - continues to grow as a community beacon attracting young families and introducing children to the magic of music. Accompanist Dan Scherling - ​is an essential part of our services and our music groups. USHERS We offer great thanks to Ron Evenson and our dedicated crew of regular and substitute Ushers/ Greeters for their truly faithful service. Our Ushers/ Greeters at each Service, and other events, are an essential part of the ‘welcoming spirit’ that is a tenet of Broadmoor Community Church. Ushers also assist in the serving of Communion to those unable to come forward. Opportunity – we are seeking additional regular and substitute Ushers; this is an ideal way to meet other members while serving your Church, so please consider joining us either as an individual or as a family. THE COMMUNION TEAM Assisting our Pastors in the preparing and serving of Communion is a dedicated group consisting of Lynne Proctor, Norman and Pat Cole, Peg and Joe Hunter and Mary Elizabeth Miller, under the watchful eye of Charlie Coon. Opportunity – we encourage more of the congregation to join this group and to participate in this essential and meaningful church sacrament. THE ARTS COMMITTEE Our wonderful church art collections continue their strong historic role as a unique and inspiring part of the Broadmoor Church experience. This past year saw the Arts Committee, under the leadership of Thelma Peck, working closely with the Staff to integrate our art displays with church/ worship themes. Opportunity – would you like to know more about our Collections, the Artists, and our Exhibits? Step right up and join in the fun! DECORATION FOR WORSHIP Surely you are enjoying the fresh new ideas and themes now enlivening our Sanctuary and Narthex.
  11. 11. Opportunity – no matter your skill level, add your hands to the decorating team. SPECIAL WORSHIP SERVICES It is a stated goal of the BOW&A to promote our special worship services. It has been encouraging to see increasing attendance at our powerful Ash Wednesday Service and the poignant Maundy Thursday evening dinner and service, as well as the newer Easter Vigil. SOUND TECHNICIAN Thank you, Lorin Nelson (and substitute Jacob Sandoval) for your dedicated service operating the sound systems for Sunday services and many other events.
  12. 12. June 2017 Missions Board Submitted by Kathi Hinckley & Patty Jerman co-chairs Westside Cares​-$6,000 (2016) $8,500 (2017 includes $2,500 for capital campaign fund II) Broadmoor Community Church is a founding member of Westside Cares, an organization that provides food, utility, and rent help to neighbors on the west side of Colorado Springs. • ​Lords Dinner-$2,080 (2016) $2,400 (2017 Budgeted) We help prepare and serve the Lord’s Dinner for the homeless and food-insecure every other month at Sacred Heart Church. We serve on the third Sunday of odd-numbered months: January, March, May, July, September, and November. ● School Supplies​ for children ​$394 (2016)​ and Thanksgiving food baskets ​$240 (2016). ● Capital Campaign Fund II​-We donated $2,500 (an additional $2,500 was given by a very generous donor for a total of $5,000) B Street Pantry (​Stratmoor Hills Community Food Pantry​) ​$2,230 (2016) $2,000 (2017) Restricted $ ● Provide food for the B Street Pantry. ● Collect toiletries for distribution at the pantry. ● Donate gently used clothing items CASA​-​$1,000 (2016) $1,500 (2017 Budgeted) The Court Appointed Special Advocates​ provides programs specifically designed to address the needs of abused and neglected children. ● Plan, prepare, and serve a meal with a team of volunteers nine times a year for CASA young adults living in foster or group homes. We feed 20-30 young people at each meal, seeking to provide a comfortable, family-like atmosphere by serving the meals in our fellowship hall. Mesa House​-​$1,100 (2016) $1,800 (2017 Budgeted) Mesa House provides transitional