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GT 02-11


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Glad Tidings, February 2011

Published in: Spiritual
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GT 02-11

  1. 1. Glad Tidings Issue No. 02-11 February 2011 A monthly publication of the church of the Nativity From the Desk of the Interim RectorThis week marked the 50th anniversary of the Inaugural speech move into the new Christian Education Building. But, the ques-of John F. Kennedy. Numbers of times, when turning on the ra- tion is, will there be enough Nativity members who step forwarddio or TV, those memorable words were heard over and over to be leaders, teachers and coordinators of the Christian Educa-again. In his address he stated the following: “Ask not what your tion program? Further, will someone step forward to coordinatecountry can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Vacation Bible School 2011? Parents have been the ones keepingMy words to you via this newsletter are taken from this. these programs going. But it is not just their responsibility— it is Ask not what the Church of the Nativity can do for you; ask the responsibility of all of the adult members of the parish. If allwhat you can do for the Church of the Nativity. help, no one gets burned out and everyone enjoys it Just as President Kennedy was trying to inspire more. As you have heard it said, “Many handsall Americans to get involved in order to ensure the make light work.”well-being and the future of the United States, I am Planning for the 2011 fall, as well as for the 2012asking you to get involved in your parish in order winter and spring, will have to begin soon if theto ensure its well-being and its future. Your gifts, program is to remain the extraordinarily wonderfultalents, time, and treasure are DESPERATELY program it currently is. We have leaders who haveneeded. Ask yourself what gifts you are hiding served for up to 8 years who deserve a break, andunder the lamp stand? Ask yourself what excuse they will be stepping down from these roles at theyou give when you are asked to serve and you re- end of this school year. No, they won’t keep serv-fuse? Let your answer be honest. What is keeping ing if no one comes forward. So if they leave andyou from fully responding to the call to fully com- no others step forward, a crisis will develop. Itmitted discipleship? takes approximately 20 volunteers to run the Christian Education Be mindful that when you were baptized you were essentially programs. The programs and activities are documented and cur-ordained to be a lay minister of the Gospel. Ministers of the Gos- riculum is planned. Those stepping down are willing to mentorpel serve on Vestry, serve in an outreach ministry, serve to help new volunteers so you will have the help you need. Are you will-educate the children and youth of the parish, serve the poor, the ing to shed your reservations and get involved in meaningfulhomeless, and the hungry. Ministers of the Gospel are faithful in ministry? Call me directly 919.397.2311 (cell)worship and in prayer and the study of the Holy Scriptures. Min- Ask not what the Church can do for you; ask what you can doisters of the Gospel respect the dignity of every human being. for the church. Let me call your attention to a pressing need. We will soon The Rev. Sara C. Batson, Interim Rector Officers and Vestry Mark your Calendars Liaison areas for 2011 Chuck Till, Senior Warden – Administration RJ Antonelli, Junior Warden – Facilities Nativity 25th Anniversary Dave McKinnon, Treasurer Gail McNally, Clerk Celebration Annette Hughes – Parish Life Babs Freeman – Visitor/New Member Incorporation Saturday, March 12 Jane Heyward – Organizational Development 9 am-12:30 pm Joel Kamya – Memorial Garden and Memorials Ken Tessier – Outreach Kevin Burke – Stewardship Liturgy, Program, Brunch Susie Holmes – Education
  2. 2. Glad Tidings February 2011 Parish Business Letter from the Senior Warden Chuck TillAbout a year ago, your Vestry consulted our Diocese about the sultation with the Search Commit-choice of processes to identify the next seated Rector for Nativ- tee and much prayer, the Vestryity. The Vestry chose the option known as “targeted search” in opted to interview one additionalwhich the Diocese provides a slate of candidates for the Search candidate whom the DioceseCommittee—which was appointed by the Vestry—to interview strongly recommends. This inter-and evaluate. An analogy in the business world is using a re- view and evaluation process willcruiter instead of posting a job on the internet and wading begin soon, and periodic updatesthrough a large number of applications. In other words, the will be provided to you in a timely“targeted search” is a more focused approach. manner. The process allowed each candidate priest who thought they In the meantime, much progress ismight be a fit for Nativity to discern whether or not they were, being made. We have a workablein fact, called to become our next Rector. Likewise, the Search and balanced budget for 2011.Committee had the opportunity and challenge of discerning Christmas attendance was strong.whether any of the candidates had the gifts and skills that We will soon occupy the new