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Glad Tidings, May 2011

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GT 05-11

  1. 1. Glad Tidings May 2011 A monthly publication of the church of the Nativity Issue No. 05-11 Introducing Stephanie Your Attention Please T he editors of the newsletter suggested that my first newslet- ter article be something to help you get to know me and so... Top Ten Obscure Things to know about your new Rector 10. I like to laugh. (My mother always says it is easier to laugh Dates to Remember than to cry.)May 8 9. I do my best theological writing and thinking at Starbucks (once local coffee shop, now global conglomerate - I’m not sure ifYouth Sunday there is a theological connection there or not...)May 15 8. I really like coffee.Child Safety ID Program: 9 am - 7. My favorite music group is the band “U2.” (but I secretly think1 pm in Corlett Hall the “U2charist” sounds a little goofy.)VBS Planning Meeting after the 6. Please don’t call me “Mother Stephanie.” Just “Stephanie” is10:30 service fine. (We are all children of God, and God calls us and knows usMay 22 by our Baptismal name: mine is Stephanie. Let’s be collaborators in ministry and fellow chil- dren of God. If you insist upon a title, go with “Reverend.” I know it isn’t technically correct,Teacher Appreciation Sunday but it’s what we’ve got.) 5. I don’t like clutter, but I live with three people (two children: an 8-year-old and a 6-year- Attention Teachers: old, and one husband - I’m not telling you how old he is) who seem to create clutter as they There will be a fire drill on breathe. Such is my cross to bear. May 1 4. I agree with Augustine: to sing is to pray twice. 3. When I can’t find the words to pray, I read the book of Psalms, and I discover, somehow, all the words I need are there. Not a Member? 2. I love the season of Easter because we all need the opportunity to crawl out of the tombWe hope you will be! Please call and try again. (And to be assured of God’s love for us while we do it.)our Rector, Stephanie, in the 1. I love God, a lot. And I want other people to know and love God as much as I do. And I am really, really excited to be part of the ministry of the Church of the Nativity to sharechurch office, 846-8338 or on God’s love as widely as possible. (but that is not really obscure, and you probably alreadyher cell, 744-1663. knew that.) Easter is a time of renewal and regrowth, but sometimes Easter can be a time to reconnect with who you are - how you’ve changed through the penitence and reflection of Lent and Be Connected Holy Week. Stepping into the new light of Easter can be disorienting at first. Our eyes must adjust to a new way of seeing; we expand into a new way of being, and we live into a newFor up-to-the-minute church way of knowing and loving God.information (and a lot of other We have a new way of being at Nativity this Easter. By virtue of being the body of Christ,cool stuff) visit our website the same people you were before I became Rector, Nativity is still very much what it And it will continue to be. However, every time someone new enters into the community andmembers and click on Publica- becomes a part of the body, the body is changed, whether that new person be the new Rector,tions. To receive egroups mes- or the life-long Episcopalian who has moved into the neighborhood, or someone who heardsages from the church, click on that the Episcopal church practices the love of God, and wants to see if that is true. What newness of life is in store for us this Easter at Nativity? What new ways of being willGovernance, scroll down the we discover this season? How many ways can we say with our lips, with our ministries, andpage to email list and follow the with our lives “Alleluia! The Lord is risen, indeed!”instructions. In peace, Stephanie+
  2. 2. Glad Tidings May 2011 Parish Life Letter From the Senior Warden Chuck TillDont you smile when conventional wisdom offers mutually tinely put in the confidential category.conflicting proverbs? "Loose lips sink ships" and "Healthy The policies elaborate on what confi-families dont keep secrets" are apropos to my thoughts this dentiality means and how it is to bemonth. honored. The policies are too lengthy to In day-to-day operations of Nativity, we strive to provide print in Glad Tidings, but—in a spirit oftransparency to all members. Vestry meetings are usually open transparency, again—any parishionerto everyone, and we circulate detailed minutes of Vestry meet- can get them upon request to the Rec-ings. We publish regular reports from the Treasurer and the full tor, any Vestry member, or the churchresults of our annual financial audits by an outside CPA. Simi- office.larly, we just installed portholes in most interior doors in Estill If you are engaged in a specific ministry at Nativity whereHouse. This kind of transparency is important for Nativity to confidential information is likely to come your way—officemaintain. volunteers, intercessory prayer groups, and pastoral care pro- On the other hand, there are things that we keep confidential, viders as examples—you will be given the policy and asked toand properly so. We dont disclose salaries of individual em- acknowledge it in writing as a moral obligation, although not aployees. We dont relay the specific medical, family, or eco- legal one. This may strike some