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2010 03 04 magazine

  1. 1. FBConnection: Chronicle First Baptist Church H e l p i n g p e o p l e c o n n e c t t o G o d a n d d is c o v e r H i s p u r p o s e f o r t h e i r l i v e s . GPS: God’s Plan for Sharing March/April 2010 Volume 4, Issue 2 What’s Inside • Baptisms New members New arrivals In Loving Memory • Men’s Ministry • Women’s Ministry • GPS • Remodeling: 2010 • Easter We often hear about the Sharing —- an opportunity • Praying Great Commission from for every person to hear • Equipping • Teaching Children the pulpit or during a Bible and respond to the gospel • Sowing to Plan for Their study lesson. Do you ever by 2020. • Harvesting Future wonder what it would take FBCH has set a 210 target You can read about the • Mother-Daughter to see the Great goal for 2010 . . . 210 plans inside this edition. Luncheon 2010 Commission fulfilled? people for Jesus during There you will find As believers we realize the 2010. This is not a goal information about activities • Experiencing God fact that people die that is beyond our and events in which FBCH Musical everyday outside a capabilities and certainly will engage to reach out to relationship with Jesus should not be a goal the lost in our community. • Dates to Christ. And it’s a beyond our heart’s desire. Think about it. Remember challenge, to say the least, Anyone who knows Jesus How will you participate? to get believers inspired wants to see others come to enough to simply share know Him as well. their faith. But Southern Plans have been made for Baptists have developed a FBCH to be part of this vision to accomplish this. great vision. What’s It is called God’s Plan for involved?
  2. 2. FBConnection Chronicle: A ministry information publication Published by: First Baptist Church 9280 Maple Avenue / Hesperia, CA 92345 Phone: 1-760-244-4109 Email: fbc@fbch.org Editor: Robin Y. Martin Support Staff Preschool Ministry Staff Maygan Bartosh Emily Isaccs Cherish Kangas Sharon Perry Sarah Sanders Katie Smith Children’s Ministry Leadership Team Pastoral Staff Dawna Avery Amanda Tate Wayne Stockstill, Senior Pastor Julia Morgan Student Ministry Leadership Team (ext. 108) / fbc@fbch.org Sharde Salas Dawna Avery Reba Champoux Derek Trott Richard Spring, Pastor of Church Development Nathan Freeman Marlena Trott (ext. 104) / rspring@fbch.org Fidel Gonzales Scott Trott Ron and Carolyn Heyward Tiffany Trott Robert Grissom, Pastor of Administration Odena Jones (ext. 105) / rgrissom@fbch.org Brenda Kraus Dave and Cheryl Olson Brian Kaiser, Pastor of Worship Arts Jeannie Rash (ext. 107) / bkaiser@fbch.org Lance Way Jim and Wanda Mole, Directors of Student Ministry Computer Network Ministry Team (ext. 201) / youth@fbch.org Sammy Martin, System Administrator Fidel Gonzales, Webmaster Sherry Cleveland, Director of Children’s Ministry Audio/Visual Ministry Team (leave messages at ext. 106) / children@fbch.org Richard Amos David Anderson Brandy Smith, Director of Preschool Ministry Travis Dickerson (ext. 120) / preschool@fbch.org Bill Fleming El Kingston Robin Martin Donna Fleming Bill Trott, Pastor of Hospital Visitation Ministry Sammy Martin Toni Palmeri (leave messages at ext. 106) / fireroadbill@msn.com Roger Sanders Sharde Salas Custodial Staff Derek Trott Ted Holmes Marlena Trott Administrative Staff Russell James Scott Trott Darron Price Tiffany Trott Richard Amos, Facilities Manager Glenn Trowbridge (ext. 102) / ramos@fbch.org Lucy Flood, Accountant Ministry Contacts (ext. 101) / lflood@fbch.org Baptism Assistance Ministry: Judy Cutright A new son! Deacon Ministry: Ruben Tatum Proud parents —- Claudia Kingston, Executive Secretary Rick and Tia Troutman (ext. 106) / ckingston@fbch.org Divorce Care: Darrell Bell Proud Brother —- Guest Services Ministry Ashton Robin Martin, Data-Graphics-Publications Manager Greeters: Arceal Morgan (ext. 100) / songbird1954@charter.net Ushers: David Johnson rmartin@fbch.org Harmony Ministry: DeWayne Williams Ron Murphy, Audio/Visual Coordinator Kitchen Ministry:, Ron and Julie Murphy (leave messages at ext. 106) / media@fbch.org Library Ministry: Ann Bender June Warwick, Special Events Men’s Ministry: Mike Lemons (leave messages at ext. 106) / juneandbill@fbch.org Glenn Trowbridge —- Church Members —- MOPS Ministry: Susan Esterline Neil Sanderfer Sewing Ministry: Arceal Morgan Husband of Velma Sanderfer Women’s Ministry: Lynda Kaiser —- Family Members —- YACS Ministry: Odena Jones Mother of Susan Coffey Page 2 FBConnection: Chronicle
  3. 3. MEN’S BREAKFAST March 13th and April 10th 8:30 am For more information, contact Glenn Trowbridge. DEACONS MEETING March 13th and April 10th 10:00 am For more information, contact Ruben Tatum. MEN’S RETREAT March 5th and 6th at Ironwood For more information, contact Mike Lemons. Page 3 Volume 4, Issue 2