Education Building. In Motherwould be a match for our parish. Sara we have a very experienced Interim Rector who is provid- After diligent and faithful efforts in discernment, a match was ing a remarkable amount of pastoral care as she simultaneouslynot found. Although this process didn’t result in a call, the helps the Vestry address some things that are needed in orderSearch Committee should be praised and thanked profusely. for the new Rector to have a smooth landing and Nativity to beThey did exactly the job they were charged to do. That their positioned for growth.efforts did not result in a call is not the measure of success or What can you, the congregation, do to help? Keep praying,failure. Rather, their success is that they were wise and coura- keep the faith, and remember God will provide. And, keep yourgeous enough to report the need to keep looking. That one spe- eyes focused on the ministries of the Church. There are the sickcial and called priest for Nativity is still out there waiting and to be comforted, hungry to be fed, lonely to be visited, youth towanting to be found. We simply have to keep looking! be educated, adults to be inspired, the guilty to be forgiven, and So, in January of 2011 the Vestry again met with Canon Mi- God’s love to be embracedchael Hunn of the Diocese to discuss a path forward. After con- Treasurers Report Dave McKinnon YTD Giving: $367.7K YTD Expenses: $316.1K Our church leadership continues to be prudent in its spending. This approach has left us with a surplus of funds as of the close of 2010. We will use these funds to improve the appearance of the grounds and to continue to make improvements to the interiors of our buildings. The work done so far makes our church home more inviting and appealing to our visi- tors, potential new members, and new clergy. Our parishioners are warm and welcoming and we are striving to make our church home match those val- ues. We have established the operating budget for 2011 and expect to break even for the year. The budget shows giving at $378K and the same level for expenses. Pledges are down so we could not plan for any additions to our existing pro- grams or staffing. Costs for the new building make up the increase in costs.
  3. 3. Glad Tidings February 2011 Parish Life Dear Nativity Family, Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your warm wishes, outreach and prayers for my quick recovery from my knee injury last October. After 14 weeks on crutches, I am pleased to advise you that your prayers (and mine) have been heard and an- swered. The surgery was, by all accounts, very successful and I am now walking unaided. God bless you all. Rick Widin Attention All Families of Nativity: Its Family Foyer Time! Becky Showalter After taking a break for the busy fall season, Family Foyer is ready to begin again for the spring! This is a great way for you and your family to get to know other families in the church. In case you dont know what it is, Family Foyer is a program where you will be grouped with several other families with children of similar ages to form a supper group. Each family will host the supper group one time . . . at their home, at a park, with a 4-course meal, with take-out pizza, whatever. The point is for the children and the parents to foster a greater sense of community within our VERY busy church! Our children know each other from Sunday School; let’s do the same. Foyer works best when many families sign up - it makes it much easier to group families by the age of the children - so please consider joining us this spring! Sign-ups will be in the church narthex and parish hall, or you can contact me di- rectly at or 845-8975. Just let me know your names and the ages of the kids, and I’ll do the rest! Nativity Seniors Billie Hurmence Italiano taste buds alert! On February 13, Nativity Seniors meet to savor Brio Tuscan Grille’s signature cuisine and scrumptious bread. Ann Pregnall and Montez Stetson will host our lunch at 12:30 pm. Please RSVP for the count by or before February 5: Ann Pregnall, 848-7553; Montez Stetson 848-7576; Billie Hurmence 848-7011. Request for Wisdom Susie Holmes, VestryRite 13 is the section of the Journey to Adulthood (J2A) youthprogram that covers grades 6-8. Once a year, Nativity holds aRite 13 ceremony to highlight our Rite13ers as they head intothe teenage years. The Rite 13 ceremony will be held as part ofthe regular 10:30 service on Sunday, February 13. The evening Don’t Tread on Me!before, the Rite 13 group and their parents will hold a rehearsal Janet Obryhim holds a FINISHED needlepoint cushionand dinner. cover. Yes, the ongoing project is nearing completion and Please join us in celebrating these young people by contribut- we will have beautiful hand-stitched cushions at our altaring to their Books of Wisdom (BOW). You can send any words rail. PLEASE teach your children now not to stand on thethat you think would be helpful to them as they grow into cushions when they take communion. The current cushionsadulthood to Sally Bloom at by Febru- are temporary, but we hope the new ones will last for many,ary 6. And be sure to join us on February 13 as we celebrate many years with our tender loving care.these young people and pledge our support for them!