parishioners as unusual, but itnomic conditions of persons for whom we pray during Sunday evidences our mutual accountability with respect to a seriousliturgies. We dont include mobile telephone numbers in mem- topic. Each parish officer and member of the Vestry has al-ber directories. ready set an example by signing the policy. I am reminded of how translators approach publishing a Bible Why undertake this now? It became clear to Father Georgein English from Hebrew and Greek sources. One translator Clifford, Mother Sara Batson, and me that Nativity neededsummarized the approach thusly: "as literal as possible, as free much more formality and purposefulness about necessary." I like that phrase, so Ill offer this counterpart to Regrettably there have been occasions when information in theit: as transparent as possible, as confidential as necessary. It’s a parish that should have been kept confidential was not. Thematter of balance. transgressions were not mere isolated accidents; they were sys- How do we apply that principle consistently? Where, specifi- temic. Some parishioners, understandably, do not feel assuredcally, do we draw the line between transparency and confiden- that their situations will be held in confidence. Consequentlytiality? To answer those questions, the Vestry has adopted two they hesitate to ask for pastoral care or intercessory prayer. Bynew policies on confidentiality. One is mandatory and applies any reading of the Gospel, thats intolerable and must be parish employees. The other provides guidance to members As I write this letter, its still Lent. Our communal failure toof the parish who participate in programs and ministries where preserve confidentiality is a matter for general confession andconfidential information is likely to circulate. repentance. I am confident that these new policies, supported Each version describes the information that we routinely put by gentle but firm implementation, will redirect us in the Spiritin the transparent category and the information that we rou- toward healthy discipleship. Officers and Vestry Liaison areas for 2011 Chuck Till, Senior Warden—Administration RJ Antonelli, Junior Warden—Facilities Dave McKinnon, Treasurer Gail McNally, Clerk Annette Hughes—Parish Life Babs Freeman—Visitor/New Member Incorporation Jane Heyward —Organizational Development Joel Kamya—Memorial Garden and Memorials Ken Tessier—Outreach Kevin Burke—Stewardship Susie Holmes—Education
  3. 3. Glad Tidings May 2011 Parish Life Behind the Scenes What is Rose Sunday? Becky Christian In which we spotlight folks who see something The fourth Sunday of Lent is that needs to be done, and do it! sometimes called Rose Sunday because long ago, the popes blessed a golden rose which they sent to Catholic sovereigns. In Roman Catholic, Anglican and some Protestant traditions the priests are given the option to wear rose-colored vestments at Mass in place of the purple vest- ments normally worn during Lent. This is also a day of relaxation from the normal rigors of Lenten observation, a day of hope with Easter at last within sight. Traditionally even weddings (otherwise banned during Every few years some brave souls step forward to re- Lent) could be performed on this day. organize the church kitchen. Our wonderful sexton Dave Metzger keeps it clean, but stuff accumulates Ed. Note: This article is in response to questions from folks and drawer contents get confused. Kathy Linthicum who noticed that we had flowers at the altar during Lent. Mother Sara asked the flower committee to place a vase of and Brenda Johnston felt the call prior to the anni- rose-colored roses at the altar in observance of Rose Sunday. versary celebration. That’s not all: they cleaned out the refrigerator. Kudos, ladies! Thank you! Foyer Sign-Ups Quilt Raffle Jennie HerrickSign up now through May for Foyer. Sue Young What is Foyer? Adult singles and couples gather for Thank you for your support ofmonthly dinner groups. Each couple/singles grouping the seventh annual quilt rafflehosts a dinner once. It can be as fancy or as casual as the to raise funds for the J2Ahost desires. Scheduling is up to the group and is very group’s pilgrimage to Costaflexible. Sign-up sheets can be found in the narthex or on Rica next summer. The win-the desk in the lobby of Estill House. If you are a return- ning ticket belonged to Pating Foyer participant, we ask you to invite someone new Watson, who was thrilled toto sign up. have this beautiful piece of Contact Jennie Herrick, 271-9019, with questions. handiwork. This is her second time winning the quilt raffle and this time she plans on keeping the quilt for herself! The raffle raised just under Seniors’ Brunch $600 and 100% of the pro- Billie Hurmence ceeds will go to support the NC States University Club, on Hillsborough Street, cost of the trip. Thanks to the Pat Watson, winner of the quilt raffle, has reserved its State Room for the Seniors brunch receiving her prize from Sue Young. quilting group "Chicks with May 22 at 12:30 pm. This will be a buffet with a wide Pins," who hold their gather- assortment of breakfast and lunch choices. The cost is ings at the church, for designing, creating and donating the quilt. $16.95, not including tip. For head count please call hosts Brenda and David Johnston, 848-1863, or Billie Hurmence, 848-7011 no later than May 15.
