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Three in One Oct 2011


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The magazine of St Peter's, St Mark's and St Swithun's chuches Belper

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Three in One Oct 2011

  1. 1. ‘Three in One’ The Magazine of St Peter’s, St Mark’s & St Swithun’sOctober 2011 40 pence
  2. 2. A Future with HopeDear All, Parish, will shortly be experiencing change in the pattern of our SundayAs summer slips effortlessly into services. We want to encourageautumn I have been reflecting on new believers by offering serviceshow this period of transition from which will be accessible andone season to another reflects a lotof the changes going on around us at meaningful to them as well asthe moment. Many school children continuing to nurture our regularsare making the transition from one with services which offer familiar types of to another or even fromschool to University with all the So, yes, changes are ahead, but thereadditional issues that run alongside is nothing to worry about! Thethat change, affecting the parents as disciples were willing to leave theirwell as the students! jobs and their families in order to take up the challenge of followingOn a personal level, I’m still Jesus – but the changes we’re facingadjusting to the transition from are of a different order. What mightbeing in paid employment to being we be concerned about? That weretired (mostly all positive) and won’t meet with God in the samelooking at how I can be more way as before? We may not – butinvolved in the Parish. God will still be there ready to meetChange nearly always presents a with us and we will still be able tochallenge as we are suddenly moved find him and maybe even meet withfrom our ‘comfort zone’ into him in new and unexpected ways.completely new territory. We, as aThree in One 1 October 2011
  3. 3. God has called each one of us to love Yes, stepping outside our comforthim and to follow him. God’s zone is unsettling but it may wellpurpose is to draw all people to bring its own rewards, too.himself, and we all have a role to “For surely I know the plans I haveplay in God’s mission plan for for you”, says the Lord, "plans forBelper. This may involve some level your welfare and not for harm, toof sacrifice on our part – we may give you a future with hope. Thenneed to put aside our own needs in when you call upon me and comeorder to accommodate the needs of and pray to me, I will hear you.others, to help them take the first When you search for me, you willsteps in their journey of faith and to find me; if you seek me with all yourwalk alongside them if their steps heart.”should falter. Jeremiah 29:11-13If we are able to engage with God’s Yours in Christ,purposes in this way, we may findour own worship life surprisingly Aprildeepened and enriched in a way wecould never have imagined. St Peter’s Annual Meeting – reconvenes Tuesday 11th October 7.15 pm Parish Annual Meeting – reconvenes Tuesday 11th October 7.30pm Both meetings are to accept the respective Annual Accounts. Three in One November Deadline Fellowship News The deadline for the November If you have any news to share 2011 edition will be 5.30pm on about the fellowship please let us Monday 24 October know. Anne and Andrew HardyThree in One 2 October 2011
  4. 4. Breathing Space October 2nd and November 13th 7pm St Swithun’sYou are invited to come and take some time out in a gentle, quiet eveningservice for the whole Parish. Give yourself some space and time with God.Slow down for a bit and just be in the presence of God.If your life is busy and there never really seems to be time to sit down andlisten to God, or you just want to be in his presence a little more, – thencome along. An opportunity to breathe in his presence and go outrefreshed and refilled.We are still looking for people who would contribute either with word ormusic, or to help plan. Anne NEW WINE WOMEN’S DAY, Harrogate, 3rd March 2012New Wine events are always inspiring – full of energy, praise and the HolySpirit. The guest speaker at next year’s Women’s Day is the wife of one ofthe co-pilots involved in 9/11, talking about her journey of hope andrecovery.A few of us are planning to attend this event. If you are interested, pleasespeak to Helen Hodgson. The cost is £18 per person if booked before 1stDecember.Three in One 3 October 2011