  4. 4. Glad Tidings February 2011 Parish Life Children Changing the World, Change Nativity Ailsa TessierIf you were skeptical that a group of children can change the world, Sunday’s concert by the Afri-can Children’s Choir™ would have erased all doubt. Spirituality in the Arts’ “A Celebration ofYouth and Peace” would have done Dr. Martin Luther King proud. A near-capacity crowd wasspellbound as the nave filled with a thrilling performance of music and dance. The children’s talent,joy and energy were simply astonishing! All of the children attend Music for Life camps in Africa, where they enjoy typical camp activitiesthat give them a break from the hardships they encounter at home. From the camps, some childrenare selected to join the next touring choir, and begin the necessary training. Concertgoers were very moved by their stories and videos, and responded with gen- erous donations totaling more than $2100. The performance ended with a traditional high-stepping celebratory Ugandan dance, followed by an encore piece, a beautiful arrangement of “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.” A wonderful reception in Estill House welcomed the choir and concert attendees. Many warm thanks are due to all who gave their time to help: Nativity members arranged for the choir to perform, set up the nave for the concert and moved furniture to make space available for the children to rest, prepared lunch and snacks for the children and tour leaders, provided delicious reception goodies, and cleaned up afterwards. A special thanks to our neighbors at the Korean Baptist Church for lending us their parking lot for our overflow. To learn more about this remarkable group visit their website: http:// Chatty Yarns Emilie Sigel Chatty Yarns meets in the church parlor on Wednesdays at 9:30 am. As the name implies, the group enjoys conversation and knitting (crocheting, too) making hats and scarves for those in need. All are welcome to join. Oh, and the group likes a good party as well. The photos were taken at a recent birth- day celebration held for member Beth Agayoff. If you are interested please contact Brenda Johnston,, or just show up on a Wednesday morning! Below: Beth cutting her cake. Below right standing: Beth Agayoff, Allison Martin, Emily Phillips, Sally McCann, Gail Jens, Emilie Sigel, Anita Kerr. Seated: Kathy Linthicum, Brenda Johnston
  5. 5. Glad Tidings February 2011 Christian Education Sunday School Program Preschool/Kindergarten Class Teaching Teams Our thanks to all of our childrens program • Mary Kingsley and youth assistant teachers who have supported our block Claudia Meyer scheduling calendar this Sunday School • Michelle Walter and Mary Harb year. These teachers have all committed to • Kira and Rich Stewart working with a class of children for 4-5 • Kellam and Riley Gaddy weeks in a row, teaching a whole unit of study during consecutive weeks. Its a won- 1st/2nd Grade Class Teaching Teams derful commitment to our childrens Chris- • Becky and Jon Showalter tian education program and we thank them • Mark and Kerry Troester for it! Teachers and children alike are bene- • Kristi Strickland and Robbie Schuler fiting from the continuity this schedule pro- • Morgan and Greg Magdanz Fran Kenney vides. 3rd/4th Grade Class Teaching Teams Children’s Program Coordinator • Fran and Pat Kenney • Lori Special and Doug Adkins • Morgan and Greg Magdanz Sing-Along Sunday! Fran Kenney, Children’s Program CoordinatorNativitys 10:30 hour Sunday School children will participate in an inter-classlesson and sing-along on Sunday, January 30 during their Sunday School hour.We look forward to welcoming Beth Frazier back to lead our children in an-other fun and festive time together. Miss Beth regularly comes in and sings andplays the piano with our children for special programs such as Vacation BibleSchool, our Christmas pageant and our sing-alongs. We appreciate her timewith us so much! (Special note: Miss Beth is Libby and Robert Kenneysgrandmother and Fran Kenneys mom.) Youth Group Update Jane Heyward, VestryAll four Youth Group classes started the newyear off with a Regathering Pancake Breakfast Beth Frazier “Miss Beth” and Fran Kenney aton January 9. The students enjoyed as many COTN Bible School last summerpancakes as they could eat while listening to apresentation on Faith and the Environmentgiven by Carl Sigel. After the presentation, theyouth brainstormed ideas on how Nativity canhelp the environment. The most popular ideawas to get a goat to eat the grass instead ofmowing. Thanks to all of the leaders and par-ents who helped facilitate discussions, makepancakes, serve and clean up. The J2A class istaking orders for their Superbowl Chili fund-raiser. They are serving samples of their famous chili (vegetarian,chicken and beef) after service on Sundays this month. You can orderpints or quarts of your favorite chili and pick them up on February 6 intime to enjoy during the Superbowl game. The chili freezes well too, somake sure you place your order soon. The Rite 13 class is preparing fortheir upcoming Rite 13 ceremony on February 13 with a dinner the nightbefore. And, to support the environment, the youth will be participatingin the Big Sweep parks clean-up effort on Saturday, April 2. Most im- L to R: Max Stevens, Janice Stevens, John Oldham,portantly, we are looking forward to moving into the new educationalbuilding just as soon as it is finished. Ben Tim, Anastasia Hollis
