Oracle VM – the coolest virtualizator you’ve ever had


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Event: Oracle Day Estonia 2012
Date: 8.03.2012
Country: ESTONIA
Speaker: Maciej Tomkiewicz (Oracle)

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Oracle VM – the coolest virtualizator you’ve ever had

  1. 1. Oracle VM – the coolest virtualisator you’ve ever had Maciej Tomkiewicz
  2. 2. Oracle Virtualization
  3. 3. Virtualization solutions from Oracle• Solaris Containers/Zones• Dynamic System Domains on SPARC M-Series• Oracle Virtual Machine (OVM) for SPARC T-Series• Oracle Virtual Machine for x86• VirtualBox for x86 3
  4. 4. Oracle’s Server Virtualization Portfolio Enabling consolidation at no extra costHard Partitions Hypervisors OS Virtualization M-Series T-Series, x86 Servers All Sun Systems Dynamic Domains Oracle VM for SPARC Solaris Zones (LDOMs) $ Solaris Trusted Extensions Solaris 8, 9, 10 Containers Oracle VM for x86 Increasing Flexibility Increasing Fault Isolation
  5. 5. 5
  6. 6. New I Oracle VM 3.0 x86• Significantly enhanced Oracle VM Manager – Policy-driven power and resource management – Centralized network and storage configuration – Manage of thousands of VMs from one console• High performance at scale – Up to 128 vCPUs and 1 terabyte of memory per VM
  7. 7. Oracle VM Server for SPARCOptimized for SPARC T4• SPARC T4 Servers – Dynamic CPU threading controls to optimize performance NEW under Oracle VM for SPARC• SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 – Built-in Oracle VM for SPARC
  8. 8. TOP 5 cool features• Free of charge• Hard Partitioning technology (licensing)• Full set of enterprise features• Fast, easy and supported deployment• One point service call for whole stack
  9. 9. Oracle VM 3.0 Architecture Management UI Server Pool Oracle VM Manager … Storage Connect Storage • FC / iSCSI / NFS Storage Repositories • Raw block device mapping to VM
  10. 10. Guest Operating Systems• Runs Linux, Solaris and Windows guest VMs. Supports: – Oracle Linux – Oracle Solaris – Red Hat Enterprise Linux – Microsoft Windows• Hardware and Paravirtualized virtualization supported • HV on x86 hardware with HVM support• 64-bit and 32-bit guest VMs
  11. 11. Pool Scalability• Dynamic loadbalancing – On start-up… • Automatically identifies the best server for hosting VM(s) Server Pool 1 – Dynamically at run-time… • Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) • Admin policy-based trigger – Algorithms determine best destination host server• High availability clustering up to 32 physical nodes – Auto-restart failed VMs after server or VM failure
  12. 12. Management Scalability & Ease-of-Use• Enterprise scalability for Oracle VM Manager – WebLogic Server and Oracle Database (incl.) “stack” – Rich dynamic UI made available by Oracle ADF – Security, availability and control features - available from WebLogic• Admin scalability: centralized everything – Server discovery – Network & storage configuration and provisioning• Storage Connect: – Create, configure, and operate storage from the Manager UI
  13. 13. Advanced Policy Management Server Pool 1 NEW! Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) • Live Migrate VMs based on server load Utilization • Dynamically managed quality of service ! ConsumptionServer ServerPool 1 Pool 1 H.A. Auto-restart NEW! Dynamic Power Management (DPM) • Automatically restart VM(s) on Server- or VM failure • Automatically power-off under-utilized servers • True clusterware logic for reliable failure detection • Consolidate VMs onto fewest servers • Triggers even if Oracle VM Manager is unavailable • Reverse the process when load increases
  14. 14. Storage Connect Advanced Storage Operations 3.0 Create LUN Server Pool 1Oracle VM Manager 3.0 Storage Connect Plug-In Framework & API Oracle Plug-In Partner Plug-In vendor_specific_command_CREATE_LUN CLONE VM Sun Storage Partner Storage Storage Repositories OCFS2 Plug-InStorage Connect Plug-Ins for Management… _INSTANT_CLONE• Creation and resizing of disks and file systems• Oracle and 3rd party storage• Exposed, operated from the Manager UI OCFS2 Filesystem• Advanced storage functionality JBOD • LUN creation, Thin provisioning, cloning… Forward looking information is subject to change without notice at Oracles sole discretion
  15. 15. Simple Install of Server and Manager Oracle VM Manager installation… • Easy, click-through installer • Installs the full stack including Weblogic Server and Oracle Database • 5-7mins from start to up and running • Browser based GUI: no client software!Oracle VM Oracle VMManager Servers Oracle VM Server installation… • Fast: 90sec installation plus reboot • No further installation or configuration required • Storage and networking configured from the Manager 3.0 Forward looking information is subject to change without notice at Oracles sole discretion
  16. 16. Discover Servers From Manager Oracle VM Servers Get started quickly… • Quick install of OVM server software (90secs + reboot) then… • Discover all OVM servers and their configuration from Oracle VM Manager • Discover based on IP range scan • Discover specific IP addresses
  17. 17. Set-up Storage Resources From Manager Just about any storage… • NFS • FCP/SAN • iSCSI • Volumes, files, LUNs… • Local • Support heterogeneous configurations • Share storage between multiple pools and clusters. • Ability to share raw device between VMs Oracle VM Storage Connect Plug-Ins for Management… • Oracle and 3rd party storage Servers • Optional delegation of storage actions to virtualization admins Storage Resources • Exposed, operated from the Manager UI • Advanced storage functionality • Thin provisioning, cloning… More than just provisioning… • Create LUNs or Volumes Storage Resources • Expand LUNs or Volumes • Associate, share with VMs No more manual configuration of each server! 3.0Forward looking information is subject to change without notice at Oracles sole discretion
