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Using multi tiered storage systems for storing both structured & unstructured data - Jan Okrasinski

Using multi tiered storage systems for storing both structured & unstructured data - Jan Okrasinski



Presentation from conference "Oracle Day 2011" in Estonia

Presentation from conference "Oracle Day 2011" in Estonia
11.03.2011 Nordic Hotel Forum



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    Using multi tiered storage systems for storing both structured & unstructured data - Jan Okrasinski Using multi tiered storage systems for storing both structured & unstructured data - Jan Okrasinski Presentation Transcript

    • 1
    • <Insert Picture Here>The Power of Automated Tiered StorageJan OkrasinskiOracle Day, Tallinn 11.03.2011
    • The following is intended to outline our generalproduct direction. It is intended for informationpurposes only, and may not be incorporated into anycontract. It is not a commitment to deliver anymaterial, code, or functionality, and should not berelied upon in making purchasing decisions.The development, release, and timing of anyfeatures or functionality described for Oracle sproducts remains at the sole discretion of Oracle. 3
    • The Storage Challenge…Reduce Cost, Improve Access, Retain Forever Massive Data Growth VARIED DATA ACCESS DATA DIVERSITY Multi-application/OS data 80% of data never used after 90 sources stored in many days. 72% state it is harder to repositories. Only 5% find info within their company. 1 structured. 2 LENGTHY RETENTIONS ENVIRONMENTAL LIMITS Severe penalties for data loss Storage consumes ~40% of with over half of companies datacenter power. Growing at requiring 100-year archives. 20% CAGR. 3 Resource Constraints 4
    • Drivers for Tiered Storage Financial Customer People ProductsIncrease Performance Reduce Cost Reduce Risk•  Leverage new •  Match Data •  Satisfy Legal / Audit technologies without Value to Requirements disrupting production Storage •  Reduce Compliance risk environment •  Actively •  Improve Business•  Remove stale data from Manage Data Continuity production resources Lifecycle •  Improve Service Levels•  Ease upgrades 5
    • Is Tiered Storage Relevant for Me? •  Capacity Growth Assumptions –  100 GB per day created –  3 copies made •  Copy 1 for real time use •  Copy 2 for local redundancy •  Copy 3 for Disaster Recovery –  Annual Data Growth = 50% (IDC estimates it at 60%) 100 300 2.1TB 9.0TB 54TB 109TB 1.25PB GB GB Data   One   One   One   Six   One   Seven  Crea(on   Day   Week   Month   Months   Year   Years   6
    • The Important Role of Tape•  Economical green storage – superior for data at rest –  Tape consumes 290x less energy than disk over 5 years1•  Data growth makes disk too costly and too risky – even with deduplication –  Tape is 100,000 time more reliable then disk (bit error rate 1014 vs. 1019) –  Tape requires fewer technology refreshes –  RAID adds more components to fail•  Tape provides the maximum –  Portability –  Capacity –  Security•  Performance 7
    • Flash Use Cases Comparison Flash Database ExadataDisks in Smart SmartStorage Flash Flash Cache Array Cache in Storage Nodes •  InfiniBand: low latency, high•  Higher latency •  Lowest latency throughput•  HW RAID/SAN bottlenecks •  Linear scalability •  Smart cache, or mirrored flash storage•  Extra DRAM required •  DAS flash array or PCIe card •  Write cache•  Manual data placement •  Smart cache, read-only •  Flash cache shared by all cluster•  Can be used as shared storage or nodes for mixed workloads •  Node-specific •  Uses F20 flash cards 8
    • Tiered Storage Foundation Cost Optimized Single Tier Multi-tiered Modernof Disk Storage Disk Storage Multi-tiered Storage Flash Storage $40 - $54/GB Performance Disk 6% $7 - $22/GB 38% Capacity Disk 32% $1 - $6/GB Tape Drives 100% 62% 60% $0.25 - $1/GB Average Average Average ~$15,000/TB ~$8,000/TB ~$4,000/TB 9