  6. 6. Glad Tidings February 2011 Outreach Honduras: Late Breaking News Choir Christmas Gift Pete Crow Harlan HaggeThe Honduras Health Mission returned to For the last few years the choirthe USA January 16 after the January has taken a collection at Christ-newsletter deadline. The mission was ex- mas time for a worthwhile char-tremely successful. In the next newsletter ity. This year, Nancy Terry in theI will report in more detail. One important choir organized the collection forpiece of news, though: mission director Gifts for Life at Episcopal ReliefPriscilla Shows and her husband Derek and Development (ERD) and weannounced that after ten years of amazing were able to raise enough moneyleadership of the program, they would be ($100) to buy a pig for a villageturning over that role to someone(s) else. in the developing world. But thisWhat an enormous debt of gratitude we all year we had some money left over. The choir voted atowe them. Part of their accomplishment involves working with the our rehearsal on Thursday night, January 13, to donateUnited Communities, whom we serve, to address wider economic the extra money to ERD for the Haiti earthquake recov-and social issues than just providing a yearly clinic. This year the ery. I am proud to report that on behalf of the choir aUnited Communities received official status as a non-profit organi- donation of $50 has been made to the Haiti Earthquakezation, which will be a huge asset in enabling them to get economic Response Fund of ERD. Perhaps other groups at Nativ-development and other kinds of aid to help alleviate underlying is- ity will consider making a donation in support of Out-sues of poverty, especially malnutrition in children. reach efforts! Ongoing Progress in Haiti Harlan Hagge The Haiti One-Year Report summarizes activities and ter on recovery and sustainable development. achievements in two phases of the recovery effort: Phase I “Haitians have the strength and determination to rebuild (January-March 2010) activities concentrated on rescue their country, together as communities and in communion and relief, while Phase II (April-December 2010) focused with their churches,” said Tammi Mott, Episcopal Relief on the transition from relief to recovery. Some initiatives and Development’s Program Officer for Haiti. “Episcopal will continue through 2011, including Cash-for-Work pro- Relief and Development is supporting the Diocese of Haiti jects, the construction of provisional homes and installation as it empowers Haitians to actively engage at every stage of water and sanitation systems. These programs will help of the recovery process.” To learn more about diocesan individuals and families increase their economic independ- recovery activities supported by Episcopal Relief and De- ence, and promote household and community security. velopment, visit Phase III programs (ongoing from January 2011) will cen- Sunday School Outreach Fran Kenney Our Sunday school children hosted their annual store and successfully raised $118 that will be sent to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttles Back Pack Bud- dies Program! This store is a Nativity tradition and provides the children a fun way to raise money for an important cause. Thank you to FIXERS class members who helped in the store that day as gift wrappers and shopping buddies. Good work, kids! See more photos of the Outreach Store on page 8. Right: Mary Hana Gaddy checks out with her shopping buddy Sydney Gyurek
  7. 7. Glad Tidings February 2011 The Green Page You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they existed and were created. Revelation 4:11 Earth Care Weekend at Nativity Carl Sigel During the weekend of February 18-20, 2011, Church of the Nativity will participate in the national Preach-In on the environment sponsored by Interfaith Power and Light (IPL). IPL began in San Francisco, California in 1998 with Episcopal Power and Light and the support of Grace Cathedral as a unique coalition of Episcopal churches aggregated to purchase renewable energy. The Rev. Canon Sally G. Bingham is the founder and executive director of this movement. There are now Interfaith Power and Light affiliates in 37 states and the Washington, D.C. area, working in over 10,000 congre- gations. Festivities will begin on Friday evening at 7:30 pm Environmental Stewardship at when Dr. Kathy Shea, Director of NC IPL will present a talk entitled, “Body and Nativity (ESN) meets at 7 pm Spirit: Care of Creation and Your Health.” on Wednesday nights in Estill Refreshments will be served. Please RSVP to Carl Sigel, On House. The next meeting Sunday morning, February 20, both worship services will include ecological ser- is scheduled for February 16, mons, liturgy, and hymns. During the Sunday School hour, beginning at 9:15 am, 2011. Everyone is welcome. Dr. Carl Sigel, NC IPL Steering Committee Chair, will present a talk entitled, “Tending Our Garden on a Warming Planet.” Sunday School classes for the youth will also focus on Care of Creation. Recycle Site for Number 5 Containers 2010 Some Global Climate Highlights According to Carolyn Kerr National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA)Feel