  5. 5. New Services across the Parish from the 27th NovemberBreathing Space is the first of a new topic affects the way we live usingpattern of services to meet the the Sunday papers, or a Bible study,changing world we live in and or writing some prayers or aencourage people to meet with discussion. People can do just oneJesus. thing or move between several.St Swithun’s have already Towards the end of our timeimplemented change as they meet together we will re-gather in thein the round and have changed their Church to share what God has saidcommunion services – the rest of us to us and to finish our time together.need to catch up! Week 1 will be a communionThe services will run for an service, in Church throughout andevaluation period of around 6 week 3 will vary depending onmonths to give us a chance to get whether there is a baptism bookedused to things and to tweak where it or needed. Evening services will stay as theySt Mark’s morning service is going are at present allowing people theto move to its former slot of 10am. choice of a BCP service in the Parish.Services will be freer flowing than At St Peter’s we are going to have 2at present encouraging people to services each morning 9.00am andexplore the topic for the day in a 11am with coffee in between. Therenumber of different ways. will be no 8.00am services.On weeks 2,4 and 5 the service will The 9.00am service will be a formalstart in Church and after some service with organ accompaniment,singing and an introduction there Weeks 2 and 4 being communionwill be coffee (Maybe a doughnut as services using Common Worshipwell!). There will then be a range of and the other weeks Morningchoices – in the church a music Worship.workshop or a DVD, in the hall The 11.00am service will be freercreative activities, seeing how the with times of singing and musicalThree in One 4 October 2011
  6. 6. items generally led by the Music people will know what they areGroup. There may be video clips or coming to and over time grow intestimonies, prayer in groups or in confidence in inviting their friendssilence, readings to music and or those who have dropped away topictures all to the glory of God. come and join us.Week 2 will have Baptisms, Week 3 To make things work well we needwill be Communion and Week 4 All more people to step forward for allTogether Worship. the roles that make services work – Welcomers, sidespeople, readers,These services will be more prayers, coffee makers, musicians,accessible for those less familiarwith Church and use less liturgy and singers, communion assistants ........formal church words and actionsand will last less than an hour. It Wanted - Publicity Officerwill be part of the Bishops’s We’d like to see our churches in theencouragement of Fresh Belper News every week. We needExpressions of Church, to encourage you to make it happen.growth and exploration. Can you write something to make them sound interesting and catchy?On special occasions the two Can you meet a deadline?services will meet together and two Then this is the job for you.or three times a year we will have asingle Parish service to draw us alltogether united before God. Do you Welcome people? Could you make people feel morePlease pray about these changes. welcome when they come toThere are still some issues we need Church?to iron out – especially getting ready How do we encourage people tofor the children’s work at St Peter’s come back again?as there will be people having coffee What is it that makes people wantat the same time. If you can help to stay?put things out or generally help How do you start to belong?with children’s activities pleasehave a word with Helen Hodgson. To find the answer to these questions come along at 2.30pmDividing the congregation will make Sunday 9th October at St Peter’s.the numbers seem small at first, butThree in One 5 October 2011
  7. 7. Three in One 6 October 2011
  8. 8. Creed SeriesThis continues through October with the topic used for the morningservice and explored in more depth in the evening, 7.15pm at St Mark’s.What we will be looking at:October 9th For our sake he was crucified No evening meetingOctober 16th He rose again Did Jesus really die and rise again?October 23rd He will come to judge the living and the dead. What does judgement mean?October 30th We believe in the Holy Spirit The evening session will be at St Swithun’sDo pick up the notes for the whole series or for a particular subject.Take up the challenge to dig into your faith and join us on Sunday evenings– have your say and listen to how other people understand things. Sunday October 30th Days Off Light and Hope Service Anne’s personal days in October will be:3pm St Peter’s, 6pm St Mark’s. 7th OctoberA service to remember those we 14th Octoberlove who have died. 21st October 28th OctoberThere is a special invitation to those Please respect these dates andfamilies for whom we have avoid making contact on anyconducted funerals, but please feel church related business on thosefree to come along to remember days.before God friends or family whohave been dear to you.Three in One 7 October 2011
