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Greetings friends.
As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus
Christ and the new life that this guaran-
tees us, we must as...
P A G E 2
Greetings from the Board of Elders in the
name of our risen Lord and ...
P A G E 3V O L U M E 4 , I S S U E 1
According to Genesis 28: 20 -22 & Leviticus 27:30 -
32 what percen...
P A G E 4
The Youth Ministry is an integral part of
the church family. The youth contribute to
the ministry o...
P A G E 5V O L U M E 4 , I S S U E 1
Jacqueline Jackson 1
Joyce Miller 1
Ivor Hodgson Sr. 2
Miku McMiller 3
Maliyah Carroll 7
Ivory Archer 8
Judith Hodgso...
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Steps of Faith | Volume 4 Issue 1 (May 2017)


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The latest newsletter from Faith Moravian Church of the Nation's Capital.

Published in: Spiritual
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Steps of Faith | Volume 4 Issue 1 (May 2017)

  1. 1. Greetings friends. As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the new life that this guaran- tees us, we must ask ourselves what this new life means in a changing world. If we truly believe that this new life begins in the here and now, we ought to reflect on how we are called to act amidst the many changes that take place in the world around us. I believe Christ’s resur- rection challenges us to respond to dic- tates, policies and mandates that are driv- en by greed, hatred and any form of dis- crimination with love, faith and acts of kindness. Christ, our Master, responded to opposition, hatred, and brutality with love, forgiveness, mercy and the greatest sacrifice ever. “Our Lamb has conquered, let us follow Him”. The time is ripe therefore, for us to ex- amine the effectiveness of our ministry as a congregation. If we should use East- er Sunday’s attendance as a gauge then we could easily say we are doing excep- tionally well. Of course, Palm and Easter Sundays are not the norm but the excep- tions. It is when we look at the other Sundays of the year that we get a true reflection of our attendance. We enjoy just above the national average church attendance of 40%. It begs the question however, why is it that some persons stay away from church? I believe honest answers to this question would help all of us to become a better worshipping com- munity and better servants of Christ. Our attendance records show that sixty mem- bers have attended most services since the start of the year. This is not as accu- rate as it could be since some persons do not sign the attendance register, but it does give us a picture of who attends and how regular. The same record also shows that thirty-two of our members have not attended since the beginning of the year. I was immediately able to spot more than half that number who have been to church but have not signed the records so again the true number would be about twelve. What this is saying then is that we have a core group of approximately sixty members who are always in church, twelve who are never here and just over one hundred and fifty who come irregu- larly, some just once since the beginning of the year. While we know there are many fac- tors that affect the regularity of a person’s attendance, we have to wonder at what caus- es the complete lack of attendance of mem- bers to church. Maybe you could help us to understand by responding to this newsletter? How can we better minister to you? ∗ Food and Friends as well as Capital Area Food Bank which are both close to us, has opportunities for volunteer service. ∗ The Christian Education Committee has been exploring ways in which we can become involved in these as well as other organizations in the area that help the less fortunate. Be on the look-out for the announcement of opportunities to help. There is so much more that we can do for those around us. If you have an idea of something we can do to as- sist , please share it with the office, an Elder or the Pastor. It is so good to receive respons- es from those organizations in the DC area, and those connected to our Province, which we support through the monthly Noisy Offer- ing. There has been an increase in what we give and this is truly appreciated by those receiving it. Let us together seek to be the church that Christ wants us to be. As we continue through this Easter Season, let us take time to reflect on how Jesus’ res- urrection gave birth, meaning and purpose to the early church as we seek to continue in the pattern they established. FROM THE PASTOR’S DESK I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E : Highlights & Updates 2 Stewardship Corner 3 Evangelism Update 3 Congratula- tions 3 Youth Corner 4 Church Happenings 5 Upcoming Events 6 I T H O A N U R H O F T H E A N ’ S I L STEPS OF FAITHM A Y 2 0 1 7V O L U M E 4 , I S S U E 1 OUR MISSION: Faith Moravian Church, responding to God’s love has been called to: ⇒ Spread the gospel ⇒ Serve Others ⇒ Nurture all God’s people with love, re- spect, trust and for- giveness after the example of Christ.
