Presentacion oracle exadata & exalogic f. podesta -yatch club 19 de abril 2012


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Presentacion oracle exadata & exalogic f. podesta -yatch club 19 de abril 2012

  1. 1. Oracle Exadata + Oracle ExalogicInnovación para ganar
  2. 2. Como navegan los veleros?
  3. 3. America’s Cup• Es el trofeo deportivo más antiguo del mundo• Se corrió por primera vez en 1851 cuando la ganó el América• En 1983, después de 132 la copa pasó a Australia gracias a la campaña del Australia II• En 1987 empieza una nueva era con el desafío exitoso del Stars & Stripes• En 2000 Oracle compra el equipo AmericaOne
  4. 4. The Wing
  5. 5. Oracle Racing Desplazamiento Velocidad Superficie Mayor + Genoa en ceñida 0,7 10X7X 3X 3X ACC Oracle ACC Oracle ACC Oracle
  6. 6. Oracle Exadata Database MachineTransaction Processing, Data Warehousing, Consolidation • Fastest Data Warehouse & OLTP • Best Cost/Performance Data Warehouse & OLTP • Optimized Hardware (per rack) • Processor: up to128 Intel Cores and 2 TB DRAM • Network: 880 Gb/Sec Throughput • Storage: 5 TB Flash and up to 336 TB Disk • Software Breakthroughs • Exadata Smart Storage Grid • Smart Flash Cache • Hybrid Columnar Compression • Parallel Scale-Out Database and Storage • Scales from ¼ Rack to 8 Full Racks
  7. 7. Exadata Software Innovations Hybrid Columnar Smart Scan Smart Flash Cache Compression •10x for data warehouses• Smart Scan query offload • Speeds random I/O up to 30x •15x to 50X for archives• Scale-out storage • Doubles data scan rate Uncompressed Compressed + + + primary backup test standby dev’t
  8. 8. Oracle ExadataNew I Storage Expansion Racks Exadata Storage Expansion Rack • Pre-built storage rack for Oracle Exadata Database Machine • For applications that need more space but not more compute – On-disk backups (27 TB/hour) – Historical or archive data – File data, LOBs, XML data, Exadata Storage Software documents – Images, and other large Exadata Storage Servers unstructured data • Available in Full, ½ or 1/4 Rack 432 TB Disk 6.75 TB Flash 216 CPU Cores
  9. 9. Complete Family of Database Machines Oracle Exadata X2-2 Oracle Exadata X2-8 2 to 8 (12 core) database nodes 2 (64 core) database nodesQuarter Half Full, Multi-Rack
  10. 10. Oracle ExadataExtreme Performance at Lowest Cost • Lower data center costs through consolidation • Store up to ten times more data • Search data up to ten times faster • Make more-informed business decisions in real time • Speed time-to-market for new products and services • Mitigate deployment risks
  11. 11. Oracle ExalogicTransaction Processing, Consolidation • Fastest Java, C, C++ Applications • Best Cost/Performance Java, C, C++ Applications • Optimized Hardware • Processor: 96-360 Intel Cores; 2.8 Terabyte DRAM • Network: 880 GB/Sec IO Throughput • Storage: 4TB Flash; 40 TB Disk • Software Breakthroughs • Exa-Bus High Performance Messaging • Parallel Workload Scheduling • Dynamic Workload Balancing • Transaction Affinity with Database • Built in Application & Network Isolation
  12. 12. Oracle Exalogic Elastic CloudCloud Application Foundation Enterprise Manager Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software Oracle Oracle VM Oracle Linux Solaris Exalogic Elastic Cloud X2-2
  13. 13. Oracle Exalogic Elastic CloudElasticity from Single Application to Private Cloud Multi-rack Full Rack Half RackQuarter Rack • Seamless hardware upgrade • Flexible software licensing
  14. 14. Exalogic ROI: Performance Less hardware and software: Easier to Deploy, Manage, Maintain• 25% processor • Up to 5X processor Comparative ROI utilization utilization advantage advantage for for many other standard Linux application types: or Solaris • Java EE and Fusion applications Middleware • Oracle Applications • OLTP with Oracle 25% 50% 2X 3X 5X Exadata Exalogic ROI Standard Hardware ROI Exalogic Processor Utilization Efficiency Advantage
  15. 15. Fusion Middleware Performance on ExalogicTuxedo 11g SOA 11g ADF 11g UCM 11g Response time Response Time Concurrent Users Throughput 520ms 240,000 1.1ms 9X 10X 17,340 tps 7X 3X 5,640 tps 0.16ms 58ms 24,000Standard Hardware Exalogic Standard Hardware Exalogic Standard Hardware Exalogic Standard Hardware Exalogic
  16. 16. Oracle ExalogicExalogic and Exadata together • High speed Infiniband communication Transaction Affinity • 4X better throughput; 3X better latency Infiniband • Transaction affinity with Oracle Network Database • Parallel scheduling and dynamic prioritization
  17. 17. Oracle Applications Exalogic and Exadata Standard hardware On Exadata & ExalogicE-Business Suite E-Business Suite PeopleSoft Siebel UCM Order to Cash Self Service and Order Self Service HRMS, FIN Management Customer Hub3x better Response Time 3x better Response Time 8x better Response Time 8x better Response Time2x better Scalability 5x better Scalability 4x better Scalability 2x better Scalability Response Time Response Time Response Time Response Time 200 ms 11.94 s 2.23 s 8X 1.18 s 8X 3X 0.74 s 3X 0.39 s 1.42 s 25 ms
  18. 18. Oracle Applications Exalogic and Exadata Standard hardware On Exadata & Exalogic JD Edwards Utilities Communications ATG Web Commerce Order Management Meter Data Management Billing Revenue Management Commerce Reference Store3x better Response Time 2x better Response Time 2x better Response Time 3x better Response Time2x better Scalability 7x better Scalability 2x better Scalability 3x better Scalability Response Time Scalability Scalability Scalability 10 4000 20 million 0.51 s 3X 3X 7X 2X 2027 3.1 0.17 s 2.75 million
  19. 19. Engineered by Oracle for Oracle • Easier deployment • Integrated management • Simplified maintenance • Improved support • Streamlined supply chain
  20. 20. Oracle Exadata Start-Up Pack Enabling Success – Right from the Start Integrated Suite of Services for Benefits Oracle Exadata• Skills mentoring • Maximize the value of an Oracle Exadata investment• Rapid deployment and configuration • Accelerate adoption/return• Operational readiness on investment• Migration Planning • Ensure operational• Dedicated technical assistance readiness• Oracle tools and best practices • Reduce deployment across all Oracle technologies and ongoing production support risk