  9. 9. Pray for Muslims A campaign during RamadamFollowing a campaign to encourage I will do at least one act of kindnessChristians to pray for Muslims for a Muslim in this next year.during Ramadam, their holy month I will respectfully share the goodof fasting, there is a new initiative to news about Christ.encourage us to pray throughoutthe year. The “Radical Love I will not spread negative stereotypesCampaign”, significantly launched about Muslims but will season all myon 9/11/2011, is an effort to words with grace.challenge followers of Christ to I will champion this cause, armedmake sure their hearts and actions only with love, truth and good deeds.towards Muslims reflect those of The goal is to have 100,000Jesus. Relationships between signatures by 9/11/2012. That’s it,Christians and Muslims have often just a personal pledge to includebeen characterized by fear, anger Muslims in our efforts to be likeand hatred, in opposition to the Jesus. You can also follow theradical teachings of Jesus who progress of the campaign on thetaught us to love our neighbours Facebook page our enemies. radicallovenowThe website So be radical in your love for contains which gives us a love for Muslims.a pledge where Christians can add Prayerfully consider whether youtheir name to indicate their can sign the pledge at:commitment to love Muslims as does. The pledge is asfollows : David and Kate GoughI will repent of any hateful feelingstoward Muslims and pursue love.I will pray for Muslims that God willbless them and that they willexperience His peace.Three in One 8 October 2011
  10. 10. Small Groups and Churches Together in Home groups BelperCould you lead a small group andhelp people explore the Bible with The Nailer’s Service, Sundayyou and discover more about God 9th October, 6.30pmtogether?Would you host a group in your at ‘The Nailers’ football groundhome and support someone else to Social Centre, behind Christlead? Church.One of the desires expressed from The theme this year is focussing onthe Away Day and a real need in our the word ‘Together’. We shallParish is for more small groups in explore this through songs, prayer,which to learn and support one and by looking at the Bible together.another, especially those who are We have no guest speaker as wenew to, or exploring faith. Our want to take the opportunity tovision is for 12 groups across the explore under God our role as theParish in two years time - we body of Christ in this town and area.currently have 4. In a culture where community andYou don’t have to know all the family life is threatened we in theanswers to lead a group. Asking churches have a golden opportunityGod, exploring together and using and responsibility to model a betterbooks and materials to help you, way, following the challenge thatand spending time in prayer is Jesus set before his disciples to ‘lovewhat’s important. one another as I have lovedGroup leaders will meet together you’ [ John 13:34,35 ]-with all theregularly to help and encourage one practical challenges that areanother. Training and support is involved. If you have never been toavailable. this service before, why not comePlease do pray about this as those and join us. You may be pleasantlyattending Alpha need groups to surprised.move on to. David GoughSpeak to Viv Blount AnneThree in One 9 October 2011
  11. 11. Banner Bun Fight Saturday 22 October 10am to 12 noon At St Swithuns Church. Raising funds for the Banner group to make more Banners. Delicious Refreshments :Bring and Buy. PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT US!!! Thank You for Prayer We are still looking forJust a little note to say a huge Thank singers for St Peter’sYou for everyones prayerfulsupport during my Cancer We want to have a small choir todiagnosis, operations and support the new 9.00am service atChemotherapy. It has meant so St Peter’s with the singing of hymns.much to me to know that people So if you enjoy singing and would befrom the whole Parish have been happy to be at the front to leadpraying for me. others, please drop a note into theIt has been a challenging time but I office letter box or have a word withfeel that God has been very close to during this time and He iscontinuing to work in and through Welcomemy life. A new face in the office – HelenThank you all very much. Davis is working with Dawn one dayWith love and every Blessing a week, usually a Thursday. Please Tracy Drake do say hello. She’s going to be administering everything to do with Weddings, a bit of book keeping andIs This Yours generally taking some of the load offDuring the Arts & Crafts held in July St Swithun’s, someone ordered awooden cross to be made from the wood turners stall, it is now ready forcollection, but Mr. Devenport, the wood turner, has lost the clients contactdetails.Could the client please contact Mr. Devenport on 825668. Thank you.Three in One 10 October 2011