  4. 4. Single Ladies Fellowship March 13th at 5:00 pm Home of Priscilla Flores For more info about this event, please contact —- Priscilla Flores at 760-244-7576 / majestic64@verizon.net or Cathy Jones at 760-900-4558 / cjgarden@yahoo.com For more info about these March 20th Women’s Minstry 6:00 pm Events, (Home of Julie Murphy) contact Lynda Kiaser. A Night of Remembrance A time to “remember” Him by discovering how often in His Word He has reminded us to do so. We will make a “Box of Remembrance”. April 17th at 6:30 pm Cost: $5.00 Open to girls and women 7 to 75 The Sewing Fellowship is very busy integrating some of MOPS ladies into the world of sewing. Child care is now available from 9:00 am until 11:00 am for children 5 years old and younger so that young mothers can come and participate in the Sewing Fellowship. There is a lot of excitement and a lot of activity going on. The ladies are learning many things from how to prepare material for use, cutting, fitting, sewing, pressing, and how to use their machines to create the many products we distribute to the community . . . . all while enjoying the fellowship and refreshments of the day. The Sewing Fellowship meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 8:00 am until 12:00 pm in rooms 109 and 110. For more info about the Sewing Fellowship, contact Arceal Morgan at 1-760-244-8530. Page 4 FBConnection: Chronicle
  5. 5. Every Believer Sharing, Every Person Hearing by 2020 As many as three out of four people die in North America without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As Southern Baptists, we believe Scripture has provided a simple roadmap for change. With every believer sharing, every person should have an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel by the year 2020. We call it GPS: God's Plan for Sharing. Praying —- Engaging —- Sowing —- Harvesting INTENT The intent is to engage every people group in North America with the good news. For us that means we start in our own community. For us it means we have set a goal to reach 210 people for Jesus in 2010. FRAMEWORK The framework is designed to produce consistency in every participating Southern Baptist church, association and state convention across North America. We have set into motion the necessary steps to begin reaching people in our community. We have already been praying specifically for our area of concentration —- those in a 1 mile radius of the church and “our” individual neighborhoods. Prayer is essential to the accomplishment of our goal. We prayed all throughout the month of February during the Wednesday evening prayer time. We ask that you continue to pray and be a vital part of FBCH bringing Christ to the streets of Hesperia. We have been blessed with a skillful and talented core group of people to advance our efforts in this cause to reach Hesperia for Christ. They include: These are our homes DeWayne Williams - GPS Coordinator Gloria Stockstill - Prayer Coordinator and our streets . . . Rita Amos - Home Prayer Groups Coordinator Bill Trott - Prayer Driving Groups Coordinator Lou Osborne - Prayer Walking Groups Coordinator this is our Jerusalem . . . Ken Kiner - Visitation and Follow-up Coordinator Pastor Bob Grissom - Administrative Coordinator this is our commission! Don Parker - Distribution Coordinator Ed Adams - Witness Training Coordinator The following steps have been initiated to facilitate our efforts in this cause to reach Hesperia for Christ —- • We are mobilizing our church to pray intensely for all lost people in our community and making an effort to reach those in our target area with the gospel and information about our church. • We are providing you, the body of Christ at FBCH, opportunities for training and equipping yourselves for witnessing and evangelism. This training is required for all who plan to serve in some capacity so there will be uniformity in our witnessing and evangelistic efforts in our targeted area. If you have not been in a training session, please contact Ed Adams. • We are updating our informational materials and making sure that our facility looks its best for company. • There will be a push to distribute literature from both the North American Mission Board and FBCH which will include an invitation for all in our targeted area to bring their families to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday, April 3rd, at our church with an emphasis on getting them to attend Easter worship services with us on Sunday, April 4th. We believe, if we are diligent and faithful in our efforts, many lost people will be with us on Easter Sunday. We plan to take full advantage of this time to clearly present the gospel and provide an opportunity for people to respond. • Following the Easter season, we plan to celebrate with baptisms, reflect on changed lives, rejoice in the revival experienced in our community and praise God for the number of believers who were trained in evangelism. And we will continue to pray that God will extend this transformation in our hearts, through our church and into our community. As you can tell, the foundation is in place for us to have “every believer sharing and every person hearing” the gospel. Ultimately it is you who will determine the success or failure of GPS. To quote J. Hudson Taylor, “We have heard of many people who have trusted God too little, but have you ever heard of anyone who trusted Him too much?” You are encouraged to be a part of this exceptional evangelistic effort. Look at the many opportunities to serve in areas of critical need and allow God to lead you to serve in some capacity. Contact one of the coordinators listed above and get involved. These are our homes and our streets . . . this is our Jerusalem . . . this is our commission! Page 5 Volume 4, Issue 2
