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Storage Options in Windows Server 2012


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Singapore Windows Server 2012 Launching

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Storage Options in Windows Server 2012

  2. 2. Session Objective and Takeaways Session Objectives: Key Takeaways• Understand different scenario • Build highly available and on the usage of Storage in reliable storage solutions with Windows Server 2012 cost effective hardware in• Demo Windows Server 2012
  3. 3. Scenario summary Dynamic memory Network increase assigned to virtualization for virtual machines to multitenancy and IP increase capacity with portability no downtime
  4. 4. ENTERPRISE CLASS FEATURESDelivers enterprise Optimize capacityclass performance optimization Data Storage Spaces Deduplication Lowers the cost ofResilient to acquisition,component deployment &failures operation SMB 3.0
  5. 5. Storage Spaces Windows Application Server or File Server Storage VirtualizationPhysical orvirtualizeddeployments File Server Administration Resiliency & dataIntegrated with Hyper-V SMB Multichannelother Console redundancyWindows Failover Clustering NTFS SMB DirectServer 2012capabilities Cluster Shared Volume NFS Windows Storage Mgmt. Storage resiliency & data availability withWindowsVirtualized Storage Space Storage Space Storage Space commodity hardwareStorage Storage Pool Storage Pool Utilization optimizedPhysicalStorage through thin & trim provisioning (Shared) SAS or SATA 5
  6. 6. Application storage support – SMB 3.0 • Highly available, shared data Microsoft SQL store for SQL Server Hyper-V Cluster Server databases and Hyper-V SMB workloads Single Logical Server FooShare • Increased flexibility, and File Server easier provisioning and Cluster management Single File System Namespace • Ability to take advantage of existing network Cluster Shared Volumes infrastructureWindows • No application downtime forVirtualized RAID Storage Space RAID Storage Space Storage Space RAID planned maintenance or Array Array ArrayStorage unplanned failures with failover clustering Storage Pool Storage Pool SAN • Highly available scale-outPhysical file serverStorage 6 • Built-in encryption support
  7. 7. Video STORAGE SPACES 8
  9. 9. CONTINUOUS APPLICATION AVAILABILITY SMBMakes application File System Transparentresilient to Enhancement Failoverunderlying Low cost & highhardware failures availability solution High Availability Cluster Aware with SMB, iSCSI Updating and NFSPatch Tuesdaywithout serviceinterruption Live Storage Migration
  10. 10. File system enhancementsResilient File System (ReFS) CHKDSK • Seconds to fix corrupted dataRapid recovery from file • Online scanning with volume, offline repair Resilient againstsystem corruptionwithout affecting power outageavailability corruptionImprove dataintegrity protection
  11. 11. SMB Transparent Failover Failover transparent to server application – Planned & zero downtime, just short IO delay during Unplanned failover failover SQL Server Resilient for file & High performance continually available file directory shares for business operation critical application fs1share fs1share File Server Node A File Server Node B File Server Cluster
  12. 12. Cluster Aware Updating (CAU) Initiates Check & Update Admin Update Cluster Maintains service (Orchestrator) Simple orchestration availability without of cluster node impacting cluster updates quorum Windows Update Detect required updates and moves Uses Windows workloads off nodes Update Agent or for updates extensible plug-in Cluster Node Drained
  14. 14. Continuous Availability With NFS and iSCSI
  15. 15. Move VM Storage WithoutDowntimeLive migration of storageMove virtual hard disks attached Disk writes Reads and writes go to new are mirrored; outstanding changes are Disk Reads and writes go to new source VHDVHD contents are copied to the destination destination VHD replicatedto a running virtual machine Manage storage Computer Move storage in a cloud running Virtual machine Hyper-V with no environment with downtime greater & control Source device Target device Update physical storage available to a VM (SMB based storage)
  17. 17. IMPROVED PERFORMANCE & RICHER ECOSYSTEMDelivery enterpriseready performanceon a wide range of Maximize return onhardware storage investment Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) RDMa Windows Windows Cluster in a Box Storage Server
  18. 18. Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX) Rapid VM Provisioning Faster transfer and migration on large files Token Maximize Offload read Token Token Offload write Minimized array Intelligent storage array latency throughput Actual data transfer Token-based copy operation
  19. 19. Improved Network Performance through SMBDirect (RDMA) Without RDMA With RDMAFile Client File Server App Higher performance through Buffer offloading of network I/O processing SMB SMB Buffer Buffer High OS OS Buffer Buffer Remote storage at throughput the speed of with low Driver Buffer Driver Buffer direct storage latency iWARP Adapter Buffer rNIC NIC rNIC NICAdapter Buffer InfiniBand 20
  20. 20. Windows Cluster in a BoxAppliance Pre-packaged, pre-built on connected- noWindows additional setupServer 2012 requireDirect attached JBOD connectedthrough Storage Space or ClusteredRAID controller
  21. 21. Windows Storage Server 2012 Windows Workgroup & Server for NAS Standard appliances Edition Ideal file based storage solution that is fault tolerant, continuously available, scalable & cost effective 22
  22. 22. Hardware Partner 23
  23. 23. Video ODX 24
  24. 24. Let Recap’s • Clustered Shared Storage, Volume 2 • SMB VSS for remote file shares • SMB Multichannel 2 5
  25. 25. Q&A Virtual Lai’s Blog DOWNLOAD Windows MVUG User Group Server 2012 roups/mvuggroup/ us/evalcenter/hh670538.aspx26
  26. 26. Additional Windows Server 2012 ReadinessResources Microsoft IT Camps are expert led, no- cost, freestyle, hands-on training events for IT professionals, centered on the issues and workloads you’re tackling in your environment today.