  12. 12. Three in One 11 October 2011
  13. 13. Three in One 12 October 2011
  14. 14. Three in One 13 October 2011
  15. 15. Three in One 14 October 2011
  16. 16. Three in One 15 October 2011
  17. 17. Three in One 16 October 2011
  18. 18. Three in One 17 October 2011
  19. 19. Three in One 18 October 2011
  20. 20. Dates for Your DiaryParish Harvest Supper and Barn Dance , Saturday 1st October,Belper Community Hall, Bridge Street, 6.30 - 9.30 pm, Tickets £9(accompanied children under 16 free), to include cold platter and dessertand tea, coffee, squash: other drinks - bring your own. For tickets pleasecontact Dawn in St Peter’s Church office . 828772Parish Walk The next walk is on Sunday October 2nd —Stanton Moorstarting at Winster. It is classified as easy walking at 6.5 miles with a cou-ple of moderate climbs and is estimated at 3.5 hrs. We will be departing StPeters as usual at 14:00. Please contact Roy for further details (0781 6002678).Parish Prayer Morning Saturday 8th October 8am—12.30 at StSwithun’s .Cafe style * Scripture * Prayer Stations * DVDs * Art * Candles *You * Me * God * Silence *Art Group at St Swithun’s We are re-starting on 6th October at10am to 12 noon for a term of 6 weeks. New members very welcome,824696 Pat MidgleyChurches Together in Belper The Annual United Service is onSunday 9th Oct, 6.30 pm at ‘The Nailers, Belper Town Ground. Theme:What does it mean to be together? (See page 9)Beetle Drive at 7.00 pm on Friday 14th October at St Swithun’s Price£6 including ploughman’s supper and prizes. Tickets available from PatMidgley,(824696), Rhona Brailsford (822021), St Swithun’s churchwardens, and St Peter’s Church officeFurther AheadQuiz Night Saturday 26th November 7.00 pm at St Peter’sThree in One 19 October 2011
  21. 21. Solution on page 32Three in One 20 October 2011
  22. 22. majority, it is, sadly, for always. And that’s the reason why plans are well underway at Care for the Family for one of the biggest tours we have ever organised – “Getting Your Kids through Church without Them Ending up Hating God”. It kicks off this autumn with the first Getting Your Kids dates in Gateshead, Glasgow, Through Church Belfast, Cambridge, Reading and Bristol. Without Them Ending Inspired by Rob Parsons’ book, this Up Hating God event is an opportunity for Christian parents, church leaders, Earlier this year we conducted a and youth workers to join Rob, survey with hundreds of children. Saltmine Theatre Company, and We asked them two questions: Phatfish, to discover together what “What I like about church” and causes young people to leave the “What I dislike about church”. church and, most importantly, what The responses flowed in, with the we can do to stop that happening. top five answers to “What I like To find out more about “Getting about church” being: singing songs, Your Kids Through Church Without being part of a church family, Them Ending Up Hating God” why Sunday School, learning about God not visit or and being with friends of the same follow us on Facebook or Twitter. age. Our children’s survey produced a And the top five answers to “What I large number of comments, both dislike about church” were: the heart-warming and sad. These are service is boring, the hymns, the two that particularly stood out for talks are too long, the whole service us: is too long, and people being critical or judgemental. •I like church because I feel accepted and special. Im loved. The results are, perhaps, not too surprising, but they are important – •I dislike church when it all every year thousands of young becomes hard work and LOVE people leave the church and for the leaves the building!Three in One 21 October 2011
  23. 23. Three in One 22 October 2011