  4. 4. Glad Tidings May 2011 Parish Life Wasn’t That Dramatic? Marguerite EmmonsOn Palm Sunday, our new rector, Stephanie Allen, appeared in from a parishioner, had been the only “complete” set wea red silk and velvet chasuble. All eyes were on her as she owned.blessed the palms and led the procession into the church to the The two new frontals were a special project. Several peoplealtar which was decked out in a new red silk frontal. gave memorial money especially for their purchase. The old These items, as well as the new Lenten purple and red hangings wereLenten purple frontal used in the past scarves that fit over the front and backsix weeks of Lent, the green silk and of the altar, rather than down the sidestapestry chasuble used in Epiphany by as the white and tapestry ones did. AsMother Sara, and the white silk with our lovely altar has a bowed front, thered velvet used over Christmas, were scarves never hung right and sometimesall made possible by various memorial slipped down either to the back or thedonations given to Nativity over the front. Altar Guild members often had toyears. adjust the old scarves between services. The chasubles were at the top of the The two new hangings, while not as“needs” for Nativity as we did not visible from the front, make ample andown any. When Father George Clif- dramatic falls to the side. They wereford served as Priest-in-Charge, he spear headed the project to designed to match the other pieces that we use.use memorial money to first buy stoles that matched our hang- The older hangings may be used during services in the chapelings with an eye to buying chasubles over a longer period of (Room 4) of Estill House.time and as financial problems eased. The vestry determined One more chasuble is on back order. The Lenten purple onethat memorial money should be used to purchase chasubles for unfortunately did not arrive during Lent. It will match theall seasons. The only one owned before this time was the white Lenten hangings and will arrive, we hope, long before Lent ofand blue Advent one. The Advent set, paid for by a donation 2012. Blue Candle Jane Vella Every Monday evening at seven, we light a blue candle on the coffee table of Jane Vellas living room and pray together over a chapter of the New Testament. Using a dialogue approach with Bishop Currys ques- tions from Gospel based discipleship, we have for over five years been blessed in this Godly conversation. Join us! You are welcome. Call Jane 328 -2818. The Daughters of the King at Nativity Susan Garrison Daughters of the King at Nativity is the Jubilee Chapter. It is an order open to ALL women who are communicants of the Episcopal Church. The Mission of the Order is the extension of Christ’s Kingdom through Prayer, Service, and Evangelism. All women are welcome to join the meetings on the first Sunday of the month following the 10:30 ser- vice. We are a group of women living a Rule of Prayer and Service to our neighbors. We are women to whom parishioners can look for love and for help in time of need, loneliness or strangeness. We seek to walk with God as our guide and try to draw those with whom we come in contact into the Church. We are women who work to spread Christ’s Kingdom here on earth. We can never forget that prayer is the foundation from which our service grows. I am but one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I ought to do. What I ought to do, by the grace of God I will do. Lord, what will you have me do?