  2. 2. P A G E 2 BOARD OF TRUSTEES FROM THE BOARD OF ELDERS Greetings from the Board of Elders in the name of our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! We are happy to report that the Board of Elders, led by our Pastor, Rev. Bevon White, continues to strive diligently as we go forward to create and help sustain an environment and atmosphere conducive to growth and reign of the Holy Spirit! Our ef- forts to this end include emphasis on our Sun- day Worship Service and ensuring that all visitors feel welcome among us, encouraging a praying congregation through our monthly Prayer Breakfast, weekly Wednesday Even- ing Bible Study, Sunday Morning Sunday School classes, and our newest program Monthly Seniors Fellowship. The Elders are also making a greater effort to keep in contact with its Shepherd’s Group members through calls and other means of communication. And, visitation to the sick is an important part of our duties. At the beginning of the year we were happy to welcome three new members to the board – Sis- ters Stephanie Henry and Enid Wright, and Brother Lester Smith. We look forward to new vision and growth that they will bring to our leadership in the Church. We also take this op- portunity to wish Sisters Bernice Lloyd, Pearline Ennis, and Xenia Omeir, who are now on a little break from the Board, God’s blessings for the future. We miss their spirited leadership, and involvement over the past years hope to see them in other activities in different ministries of the Church. Please note that the Elders welcome your sug- gestions, observations, and ideas on moving forward as a church family; and we encourage your participation in one or more of your fa- vored ministries of the church. We go forward together with God’s blessing and guidance! agreement with the Way of the Cross Church and work to ensure the success of the rental in the lower level of our building. We look for- ward to trying to find another group to rent our building. The landscape of Riggs Rd has changed with the erection of the much-anticipated church sign. As the sign says. “All are Welcome”. The Board continues to work on re- financing our mortgage, purchasing a well-needed van and obtaining an audio-visual system. We continue to work on replacing the old windows, doors and replacing the roof. The Trustees will continue to spon- sor fund-raising events that will as- sist in maintaining our building and help pay assessments. The ‘Silver Tree’ is one upcoming fund-raiser. Together we will continue to work as a church family to make our church prosperous. Submitted by: Sis. Jacqueline Jackson We thank the Lord for another year of blessings. We start 2017 with a new Board in place as three of our hardworking Board members com- plete their tenure on the Board. The Board acknowledges the efforts of Bro. David Whittle, Sis Audrey Waite and Sis Yvonne Lyttle. We welcome Sis Janelle Hodgson, Sis Cyndi Campbell and Br. David Benjamin. They will join the cur- rent members; Sis Maxine Jackson- Strong, Sis Lisa Ferdinand, Sis Del- ma Alexander and Sis Jacqueline Jackson. The Trustee Board continues to make great effort to maintain the building and surroundings of our Faith home. The Board is charged with making sure all our expenses are paid; not an easy feat. The Board encourages everyone to pay their tithes and offering and assess- ments. We continue to maintain a rental S T E P S O F F A I T H H I G H L I G H T S & U P D A T E S
  3. 3. STEWARDSHIP CORNER P A G E 3V O L U M E 4 , I S S U E 1 According to Genesis 28: 20 -22 & Leviticus 27:30 - 32 what percentage of our earnings should we give back to God in appreciation of His blessings to us? This is my journey Growing up as a child not a church goer, I did not know what I really wanted when I grow up. Because being the middle child (4th of 9 children) I was given most of the chores by the older sisters and brothers. By the time, I was 15 years my father died and my mother became a single parent, never worked. So dropping out of school early (1962) got my first job in the accounts department as a messenger at the Daily Gleaner. I started evening classes there I start moving from job to job learning different trade- paste up artist, running projector, electrician, tele- phone operator and printer. Opportunity knocked the next 20 years again from job to job – auditor, accountant, general manager, financial controller, export manager and finally a businessman where I failed and lost everything. I reached rock bottom, but always trusted in Jesus so I turned to Him and asked him to change my life and promised to serve Him faithfully by tithing, and obey- ing His word but I never kept that promise. I recently lost one of my jobs and did not know how I would manage again Jesus came to my rescue. I am praying to God daily that I would be more faithful to Him and trust in Him because He is always there when I need Him. Submitted by: Bro. Michael Shaw CONGRATULATIONS ON BIRTH OF BABY - Alfonso Jerome Hart Jr. CONGRATULATIONS TO MR & MRS. MICHAEL SHAW CONGRATULATIONS ON BIRTH OF BABY - Jona- than Alex Joseph Annual Health Fair - Plans are well on the way for our Church’s Annual Community Health Fair planned for the fall of this year. Fall Revival Services - Also being planned for Fall of this year when we hope to reach as many people of the immediate community. We will welcome any suggestions and help given as we strive to publicize and generate interest and passion in these two activi- ties. Nursing Home Visitation - The Committee is also planning several visits to nearby Nursing Homes this year as a part of our ministry to the shut-ins. And finally, Evangelism Sunday - We hope to have one Sunday this year when we can highlight and get the congre- gation to join us in