  24. 24. CROSSWORD Solution on page 25Acroos1 Grandson of Mered and his Judean wife (1 Chronicles 4:18) (4)3 He said of Jesus, ‘This man has done nothing wrong’ (Luke 23:40–41) (8)8 Herb with pleasantly scented roots, present in the Beloved’s orchard (Song of Songs 4:13) (4)9 What God brought Sarah with the birth of Isaac (Genesis 21:6) (8)11 Port on the Red Sea where King Solomon built ships (1 Kings 9:26) (5,5)14 Donald — , Archbishop of Can- terbury 1974–80 (6)15 Cereal (Ezekiel 4:9) (6)17 Jesus’ description of a Pharisee (Matthew 23:24) (5,5)20 Not as widely used at church services nowadays as used to be the case (8)21 ‘ — all your anxiety on him be- cause he cares for you’ (1 Peter 5:7) (4)22 One of the three strands of Methodism united in 1932 (8)23 ‘They broke bread in their homes and ate together with — and sincere hearts’ (Acts 2:46) (4)Down1 The rebuke of 3 Across, ‘Don’t you fear God... since you are under the same — ?’ (Luke 23:40) (8)2 Horse-drawn vehicle used by King Solomon (Song of Songs 3:9) (8)4 Dearer (anag.) (6)5 One-time editor of Punch and controversial writer and broadcaster who became a noted Christian, Malcolm — (10)6 ‘When you sit to dine with a ruler, — well what is before you’ (Proverbs 23:1) (4)7 ‘God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both — and Christ’ (Acts 2:36) (4)10 One description of the inspired nature of scripture (10)12 ‘The Son himself will be made subject to him who put everything under him, so that God may be — — — ’ (1 Corinthians 15:28) (3,2,3)13 Recognized as valid (1 Samuel 3:20) (8)16 A long A (anag.) (6)18 ‘For God does not — favouritism’ (Romans 2:11) (4)19 Comes between Joel and Obadiah (4)Three in One 23 October 2011
  25. 25. St Peter’s RefurbishmentAs part of our vision for growth we want to have a building that is suitableto the 21st Century yet retains the characteristics of its original purpose.As many of you will know this takes a long time and we have been workingwith the Architect and Diocese to see what we can do to make the buildingmore attractive and more inviting for people.Once we get the final approval we hope to get the work done over the win-ter and it will take several months to complete.What we are planning to do, working from the outside in:1. Put window lights in the outside doors so that it feels friendlier and the porch isn’t so dark.2. Put oak fronts in the porch to cover the boilers.3. Replace the tatty blue doors with oak frame doors with windows in them – to encourage people to come in.4. General repaint and tidy up West End with notice boards all round the walls and new carpet.5. Improve the Church lighting with uplighters under the balcony and new light fittings and spotlights on the dais.6. Repaint the whole Church – end wall will be red to match the ceiling as it was in the past.7. Take out the raised side chapel and make a flat carpeted area which can be used for small worship events, prayer, Little Church.8. Re-carpet both side areas to match and continue the carpet across the front of the church, stopping at the front line of pews.9. Re-carpet and clear the pink carpet area, this may include taking out the pulpit so that the whole area can be used more effectively.10. Clean and re-plaster the two vestries and convert the doors to open outwards with crash bars for fire exits.11. Upstairs; recover the doors.12. Put in a new projection system with a screen that will drop down from behind the Chancel arch and a projector below the organ.Through the wonders of Photoshop we have put together some photos ofThree in One 24 October 2011
  26. 26. what the church might look like as the various jobs get done, which are ondisplay in the West End.How will this be funded?We have some money put aside for Church refurbishment and repairs andwe have been promised enough to cover the new lighting from a localfund. But this won’t cover everything. We will still be asking for contribu-tions from you to help make the Church a better place. We need help topay for the carpet, for the new chairs that will be needed in the side chapelarea, for the new Audio Visual equipment.Please consider whether you could make a one off donation, a regular gift,could raise funds or could write to possible donors. If you feel that youcould do any of these please speak to Lindsay (St Peter’s Treasurer) or An-drew or Gill as Churchwardens.But let’s together make our building somewhere we can be proud of andreflect the efforts of those who have gone before us and make it a buildingfit for today and the future. Anne CROSSWORD SOLUTIONThree in One 25 October 2011
  27. 27. Family OccasionsWeddingsSt Peter’s27th August Matthew Mee and Jessica HingleySt Mark’s26th August Jack Blount and Gemma Durham27th August John Trainor and Karren CozensBaptismSt Peter’s31st July Kenzie Eve Hemstock-Norris and Richard Francis Norris of Burbage Close, Andrew Paul Norris, Samantha Jayne Burke.11th September Ava Grace Sumner of Mill LaneFuneralsCrematorium5th September Elsie Gillson (95) of Belper Views Residential Care Home formerly of Manor Road16th September Peter Pym (88) of Spencer RoadBurial of Ashes at Belper Cemetery1st September Bessie BallBurial of Ashes in St Peter’s Garden of Remembrance11th September Stuart MacArthur Visit our Website on St Peter’s Parish weekly news sheet appears on the welcome page of the parish website.Three in One 26 October 2011
