Database backup 110810


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Database backup 110810

  1. 1. Database Backup with the Sun ZFS StorageAppliancePresenter’s NamePresenter’s Title
  2. 2. Agenda <Insert Picture Here>• Data Protection Challenges• Protecting Data with Oracle Recovery Manager and Sun Unified Storage Systems• Best Practice Architectures & Configurations• Adding Further Value to the Backup• Sun Support Services• Next Steps
  3. 3. What Keeps Us All Awake At Night Challenges Brought on By Rampant Data Growth• Budget • Need to do more with less• Management • Failed back-ups and recoveries • Completing back-ups within given windows of time• Risk • Reducing exposure to data loss • Meeting SLAs • Stringent protection requirements
  4. 4. Meeting Recovery SLAsQuizWhat is your Recovery Point Objective (RPO)? Minutes? Hours? Days?What is your Recovery Time Objective (RTO)? Minutes? Hours? Days? (Jobs depend on knowing the answers and delivering on them)
  5. 5. First Step in Data Protection PlanningAssess Recovery Requirements• Identify and prioritize critical data• Design recovery requirements around data criticality • Assess tolerance for data loss - Recovery Point Objective (RPO) • How frequently should backups be taken? • Point-in-time recovery required? • Assess tolerance for downtime - Recovery Time Objective (RTO) • Downtime: Problem identification + recovery planning + systems recovery • Tiered RTO per level of granularity, e.g. database, tablespace, table, row • Determine backup retention policy • Onsite, offsite, long-term• Assess data protection requirements • Physical: Disasters, outages, failures, corruptions • Logical: Human errors, application errors
  6. 6. The Power of BackupMultiple Copies of a logical view taken at specifiedpoints in time allows:• Recovery from data corruption or data loss• Meeting Recover Point Objective (RPO) or Recovery Time Objective (RTO) SLAs• Maintaining of copies for Disaster Recovery
  7. 7. If only Backups were that Simple• Databases are the most widely deployed and most challenging application to backup• Data continues to grow, but back up windows stay the same or shorten due to 24/7 operation• Because of this, 1 in 7 backups and 1 in 6 restores fail**Enterprise Strategy Group 2008
  8. 8. RMAN to the Rescue• Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) is the Oracle-preferred method for efficiently backing up and recovering Oracle databases • Reduces exposure of data loss for Oracle database environments • RMAN backup to disk is preferred over tape because disk provides faster restore• It’s already built into the Oracle Database • Cost Effective, no extra licences to buy • No third party technology to purchase and coordinate • Ensures transaction integrity and manages all information required for database recovery at any point in time• RMAN copies only database blocks that have changed since previous backup • Up to an order of magnitude reduction in backup and recovery times • Significantly improved Recovery Time Objective (RTO) Service Levels
  9. 9. Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)Oracle Database Integrated Backup and Recovery• Intrinsic knowledge of database file formats and recovery procedures• Block validation• Online block-level recovery• Tablespace/data file recovery• Online, multi-streamed backup• Unused block compression• Native encryption
  10. 10. Oracle Recovery Manager• Simplifies all of the different operations, copies, and locations of files • Assists in keeping track of the state of all these various backup images as well as their locations • Assists in making the decision that particular backup information has become obsolete and can therefore be safely retired • Makes recovery for the DBA much simpler since RMAN keeps track of all of the files required for recovery operations
  11. 11. Sun ZFS Storage Appliance is the Ideal Targetfor RMAN Database Backup and RecoveryRMAN and the ZFS Storage Appliance,a perfect match Oracle • Cost effective, highDatabase performance disk target RMAN Disk • ZFS Compression further Backup shortens backup/recovery • Relieves Database server CPUs from doing RMAN Compression • No extra charge replication for Disaster Recovery • Simplify Oracle DR utilizing replicated copies of RMAN Primary Sun ZFS Storage Appliance backupsDisk Array Oracle RMAN Target
  12. 12. Sun ZFS Storage ApplianceCompression• ZFS Compression further reduces data to be backed up and restored • 2X compression (or 50% space reduction) typical• Shortens backup/recovery times• ZFS Compression relieves CPUs on Database Servers from doing RMAN compression • Allowing them to focus on more critical tasks
  13. 13. ZFS also Further Ensures Against Data CorruptionExtending SLA compliance with stringent protectionrequirements • End-to-end check summing and data integrity ensure against corrupt files when restoring old backups • Self-healing Fault Management Architecture increase uptime and availability to backups for restores from disk • Industry leading Triple-Parity RAID further reduces the risk of data loss
  14. 14. Enterprise Disaster RecoveryFor all critical Oracle environments, best practice is toreplicate to a secondary recovery location Oracle Database RMAN Disk Disk Backup Backup Primary Disk Array Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Replicated Oracle RMAN Target Oracle RMAN TargetMultiple copies of the data on disk in separate locations
  15. 15. Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape• Companies are realizing the best data protection system leverages the strengths of both tape and disk• The reliability of conventional tape backup combined with the speed and cost savings of a disk-to-disk configurations