housing and support for homeless men dealing with alcohol, drugs, mental illness, and sexual offenses. ● Members sign up to prepare and deliver a meal for 10-12 men once a month. This can be an individual or group effort. Those making the meal deliver it by 5 p.m. on the second Friday of the month. ● Help provide needed Christmas gifts. World Holiday Craft Fair Broadmoor Community Church hosts a fair for nonprofit organizations selling their products to support social justice and environmental causes, improving health and education at home and abroad. While this fair will take a hiatus in 2017 it will be back in 2018 with renewed energy. Family Mentor Alliance Program​-​$1,500 (2016) $1,500 (2017 Budgeted) Part of Catholic Charities of Colorado, this program helps homeless families find housing and
  13. 13. keep it. The Family Mentor Alliance Program requires and provides training for those who wish to become a mentor. ● Our team of 6 helped provide mentoring to two families moving from homelessness to stable housing. This was a commitment that lasted 12 months between 2 families. ● Our team completed its calling after working with their families for many hours. Missions will recruit another team starting in September of 2017. La Puente Outreach Services​-​$300 (2016) $300 (2017 Budgeted) La Puente serves Colorado’s San Luis Valley by providing food, shelter, and advocacy for the homeless and community members in need. • The BCC Mission Board provided funding to help purchase school supplies for children living in the San Luis Valley. Stratton Meadows Elementary-​ ​$300 (2016) was given to the Art Program. $300 is budgeted for the Fall of 2017 Silver Key-​ $200 (2016) was given to the transportation program. $200 is budgeted for the Fall of 2017 Peace Camp Camp-​$800 (2016) was given to provide scholarships to children to be able to attend. $775 (2017) is budgeted for the Mission Youth Camp. Family in Need-​A $500 (2016) gift was given in the form of King Soopers gift cards to a family in need in our congregation. Film Sponsor-​A $500 (2016) donation was given for the screening of The Reinhold Niebuhr Story. A film about justice & power in a difficult time. Springs Rescue Mission-​ $500 (2016) donation was given to the general operating fund Purchased New Stove Tops for Church Kitchen-​Mission purchased 2 new stove tops for the kitchen $825 (2016.) Westside CARES​-​A $500 (2016) extra donation was given as a seasonal gift. Lords Dinner Casa Dinner Missions returned nearly $2,000 to the operating budget of the church in 2016. We were very careful with our budget and intend to be very careful again this year.
  14. 14. Board of Membership Submitted by Susan Simmons Team Members: Co-chairs, Susan Simmons and Janelle Walzer; Bob Simmons, Rick Anderson, Libby Kinder, Sharon Nanny, Kathleen Quaranta Staff member: Rev. Anne Cubbage Executive Committee Liaison: Dean Quaranta Since January, there have been six new members. With Anne Cubbage as our new minister we have had many visitors. We are working to grow and retain our membership by: ● Reinstating an Ambassador Program One or two people are present (wearing an ambassador ribbon) as people enter the church to answer questions and help visitors ● Reinstating a Mentor Program Each new member has a mentor who helps guide them towards being comfortable within the church ● Enhancing our digital presence by using digital advertising ● Having a new member party once a year. Members from BCC boards and committees are invited to let new members know how they can become involved ● Creating a digital directory ● Helping with Membership 101 Our annual budget is $2000, and as of May, $413.45 has been spent. There will be additional spending on advertising, the new directory and new member get- together. This is our annual new members’ get together, with Rev. Anne and several board members present.