  28. 28. Hidden GloriesChurches are often situated in some very narrow lanes we decidedprominent positions. In fact some to give up for that evening.of our earliest churches may well The following morning having beenhave been built on sites that were advised by a number of peopleimportant meeting places long including three policemen we didbefore Christianity reached these find the priory church. It is situatedshores. When you are looking for a behind the houses on the mainchurch it can be very helpful if it is street with just the gate visible fromin a prominent position and has a the road. On the door there was atall spire or tower. However, some notice saying where you could getchurches appear to be hidden away. the key. Unfortunately, there was aOne very rainy evening we arrived wedding that afternoon and bothin St Clears in Carmarthenshire, and keys were unavailable.despite all the information we had The Church of St Mary Magdalene inavailable, we simply could not find St Clears was originally a Clunicthe church. Although St Clears is priory. From the exterior thenot very large our search was made building is clearly in themore difficult because the modern Romanesque style but the mainA40 effectively cuts the village in memory is of a peaceful location.half. Having ended up back on theA40 heading towards Carmarthen Later in the day we visitedand circling back via a ford and something much grander, and at the time of our visit, very busy. Yet, a building that seems hidden away in a valley at the bottom of the town., Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi is considered to be the chief cathedral of Wales. Built originally in the 6th century on the site of a monastery traditionally founded by St David, it has been a place of Christian worship for over 1500 years. When we arrived a service to licence new clergy had just finished and the Norman Arches Anne Hardy 2011 place was full of clergy with theirThree in One 27 October 2011
  29. 29. families and friends. The whole other cathedrals of the period itplace was alive with a buzz you contained no seats but was used forseem to find when a large number indoor processions. As you walkof God’s people gather together. along the nave you can see that, in common with other churches fromThe first place we called was the this period, each of the roundedRefectory. We’d been there someyears earlier and the changes were arches is carved with a different pattern. The importance of the siteremarkable. Somehow they had can be judged by the fact that inmanaged to insert a mezzanine floor medieval time two pilgrimages herewithout attaching it to any of the were regarded as equal to one toancient walls. This combination of Rome, and three pilgrimages to oneold stone walls and a modern steelstructure work well and show what to Jerusalem!can be achieved with imaginative This is one of those places you reallyuse of modern materials.The cathedral itself is on severallevels meaning it is not wheelchairfriendly. However, whenever wecame to any steps there was alwayssomeone willing to help Anne getmy wheelchair to the next levelwhile I walked up the steps. Thefloor of the cathedral slopes fromthe east down to the west and so Ihad to overcome the temptation tobuild up speed down the nave. St David’s Cathedral Anne Hardy 2011The Nave is the oldest part of the should visit. Not just because ofcathedral and dates from the 12th cathedral but also the because thiscentury. Bishop Peter de Leia and area is one of those few largelyGiraldus de Barri (Giraldus unspoilt areas of these islands.Cambrensis, Gerald the Welshman). Just in case you are still wonderingBishop Peter and Gerald were Eglwys Gadeiriol Tyddewi inexcused from the Third Crusade in English is known as St David’sorder to complete the cathedral. Cathedral.The nave is built in a TransitionalNorman style. In common with Andrew HardyThree in One 28 October 2011
  30. 30. Diary1st Sat 6.30 pm Parish Harvest Supper and Barn Dance, Belper – 9.30 pm Community Hall Bridge StreetSunday 2nd The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity Harvest SundayST PETER’S 10.30 am All Together WorshipST MARK’S 9.30 am All Age Worship Auction of Harvest produce after the service. 6.00 pm Evening PrayerST SWITHUN’S 11.00 am Morning Worship 7.00 pm Breathing Space (see page 3)2nd Sun 2.00 pm Parish Walk - Stanton Moor starting at Winster, leaving St Peter’s at 2.00 pm. (See page 19)3rd Mon 6.30 pm Craft Club in St Peter’s west end (every – 9.00 pm Monday in October) 7.00 pm Banner Group meets at St Swithun’s – 9.00 pm5th Wed 1.15 pm Little Church at St Peter’s for little children to 2.45 pm (Every Wednesday in October) 7.00 pm Alpha Course at St Peter’s (Every Wednesday in October)6th Thurs 10.00 am Art Group at St Swithun’s (Every Thursday in – 12 noon October)7th Fri 7.00 pm Young People’s Fellowship (YPF) in St Peters west – 9.00 pm end (every Friday in term time)8th Sat 8.00 am Parish Prayer Morning at St Swithun ‘s – 12.30 pm (see page 19) 1.00 pm Wedding of Thomas Reith and Savannah Mottershead at St Peter’s Continued on page 28Three in One 29 October 2011