  16. 16. Disk-to-Disk-to-TapeD2D2T is a tiered storage methodology that combines thespeed of disk with the economy, security and flexibility of tape• Disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) allows backup administrators to have the best of both worlds • Keeping off-site backups elsewhere • While retaining fresh backups on disk for ultra-fast restores• Storage hierarchy that balances cost and performance• Automated data movement enabled by 3 rd party Backup and Recovery applications
  17. 17. Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape for OracleDatabase ProtectionSun ZFS Storage Appliance is theideal platform for Database backup and recovery Tape Backup Sun StorageTek SL3000 Oracle Library System Database RMAN Disk Backup Primary Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Media Management Disk Array Server with NetBackup, Oracle RMAN Target Networker, etc. Oracle Secure Backup SAM
  18. 18. Oracle Tape Automation Data protection for your mission critical data• High Availability • Non-disruptive maintenance • Redundant and common components • Power supplies • Multiple robotics that can be replaced while operating –SL3000 – 1 or 2 robots –SL8500 – 4 or 8 HandBot robots• Compliance and Security • WORM • Encryption
  19. 19. Disk to Replicated Disk to Tape for Oracle Database Protection Sun ZFS Storage Appliance built in replication enables cost effective DR Tape Backup Sun StorageTek SL8500 Library System OracleDatabase RMAN Disk Replicated Backup Backup Primary Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Replicated Media ManagementDisk Array Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Server with NetBackup, Oracle RMAN Target Networker, etc. Oracle Secure Backup SAM
  20. 20. Disk-to-Disk-to-Tape Benefits• Optimized Backup to Tape • Faster, more consistent restore times, shorter backup cycles, improved reliability, easier management, and investment protection • Compression feature increases data storage efficiency • Shortens backup times to tape • Increases number of backups that can be put to tape• Save hundreds of thousands of dollars • By leveraging built-in software data services, communication protocols, and productivity enhancing features in the Sun ZFS Storage Appliance
  21. 21. Global Communications Co-Op Situation Solution ResultsUsing RMAN and NBU Sun ZFS Storage A 30% increase into backup two Oracle Appliance throughput over theirdatabases previous solution(1 production) Adding 6 moreOne of the largest databases and theirPeopleSoft PeopleSoft data to theimplementations in the Sun Unified StorageworldSeeking a more efficientway to backup
  22. 22. Energy & Utility Company Situation Solution ResultsLicense renewal on a 3rd Sun ZFS Storage ~3X the throughput andparty backup & restore of Appliance number of concurrentOracle Databases coming database backup streamsdue for ~$250,000 with Storage AnalyticsSeeking a more Smooth process, fromeconomical solution, install to implementationleveraging RMAN Also leveraging ZFS Storage Appliance replication to satisfy their DR requirements
  23. 23. Maximize Availability with Oracle’s ServiceExpertise Oracle Customer Services storage experts utilize Oracle’s innovative storage technologies to drive efficiencies and maximize business value of storage infrastructures Readiness Data Migration Operations Services Services Management Oracle storage experts Storage experts safely Proven back up configure, integrate test and migrate data monitoring and and test storage and applications to new management as well products and bring environment and as restore services that them into production. provide knowledge deliver SLA based data transfer to staff. protection. Learning Support Oracle University offers Complete system comprehensive training coverage for embedded for Storage system software Administration, delivered together with including disk storage, system support as a SAN, Tape, and NAS. single service solution.
  24. 24. Advanced Customer ServicesHelping You Achieve the Highest Level ofOperational ExcellencePersonalized, annualizedsupport services for complex,mission critical IT Companies that rely onenvironments ORACLE ADVANCED• Customized IT lifecycle CUSTOMER SERVICES: solutions to solve unique 94% of the “S&P Global 100” companies challenges 94% of the Dow Jones STOXX 50*• Operations management to 78% of the global Fortune 100 companies efficiently manage your IT 5 of the top 5 telecommunications infrastructure companies• Proven best practices and 9 of the top 10 global banks flexible approach 4 of the top 5 aerospace and defense companies …and hundreds of small- and mid-size companies around the world *Europe’s leading Blue-chip index
  25. 25. The Oracle Integrated StackHardware and Software Engineered to Work Together • Complete: providing customers a single vendor solution for their data center needs • Open: provide a complete family of products on open standards so Oracle products can be easily adopted in existing IT environment • Integrated: Oracle designs these products to work together well so that you don’t have to
  26. 26. RMAN & ZFS Storage Appliance Backup and Restore Solution for Oracle Database Protection Speed, Simplicity, Savings and Reduced RiskSpeed: Complete backups within shorter windows Faster backup and recovery Rapid response to changing business needs Protect against time-consuming data loss with data integrity featuresSimplicity: Intuitive interface reduces administrative time• Installed and operational in minutes• Easily provision additional capacity• Increased IT staff productivitySavings: Reduced Capex and Opex• No additional charge for data services and protocols• Half the power and cooling costs compared to competitive systemsReduced Risk• Prevent data corruption with end-to-end check summing that constantly reads and checks data and heals where necessary
  27. 27. To Find out More• Oracle Recovery Manager• Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture• Sun ZFS Storage Appliance