focusing on the work of evange- lism! Submitted by: Sis. Jennifer Walker We are grateful for the opportunity and privilege we have to fulfill the tasks and purpose placed on us , that is to spread the Gospel and to bring in as many souls into the family of God, and to reach out to those in our community who are in need. We are also grateful for a committed and focused group of committee members as we work together to meet our goals for this year. AED Machine - The Committee has successfully completed the training, installation, and registration of this life-saving piece of equipment. Notice that it is conspicuously placed, but not distracting, in the Narthex. Thanks to Brother Rodolph Panton for installing. Keep listening now for a new date as Sis- ter Cyndi Campbell makes arrangements for a sec- ond training. We hope many more members will be able to join us then. EVANGELISM UPDATE THANK YOU On behalf of the Board of World Mission thank you for your support especially through your contributions for the Clinic in Ahas, Hondu- ras and for other caus- es. David Guthrie
  4. 4. P A G E 4 YOUTH CORNER The Youth Ministry is an integral part of the church family. The youth contribute to the ministry of Faith on the second Sun- day of each month by having a youth pre- side as Worship Leader, by reading the Scriptures, leading Praise and Worship, and also doing a presentation during the service. This can take the form of Liturgi- cal Dancing or a selection by the Youth Choir. There is a critical need for your investment, during these formative years, to ensure that the beliefs and principles of our faith are passed along to the younger generation. Remember, it is this genera- tion that will continue to grow our congre- gation and carry on the work of Faith. Every first Friday is dedicated to interac- tive Bible Study. The remaining Fridays we open with devotions and then proceed to the scheduled activity for that evening. During the month of February, we were honored to have Bro. Charles Campbell, a member of the congregation, speak to our young people focusing on the importance of higher education and encouraging them to think of their future goals and how to achieve them. We encourage the congre- gation to share with the youth some of their life experiences, work ethic, or an encouraging pep talk that could help sup- port our youth. If interested, please see any member of the Youth Action Committee and we will include you in our schedule. We held our first-ever Valentine’s Day Dinner in 2017 which was very suc- cessful. The young people really stepped up and were very involved in making sure that things moved smoothly. We look forward to this fundraiser becoming one of the signa- ture events of the year. We sincerely ask for your cooperation and support as we continue to raise funds to sup- port the Youth Ministry. This year the Youth Ministries Week- end 2017 will take place in Ohio Octo- ber 6-9 2017 during the Columbus Day Holiday weekend. Please prepare to support our youth as we continue to take part in this yearly event that pro- motes the principles we believe in as Moravians. We extend our sincerest thanks to all the members and friends of the con- gregation and especially to those who so willingly continue to support the Youth Ministry. It is deeply appreciat- ed. Submitted by Sis. Grace Campbell S T E P S O F F A I T H H I G H L I G H T S & U P D A T E S BLESSING BAGS Remember the following are needed: granola bars, crackers, bottled water, socks, mint, gum, chap stick, wet wipes and t-shirts. FOOD PANTRY We continue to receive items to stock our food pantry. Whenever you go shopping please re- member our Food Pan- try. SUMMER CAMP: It’s time to start planning for Summer Camps. Please make note of the following dates: Pre- Primary - June 14 -17; Middler -June 25 – July 1; Junior High -July 2 -8; Primary - July 16 -22; Sr. High - Jul. 30 – Aug 5
  5. 5. P A G E 5V O L U M E 4 , I S S U E 1
  6. 6. JUNE Jacqueline Jackson 1 Joyce Miller 1 Ivor Hodgson Sr. 2 Miku McMiller 3 Maliyah Carroll 7 Ivory Archer 8 Judith Hodgson 10 Avonne Thompson 13 Jamal Jackson 17 Roneta Campbell 18 Audrey Waite 24 Rachel Rama Akoko 26 Annisse Murillo 26 Jeremiah Alex Joseph 27 Kishanda Taylor 27 Xenia Omeir 27 George Gana 28 Wilma Lewis 28 UPCOMING EVENTS MAY 29TH MEMORIAL DAY PICNIC JUNE 11TH BACCALAUREATE SER- VICE JUNE 18TH FATHER’S DAY/ WOMEN’S GIFT DAY JUNE 25TH STEWARDSHIP SUNDAY JUNE 29TH SENIORS FELLOWSHIP JULY 1ST MEN WHO COOK JULY 10—14 VBS—ROME JULY 22ND VBS TRIP JULY 23RD CHURCH COUNCIL MEETING JULY 27TH SENIORS FELLOWSHIP JULY 30TH SANKEY SERVICE BIRTHDAYS - MAY Jasmine Hodgson 28 Ludell Murillo 28 Gabrielle Gordon 29 Viviana Wilson 29 ANNIVERSARIES Garth & Juliet Salmon 5/29 Ruffino& Sarah Hodgson 6/ 2 Darren & Michelle Johnson 6/ 7 Nigel & Maizena Stewart 6/12 William & Dorrett Skipwith 6/14 Alda& Dan Allen 6/15 Aaron & Chery Gooding 6/21 Edward & Pearline Jackson 25 Horace & Carlota McCormack 25 Yuhan &Joya Joseph 29 David & Carla Whittle 30 FAITH MORAVIAN CHURCH OF THE NATION’S CAPITAL 405 Riggs Road, NE Washington DC 20011 Phone: 202-635-9012/ 202-635-9013 Fax: 202-635-9014 Email: Website: IN ESSENTIALS, UNITY IN NON-ESSENTIALS, LIBERTY IN ALL THINGS, CHARITY Board of Elders: Rev. Bevon White (Chairman), Jennifer Walker (Vice Chair), Cheryl Gooding (Secretary), Mernel Brumley, Alda Allen, Stephanie Henry, Enid Wright & Lester Smith Board of Trustees: David Benjamin (President), Jacqueline Jackson (Vice President), Maxine Jackson- Strong (Secretary), Cyndi Campbell (Asst. Secretary), Delma Alexander, Lisa Ferdinand , Janelle Hodgson, David Whittle (Comptroller) & Kerrian Simpson (Treasurer) Church Council: Horace McCormack (President), Rodolph Panton (Vice President) & Samantha Omeir (Secretary)