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Segunda Parte de la revision del portfolio de sistemas de Oracle

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Oow Ppt 2

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. Agenda Sistemas Tradicionales <Insert Picture Here> Almacenamento Oracle Linux / Sistemas x86 O Virtual Machine y O Virtual Network Solaris y Sistemas SPARC SuperCluster 2
  3. 3. Storage 3
  4. 4. Oracle Storage Portfolio• Runs Oracle Software Faster and More Efficiently Sun ZFS Storage Exadata Appliance Pillar Axiom StorageTek Database I/O NAS File I/O SAN Block I/O Tape 4
  5. 5. Oracle Storage: Engineered for Oracle • Integrated into SPARC SuperCluster and Exalogic Engineered Systems • Integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c • Integration with Oracle Database (HCC, RMAN, ASM) • Integrated with Oracle VM and Oracle VDI • Leverage Infiniband for Oracle Engineered Systems • Optimized Storage Solutions for Oracle Applications • Platinum Services Support Structure 5
  6. 6. Capacity Efficiency Use All of Your Capacity With Predictable, High-PerformanceQuality of Service Applications Prioritization Storage• Access based on business priority• Data layout optimized by application needs• Consolidate storage for high, medium, and low priority on a single system• Simple multi-tenancy and storage virtualization 6
  7. 7. Capacity Efficiency Use More of What You Purchase AND Run Faster Single-Tier Multi-TieredTiered Storage Infrastructure Storage Storage 2% Flash Storage $50 /GB• Multiple, optimized tiers Performance Disk• Policy based migration 3% $5 - $10/GB – Watermarks, age, type 15% Capacity Disk – WORM for Compliance $1 - $4/GB• Multi-location data sets for DR• Applications run faster from 100% Tape Storage performance optimized tiers 80% <$0.15/GB• Growth primarily at capacity tiers ~$7.5M / PB ~$1.7M / PB Source: Horison Information Strategies, The Era of Colossal Content 7
  8. 8. Operational EfficiencyReduce Data Center Infrastructure UseEnergy Efficiency• Flash has 280x better IOPS/W than disk drives• Tape archives use 230x less energy than disk based archives• Tape lasts 2x to 4x longer than disk, reducing upgrades and migrations• Data Integrity Verification offloads servers for more efficient operations 8
  9. 9. Oracle Linux 9
  10. 10. Oracle Linux: The Best Linux for the EnterpriseFeaturing the Unbreakable Enterprise KernelThe best performing, most modern and reliable Linux OSFully Compatible with Red Hat Enterprise LinuxFree source code, binaries and patches/updatesRuns in Oracle’s Engineered SystemsOracle’s base Linux development platformThe only Linux Oracle recommends for Oracle software 10
  11. 11. Kernel Patching Problem SOLVED with Ksplice Only Oracle offers Zero Downtime Patching ClientOracle produces Transformed into a Loaded into the Update downloaded and applieda normal kernel zero downtime Unbreakable Linux to RUNNING customer systemsupdate update Network through client – NO DOWNTIME 11
  12. 12. Linux Management and Clustering Integrated Apps to Disk Management and HAOracle Ops Center and Enterprise Manager Included free with:12c for Linux Management Oracle Linux Network Support• Administration Oracle Linux Basic support• Patching Oracle Linux Premier support• ProvisioningOracle Clusterware: Linux High Availability Included free with:• Business continuity Oracle Linux Basic support• Protects from failure Oracle Linux Premier support 12
  13. 13. Support & Pricing Comparison Red Hat Enterprise Oracle Linux Premier Linux Server Premium*Access to Updates and Patches24x7 Phone and Web supportNo Forced Upgrades to Obtain Bug FixesLifetime SupportIntegrated Management and MonitoringClustering Software and File SystemZero Downtime Updates with KspliceComprehensive Legal Indemnification ** No add-ons; Pricing based on 4 socket comparison and 1 year term, Oracle pricing based on Oracle Linux Premier 13
  14. 14. x86 14
  15. 15. Oracle x86 Strategy Engineered Systems (eg: Exadata, Exalogic) Prepackaged and Tested Application Stack (eg: OVM ref solution, Database optimized solutions)Vertical Integration Middleware Stack Operating System Buy and Assemble Virtualization Best-of-Breed Components Systems Management Compute Platform Storage Performance/scalability General Purpose Capability 15