  15. 15. Building and Grounds Committee Presented by Scott Dorff, chair The Building and Grounds (B&G) Committee is tasked with maintaining and enhancing the church facility and its grounds. BCC is blessed with a beautiful and spacious site overlooking Cheyenne Mountain and Big Stratton Reservoir. The Church’s design is timeless, natural and fits harmoniously with the site. The committee’s focus for the past year centered on the installation of new lights and two large scale fans in the sanctuary. The lighting system needed replacement as it was close to failing, used excessive amounts of power, and produced a significant amount of residual heat. The heat produced by the lights exacerbated a further problem of heat retention in the sanctuary during the summer months. With improvements in LED lighting over the past decade as well as the efficient, aesthetically pleasing design of recent fan technology, the committee was approved to move forward with this multi-phase project. Substantial savings in power consumption is expected from the new lighting system and the fans should bring significant relief to the heat of the summer. The other important event of the year took place on April 1​st​ when BCC became a victim of arson. The fire was started just outside the kitchen, causing extensive damage to the exterior of the building, additional damage to the kitchen area and smoke damage through out Otto Hall. Total damage amounted to over $200, 000. At the time of this report, work was underway to finish repairs by sometime in July 2017. We, the committee members – Andy Lewis, Gene Sandoval, John Davis, Dave Klunder, Don Hare and Scott Dorff -- look forward to another great year at this beautiful, multi-use building.
  16. 16. Memorial Gifts Committee Submitted by Kay Klunder, Chair The Memorial Gifts Committee administers a fund that provides members and friends of Broadmoor Community Church, UCC an opportunity to make lasting gifts to the church in memory of loved ones. The committee consists of five individuals; a chairperson appointed by the Executive Council, and persons representing the Board of Resource Management, Women’s Fellowship, Meditation Glen and Arts Committee. This past year the Memorial Gifts committee purchased the new large fans in the sanctuary and a new 75 gallon water heater to supply hot water to the Otto Hall kitchen and the bathroom downstairs as well as other locations. We also made a donation to Urban Peaks at the request of a family member and purchased a printer for office use to make CDs of services.
  17. 17. Investment Committee Submitted by Harry Gautsche, chair Report 12.31.15 - 01.10.17 Diversified Account Balance 12.31.2015 = $2,052,962 01.10.2017 = $2,053,596* *Voted for a cash withdrawal of $50,000 for Church Operating Account to assist meeting Budget shortage. Included is regular withdrawal into Church Operating Account of 4.5% from cash as voted 2013. Actual Portfolio Return= 6.73% Benchmark = 4.90% Meditation Glen Balance 12.31.2015 = $434,199 12.31.2016 = $486,817 Actual Portfolio Return = 8.30% Investment Committee meeting minute are available on request. Meeting schedule is quarterly.
  18. 18. Women’s Fellowship submitted by Ginny Rosinski The Women’s Fellowship group is open to any women of the Church and their friends and meets from September through May. We hoped that we would have programs that would attract other women in the Church to attend our programs but this was not as successful as we had hoped. In September, we had a good group for lunch​ ​at the Golden Bee. In October, Alice Beaton’s daughter, Gail Beaton, returned to our group and did an excellent job portraying Sara Platt Decker, who was involved with women's clubs and their legacy (public libraries, national & state parks, hospitals, etc.). In early November we were involved with a special show given by the Colorado Springs Chapter of Ikebana for our group and for the public. The flower arrangements were certainly beautiful!! At our regular meeting in November, we showed the movie ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’ which is about “Simplicity” (the topic of Jim Chapman’s sermons that month). In January we had a White Elephant Swap, which is always fun. We were honored that Pastor Anne and Tammie joined us for this event. In February, we decided to learn about Qigong and had Connie Kreider tell us all about ‘Wisdom Healing Qigong’​. ​In March, Lori Orwig, from Silver Key, enlightened us on what to watch for to avoid ‘Senior Fraud’. In April, Mary Sue Wildman gave us a very interesting tour of the Broadmoor, where we learned about the history of the hotel and its founders. Afterwards, we had lunch at Coal Mine Dragon. We finished our program year with lunch at Old Chicago. We helped with several funeral receptions this year for long time members of Women’s Fellowship. We enjoy doing what we can for women’s and children’s groups in town. For TESSA (which serves victims of domestic violence and sexual assault): we filled 48 Halloween treat bags for the adults & children they serve; we made 30 Christmas cards for their Christmas Shoppe; we filled 48 Christmas treat bags for adults and 48 Christmas treat bags for children; we filled 36 Valentine treat bags for adults and 36 Valentine treat bags for children. We thank YOU for donating the 215 calendars that we provided to TESSA. We bought 1008 filled Easter eggs for the children of our Church to hunt for on Easter morning. We gave books to the students graduating from Meadows Park Pre-School. And finally, we bought choir robes the youth choir. We continued to make recycled greeting cards for sale near the Fireside Room. Ginny Rosinski leads these workshops. We do ​thank the congregation​ for their generous donations of card fronts and for buying cards so that we have money to buy the supplies for the various projects that we do for TESSA, Meadows Park Pre-school and our Church. Joan Capesius was our banker again this year.