  6. 6. old attitudes and patterns and Remodeling 2010: Women’s Ministry replace them with godly attitudes by Lynda Kaiser and patterns. You have built up many bad habits and patterns that 3 —- You must have a need to be replaced. You can never PLAN for the project have an attitude of “God made me created by a this way, so just accept it”. God has a knowledgeable person. plan for each of us and it is a plan Our only plan in for good and not evil. remodeling our kitchen was 10 —- You must be in CONSTANT to replace cabinets. When DIALOUGE with the builder. You we pulled the cabinets off, will never be able to accomplish this the sheetrock came with it. task on your own. You absolutely If we had had a plan for must be in dialogue with the God remodeling the kitchen, we who passionately loves us to do this would never have done the remarkable remodeling. This requires whole kitchen at once! Our quality time. Write down your goals In 2006 I opened one of my kitchen remodel changed as we went along and pray over them. Allow God to cabinet doors and the door fell off because there was no plan. mold and shape them as He works into my hands. I stared at the door Recognize that completion comes not His excellent plan for your life dumbfounded. My husband and I from self-effort but from the through God-devised change, not had been discussing the need to put assistance of the “Source” (Holy man-devised. Satan is subtle, and we on new cabinet doors, just for Spirit). God’s Spirit will reveal to you can get sidetracked by non-trained appearance sake, and now it the areas HE would like remodeled, if builders (wrong counselors) and take appeared that merely replacing the you will but take the time to ask Him. a direction not biblically founded. doors wasn’t going to be enough. 4 —- Get rid of CLUTTER before We needed an entire cabinet construction begins. What things replacement. We had seen the need hinder your growth? for the upgrade, but had made no 5 —- Make sure MAIN BEAMS are “Nothing beats doing move toward meeting that need. not compromised. See to the basics: Now the need had intensified. We Bible study, prayer, church things God’s way!” could wait no longer. attendance. Many want remodeling This year I have chosen the theme to happen in their lives without paying Remodeling 2010 for our Women’s attention to the three basic things God Ministry theme. I have found some always asks of his children first. You need to also keep your final parallels in my spiritual life with my 7 —- Be PASSIONATE about the goal in mind, always before you to 2006 kitchen remodel. I would like project to withstand the difficulties. A avoid distraction. Bring honor and to share some of those parallels with half-hearted attitude will not get the glory to the Master Builder. Keep you. job done. You have to be hungry for your goal ever before you. Rehearse 1 —- You must see the NEED for righteousness, passionate about it often. remodeling and be desirous of seeing God’s way, willing to pursue God is a God of order. He is not a seeing the imperfections changed. wholeheartedly. Nothing beats doing God of chaos. It is our responsibility You must see the need for spiritual things God’s way! You also should to take whatever steps we must take change and desire that change. Are deal with one issue at a time, to bring order to our lives. He has a there some areas in your spiritual patiently. Don’t get overwhelmed. job for each of us to do and not walk that you think need some work? 8 —- You should have an ATTITUDE being organized costs us time, Have you been putting off that of patient growth, making a conscious precious time, that He wants to use in work? decision to work on it week by week. productive ways. As you calendar 2 —- You must look carefully at the You must set spiritual goals and work your year, make some goals for life COST of change. You must be at them day by day, week by week. improvement. Map out how to willing to accept the complexities of 9 —- Remodeling is a DIFFICULT achieve those goals. Discuss them with change. We had procrastinated PROCESS – one of tearing down and the God who loves you and created putting on new cabinet doors building up – and you must not just you. Allow Him the opportunity to largely due to the fact that we just tear down, but you must replace the grow you into the beautiful woman did not want to spend our money in old with beautiful materials and plans. He wants you to be. Allow Him to that direction at that time. In the When we tried to put in a new ceiling remodel whatever He deems best. long run, it cost us way more money light, the ceiling fell in. This house was Remember Philippians 1:6 that He to wait because we ended up 40 years old and no one had who began a good work in you will be having to not only replace the doors, replaced anything in all that time. The faithful to complete that work. we had to redo the entire kitchen! old had to be removed. Tear down Let’s have a wonderful 2010! FBConnection: Chronicle Page 6
