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Hitachi Data Services. Business Continuity

  1. 1. HDS BC Solution - Hitachi Universal Replicator Minho Choi HDS Korea © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems
  2. 2. Business Continuity HDS provides innovative storage-based technology solutions for enabling continuous business operations for all companies. Business Continuity means partnering with our customers to understand key business problems and requirements, and provide robust application-focused storage solutions that enhance operational efficiency and resilience. - There is a continuum of business requirements to consider - It’s not just about Disaster Recovery, it’s truly about the business operation - Operational efficiency and resilience are really at the core of the HDS offerings: Services, SAM; BC/replication; Universal Storage Platform © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 2
  3. 3. Data Protection Continuum Out-of-region and multiple data center strategies Different types of data require different levels of protection Completely duplicated/ Interconnected recovery site More Remote disk mirroring st Co Remote PiT mediated copy Disk-to-disk backup and recovery Local disk mirroring Electronic vaulting Tape backup Importance of off-site Data Tape on-site More Amount Less of Data Immediate Less Recovery Delayed Time © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 3
  4. 4. Hitachi Data Systems Software Message Archive for Compliance Data Archiver Archiving Message Archive for E-mail E- Data Migrator Data Protection Suite, powered HiCommand Backup Services by CommVault® Manager, powered by APTARE® • Backup and Restore • Data Migrator HiCommand Data Protection NAS Backup Data • Data Archiver Manager Restore Protection • Quick Recovery • Data Protection Monitor • Continuous Data Replicator Universal Replicator Business Continuity Manager HiCommand Replication Monitor Data TrueCopy™ Remote Replication TrueCopy™ Dataset Replication for IBM z/OS® Compatible Mirroring for Replication IBM® FlashCopy ShadowImage™ In System Replication ShadowImage™ Compatible Replication for IBM XRC Copy-On-Write Snapshot Copy- On- Data Protection Suite, powered HiCommand Tiered Storage by CommVault® Manager • Backup and Restore Data • Data Migrator Cross-OS File Exchange Cross- NAS Anti-Virus Anti- • Data Archiver Agent Management • Quick Recovery • Data Protection Monitor HiCommand Storage Services Manager Resource Manager Manager HiCommand Dynamic Link Manager •HiCommand Chargeback •HiCommand Global Reporter Virtual Partition Manager Partition Volume Migration Storage •HiCommand Path Provisioning NAS Blade Management •HiCommand QoS Modules Universal Volume Manager Volume Server Priority Manager Manager •HiCommand Storage Services Manager for NetApp HiCommand Device Manager Compatible PAV for IBM z/OS HiCommand Tuning Manager HiCommand Backup Services Manager, powered by APTARE® © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 4
  5. 5. Business Problems • Operational risk and compliance requires more effective business continuity • Business efficiency/resiliency is always an issue, and IT is falling short • Better control of Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 5
  6. 6. Customer Requirements • Established leadership of storage as the platform of choice to perform replication – “I use (server-based replication product) for some of the data, but for my key applications I use TrueCopy.” – “Never lost data with my HDS gear and TrueCopy” • But…there are shortcomings with traditional storage-based replication from all vendors – “This stuff uses up all my cache” – “I know replication is crucial, but I’d like to focus system resources on my applications’ transactions” – “Network bandwidth requirements are killing me” – “Bitmap mode is painful” – “Why can’t you guys come up with one tool for all of my platforms?” © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 6
  7. 7. Customer Requirements (cont.) • Historically storage arrays were not designed for replication • Replication has been successfully “retro-fitted” into storage – Best performance for demanding applications – Proven legacy for data protection and disaster recovery – But as requirements have evolved over time, with soaring amounts of replicated data, a better way is needed • Asynchronous remote copy takes of resources away from the apps that run your business – Cache, processors – Bandwidth of replication network • Complexity – Multiple replication products and vendor implementations • Synchronous vs. asynchronous – Async is becoming a key requirement for out-of- region replication © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 7
  8. 8. Positioning • Universal Replicator is a replication engine for asynchronously replicating data hosted on or attached to Universal Storage Platform, and is a unique innovation over traditional replication methods. • It significantly reduces resource consumption, and sets a new standard for data protection and Application Optimized Storage – … over any distance for business continuity or improved IT operations – …..without the need for redundant servers or replication appliances – …supporting both internal and all externally- attached storage © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 8
  9. 9. Replication Technology: How Universal Replicator fills the data loss gap • Traditional data replication solutions have a RPO (data loss) gap that only HUR can bridge Synchronous TCA/SRDFA/PPRC ASYNC Bandwidth HUR PiT Copies 0 60 sec 1hr 2hr 4hr 8hr 16hr 24hr RPO © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 9
  10. 10. Product Features • Asynchronous replication • Leverages TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform or Network Storage Controller • Performance-optimized disk-based Journaling • Resource-optimized processes • Guaranteed data integrity • Advanced 3 data center capabilities • Mainframe and Open Systems support © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 10
  11. 11. Key Benefits • Resource optimization • Mitigation of network problems • Enhanced disaster recovery capabilities © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 11
  12. 12. Key Benefits: Resource Optimization • Single pane of glass heterogeneous replication –Universal Replicator allows the replication of any volume hosted on any Universal Storage Platform supported vendor • Lowers cache utilization compared to traditional storage-based asynchronous replication through the use of performance-optimized disk-based journaling • Maximizes the use of bandwidth by adapting to the available network resources and leveraging performance-optimized disk journals at the same time : better RPO control Results in effective protection and significant optimization of storage resources for critical applications © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 12