    • Oracle Tiered Storage Industry-leading Cost, Capacity and Performance Oracle Sun Flash Storage •  100x more power efficient than disk Modern •  2x higher performance than diskMulti-tiered Storage •  Equals 4000 FC disks in only 1RU Flash Storage Oracle Sun 6000 Storage Arrays •  Integrated SSDs 6% Performance Disk •  4x cheaper than EMC •  2x higher performing than EMC 32% Capacity Disk Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance •  Integrated DRAM and flash cache •  1.6x higher density than competition 60% Tape Drives •  1/3 less CapEx & OpEx vs. competition Oracle StorageTek Tape •  290x more energy efficient and 3x longer lasting than disk •  5x better TCO then de-duplication1 •  #1 in Scalability, Quality and Reliability 10
    • The Tiered Storage Challenge…•  Siloed –  Each tier managed separately•  Inefficient –  Multiple resources over-provisioned•  Complex to manage –  Manual intervention for data movement between tiers –  Numerous storage hardware resources to patch/manage/ maintain AUTOMATED TIERED STORAGE Dynamically Access Optimal Storage Resources 11
    • Where Does Tiered Storage Management Fit? Business or Industry Application Content Management Applications Storage Archive Manager 4. Storage Tiered Storage Flash Disk Tape Devices.
    • How Does SAM Move Data Around Tiers of Storage Provides 4 Core Processes Archiver •  Policy Based (keep up to 4 copies)Recycler Releaser •  Non-Disruptive •  Dynamic •  Sustainable •  Data ALWAYS available Stager 13
    • SAM QFS: Manages Data on Tiered Storage • Two integrated technologies − Quick File System (QFS): posix compliant − Storage Archive Manager (SAM): Automated Tiered Storage Manager • Access via standard interfaces including FC, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS • Policy based dynamic archiving − Right information, right tier, right time • Simplify storage management • Sustainable throughout the data lifecycle • Cost effective long term data protection14 14
    • Evolving Tiered Storage Environments Siloed > Consolidated > Optimized Past Today Software Future FC / SAS / SATA Flash Disk Unified Business Storage Exadata Ready NAS FC/SAS/ Storage SATA Systems Tape Tape Tape Increasing Simplicity, Efficiency, Cost Effectiveness© 2010 Oracle Corporation – Proprietary and Confidential 15
    • Tiered Storage Evolution Software Optimized Across Hardware Platforms Oracle Database Modern •  Flash optimizedMulti-tiered Storage •  Automatically place data within Flash Storage tiers of storage •  Policies to alert you to migrate data 6% Performance Disk •  Built-in data protection •  Reduces storage costs by up to 32% Capacity Disk 10x Oracle Sun Storage Archive Manager (SAM) 60% Tape Drives •  Policy-based data management across all storage media •  Seamless disk/tape data protection for database environments •  Future protection from technology changes 16
    • Tiered Storage Evolution Software Optimized Hardware Oracle Exadata Database Modern MachineMulti-tiered Storage •  Extreme performance for OLTP, Flash Storage Data Warehousing and Consolidation •  Performs up to 1,000,000 IOPS 6% Performance Disk •  Up to 50 GB/s raw I/O bandwidth 32% Capacity Disk Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance •  Intelligent data placement across flash and disk 60% Tape Drives •  Highest levels of data integrity •  Advanced DTrace analytics •  Integrated data services and storage management at no extra cost 17
    • Tiered Storage Automation •  Policy-based W A N •  Dynamic •  Non-disruptive Tier 0/1 •  Seamless heterogeneous integration •  Transparent to Tier 2 applications •  Open Tier 3 •  Built-in data protection Data One One One Six One Seven ForeverCreation Day Week Month Months Year Years 18
    • Not All Data is Created Equal Source: ESG Research Brief, Implementing the Right High Availability and Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business, August 2010. 19