guilty about tossingyour used yogurt contain- ♦ The global land surface temperatures for 2010 were tied for theers in the trash? These second warmest on record at 1.73 F above the 20th centurynumber 5 recycle contain- average.ers (yogurt, cream cheese, ♦ Global ocean surface temperatures for 2010 tied with 2005 asmargerine, etc.) are being the third warmest on record, at 0.88 F above the 20th centuryreused. The "Gimme 5" average.recycling campaign col- ♦ According to the Global Historical Climatology Network,lects these containers and 2010 was the wettest year on record, in terms of global averageturns them into precipitation.toothbrushes and razors. ♦ A negative Arctic Oscillation (AO) in January and FebruaryThey can be dropped off helped usher in very cold Arctic air to much of the Northernat Whole Food stores in Hemisphere. Record cold and major snowstorms with heavyRaleigh, Cary, Chapel Hill and Durham. accumulations occurred across much of eastern North Amer- ica, Europe and Asia ♦ From mid-June to mid-August, an unusually strong jet stream O you who covers the high places with waters, who shifted northward of western Russia while plunging southward sets the sand as a bound to the sea, and upholds all into Pakistan. The jet stream remained locked in place for things: the sun sings your praises, the moon gives weeks, bringing an unprecedented two-month heat wave to you glory, every creature offers a hymn to you, his Russia and contributing to devastating floods in Pakistan at the Author and Creator forever. Amen end of July. Eastern Orthodox Prayer
  8. 8. Glad Tidings February 2011 Parish Life in Pictures Nativitys children did a wonderful job sharing the Christmas story with us at the Lessons and Carols service on December 19. Christmas Memories Pageant and Outreach Store Spirituality in the Arts ReceptionKylie Showalter and Jackson Magdanz Lily McElrath with her shoppingwait for their gifts to be wrapped by Ab- buddy Annabel Bloombott Gaddy and Libby Kenney Above: Carol Myers and Diana Hudgens Far L: Diane Bell makes a purchase to support the African Children’s Choir™ Helpers were Pat McQueen and Ailsa Tessier L: Several of the ador- able performers enjoy the reception treats
  9. 9. Glad Tidings February 2011 Parish Life in Pictures Youth Regathering BreakfastSee Youth Update article onpage 5 to find out what is goingon in these photos. It wasn’t justpancakes! Our young folks arevery interested in what is hap-pening with our environment andhave some very creative ideas.
  10. 10. Glad Tidings February 2011 Parish Life What folks do, past and/or present church involvement We’ll put names to faces and introduce several Nativity parishioners each month. This is a work in progress, watch it evolve… We seek to spotlight both new members and been-here-a-while members.Beth Agayoff. Member of Nativity 23 Larry and Lesley Troan. Members of Ailsa Tessier. Member of Nativity 23years. Previous school volunteer as Nativity since its second Sunday. Larry at years. Office manager at N.C. Museum ofpart of being Mom. Office manager in IBM for 33 years, now at Red Hat for 8 Art. Raleigh Convocation Choir. Raleighhusband’s medical office. Newcomer’s Bidarka (Scrabble). Enjoys gardening, years. Received Chairman’s award in 2007.Club. Current activities include mah reading mysteries, travel, cooking, geneal-jongg, book club, water aerobics, cards Private pilot’s license. Lesley busy with ogy, music. Was choir member, choir andwhen game available. Travels to see volunteer activities, grandchildren, godchil- children’s choir director, charter bell choirgrandchildren as well as 97 year old dren, good friends. Ski and take trips with member, bell choir director. Communionmother. Summers at cottage in Canada. their grandchildren. Visit Lesley’s family bread baker, ECW. Committees: outreach,Taught Sunday School (3rd grade), in England each year. Lesley was in choir, building, organ, cookbook, landscape andheld many offices in ECW (including taught Sunday School, worked with Mi- grounds. Currently, Flower Committee,President), Bell choir member. Now Spirituality in the Arts, Environmental grant Farmworkers Ministry. Involved withUsher, Greeter, Altar Guild (previous Stewardship, Foyer, Glad Tidings team. Environmental Stewardship. Larry one of Likes “growth experienced over the yearschair), Chatty Yarns. Daughter wasfirst female acolyte and was married first 3 LEMs. Currently LEM and LEV. while keeping close to each other, andhere. “Been here through thick and thin Served on Ministry Review Committee. being part of the history of this wonderfuland wouldn’t trade it.” Involved in Deaf Ministry. church family.” Alice Ragland. Member of Nativity 6 years. Worked as cogni- Jen Winslow. Member of Nativity 16 years. Worked in tive-behavioral substance abuse counselor. Now paints large travel industry when the “going was good.” Former oil abstract expressionist paintings. Ten year volunteer with Stephen Minister, Pastoral Committee, Usher. Member Triangle Family Services, 6 years on their board. Former mem- of Noon Books. Seniors group. Greeter. “Nativity is my ber of Outreach Committee. Enjoys Foyer. Greeter. Likes pro- Raleigh family and watching the children grow and grams at Nativity such as lectures by Father George. flourish is a joyful gift.”