  19. 19. Broadmoor Community Church -- Financial Outlook as of June 2017 Anticipated Account Budget Annual Budget YTD Actual YTD Difference YTD YTD 2018 GF surplus (deficit) Revenue 3 Pledged and unpledged $465,000.00 $232,500.00 $240,291.05 $7,791.05 $240,291.05 4 Legacy/estate $0.00 $0.00 $25,000.00 $25,000.00 $0.00 5 Plate $10,000.00 $5,000.02 $3,417.52 -$1,582.50 $3,417.52 11 Building use $17,350.00 $8,675.02 $10,291.60 $1,616.58 $10,291.60 12 Investment income $0.00 $0.00 -$320.12 -$320.12 -$320.12 13 Foundation $115,000.00 $57,500.00 $95,696.00 $38,196.00 $45,696.00 14 Misc income $7,850.00 $3,925.04 $2,682.50 -$1,242.54 $2,682.50 Total revenue $615,200.00 $307,600.08 $377,058.55 $69,458.47 $302,058.55 Expenses and Transfers to be Designated 17 Personnel -$443,854.00 -$221,927.14 -$215,310.60 -$6,616.54 -$215,310.60 19 Denominational Support -$12,125.00 -$6,062.48 -$5,850.00 -$212.48 -$5,850.00 20 Missions -$21,350.00 -$10,674.98 -$7,531.97 -$3,143.01 -$7,531.97 21 Music -$19,350.00 -$9,675.00 -$1,913.23 -$7,761.77 -$1,913.23 22 Worship -$6,350.00 -$3,175.04 -$1,555.63 -$1,619.41 -$1,555.63 23 Family Ministries -$7,650.00 -$3,824.88 -$3,383.52 -$441.36 -$3,383.52 25 Christian Education -$1,700.00 -$849.98 -$775.36 -$74.62 -$775.36 26 Bereavement -$250.00 -$125.02 $0.00 -$125.02 $0.00 27 Membership Development -$2,000.00 -$999.98 -$530.59 -$469.39 -$530.59 28 Fellowship -$5,850.00 -$2,925.00 -$927.44 -$1,997.56 -$927.44 29 Building Operations -$57,425.00 -$28,712.60 -$29,190.34 $477.74 -$29,190.34 30 Utilities -$37,050.00 -$18,525.00 -$13,252.84 -$5,272.16 -$13,252.84 31 Administration -$59,100.00 -$29,549.94 -$28,958.84 -$591.10 -$28,958.84 32 Resource Development -$3,000.00 -$1,500.00 $0.00 -$1,500.00 $0.00 33 Safety and Security -$7,450.00 -$3,725.02 -$3,355.42 -$369.60 -$3,355.42 34 Trsf to desgnated accts -$14,000.00 -$14,000.00 -$14,000.00 $0.00 -$14,000.00 35 Other - executive council -$20,500.00 -$10,249.96 -$7,680.21 -$2,569.75 -$7,680.21 36 Other - contingency -$100.00 -$50.02 $0.00 -$50.02 $0.00 Total exp and trsfs to bd designated -$719,104.00 -$366,552.04 -$334,215.99 -$32,336.05 -$334,215.99 Total GF surplus (deficit) -$103,904.00 -$58,951.96 $42,842.56 $101,794.52 -$32,157.44