  16. 16. Simplicity – Oracle x86 Component engineered and supported in- house Third party component COMPLEXITY: 4x more vendors in the COMPLEXITY: 5x more vendors in the SIMPLICITY solution solution Oracle Management IBM Management HP Management Oracle Applications Applications Applications Oracle Middleware IBM Middleware Middleware Oracle Database IBM Database Database Oracle OS OS OS Oracle Virtualization Virtualization Virtualization Oracle Networking Networking HP NetworkingOracle Servers and Storage IBM Servers and Storage HP Servers and Storage 16
  17. 17. Oracle X86 Systems Differentiation • Engineered Systems (Exadata, Exalogic, Exalytics, BDA, ) developed and tested jointly with Oracle Software for best performance, easiest deployment, faster patching – Oracle X86 are hard tested in Engineered Systems thus transferring this characteristic to stand-alone servers • Unlimited use of Solaris, OEL & OVM with Oracle X86 • Unlimited use of Ops Center for unified System Management with backend connectivity to MOS • Single support call eased by known HW and SW stack interactions, more readily replicating issues • Oracle On-Demand and Global IT runs on Oracle X86 • Continue to develop outstanding stand-alone X86 servers – Industry-leading RAS, Performance, Efficiency, and Density – Full certification for RedHat, VMware, Windows and SUSE 17
  18. 18. Oracles Sun x86 Rack Server Portfolio • Best for Oracle Software • Certified for x86 industry interoperability • Built for simplicity of operations Sun Server X2-8 and support • Lowest cost of ownership Sun Server X2-4 • World record benchmarks Included Certified Sun Server X3-2L Sun Server X3-2 18
  19. 19. Oracles Sun x86 Blade Server Products Portfolio Components for Cloud Infrastructure• Each blade has unique I/O profile, for best level of service Sun Blade Server Module Sun Blade 6000 Chassis• Chassis can mix x86 and SPARC blades providing application flexibility• Hot swappable components for maximum Sun Blade 6000 Chassis uptime and highest service levels Sun Blade Storage Module Monitoring Module• Includes cloud IaaS software, system tools, and OS at no additional cost, for support customers Sun Blade 6000 PCIe Express Module• Best for Oracle software Network Express Modules 19
  20. 20. MachineOracle Virtual Network Desktop 20
  21. 21. Oracle VM – Foundation for CloudApplication-Driven Virtualization• At the core of Oracle’s middleware and cloud strategy• Cloud platform for Oracle applications• Integrated cloud management solution with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and Ops Center• Rapid application deployment and management• The only server virtualization software supported and certified with Oracle products 21
  22. 22. Oracle’s Virtualization Portfolio The Full Stack, End-to-End DATA CENTER Software Delivery Cloud BROWSER Virtualization Oracle Desktop Siebel Oracle Secure Global Desktop CRM VM Oracle Application Stack VM Enterprise VMs USERS VM Manager Siebel Contact Center VM VM VM 12c Oracle VM Servers THIN CLIENTS Oracle Sun Ray Clients Network Oracle VM Servers Servers Servers Storage Templates Storage PCs, MACs, & MOBILE Assemblies DEVICES Oracle Virtual Desktop Client Server Virtualization Network Virtualization Desktop Virtualization• Oracle VM Server for x86 • Oracle Xsigo Data Center Fabric • Oracle Virtual Desktop• Oracle VM Server for SPARC Infrastructure (LDoms) • Sun Ray Clients• Solaris Zones • Oracle Secure Global Desktop • Oracle VM VirtualBox 22
  23. 23. Oracle VM Server Virtualization• Available for both x86 and SPARC• Virtualization solution for both Oracle and non-Oracle applications• The only x86 server virtualization software supported and certified for all Oracle software• Boosted to “Challenger” position • High Performance – 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant • Faster application deployment • Free to download • Enterprise-quality support • Integrated full-stack management 23
  24. 24. Oracle VM ManagerFully Centralized Virtualization ManagementOracle VM Manager Networks• Browser UI Separate• Manage numerous server pools • Guest• Create, configure, clone, share, boot, migrate VMs • HA Oracle VM Servers • Live Migration• Convert other virtual machine • Storage Server Server formats • Management Pool 2 2 Pool Server pools • HA groups • Resource groups • Live Migration groups Server Virtual Machines • Policy-based power management • Oracle Solaris Pool 1 • Oracle Linux • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Storage Repository • Microsoft Windows Shared Storage Repositories • X86 architecture • NFS, Fibre Channel, iSCSI • SPARC architecture • Support heterogeneous configurations Sun Storage Partner Storage • Share storage between multiple pools and clusters. • Ability to share raw device between VMs 24