  5. 5. Glad Tidings May 2011 Christian Education Vacation Bible School: Summer Sunday School Save the Dates! Kari Marotta Fran Kenney Believe it or not, summer is around the bend and with thatVBS students will enjoy a fun "Galactic Blast" adventure July 22 our formal Sunday school classes will be ending. Many-24 at Nativity this summer. Kids will "voyage" into outer space thanks to those who have been teaching this year – we appre-praising God through special activities. Children will see space ciate it very much. We will be offering summer Sundaylike never before, gain a new perspective on our planet Earth, and school for children age 3 through rising first graders. Withlearn easy "green" Earth tips. the help of many volunteers, we offer these classes starting Children ages 3-rising 5th grade are invited to attend. Grand- June 12 through Labor Day. There will need to be two teach-children, neighbors and friends are all welcome! ers each class; tweens and teens can count as a helper to an Our program days will include Friday evening, during the day adult. There is a website for lesson plans and basic supplieson Saturday and during the Sunday school hour on Sunday. Look will be provided. A sign up poster will be hanging in Estillfor program registration to begin in this month! House May 1. Please sign up or contact Marc and Kari Ma- Questions? Please contact Fran Kenney rotta at or 424-7714. Check your or 676-8708. endars and we will see you soon – thanks! Fixers Build Community through Adventure Sally Bloom The Fixers enjoyed the challenges facing them at Betsy Jeff Penn, April 9-10. They worked on leadership and communi- cation skills and supported each other as they walked on high ropes and jumped off of telephone poles. They extend thanks to all of Nativity for supporting their adventures in the woods.All the Fixers had fun. Lto R: Jim Garbutt, Libby Kenney, Ben Campbell, Reilly Roberts,Wheeler Davis, Annabel Bloom, David Garbutt, Lydia Weinberger, Noah Showalter, AbbottGaddy, Robbie Braid, Patience Fojut Above R: Libby Kenney walks and hops along the high rope. Left: Wheeler Davis makes the final step on top of the swaying telephone pole before leaping to a trapeze bar. Thanks to Sally Bloom for these photos. Fixers navigate a log, joined together. L to R: David Garbutt, Noah Showalter, Annabel Bloom, Jim Garbutt, Reilly Roberts, Patience Fojut, Libby Kenney, Abbott Gaddy, Lydia Weinberger, Robbie Braid
  6. 6. Glad Tidings May 2011 On Being Green Be exalted, O God, above the heavens. Let your glory be over all the earth. Psalm 57:11 A Garden at Nativity Liz Chi Have you ever wanted to be part of a great social movement, learn a lot of cool things, meet new people and just have fun? Well, this is your opportunity. A church garden is coming to Nativity. Join us and learn how to grow food and be a good steward of the land. We are just getting started. We plan to build four raised beds along the south side of the new education building. We invite our youth groups and all members of our congregation that are interested in healthy eating to join. Help us raise the garden, plant and tend the garden beds and see what wonderful bounty we can grow. Watch for our information brochure and sign up sheet in the coming weeks. ON BEING GREEN A hint before you print: think greenThe Poor and Vulnerable are Affected the Most by Climate ChangeWe must act now and wake up to our moral obligations. The poor andvulnerable are members of God’s family and are the most severely af-fected by droughts, high temperatures, the flooding of coastal cities, andmore severe and unpredictable weather events resulting from climatechange. We, who should have been responsible stewards preserving thevulnerable, fragile planet home, have been wantonly wasteful through ourreckless consumerism, devouring irreplaceable natural resources. Weneed to be accountable to God’s family. Once we start living in a way thatis people-friendly to all God’s family, we will also be environmentally-friendly. Archbishop Desmond Tutu, The Green Bible, 1989. Use Me, Please! There are recycle bins in the church kitchen for glass, aluminum, paper, plas- tic, and cardboard. There is a paper recy- cling bin in the workroom (Room 3.) PS: The paper bin is on top of the waste basket. Think before you toss. Ecotip Take an Energy Sabbath for at least one hour Impromptu Sunday School class in Estill lobby before today. Turn off electronic gadgets, and take time church recently. The topic? Off-shore wind power. to enjoy Gods earth by taking a walk or sitting R to L: Todd and Catherine Davis, Jack Holmes, Carl quietly observing the world around you. Sigel, Hugh Fojut, Marina Garbutt (back to camera)