  13. 13. Key Benefits: Mitigation of Network Problems • Typical issues include: – Link failure – Insufficient cache – Insufficient bandwidth • Maintains protection of data in case of network problems by logging every change in the journal and transmitting them later (consistency maintained) • Maintain a more current RPO during unplanned outage situations © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 13
  14. 14. Key Benefits: Enhanced Disaster Recovery Capabilities • Builds on the data integrity heritage of TrueCopy and leverages TrueCopy synchronous for cascading 3 data center configurations • Provides “no data loss” recovery at any distance – Intelligently combines synchronous and asynchronous replication with little impact on application performance – Can mitigate the need for destructive resync processes – Offers 4x4 capabilities for scalability and performance • Improves disaster recovery capabilities by allowing for advanced 3 data center configurations – Cascading – Multi-target – No complex scripting required © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 14
  15. 15. Technical Highlights • Key Technology: – Written data is chronologically reflected to the secondary site via journal volumes – The journal supports consistency across multiple volumes. – The journal is copied by the remote system – Sorting by time stamp, sequence number Journal data is stored in Primary site Secondary site the journal volume WRT Transfer of the journal file to the remote subsystem JNL Application Application JNL Volume Volume Journal is transferred asynchronously TagmaStore Universal TagmaStore Universal Storage Platform Storage Platform Journal Data is written to application volume © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 15
  16. 16. The Importance of Three Data Center (3DC) • Universal Replicator enables advanced 3DC, but why should you care? – Regional disasters – Regulatory compliance – No data loss over any distance © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 16
  17. 17. Technical Highlights Please contact HDS for detailed features availability • Cascading 3DC – “No data loss” solution for long distance Disaster Recovery – The Intermediate site may or may not be a processing facility – When the production site fails, data copied by TC Sync is available in the Intermediate site. – A server at the Intermediate site is not necessary for the replication process – Mitigates the risk of sidefile punctures – It saves physical disk space as compared with previous 3DC solution (no mirror needed in the intermediate site) TC Sync Universal S-VOL Replicator JNL JNL S-VOL P-VOL Production site Intermediate site Remote site © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 17
  18. 18. Technical Highlights Please contact HDS for detailed features availability • Multi-Target – Multi-target copy with TrueCopy Synchronous and Univeral Replicator journal – For customers who want to leverage a hot stand-by site – Improvement over cascading configuration by removing potential single point of failure (Intermediate) Universal TC Sync Replicator Primary Volume Journal Secondary Secondary Volume Journal Volume Delta Resync Hot-Standby site Hot- Production site Remote site © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 18
  19. 19. 4 x 4 Configuration • Function Objective 1. To achieve higher performance by multiple DKCs 2. Huge number of volumes can be included in single consistency group Single Consistency Group UR UR UR UR © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 19
  20. 20. Customer Case Studies • Spanish Insurance Company • French Bank (3 DC) © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 20
  21. 21. Reference : HUR implementation International bank & Insurance Company #1 in Spain - #6 WW Challenges – Be compliant Basel II & Sarbanes-Oxley regulations Solution 2 x USP1100, with Business Continuity Manager (with 3DC), Shadow Image, TrueCopy, HUR, Tiered Storage Manager Analysis customer requirements, Bandwidth needs, defined network infrastructure according with RPO&RTO required Implementation of the BC solution with 3DC managed by BCM Benefits Achieved objectives : security, regulations compliance with transoceanic remote replication & RPO <60mn, RTO <4 hours Decrease network bandwidth needs (4x OC3 lines instead 6, decrease cost by 40%, and save money $5.9M with network cost) Simplify (on time / on budget) © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 21
  22. 22. Architecture Mexico Spain IBM® z/OS Sun Solaris Prod Prod Hitachi Universal Hitachi ShadowImage™ In- Replicator software System Replication software 9980V Rolling Disaster Tier 2 JNL JNL 9970V External Storage Prod DS 8000 9980V Tier 1 Hitachi Universal ATLANTIC Tier 3 TagmaStore® Storage Universal OCEAN Platform Storage Platform 9970V © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 22
  23. 23. Reference : HUR implementation French bank Challenges – Decrease operational risk (Basel II compliance) BCP evolution (difficulties to recover one of the biggest site due to data volume & optimize RPO) Solution 3 x USP600 with Business Continuity Manager (with 3DC), Shadow Image, TrueCopy, HUR Analysis customer requirements, Bandwidth needs, defined network infrastructure according with RPO&RTO required Implementation of the BC solution with 3DC managed by BCM Benefits Achieved objectives : security, regulations compliance with 3DC and 400KM remote replication & RPO Decrease network bandwidth needs by 40%, and save money with the network cost © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 23
  24. 24. Configuration HUR 3DC Administration BCM 250KM UR TC Sync Local Site Campus Remote Site © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 24
  25. 25. Complementary Products • ShadowImage – Natural “partner” – Both products enhance each other for advanced data protection solutions – Look for AtTime Split capabilities in the near future • True Copy Synchronous – Perfect combination with Universal Replicator for 3 data center configurations – Truly allows “no data loss” solution over any distance • TrueCopy Async – Ideally, customers running two Universal Storage Platforms should use Universal Replicator, not TrueCopy/A – However, still is the product of choice for other platform combinations (9900, 9900V and TagmaStore stand alone) • Business Continuity Manager and Replication Monitor – Limit or eliminate complex scripting – Perfect combination – Required for Universal Replicator on mainframe platforms – For Open Systems: Replication Monitor • Resource Manager; Device Manager © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 25
  26. 26. Common Software Across Tiers: Business Continuity – Remote Replication Local or Remote Replication with Universal Replicator SAN SAN Universal Master Dataset Remote Backup Storage 9900V Platform Secondary Master Brand X* 9500V 9900V 9900V SATA Secondary Secondary Backup Backup * See list of supported storage © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems 26
  27. 27. Thank You! © 2007 Hitachi Data Systems