UX of Automation in Context-Aware Social Media


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Field Studies on User Experience of Automation in Context-Aware Social Media

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  • This reasearch belongs to the field of human-computer interaction. Human-computer interaction is considered as a subfield of computer science. More specificly it is in the intersection of computer science and behavioral sciences such as psychology, sociology and cognitive science. The general objective of human-computer interaction is to design interactive computer systems that are effective, efficient, easy and enjoyable to use.
  • UX of Automation in Context-Aware Social Media

    1. 1. Field Studies on User Experience of Automation in ContextAware Social Media Lectio Praecursoria Tampere University of Technology Department of Pervasive Computing 4.10.2013 Master of Science Sami Vihavainen
    2. 2. The field of human-computer interaction (HCI) Designing interactive computer systems to be effective, efficient, easy, and enjoyable to use (Dix et al. 2003, p.xvi).
    3. 3. Automation is everywhere => => =>
    4. 4. Recently automation have been increasingly introduced also in social processes ≠
    5. 5. Internet services have introduced context-aware means to automate social interaction
    6. 6. Internet services have introduced automated means to share and recieve personal information But is automation automatically good for the user experience?
    7. 7. Let’s do some research – Searching for the pros and cons of automation in context-aware social media Several field studies People used context-aware social media technologies in every day contexts. 132 participants. from 3 weeks to 2 months Interviews, focus groups, data logs, questionnaires.
    8. 8. Case technologies Location sharing Mobile learning Mobile social notifications Collaborative video remixing
    9. 9. Findings
    10. 10. Automation is a trade-off. • Automation is not automatically good for the user experience • May support user experience, but there are also challenges.
    11. 11. Ways automation can support user experience Increases awareness Facilitates creation and publishing Lowers the threshold to participate
    12. 12. Challenges users face with automation Interpretation of information mediated by the service. Privacy related to information from others and information to others Understanding the logic of automation ?
    13. 13. How to design? Know user’s social and emotional goals in the context Understand that automation is not all or none 10 high automation . . . . . mid levels 1 low automation Remember that user will practice control one way or another
    14. 14. If we keep these lessons in mind… …we have a good basis for designing pleasant User Experience of Automation in Context-Aware Social Media
    15. 15. List of CC licensed photos used in the presentation • flickr.com/photos/chadmiller/136700905 • flickr.com/photos/designateddisaster/3692513132/ • flickr.com/photos/whyswomen/143360770 • flickr.com/photos/chadmiller/136700905 • flickr.com/photos/aidan_jones/3575000735/ • flickr.com/photos/ruiwen/3260095534/#/ • http://flic.kr/p/7FvZa15 • http://flic.kr/p/cZ1ZWS