  7. 7. Glad Tidings May 2011 Outreach Church of the Nativity Outreach Fiesta Saturday May 14 6 to 8 pm in Corlett Hall It’s a party celebrating Nativity’s works beyond our walls. All ages are invited! Enjoy the lively music of the band from El Buen Pastorcongregation of Durham and meet their priest, Martin Juarez Sample wonderful food at a potluck supper: Authentic Latino foods from El Buen Pastor Foods from Nativity’s own cookbook, Sustaining the Spirit…with Heavenly Fare (Cookbook proceeds go to Outreach) Introduce Nativity’s outreach activities to our new priest,the Rev. Stephanie Allen Take part in the fun and activities for all ages
  8. 8. Glad Tidings May 2011 Parish Life in Pictures Palm SundayStephanie’s first Sunday at Nativity! Thank you to Alfred Christensen for the Palm Sunday photos. The Chatty Yarns knitters welcome Stephanie with Danish kringle, made by Alfred Christensen. Left: Brenda Johnston, Kathy Linthicum and Gene Kimmick watch as Stephanie cuts the delicious pastry. Above L to R: Allison Martin, Stephanie, Gene Kimmick, Sally McCann Right: Gail Christensen, Jennie Herrick, Anita Kerr
  9. 9. Glad Tidings May 2011 Parish Life in Pictures Farewell and Godspeed to Mother Sara BatsonBelow: Junior Warden RJ Antonelli presents an en-graved gift from the congregation to Mother Sara, withthanks for her service to Nativity.Below R: Susie Holmes serves cake to Tim Goodinas Jack and Grayson Holmes look on. Above L: Dave and Becky McKinnon at the punch bowl Above R: Aidan Special, Sarah Gordon, Angela Difede
  10. 10. Glad Tidings May 2011 Have You Met? What folks do, past and/or present church involvement We’ll put names to faces and introduce several Nativity parishioners each month. We seek to spotlight both new members and been-here-a-while members.Sally McCann. Member of Nativity 6 months.Lived in many places over the years, includ- Joan Parente. Member of Nativity 7 years. Relo-ing NJ, DC, FL, Cincinnati and MD ,among cated from DC. Has worked with American Redothers. Loves the beach. Knits, sews, quilts, Dave McKinnon. Member of Nativity 5 years. Cross as NC State Disaster Officer for 29 years.plays bridge and belongs to book club. Retired from Nortel in 2002, now Financial Enjoys visiting with friends around the US, goingChatty Yarns. Greeter. Wants to work in Consultant in retirement and estate planning. on cruises with husband, reading mysteries, andMemorial Garden. Been to many different Active in Nortel Retirees in the Triangle. Dave spending time on any beach. Choir. Worship Com-churches. Likes small church feel. and wife Becky love to travel the world. Caro- mittee. Bakes for receptions. “I appreciate our lina Hurricane fans. Worked on Build it For- people-friends I have made and new ones yet to ward campaign. Greeter at 8:00 service. Treas- be made. Wonderful music program and Spiritual- urer. Goal to maintain financially strong par- ity and the Arts. And SUPER Glad Tidings!” ish. “We enjoy the structure Nativity provides Editors note: Thank you! us on our life journey.” Susan Derbyshire Garrison. Member of Nativity Lucy Maloney. Member of Nativity 16 years. Man- 4 years. Taught math, English and music for 40 ages home-based business as independent team years. Directed plays, choirs and bell choirs. leader with Mary Key, Inc. Likes to cook, read, Previous church organist. Choir. Altar Guild. and work in flower garden. Former Vestry mem- Blue Candle. Spirituality in the Arts social com- ber and Director of Youth Education. In 2008, mittee. Daughters of the King (current presi- chaperoned youth pilgrimage to Costa Rica. Last dent). Interior Task Force for Education Build- spring, organized confirmation of youth. This past ing. Parish Visiting Committee, Pastoral Care, fall, coordinated care packages to our college Prayers for the People by the People. “I like that students. Counts Sunday collections after ser- I can have intelligent, caring, reciprocal discus- vices. “Best aspect is that my sons have grown sions about faith, grace, the Trinity, and the up thinking of Nativity as a second home; nur- Bible. We have a vibrant, caring, and ‘busy’ tured, supported, and taught by all parishioners.” church – open and quite affirming.”