  11. 11. Glad Tidings February 2011 From the Parish Coordinator’s OfficeHappy Birthday to all those Karen Arata 1 Shirley Small 13 Alec Carroll 21with February birthdays! If Linda Weiner 3 Kevin Commons 14 Scott Riordan 21your birthday is this month, Elizabeth Beilman 4 Reilly Roberts 14 Andy Shea 21but not listed here, our parish Margaret Christiansen 4 Nancy Difede 15 Laura Caro 22database is incomplete. Please Betty Plotkin 4 Joel Kamya 15 Kylie Showalter 23contact Jennie in the parish Marcel Provencher 4 Kieren Harrell 16 Mary Anderson 24office (846-8338) to correct Justin Walther 4 Laura Mulrooney 16 Dave McKinnon 24your information. Justin Norris 6 Michael Norris 16 Jack Spence Jr. 25 Ethan Roberts 6 Gayle Hall 17 Justin Smith 26 Angilique Svolto 7 Nancy Barr 18 Conner Stevens 26 Michael Marotta 9 John Gordon 18 Sara Allan 27 Michael Rhaney 10 Karl Schneider 19 Shannon Kelley 27 Jack Agayoff 11 Galen Tim 19 Ross Maloney 27 Elaine Hankins 11 Beth Noble 20 Ann Conlon Smith 28 Our congregation extends its sympathy and prayers to: The family of Wayne Youtz The family of Matthew Special Betty Boyd Hardy on the death of her mother Opal Brannock René Garcés on the death of his father René Garcés May their souls, and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen. Have you met Jennie? Jennie Herrick is our dedicated, friendly, efficient Parish Coordi- nator. She keeps the office in shape, keeps track of just about eve- rything, does the scheduling, sends out the weekly bulletin, does all the printing for the church, plus many, many more tasks. Her office hours are 9 am to 1 pm, Monday through Friday. She can be reached at, or the parish office phone number 846-8338. Stop in and say Hello! Prayer Chain: To begin a confidential prayer request, or to have names added to the Prayers of the People list for Sunday services, please contact the church office. If you have an illness, hospitalization, or death in your family, please contact the church office. If you do not receive a response in 24 hours, please call back. If you have an emergency, please contact Mother Sara directly.
  12. 12. NONPROFIT ORG Address Service Requested US POSTAGE PAID RALEIGH, NC PERMIT NO. 24648849 Ray RoadRaleigh NC 27613Phone: 919-846-8338Email office: office@NativityOnline.orgVisit us on the web at: www.nativityonline.orgGlad Tidings TeamJennie HerrickEmilie SigelAilsa TessierBrenda Johnston Glad Tidings Deadline March 2011 Issue Deadline: February 18 at noon Mailing date: Febuary 23 Earth Care Weekend February 18-20, 2011 Church of the Nativity, 8849 Ray Road, Raleigh 27613, 919-846-8338 Friday, February 18, 7:30-9 pm “Body and Spirit: Care of Creation and Your Health” Dr. Kathy Shea, Director NC IPL Refreshments will be served; Please RSVP, Child-care available for pre-kindergarten through 4th grade Sunday, February 20, 8 and 10:30 am Worship Services: Rev. Sara Batson, ecological sermons, liturgy, and hymns 9:15-10:15 am “Tending Our Garden on a Warming Planet” Dr. Carl Sigel, NC IPL Steering Committee Chair Sponsored by Church of the Nativity and North Carolina Interfaith Power & Light