The Dubs - UK Credentials 2011


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Overview of The Dubs and our case studies

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The Dubs - UK Credentials 2011

  1. 1. Digital engagement to inspire audiences
  2. 2. ContentsAbout UsFostering Industry KnowledgeWhat We DoWhere We Fit InOur ProcessClient OverviewCase StudiesProfilesContacts For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  3. 3. About Us38 We are a digital marketing and social media agency. We create environments that inspire audiences to interact with brands by connecting them with the brand’s story and each other.people We draw on our 15 year digital heritage in working with brands, content 2 producers and audiences to deliver commercial results centred on the audience and their needs. Also, being independent we offer impartial, intelligent and appropriateoffices solutions.15 years For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  4. 4. Fostering Industry KnowledgeOur area of the media is very much an evolving space spanning socialmedia platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, LinkedIn andso it goes on.Media entities, brand managers and marketers are undoubtedly attracted to the promise ofengaging with consumers in social media but unfortunately given the limited knowledge withincreative agencies and the proliferation of so called social media “experts” we believe poor adviceis rife and the number of social media disasters covered in trade press highlights this.We believe at The Dubs our people have to be proven individuals professionally in this space andgenuinely immersed personally in social media. We also believe it’s our responsibility to engagewith the media, finance and consumer marketing industries by speaking at leading events topromote knowledge and dialogue client side. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  5. 5. What We Do Strategy Social media strategy Digital media strategy Mobile strategy Social Media Installer network strategy Development of social media campaign Contact strategy and broadcast concepts Audience research Format development and scriptwriting (Qualitative and Quantitative) Social monitoring Competitor / Sector audit Content and audience seeding Technology and security audit Social guidelines policy Video / content production Video editing and compositing Web Development Digital Marketing Information Architecture and Online advertising production (Flash) User Experience testing HTML5 advertising design and Interface design development (iPad / iPhone) HTML5/CSS development eDM and DM production and management Website prototyping Copywriting SEO optimisation Microsite design and development CMS development Mobile site and application design Technical consultancy Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Social media integrationMobile / tablet application development For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  6. 6. Where We Fit InThrough working closely with clientmedia, creative, direct marketingand other digital agencies wehave created an approach where aTl/creative Digitalwe can work with our clients at aglobal strategy level but we alsohave the knowledge of how toimplement these objectives at alocal level. By being part of thebigger picture from the start,we can offer guidance on howbest to approach a multitudeof channels including retail, TV,radio, experiential and PR from a BTl/DM Mediasocial media perspective. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  7. 7. Our ProcessTo consistently deliver great Traditional campaign content engagementwork, we believe that projectsshould last well beyond a launchdate and strapline and that product find your audienceyour audience should be ableto repeat your story as if it wastheir own. create campaign / Build yourBy starting our projects from an Message audience / storyinsight perspective, we buildcontent that your consumerswant to share, become part of Make the story relevant / customersand make their own. Through Build followers & advocatesmaking this as relevant to themas possible we find brandadvocacy forms inherently.Brands which continue to puttheir products first will remainflat in social media, and it isunderlying brand stories that willshape the future. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  8. 8. Client OverviewOver the years, we havecompleted projects across theglobe. With offices in bothSydney and London, we’re ableto provide our clients with thelatest information on changesin their market. We have alsofound by locating ourselvesin these fast-moving marketswe maintain diversity in ourportfolio, which keeps our ideasand thinking fresh.The following case studiesrepresent our latest work. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  9. 9. social Media campaignsclieNT: iNG DirecTFollowing ING Direct Australia’s rebrandspearheaded by the adoption of Charlesthe Orangutan as brand ambassadordigital engagement agency The Dubshas moved the bank into its next phasewith social media.The Dubs has launched a conversationcampaign under the moniker of “CharlesWrites” in Facebook to create anemotive connection with people in socialmedia uncluttered by standard industrybank product messaging.The latest phase involves the roll out ofthe Charles’ Champions campaign thatcreatively rewards loyal customers withspecial gifts. Ever since its launch, theFacebook page has been inundatedwith positive and encouragingcomments declaring ING DIRECT as oneof the most innovative banks displayinggenuine customer service. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  10. 