    • Not All Data is Created Equal Availability Recovery Point Recovery Time Protection Classes Objectives Objective (RPO) Objective (RTO)Mission Critical Data •  Continuous to 1 •  Instantaneous to•  Near zero downtime, most 99.999% valuable minute 1.5 minutesBusiness Critical •  2 minutes to 15 99.999% •  1 to 10 minutes•  Important data, good availability minutesArchive Online Data •  10 minutes to 2 •  15 minutes to 2•  Cost sensitive, low access, online 99.99% performance hours hoursArchive Nearline Data 99.9% •  2 hours to 1 day •  2 hours to 1 day•  Cost sensitive, low accessOffline Data•  Most cost sensitive, compliance Offline •  1 day to 1 week •  1 day to 1 week related, ~72-hr recoverySource: ESG Research Brief, Implementing the Right High Availability and Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business, August 2010. 20
    • Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)•  Oracle-preferred method for efficient database backup and recovery –  Reduces exposure to data loss –  Ensures transaction integrity and manages all info for database recovery at any point in time –  Backup to disk preferred for faster restore•  Built-in –  Cost-effective, no extra licenses –  No third party technology to purchase and coordinate•  Copies only database blocks changed since previous backup –  Up to an order of magnitude reduction in backup and recovery times –  Significantly improved Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) 21
    • Oracle Secure Backup (OSB)Enterprise Tape Backup Management – Database Backup •  Oracle database backup / recovery Oracle Enterprise management Manager –  Utilize RMAN command line restoring to original or alternate locationOracle Secure Backup •  Provides media management layerFile System Data Oracle Database for RMAN –  Built-in integration – No additional RMAN Integration licensing costs –  Exclusive performance optimizations –  Achieving 25 – 40% faster backup to tape than comparable products •  More than 75% less expensive than comparable products 22
    • Creating an Infinite Disk Repository Using Sun Storage Archive Manager (SAM) •  Shared infrastructure Oracle 10g/11g Database Servers •  Each database instance has it s own virtualized diskIndividual Fast •  Policy based dataRecovery Areas movement with SAM Sun Storage Archive Manager Metadata Server •  Tiered Disk and Tape Tier 1 – Sun •  Data read direct from Storage 6000 or SAM Polic y storage Tier 2 – ZFS ZFS Storage Storage Appliance $$$ Tier 3 – Appliance $$ StorageTek New price per Tape processor Storage $ licencing model Sun Storage Archive Manager Infrastructure 23
    • Benefits of an Infinite Disk Repository•  Infinite disk repository for each Oracle instance•  All Data Protection data looks like it resides on disk•  Faster recovery time objectives and better recovery point objectives•  Mitigates need for redundant backup application•  Retention policies in database control•  Provides continuous fast direct access to the data•  Transparent migration of files 24
    • Example Use Case : Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape Using Sun Storage 6000 Series Fast Recovery Area Sun Storage StorageTek 6000 Series Tape Storage Media Manager OracleDatabase SSD Indexes, Tables, Temp, Undo, Redo logs FC Disk Indexes, Tables, Redo logs SATA Disk Fast Recovery Area RMAN backups, Media manager backs archived redo logs up recovery area files stored in Fast to tape for longer-term Recovery Area storage 25
    • Tiered Storage ConsiderationsComplete, Open and Automated Comprehensive & complete •  Visibility from data creation to deletion •  Fewer boundaries between hardware and software •  Single-vendor service & support Open •  Data placement abstracted from hardware •  Open formats for forever data access •  Heterogeneous Drive Down Complexity •  Visibility from application to archive •  Policy-based •  Dynamic 26
    • Additional Resources•  Tiered Storage Resource Kit: –  White Paper: Tiered Storage Takes Center Stage –  White Paper: Optimizing Information with a Tiered Storage Architecture –  White Paper: Tape Technology Leaps Forward in the 3rd Era –  Archive and Storage Videos –  Special Offers, Customer Success Stories and More! –  https://landingpad.oracle.com/webapps/dialogue/ns/dlgwelcome.jsp? p_ext=Y&p_dlg_id=8691050&src=6965184&Act=36•  Product Documentation –  http://www.oracle.com/us/products/servers-storage/storage/index.html 27
    • 28