  7. 7. EASTER 2010 . . . FOR THEY SHALL SEE GOD. MATT. 5:8 “They only saw Jesus —- and then but the outside Jesus, or a little more. They were not pure in heart . . . . They saw Him with their eyes, but not with those eyes which alone can see God . . . The thought -eyes, the truth-eyes, the love-eyes can see Him.” —- George Macdonald Christ risen was rarely recognized by sight. They had to get beyond the way he looked. Evidence stronger than his voice and face and footstep waited to grow in them, to guide their groping out of despair, their stretching toward belief. We are as blind as they until the opening of our deeper eyes shows us the hands that bless and break our bread, until we finger wounds that tell our healing, or witness a miracle of fish, dawn-caught after our long night of empty nets. Handling his word we feel his flesh, his bones, and hear his voice saying our early-morning name. —- Luci Shaw —- April 1 —- Maundy Thursday Observance of the Lord’s Supper 6:30 pm —- April 3 —- Saturday GPS: Community-wide Easter Egg Hunt 10:00 am —- April 4 —- Easter Sunday Sunrise Service 6:00 am Morning Worship 8:00 am / 9:30 am / 11:00 am No Evening Activities
  8. 8. Helping children understand the  Teaching Children to Plan for their Future importance of planning and three  by Brandy Smith strategies, you can use to prepare them  When one decides to take Banks for tithe, savings and spending or if have a problem! Deadlines are something on a remodeling job, you they older a young writers account at we all have to contend with both at work must have a plan in mind. your local bank. and at home. Deadlines require follow- Before you can build a through. Our children must grasp this Encourage them to save for something they supply list, you will need to concept, as school will require this from really want, not just settle for something know what you are going to kindergarten through college. do and how you want it to else just to “spend” that money. They will need to develop good study turn out. You will have a Gift cards: good or bad? They do not teach habits, a strong work ethic and have drawing or a blueprint that will give you all the value of money the same way the consistent support from parents, your exact dimensions, maybe a contractor real thing does. It is good for them to grandparents or who ever is caring for will help you or you might just do the work count their money out and know what them. This is best when modeled by you! It yourself. Either way, you will have some they have spent and what is left. is important to provide for them an area things to complete before you can begin. Replace broken things or buy other high- for study with little distraction. As they get To plan a “remodel”, whether it is an actual ticket items they might need besides older, they can handle more distractions but building or just one’s personal life, we must “toys”. while they are young, we need to help dedicate ourselves to a few strategies build a solid foundation of good habits that will help us along the way. Our and a positive attitude towards children should be taught these while learning and education. they are young; the earlier they can When God dwells within a persons life, they Family chores are another way to learn their importance, the more provide opportunities for a learning success they will achieve both possess an inner confidence; this allows them experience. Our kids think we give personally and professionally to enjoy a clear conscience, peace of mind and chores to punish them; while at times throughout their lifetime. heart and the security of knowing who they are. that might be the case, it is primarily Discipline, in essence, is the training of training for them. We don’t assigned the mind or character; it comes from chores because we are too lazy to do the Latin root-word “disciple”: it ourselves. They are, however, to meaning, a believer in the thought teach important skills that they will and teaching of a leader; to teach, need throughout life. train and educate. Everything in life Chores teach our children the requires some type of discipline and importance of working as a family and the quality of character to follow- help them to feel they are a valued through. In a remodel, it will take great discipline to save money, stay member. within the set budget and pay back Chores teach follow-through; while any loans you may have acquired. doing their best each time, they must This means that you may have to resist finish what they start. If they do not put changes and upgrades throughout the forth their best effort, the job should project because it will cost you more be done again. than you have to spend. These same Hard work always helps a bad rules apply to our children; they need