  11. 11. Glad Tidings May 2011 From the Parish Coordinator’s OfficeHappy Birthday to all those Sally Bloom 2 Kelly Clay 12 Sally McCann 23with May birthdays! If your Ryan Kelly 2 Marguerite Emmons 13 Morgan Magdanz 24birthday is this month, but not Joel Weinberger 2 Beth Halloran 13 Tom McNally 24listed here, our parish database Michael Slobodnyak 3 Geoff Henry 14 Noah Showalter 24is incomplete. Please contact Mia Svolto 3 May Anderson 17 Cindy Massey 25Jennie in the parish office Jane Weinberger 4 Mike Floyd 17 Ann Whitaker-Sauls 25(846-8338) to correct your Cal Bennett 5 Annie Suk 17 Laird Davis 27information. Becky Barrett-Lopez 6 Michael Cashion 18 Keith Heyward 27 Leighton Harrell 7 Maddie Gyurek 18 Marilyn Palmer 27 Jenny Martin 8 Anita Kerr 19 Mark Linthicum 28 Molly Taylor 8 Chris McKean 19 Linda Hall 29 Jane Wehland 8 Cynthia Beck 20 Susan Kelley 29 Maxine Bronson 10 Sarah Roberts 20 Jen Winslow 29 Anastatia Hollis 10 Sherry Tyndall 20 Christiane Murray 31 Nat Heyward 11 Garner Halloran Jr. 21 Alexander OBryhim 11 Corey Heyward 23 Our congregation extends its sympathy and prayers to: Jon Showalter and his family on the death of his father Gerald Showalter May his soul, and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. Treasurer’s Report Dave McKinnon Income YTD: $102.4K Expenses YTD: $ 80.0K Overall giving was up $4.7K or 14% over February and puts the parish ahead of budget for the year. The New Education building is fully operational. Final details are being worked through with our builder which means we will be paying the final invoices in the next few weeks. We have received approximately 80% of the pledges for the new building. Thank you to all who have contributed to a great educational facility for our younger generations. We are depending on receiving the balance of the pledges to ensure we minimize our final mortgage obligation. However, there is the opportunity for those who have not contributed and those who have their children in classes to donate as well. We want our mortgage obligations to be as little as possible so that we can use the operating budget to meet all of the needs of ministries that you support, not for paying mortgage obligations. Please show your support. Prayer Chain: To begin a confidential prayer request, or to have names added to the Prayers of the People list for Sunday services, please contact the church office, 846-8338. If you have an illness, hospitalization, or death in your family, please contact the church office. If you do not receive a response in 24 hours, please call back. If you have an emergency, please contact the clergy directly. Stephanie can be emailed at
  12. 12. NONPROFIT ORG Address Service Requested US POSTAGE PAID RALEIGH, NC PERMIT NO. 24648849 Ray RoadRaleigh NC 27613Phone: 919-846-8338Email office: coordinator@NativityOnline.orgVisit us on the web at: www.nativityonline.orgGlad Tidings TeamJennie HerrickEmilie SigelAilsa TessierBrenda Johnston Glad Tidings June 2011 Issue Deadline: Friday, May 27 at noon Folding/Mailing date: June 1 Finding your Way? Emilie Sigel and Ailsa Tessier New to Nativity? Welcome! Here are a few tips for finding your way around the campus. As you come down the driveway onto the church grounds, the big building on the left is the church where, in addition to the nave (the big worship room), you will find the nursery and the choir room. Room numbers in this building begin with 101. The new building in the middle of the campus is the Education Building with all the classrooms, num- bered 201–208. The building with the red door is called Estill House, where you will find the parish hall (Room 11, called Corlett Hall) where we meet for coffee and cookies after the Sunday 10:30 service. The offices of our Rector Stephanie Allen and Parish Coordinator Jennie Herrick are rooms 5 and 2, respectively. Estill House also has a small chapel (room 4), a parlor (room 6), and a kitchen. There are bathrooms in all three of these buildings. Directly behind Estill is a fourth structure, the Adult Learning Center, with rooms 301-303. Check out the hallway in Estill House, where you’ll find bulletin boards with information on various aspects of church activities. We’re always working to make our visitors and newcomers feel welcome and at home, so please let us know how we can do a better job! Salvation is about transformation as a concise crystallization of what Christianity and the Christian life are about...transformation of our lives and of making the world a better place. Marcus Borg, author, Biblical scholar