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A rayof light_en


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A rayof light_en

  1. 1. Oh yes, a Did you know that perfect day to every day we can What a visit friends! show someone a lovely day! little bit of Jesus’ love? Jesus fills our hearts with His love and care, and we in turn can share that joy with others.A Ray of Light
  2. 2. You are the light ofThere are many ways Those flowers the world. … Let yourthat we can show are beautiful! Could good deeds shine out for all to see, so thatJesus’ love to others. we get some flowers for everyone will praiseSometimes we may Grandma today? your heavenly Father.think that it has to be Flowers make her (Matthew 5:14,16 NLT) very incredibly big action,because Jesus is …well, He’s Jesus. He’sthe God of the entireuniverse! But Jesus isjust as happy when weshow His love throughthe little things we dothroughout our daythat drop a little bit ofhappiness and sunshineinto the lives of others. That’s a wonderful idea! On the way home we can stop by the nursery and find something for Lakeside Park her. She’ll be so pleased.
  3. 3. One of the ways that people can see Jesus’ love and kindness through us is by our actions and our words. Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers. It’s nice to see you today.Hi, Lily. Hi, Damien. Nice to meet you. Hi!
  4. 4. Everyone likes to feel When we take the time toloved and cared for. think about someone and about what might make him or her happy, we are spreading a little bit of God’s love by making that person feel special to both us and God. I’m so happy we could see you today. I’ve been looking forward to it all week. What is your name? Snail of the Wind. Me too. I brought my ball so we could play soccer.
  5. 5. The Bible tells us that when we show I hope yourGod’s love and care to others, we are father is feelinglike lights that brighten the world better, George.around us. People see the light of God’slove shining through us, and it makesthem feel happy, loved, and cared for. I found a book for you today that I thought you’d like to read. He’s improving. But it will still be sometime before he’s fully recovered.Thank you,Lily. That makes me Why don’t we happy. pray for him?
  6. 6. Our prayers are a wonderful giftthat we can give to others to remindthem of God’s love and care. Please continue to heal Damien’s grandpa. …
  7. 7. Thank you forpraying for George’s The little ways we show father. It means a kindness to others are lot to us. a beautiful example of Jesus’ love in us. It brings You can keep a glimmer of happiness to the book until you their day and makes them finish reading it, if feel warmed and loved you’d like. inside. Thank you, Lily. Yes. They’re all very So, that’s active! your family?
  8. 8. Little acts of kindness arewhat make the world a Will you be a bright ray ofbetter place and remind light for Me?people of Jesus. We canbe a ray of light for Jesusby showing His love andconcern for others.What can you do to bringa little bit of sunshineand joy into the lives andhearts of those aroundyou? Authored by Devon T. Sommers. Illustrated by Didier Martin. Design by Christia Copeland. Published by My Wonder Studio. Copyright © 2012 by The Family International