10. social Media partnerclieNT: MaMBo cloTHiNGWe have been working with Mamboto develop their social presenceas a reflection of their core brandvalues of surf, art and music. Utilisingtheir ‘Mambassadors’ such as ErinMcNaught, Cheyenne Tozzi andBenji Marshall we have developed anongoing social strategy to engageand deliver a deeper brand messagefor all Mambo followers.We are also working on affiliatestrategies to deliver greater audiencereach for both Mambo and itspartners across retail sales and eventpromotion. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  11. 11. social Media partnerclieNT: DiVa accessoriesWe started working with Diva in mid2011 with the brief to refine andincrease their social media channels.Through Facebook we have over88,000 fans with an current 15%month on month growth of activeusers. Core to this strategy is thedevelopment of a daily contentstrategy with a key metrics of in-storesales conversion.In addition, we have developeda rolling 12 month social strategyaligned to Diva’s marketing and salesgoals ensuring all content campaignsdeliver to both audience and salesgrowth. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  12. 12. Wedding BlogclieNT: JoHN leWisWe introduced UK retailer John Lewisinto social media to promote theretailer’s wedding services by seedingcontent into a dedicated blog andreaching out to a wider audienceviaTwitter posts .The premise is that we are followingthe path of a real couple - Claire &Stuart - as they move towards theirwedding day.Social media is being tapped withprogressive video interviews of thecouple being placed online whileour couple are also maintaining anongoing blog and sending out Twitterposts of their own experience. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  13. 13. Goa Hippy TribeclieNT: sBs / screeNaUsTralia“Goa Hippy Tribe” follows a youngAustralian film maker Darius Devasas he uncovers the story behind theglobal hippy mecca that Goa was inthe 70’s given there’s a big reunion ofthat scene that’s just happened there.Expanded out over March and April2010 with a series of video vignettesbeing released through a Facebookgroup. This is a new way of storytelling that is taking broadcast intonew environments where it hasn’t betested before. For this project it isa documentary format. Traditionallyin documentaries there would be awhole lead up research gatheringand interview process that wouldnever be seen by an audience. Thenthis material would all be culled andgathered up into a half hour or hourof television for people to passivelyexperience. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  14. 14. The BuddiesclieNT: ToNy ferGUsoNThe Dubs has launched a brandedconversation campaign for TonyFerguson which sees two ‘Buddies’share their weight loss stories in realtime via Facebook.The Buddies were chosen from aglobal recruitment drive across theTony Ferguson Facebook channel- they are 100% real people withan eight week period in which toreach their respective weight lossgoals. They will be sharing their dailyexperiences, no matter what occurs... For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  15. 15. Wse social MediaclieNT: THe BiG issUeThe Big Issue Australia has set upa highly commendable, for-profit,self-sustaining social venture - TheWomen’s Subscription Enterprise - tooffer practical help and opportunityto the 40,000 women who sleeprough in Australia every night.The enterprise will provide workand training pathways, promotingindividual skills and experience sothey can start to rebuild their lives.The Dubs helped spread the word bydefining Social Media strategies to beimplemented on the client’s existingFacebook and Twitter accounts. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  16. 16. The X factorclieNT: freMaNTle MeDiaOur relationship is strengthenedeach time we collaborate on aproject and we continue to supportTalkback THAMES Digital (part of theFremantleMedia Group) augmentingdevelopment activity with, technical,multiplatform and social media adviceand strategy.In 2009 we produced the 6th seriesfor The X Factor online and taskedto increase site traffic from the100m unique visitors benchmark ourprevious efforts have delivered(The Dubs has now launched theprevious five series roll outs). For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  17. 17. Britain’s Got TalentclieNT: freMaNTle MeDiaTalkback THAMES Digital (part of theFremantleMedia Group) retainsThe Dubs for the development oftheir keynote entertainment brands.Most recent of commissions is theroll-out of the 2010 series of Britain’sGot Talent.The now completed websitelaunched April 2010 within the ITVportal. Redesign activity rangedacross new branding & interfaceelements, IA and redesignedadministrative back end to moreeffectively drive efficiencies across allcontent publishing activities. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  18. 18. The apprenticeclieNT: freMaNTle MeDiaThe Apprentice Series 5:FremantleMedia commissioned TheDubs to develop the online propertyfor the hugely popular televisionseries: The Apprentice (series 5) forthe BBC.The website development wasunderpinned with the Isite® CMSto attract production time andcost efficiencies within its RapidApplication Development (RAD)architecture. The Isite® CMS alsoprovided from its feature set ahighly evolved tagging engine todynamically create related contentgroupings to deliver a truly usercentric online experience.Theprogramme support engages beyondthe broadcast reach with interactiondelivered through message boardsand the use of exclusive videocontent (requiring integration withthe BBC’s iPlayer). For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  19. 