  31. 31. 8th Sat (cont.) 7.30 pm Dalesmen Male Voice Choir and Belper Town Wind Band concert at St Peter’s to support the Belper Community Minibus Appeal, for the benefit of local people and community groups. Sunday 9th The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity ST PETER’S 8.00 am BCP Holy Communion 10.30 am Morning Worship with Baptism. Sunday Club (0-14) ST MARK’S 9.30 am Holy Communion with Sunday Club (3+) ST SWITHUN’S 11.00 am Morning Worship with a speaker from Leprosy Mission –East Midlands co-ordinator, Pamela Levens 9th Sun 2.00 pm ‘How good is our Welcome?’- St Peter’s west end. – 4.00 pm (See page 5) 6.30 pm Churches Together in Belper service at the Nailers (See page 19) 11th Tues 7.15 pm Continuation of St Peter’s AGM - to accept accounts - at St Peter’s 7.30 pm Continuation of Parish APCM – to accept accounts – at St Peter’s 13th Thurs 2.00 pm St Mark’s Fellowship AGM 14th Fri 7.00 pm Beetle Drive at St Swithun’s. (See page 19) Sunday 16th The Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity Theme: Understanding the Creed today – ‘Did Jesus really die and rise again?’ ST PETER’S 10.30 am Holy Communion Sunday Club (0-14) 2.30 pm The ‘First Steps’ preparation at St Peters for those seeking Baptism or a Thanksgiving for their child. ST MARK’S 9.30 am Morning Worship 6.00 pm Holy Communion 7.15 pm Exploration of the Creed Session 5 – ‘Did Jesus really die and rise again’ in St Mark’s Hall ST SWITHUN’S 11.00 am Morning Worship 19th Wed 2.30 pm St Swithun’s Group – Speaker: Mr Philip Thomas 22nd Sat 10.00 am ‘Banner Bun Fight’ Fund raising event by the banner – 12 noon group (See page 10)Three in One 30 October 2011
  32. 32. Sunday 23rd The Last Sunday after Trinity Theme: Understanding the Creed today – ‘What does judgement mean?’ ST PETER’S 8.00 am BCP Holy Communion Morning Worship Children’s activities. 10.30 am ST MARK’S 9.30 am Morning Worship with Baptism. Sunday Club (3+) 6.00 pm Evening Prayer Exploration of the Creed Session 6 – ‘What does 7.15 pm judgement mean? in St Mark’s Hall ST SWITHUN’S 11.00 am Holy Communion 25th Tues 10.30 am Mothers’ Union meets at St Peter’s. Speaker to be arranged 29th Sat Light Party in St Peter’s (See page 6) 3.00 – 6.00 pm for primary school children 5.30 - 8.30 pm for older children. Sunday 30th The Fourth Sunday before Advent Theme: Understanding the Creed today – ‘Holy Spirit’ ST PETER’S 10.30 am Holy Communion with Baptism. Sunday Club (0-14) ‘Light and Hope’ service for the bereaved. 3.00 pm ST MARK’S 9.30 am Morning Worship ‘Light and Hope’ service for the bereaved. 6.00 pm Exploration of the Creed Session 7 – ‘Holy Spirit’ in 7.15 pm St Mark’s Hall ST SWITHUN’S 11.00 am Morning Worship NOVEMBER Sunday 6th The Third Sunday before Advent Theme: Understanding the Creed today – ‘What is church’ ST PETER’S 10.30 am All Together Worship ST MARK’S 9.30 am Holy Communion with Sunday Club (3+) 6.00 pm Evening Prayer Exploration of the Creed Session 8 – ‘What is 7.15 pm church?’ at St Swithun’s ST SWITHUN’S 11.00 am Morning WorshipThree in One 31 October 2011
  33. 33. ENTERTAINING ANGELS 1 KINGS 3:4-9Three in One 32 October 2011
  34. 34. ‘Yoredale’ Holiday Cottage To Let - in the Yorkshire Dales Stone built cottage, in Gayle. Accommodates 5 3 Bedrooms-1 Double/1Twin/1 Single. Log Burner.2 small enclosed gardens-dogs welcome, outside dining. The Pennine Way runs behind the cottage. Hawes 10 min.walk provides: Good Pubs/ A Park Shops/Museums/ Wensleydale Creamery. Parking x2Contact Gail on 0777 482 4161 for Brochure and
  35. 35. WHOS WHO? email TelephoneVicar: Rev Anne Stratton 839560Curates: Rev April Tompkins 835122 Rev Rachel Marszalek 07906 632972Administrative Assistant: Dawn Holden Church Office 828772Readers: John Walker 688373 Margaret Baxter 827309 Dinah Dawson Jonathan Tillin 821043Churchwardens: Andrew Race 07976 760358 Gill Reade 820564Deputy Churchwardens:St Peters Roy Stratton 839560 Sue Allen 07980 693375St Marks Yvonne Sewter 826123St Swithuns Mavis Cresswell 823983 Fiona Fineran 823527P.C.C. Treasurer Will Dawson Secretary Angela Thomas 824149Editors of Three in One Andrew and Anne Hardy 825729