attitude! They can work off steam, think to learn that tithing and saving are about why they are angry, and more good and worthy disciplines. often than not, they have a very As children get old enough to work different attitude when they are and earn money, we must teach them finished, especially if they like the job that these disciplines bring blessings. they did! Giving our children a solid biblical Chores teach children skills they will foundation about money is vital to need throughout life —- listening to how they view it later in life. All directions, finishing what you start, a children benefit from the lessons of strong work ethic and the satisfaction “delayed gratification”. When As we age, we realize very quickly how of a job well done. They will also learn that learned early enough in life, it will save important it is to “follow-through” on things. when they are obedient to their parents, it them from the destructive power of debt. It says a lot about character when we keep brings great rewards from God. They must learn to manage their money, or our word and do what we say we are their money will manage them! Integrity speaks of “doing the right thing, at going to do. Although things happen that the right time, for the right reasons.” The Don’t give them everything they want; can interfere at times, people will dictionary describes integrity as being makes them earn it both in attitude and understand more readily when you have sincere, honest and respected. Another deed. A small job around the house, for been consistent in your follow-through. reference is: the sound and perfect condition relatives or neighbors is a good way for When doing a remodel, if the contractor of something. them to learn the value of a dollar. suddenly decides he has better things to do than your project, you have a problem! When working on a remodel, you must Giving an allowance is an option, but be always be concerned about the condition of consistent and match the dollar amount to When supplies have been ordered, paid the structure. Is it sound? Has anything the job and make it age appropriate. for and are to be delivered by a certain date but the supplier drops the ball, you continued on page 10 FBConnection: Chronicle Page 8
  9. 9. Mother Daughter Luncheon The beauty of the Spring season is almost upon us. May 8 One of the most precious and treasured days of family recognition comes in the spring —- Mother’s Day. With that beautiful thought in mind, you are 11:30 am invited to attend the annual Mother - Daughter Luncheon at First Baptist Church. It will be a wonderful time of sharing the important and special gift God has blessed us with of being created in the feminine gender. Watch the weekly FBConnection Journal for more information about this event and regarding reservations. If you would like to speak with someone about this event, you may contact June Warwick at 1-760-244-9716. GPS: Every Lost Person Receiving a Witness We must sow the gospel in North America —- in the Victor Valley —- in Hesperia. Our mission field is becoming increasingly secular and pluralistic. We cannot assume that people understand the concepts of God as the Creator, sin, the cross, and salvation through Christ. We must share the good news and the truth of Scripture in every way possible. We must reach our neighbors and the nations. We must sow among the people groups of North America and identify receptive people. You may wonder how to go about being an effective witness. Here are some suggestions. • Make a list of people you meet, know, and that are in your sphere of influence, and pray for opportunities to witness to them. • Share with people in the regular activities of your life. • Pinpoint areas where you can do evangelism and creatively leave witnessing booklets. • What are you passionate about? Make what you are passionate about evangelistic. Page 9 Volume 4, Issue 2
  10. 10. June 5th and 6th 6:00 pm A challenge for us to come face to face with God. Familiar tunes leading us to experience God including: • Name of Names • Speechless • Eyes of Your Heart • Open the Eyes of My Heart with Be Thou My Vision • My Abba's Child with Abba Father, Abba Father • What Is Jesus Doing with Sometimes By Step • On My Knees • When I Survey the Wondrous Cross • Use Me, Send Me with Just As I Am; Have Thine Own Way Lord with Have Your Way in Me Teaching Children . . . continued from page 8 compromised the integrity of the structure? If so, you must assess the problem, and then carefully and completely make the necessary repairs. You can never compromise your foundation or failure is certain. If your contractor wanted to cut costs so he could reap more profit for himself, then he has compromised. Say, he purchased cheaper materials than you instructed, but led you to believe that he bought the good stuff; he compromised. You see, compromise can take place both internally as well as externally. The contractor not only has compromised the integrity of the building, but his work ethic and personal integrity as well. Our children need to learn from us, what it is to