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Rev. R. Darrel Davis 1614 Woodland Rd., Garner, NC 27529 ~ 919-926-1425 or 919-740-5732 ~         ...
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Darrel new ministry resume


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My latest resume for ministry.

Published in: Spiritual, Education
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Darrel new ministry resume

  1. 1. Rev. R. Darrel Davis 1614 Woodland Rd., Garner, NC 27529 ~ 919-926-1425 or 919-740-5732 ~ Christian Communicator – Equipper – ApologistSince 1999, I have fulfilled the calling of God on my life as a minister of the gospel by proclaiming thegood news of Jesus Christ to thousands of people around the world and by equipping believers inpersonal evangelism. I have extensive experience in successfully sharing the message of salvation withpeople from many different worldviews and age levels including atheists, agnostics, Pagans, Muslims,Jews, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, New Age cultists, secularists and so forth. Over 3,00o peoplehave trusted Christ through my work in the field of evangelism.I have equipped and led church evangelism teams into inner-city areas to witness, personally mentoredan evangelism team that communicates the gospel in downtown Raleigh, NC on a weekly basis, andtaught intentional evangelism principles to large groups of pastors and lay leaders in conferencesettings. I have served as an Intentional Community Evangelism leader for the North AmericanMission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention and as an evangelism conference leader for theBaptist State Convention of North Carolina. Core CompetenciesPreaching the Gospel with Sharing the Gospel One-to-One Mentoring Believers in PersonalClarity in Varied Settings EvangelismDrawing the Net/Giving Applying Apologetics to Leading Church EvangelismEffective Evangelistic Invitations Witnessing Situations. Teams To WitnessMotivating Believers to Fulfill Evangelism Training for Developing Evangelismthe Great Commission Trainers and Learners Strategies for ChurchesFacilitating Follow-Up for Writing Gospel Tracts Coordinating Large OutreachesSpiritual Decisions Between Churches and Denominational EntitiesExpository Preaching Evangelism Curriculum Strong Writing/Editing and Development Communication Skills Professional ExperienceFoundation Ministries, Garner, NC: President and Evangelist 1999 – PresentI built this non-profit evangelism ministry from the ground up to glorify God and serve as a platform tocommunicate the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since founding this ministry, I have communicated the gospeland equipped other believers to witness in 11 countries and 16 states in numerous contexts includingcrusade evangelism, prison ministry, college campus ministry, event evangelism, street evangelism,equipping conferences and one-to-one mentoring. To accomplish this, I had to raise my own ministrysupport for my livelihood and for the various mission and ministry projects. I had to maintaincommunication with my prayer supporters and donors through newsletters, e-mail reports, and socialmedia.Director of Social Media for Rev. Alex McFarland July 2011 – PresentI manage the social media outreach for Rev. Alex McFarland, Director for the Center for Apologetics atNorth Greenville University. Alex is an author, broadcaster and Christian speaker. My job is to
  2. 2. Rev. R. Darrel Davis Page 2 of 2promote the speaking and writing ministry of Rev. McFarland through various social media outletsincluding Facebook, Twitter, his website and various blogs. Recently, I edited one of his upcomingbooks, The 21 Toughest Questions Your Kids Will Ask About Christianity which will be published byTyndale House Publishers in the near future.Temple Baptist Church, SBC. Fayetteville, NC: Interim Senior Pastor July 2010 – Oct. 2010I provided pastoral leadership and guidance for this mid-sized Southern Baptist congregation whilethey transitioned to new pastoral leadership. Responsibilities included working with the staff of thechurch, the Minister of Music and the Youth Pastor, to provide meaningful worship experiences onSunday morning and evening and to lead in Wednesday night prayer meeting and Bible Study. Iministered through hospital visitation and attended and provided input at leadership meetings of thevarious ministry teams of the church.Baptist State Convention, Cary, NC: Assistant Crossover Coordinator Dec. 2005-July 2006I assisted in the coordination for the 2006 Crossover Evangelism project in the Triad area of NorthCarolina prior to the 2006 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting. I recruited, organized andplaced volunteers from all over the United States with local host churches for this multi-churchevangelistic outreach. I also managed the flow of vital planning information between the variousentities involved in the effort, The North American Mission Board, the Baptist State Convention and thethree local Baptist associations and churches in these associations. I assisted the local churches infacilitating follow-up with the people who made spiritual decisions during the outreach. Education and Professional DevelopmentChowan University, Murfreesboro, NC – May 2002Bachelor of Arts in Religion, Cum LaudeDepartment of Religion and Philosophy Honor AwardRoanoke Chowan Community College, Ahoskie, NC – May 1991Associate in Applied Science in Architectural TechnologyIntentionally Evangelistic Church Strategy Training, Equipper TrainingBaptist State Convention, Cary, NC – 2007, 2008, 2010Ministry Partner Development TrainingCampus Crusade for Christ International, Daytona Beach, FL, January 2005Proclamation Evangelism Network e-SchoolMay 2002 and March 2003. Ministry CredentialsLicensed and ordained by Galatia Baptist Church, Seaboard, NC, 1996 and 1997Endorsed Evangelist, North American Mission BoardEndorsed Intentional Community Evangelism Consultant, North American Mission Board PersonalBorn Aug. 2, 1969Married to Penny Ann Davis, March 9, 1996. We have 2 children, Jeremy and Rebekah. References Available by Request