  18. 18. Create a Pool of Servers From Manager, Add VMs Create server pools… Server pool functionality… • Add servers • HA groups • Create, associate storage repositories • Resource groups • Live Migration groups • Up to 32 servers per pool Server Pool 2 Oracle VM Servers Performance & Scalability • Support for paravirtualized- (PV), hardware Storage Repository virtualized (with- or without PV drivers) Server (HVM) guest kernels Pool 1 • Up to 128 vCPUs per guest; up to 160 physical CPUs per server • Up to 1TB memory per guest; up to 2TB physical per server Choice of Operating Systems Storage Repository • Oracle Linux • RedHat EL • Oracle Solaris x86 3.0 • Microsoft WindowsForward looking information is subject to change without notice at Oracles sole discretion
  19. 19. Oracle VM TemplatesRapid Deployment; 90+ Templates Available Save Weeks/ Days in Configuration Time: • Pre-built, pre-configured VM • Complete app, middleware, DB installation • Complete Siebel CRM, Database 11g, Enterprise Manager… Oracle VM Siebel Servers Siebel CRM CRM Siebel CRM File FileE-Delivery VM 1 Import to Server Oracle VM Pool 2Download from Start-up in Customize & Manager Oracle VM Pool as Golden Image
  20. 20. Deploying to the Grid Oracle VM Templates Save Time • Ready-to-run virtual machines containing enterprise software • Implementation time for using Oracle VM Templates Required only 1/6 of the usual time required for set up a major reduction in man hours*. Using normal physical environment Using Oracle Enterprise Manager Template1400 14001200 12001000 1000 confirm operation confirm operation800 initial setup 800 83% initial setup apply patch apply install software Faster prepare600 confirm environ. 600 Deployment! download install OS400 400200 200 0 0 Time(m) Time(m) * Source: K.K. Ashisuto, an IBM Japan, Ltd. Solution partner
  21. 21. Create Application Assemblies Production Environment SOA_PROD_1 • Introspect your existing deployment • Collect application component and configuration metadata • Import into application catalog • Mix, match, assemble application components • Edit configuration and init parameters • Create resource- and scalability policiesIntrospectiIntrospecti • Package application, config metadata, and policies on SOA_PROD_1 SOA Components VM VM WebLogic Server Package VM VM DB VM VM Deployment Policies • Assemble Configuration Metadata • Edit Oracle VM Assembly • Create Polices Forward looking information is subject to change without notice at Oracles sole discretion
  22. 22. Testing: Oracle Validated Configurations• Pre-tested, validated, and supported Linux architectures on Oracle VM • Software, hardware, storage, drivers, networking Oracle DB, Oracle AS components• Best practices for Linux deployment on Oracle Linux OS VM Oracle VM &• Real-world testing of complete stack Server Hardware• Many configurations published, Storage freely available for download • Oracle Validated Configurations offer faster deployments while lowering infrastructure costs
  23. 23. Comprehensive Full-Stack ManagementApplications To Disk Virtualize Test Provision Configure Full-Stack Oracle Lifecycle Deploy Enterprise Management Manager Monitor Change & Patch Hypervisor Oracle VM Hardware Hardware Physical Virtual
  24. 24. A Superior High Availability EnvironmentEarlier Warning, Better Context, Minimized Impact• Earlier Warning: Enterprise Manager Oracle Enterprise • Monitors & detects application issues to Manager address before they become problems • Avoid HA events, minimized impact• Better Context: Guest Clustering • Application-aware response • Middleware clustering • Real Application Clusters • Oracle HA Clusterware• Virtualization Layer-HA • Only HA available from virtualization products: not application aware • Simple, reliable, automated restart after complete VM failure
  25. 25. Full Telemetry to My Oracle Support Oracle Support Knowledge Problem/SR Configuration Management Management Management Knowledge Problem/SR Configuration Management Management Management Performance Problem Provisioning & Management Diagnosis Patching Customer Enterprise Manager Ops Center Switche OS/Virtualiz Servers Storage s ation• Full “Automated Service Request” (ASR) Management• Integration with Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM)
  26. 26. TOP 5 cool features• Free of charge (OVM Server + OVM Manager)• Hard Partitioning technology (licensing boundary)• Full set of enterprise features: Live Migration, High Availability (restart), Dynamic Resource Scheduling, Storage Connect• Fast, easy and supported deployment (VM Templates, VM Assemblies, Validated Configurations)• One point service call for whole stack (storage, server, virtualisator, operating system, application)• Non-Oracle HW platforms supported (support contract needed)
  27. 27. Virtualization Competitive Overview Analysis IBM IBM HP Redhat VMware Oracle Oracle Oracle WPARS LPARS Contain KVM vSpher VM VM x86 Zones ers e SPARCSmall system footprintBare metal performanceScalableEasy resource sharingLess to patch and manageBuilt-in, no costRapid restartSecureRecognized as hard partitionfor licensingCross platform solutionLegacy OS supportLive migrationDifferent kernel/OS allowedDeploy own device driversDedicated memory resourcecontrolDynamic Resource Control ? ? ? 27
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  29. 29. 29
  30. 30. Why Choose Oracle VirtualizationOracle Virtualization Customer SuccessPerformance Virtualize database and apps with confidenceCost Effective Zero license fees; affordable support feesCertification Fully certified and supported with Oracle productsEnterprise-Quality Support Global, 24x7, large-scale supportIntegrated with Apps Interoperability, security, high availability across the stack 30
  31. 31. 31