19. online BankingclieNT: iNG DirecT aU & UKOur relationship with the world’slargest online bank ING Direct startedearly in 2003 when we helped launchthem into the United Kingdom andwe’ve been their strategic webagency ever since. This accountwent international for us at the startof 2007 when ING Direct Australiaselected us as their digital agencyafter a competitive pitch.The heart of our remit is to ensureING Direct’s customers get thebest experience online while from amarketing standpoint our strategicbrief tasks us with stitching digitalinto all available marketing andcommunications channels.As a snapshot at any point in timeyou’ll find us evolving ING Direct’swebsite customer experience, becrafting online advertising campaignsto promote new products, orextending other channels such asexperiential and direct to includetactical microsites and emailmarketing to maximise their reach. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  20. 20. Digital insightsclieNT: aMp capiTaliNVesTorsGiven video is arguably the fastestgrowing media with adults onlineit made perfect sense for one ofAustralia’s strongest investmentbrands to showcase its knowledge tosavvy investors using online video.And while AMP Capital would bespeaking with a sophisticated investoraudience online it was important forthese investor insights videos to havepersonality. Hence the talent wasimportant, picked from known AMPCapital advisers who could speakengagingly about latest economicand investment trends and howAMP Capital’s products and peoplemanage wealth creation. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  21. 21. Macquarie DigitalclieNT: Macquarie BankMacquarie Bank approached TheDubs to develop the website fortheir digital TV channel – MacquarieDigital. Targeted at retail andinstitutional investors, the websiteneeded to provide an online locationfor an archive database forre-broadcast of video contentproduced on the broadcast channel.The Dubs developed an IPTV(web based TV) platform for thedelivery of audiovisual content thatcomplemented and extended thereach of the broadcast channel. Eachweek over 8 hours of new videocontent is added to an archive of over800 video files allowing site users toview and search multiple streams ofcontent from Macquarie Bank.In addition, the website also deliversaudio content from a third partyfeed of web-radio interviews andpresentations from ASX top 100CEOs. The site has a full CRM systemto allow registered users to subscribeto email marketing, online surveysand further communication withMacquarie Bank. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  22. 22. Tony fergusonclieNT: ToNy ferGUsoNTony Ferguson run a very successfulbusiness in Australia with over600,000 people having undertaken aweight loss program with them. Theyteamed up with pharmacist chains ina number of countries to launch theirbrand globally.Our task was to roll out their brandplatform online to coincide with thelaunch of the program throughin-store and online channels. Userscould purchase products onlineand then sign up to the ongoingweightloss program through the TonyFerguson website. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  23. 23. fashion aggregatorclieNT: coVeTisHLaunched in Spring 2010, Covetishcollates the best Australian e-retailersin one site. With an emphasis onlocal fashion, enablesshoppers to seek what they covetlike never before - searching acrosshundreds of fashion retail sites in asingle click.An advanced search engine hasbeen employed to efficiently searchthrough thousands of products basedon categories, designers, colours andprice ranges.Site membership offers weeklynewsletter on new arrivals anddesigners, exclusive promotions, andthe “Wishlist” functionality - allowingusers to save their fabulous finds andpost them on social media channels. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  24. 24. iphone applicationsclieNT: iNG DirecTWe created an Apple accreditediPhone Home Loan application sopeople could access mortgage andloan information as they need it – forexample, when they are actually onthe go viewing homes.The application gives iPhone usersthe opportunity to find out how muchthey can afford to borrow by usinga borrowing power calculator. Oncethey know their limits they can look atwhich suburbs they can afford to livein as well as looking up the suburbon a map through a link to a GPSGoogle maps tool.In addition, the mobile bankingapplication offers customers theopportunity to login to onlinebanking, access to current interestrates, secure login to accounts, fullaccount summaries, and the abilityto transfer money and pay vendorsusing BPay. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  25. 25. online rebrandingclieNT: press associaTioNThe Press Association is the UK’sleading multimedia news andinformation agency and wasundergoing a complete corporaterebrand early in 2009.As part of the rebranding process weundertook an online requirementsanalysis across all Press Association’sdivisions. Interviews and workshopswere held with the variousstakeholder groups and documentedto define Press Association’s useraudience needs moving forward.From these findings we preparedthe requirements and functionalspec documents, completed theinformation architecture for thewebsite, developed the web pagestructural wireframes and crafted thecreative interface of the web pages. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  26. 26. Doha Tribeca filmfestclieNT: QaTarGoVerNMeNTThe Qatar government made contactwith us to create a broadbandwebsite to promote the inaugural‘Doha Tribeca Film Festival’ beingheld in October 2009.Their brief to us spanned a numberof tricky facets. We were taskedwith promoting the festival toQataris’ locally but also to film fansinternationally given the associationwith the renowned Tribeca FilmFestival out of New York. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  27. 27. pierre cardinclieNT: pierre carDiNThe iconic fashion house Pierre Cardinapproached us to lift awarenessof the luxury brand in thepacific region.Online proved a natural avenuewhere we could create stylishwebsites focussing onAustralia and New Zealand reflectingPierre Cardin’s brand ethos. We alsotimed the launch of the websites asa lead into promoting the depth ofPierre Cardin’s new Spring /Summer product range. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  28. 28. Bingo Night liveclieNT: iTVWe were commissioned by Britain’slargest free to air broadcaster ITV todeliver the digital components of theirinteractive real time gaming offering:‘Bingo Night Live’.Our remit covered both the broadcastsupport microsite and the Flashapplication that called and stampedregistrants bingo cards as they areplayed out via the live TV broadcast. Wedeveloped a rich animated sequenceto illustrate wins, various call to actionsand three individual game plays duringthe one hour nightly broadcast. Thiswas then fully integrated with owneCRM offering, providing tactical emaildistribution, tracking and analysis directto game play registrants.The application successfully deliveredhigh levels of engagement to almost60,000 players – to date the largestsimultaneous game of Bingo played asrecognised by the Guinness Book ofRecords. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  29. 29. online BookstoreclieNT: alleN & UNWiNAllen & Unwin is Australia’s leadingindependent publisher and has beenvoted “Publisher of the Year” ninetimes including the inaugural awardin 1992 and seven times since 2000including 2010.Allen & Unwin’s online presence isestablished with an e-commerceengine offering thousands of books,audiobooks and eBooks. Thehomepage serves as a retail visualdisplay promoting the latest and mostpopular books via Top Ten lists and apromo carousel.Sharing tools are also integratedthroughout the site, allowing usersto share and post their commentsabout their latest literary find.This generates peer-reviewedrecommendations marketed tomultitudes of potential customers. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  30. 30. Baytril Vet resourceclieNT: Bayer aNiMalHealTH aUsTraliaThe Dubs have created a socialmedia campaign based completelyon content rather than traditionaladvertising that aims to providepeople working within the veterinaryindustry with a place to discusstopical issues, trade ideas andswap advice.A 24 part interview series has beensolely produced by The Dubs whichfeatures interviews conducted byTechnical Service Veterinarian forBayer Health, Bob Rees with keyopinion leaders from the veterinarianindustry discussing topical issuesaffecting the industry. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  31. 31. ProfilesJoshua frith Tristan fawley andrew frith siobhan MulhollandMaNaGiNG DirecTor GroUp GeNeral MaNaGer social MeDia DirecTor UK creaTiVe DirecTor & creaTiVe DirecTorJosh has led The Dubs since Tristan joined The Dubs as the For the past 6 years Andrew has Siobhan joined The Dubs in theco-founding the agency in 1996 and Australian Creative Director in 2003. been developing social media summer of 2009 and heads up thehas overseen the output of its work In 2011 he has also taken on the content and strategies for a wide creative department in the UK,for top-tier clients internationally role of Group General Manager range of clients. working across all client portfolios.and the growth of its offices in overseeing the group businessLondon & Sydney. across Australia and the UK. Andrew’s career has spanned five She began her career as a copy continents and with over twenty writer in the 90s before spendingIn this time he has built an He has lead the creative process years experience in the digital seven years in the broadcastindependent agency staffed only across a number of major brands media fields, he has been associated industry, working as a Producer andwith experienced digital specialists in Australia including ING DIRECT, with many of the pioneers of the Commissioner for both the BBCacross a spectrum of skills to BHP Billiton, Seven Group, Tony internet and maintains a network of and ITV.provide our clients with a boutique Ferguson, SBS and Bayer Healhcare. experts and leaders withinlevel of advice but with an execution these fields. During this time, Siobhancapability rivaling any large agency. Tristan’s hands on approach with developed, commissioned and clients provides the strategic advice He has pioneered content in produced many multiplatformThe proof is in the pudding as they necessary to achieve creative traditional and digital projects propositions, going on to win asay and Josh believes our client list excellence whilst being strongly tied globally for clients including ING BAFTA in 2006.and our portfolio of work confirms to defined commercial objectives. Direct, Associated Press, Disneythe ethos of the business. films, MTV, Hewlett-Packard, Macromedia, NHK-TV (Tokyo) and Sony. For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |
  32. 32. ContactsToby Sharpe | Digital Brand DevelopmentT +44 (0) 20 7749 8660M +44 (0) 7843 377 337E toby.sharpe@thedubs.comBarnaby Hobbs | General ManagerT +44 (0) 20 7749 8660M +44 (0) 7760 485 706E barnaby.hobbs@thedubs.comSiobhan Mulholland | creative DirectorT +44 (0) 20 7749 8660M +44 (0) 7905 152 622E For more details, contact Toby Sharpe on +44 (0) 7843 377 337 |