have personal integrity. It is far more important than money or prominence. When God dwells within a persons life, they posses an inner confidence; this allows them to enjoy a clear conscience, peace of mind and heart and the security of knowing who they are. People, who lack personal integrity, have a shortfall of character as well. They are often not trustworthy, dependable or loyal. When a person is busy looking out for “#1,” they rarely concern themselves with the needs of others. As our children grow, they will begin to see why these three strategies play such a key roll in helping them prepare for their future. We need to remember we are life-long learners, and these are life lessons that should be modeled, lived, and taught daily. In the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, it tells us there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven. God himself designed life to be a constant ebb and flow of changes and experiences. Although they are not always enjoyable, they are necessary to our growth and maturity in Christ. What the author is saying here is that, He [God] has orchestrated life to be lived abundantly, but often times it seems meaningless and unfair. God is dependable, both in times of trouble and joy; he allows these phases to show his mercy, grace and never-ending love for us. As Gods children, we must remember, nothing happens by chance in this life. “Everything was made beautiful in it’s time.” We need to embrace life and all that it brings, learning through each experience. As you near the completion of your “remodel”, you will have a “final inspection”. At this time, a punch list of items that need correction will need to be addressed in order for you to pass the final inspection phase. You will need to be diligent and timely as you make these changes. As our children merge into adulthood, we will experience the final inspection of their lives. It is then that you will see who they have become and what convictions they hold dear. You will be surprised how much they remember what you have taught them, and what they learned just by observing you. You might experience disappointments in their choices, and maybe even a separation, until such time that they have learned what is necessary for their growth and maturity as Christian adults. Listen and learn about your children; love them with everything you have and pray over them daily. Remember, God loved them first and He knows them best. He will fill any gaps that are left. Preparation for the future does not ensure their success, however it will lessen the fallout. FBConnection: Chronicle Page 10
  11. 11. Dates to Remember March 1-19 GPS: Praying Across America March 3 Finance Committee 6:00 pm March 4 Experiencing God Choir Rehearsal 6:30 pm March 5-6 Men’s Fraternity Retreat at Ironwood March 7 Church Council Calendaring 5:00 pm True Love Waits Commitment Ceremony 6:00 pm Youth Fellowship 7:30 pm March 13 Men’s Breakfast 8:30 am Deacons Meeting 10:00 am Solo Ladies Fellowship 5:00 pm March 14 Daylight Savings Time begins March 17 Personnel Committee 6:00 pm March 20 GPS: Prayer Walking Women’s Ministry Ladies Bunco Night 6:00 pm March 25 Experiencing God Choir Rehearsal 6:30 pm March 27 GPS: Door-to-Door Distribution True Love Waits April 1 Observance of the Lord’s Supper 6:30 pm Commitment Ceremony April 3 GPS: Easter Egg Hunt 10:00 am March 7 April 4 Easter Sunrise Service 6:00 am 6:00 pm Morning Worship 8:00 am; 9:30 am; 11:00 am April 7 Finance Committee 6:00 pm April 8 Experiencing God Choir Rehearsal 6:30 pm April 10 Men’s Breakfast 8:30 am Deacons Meeting 10:00 am Marriage Retreat Reunion 5:00 pm April 11 Class 101: Membership 8:00 am Church Council Calendaring 5:00 pm April 14 Business Meeting 6:30 pm April 17 Rent-a-Teen Day Reserve your “teen” to help you Trustees 10:00 am with yard work or housework on Women’s Ministry: Night of Remembrance 6:30 pm April 17th from 8:30 am until April 18 SS Fellowship 5:00 pm 2:00 pm. Reservations will be April 21 Personnel Committee 6:00 pm taken on March 28th and April April 22 Experiencing God Choir Rehearsal 6:30 pm 10th. For more info about renting a teen, please contact —- April 24 Children’s Musical Choir Rehearsal Jim and Wanda Mole at 1-760-244-4109, ext. 201. Page 11 Volume 4, Issue 2
  12. 12. First Baptist Church Hesperia You can connect with us online @: FBCH GPS Timeline • Email: fbc@fbch.org For more information about GPS, contact DeWayne Williams. • Web page: www.fbch.org March 1-19 • Facebook Group Page Praying Across America: Pray, promote, get ready March 6 Follow-Up/Visitation Training March 20 GPS Goals Prayer Walking • Every church March 27 Door - to - Door: Gospel Distribution/Invitation to FBCH praying for lost (Packet stuffing will be a designated Sunday afternoon/evening TBA) people April 3 • Every believer Community Event: Easter Egg Hunt equipped to share April 4 as a trained witness Easter Worship Services • Every lost person April 11 - May 2 receiving a witness GPS Follow-up: Visit and enroll • Every church harvesting and celebrating every salvation response