  25. 25. Oracle VM Server for SPARC For Your Enterprise Server Workloads Isolated OS and applications in each logical (or virtual) domain Firmware-based hypervisor SPARC Hypervisor Each logical domain runs T-Series in dedicated CPU thread(s) ServerOptimized for SPARC / Oracle Solaris 25
  26. 26. Easy Integration: Oracle Enterprise Manager Full management functionality Lifecycle • Everything you can do from Oracle VM Management Manager Test • Integrated life-cycle management Provision Easy integration Configure • New- or existing Oracle VM Manager Oracle instance Enterprise • Just point Enterprise Manager instance to Manager 12c Oracle VM Manager instance Deploy • No migration or re-discovery required • No new EM agent deployments required Monitor Change & Patch Easy to use, flexible access • Access from EM GUI or Manager GUI or both • Use one GUI if the other is off-line Oracle VM Servers • EM GUI for application admins, Oracle VM Manager GUI for virtualization admins Application Driven Full Stack Management 26
  27. 27. Oracle Enterprise Manager 12cCloud Management with Oracle VM 3 Oracle VM Enables Cloud Management Capabilities Self-Service Metering and Policy-Driven Capacity Assembly Provisioning Chargeback Resource Mgmt Planning Packaging Foundation Capabilities for Managing Datacenters Configuration Application and Performance Compliance & Quality Lifecycle Management Management Oracle VM 3.0 Virtualization Management Full Apps to Disk Management 27
  28. 28. Oracle VM & Engineered SystemsEngineered for Cloud Infrastructure• Oracle VM integrated into Exalogic Elastic Cloud Exalogic SPARC Oracle VM SuperCluster• Exalogic Elastic Cloud Elastic Cloud – Physical x86 servers, Infiniband fabric• SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 System – Integrates Oracle VM Server for SPARC to host Oracle Solaris VMs• Virtualization Engineered for optimum performance 28
  29. 29. Application-Driven to Speed Application Deployment• Oracle VM Templates simplified for deployment • Near zero knowledge of Application or Linux configurations • Ready to use from point of download• Supports Oracle and non-Oracle applications • Pre-built & Optimized for Oracle applications • Easily customized for non-Oracle workloads• Available and Updated by Oracle• Fully certified for all Oracle applications In Deployment Time 29
  30. 30. Oracle VM Templates for ApplicationsRapid Deployment; 100+ Templates Available• Pre-built, pre-configured, production-ready VMs• Apps, Databases, Middleware, OS; Siebel CRM, Oracle RAC, More• Near zero knowledge of OS, Application installation required• Automate deployment of a complete production ready 8 node RAC cluster in minutes through a simple single configuration file Oracle VM Siebel Siebel CRM Servers CRM Siebel File CRM Software Delivery Cloud File VM 1 Import to Server Oracle VM Start-up in Pool 2 Customize & Save Download Oracle VM Pool Manager as Golden Image 30
  31. 31. xSigo: Oracle Virtual Networking 31
  32. 32. Xsigo Data Center Fabric and Oracle VMApplying a Profile to Provision a New Standard Server through Software VM1 VM2 2. Create & configure VMs Oracle VM normally from Oracle VM Manager vNIC vNIC vHBA vHBA vNIC 1. Apply Standard Server Profile from Xsigo Fabric Manager Std. DB Server Profile XSIGO FABRIC DIRECTOR •3 vNICs •2 vHBAs 1G 10G 1G 10G FC iSCSI NAS N e t w o r k S t o r a g e 32
  33. 33. Oracle RAC with Xsigo Data Center FabricOracle VM Template for Fast Deployment; High Bandwidth for High Performance RAC Node 1 VM2 VM1 RAC Node 2 • Create software defined I/O Oracle VM Oracle VM fabric with private interconnects vNIC vNIC vNIC vNIC vNIC vNIC • Rapidly deploy RAC via existing Oracle VM Template • Set unique QoS policies for 40Gb/s fabric different networks (RDMA, live migration, storage, etc.) XSIGO FABRIC DIRECTOR • Faster live migration under load • Fabric interconnect with other 1G 10G 1G 10G FC iSCSI NAS app tiers for high performance N e t w o r k S t o r a g e 33
  34. 34. Oracle Fabric Interconnect • Software Defined Networks with Oracle Virtual Networking Oracle Fabric Interconnect – one platform that linearly scales both capacity and performance Single Oracle Fabric Interconnect system Up to 8 Oracle Fabric Interconnect 20 server ports systems supporting 1,000 servers 15 I/O Modules Up to 120 I/O Modules • 1 or 10 Gb Ethernet Up to 30,720 vNICs - Up to 256 vNICs per I/O Module Up to 15,360 vHBAs • 8 Gb Fibre Channel Up to 16k virtual networks - Up to 128 vHBAs per I/O Module S7420Oracle Fabric Interconnect• Only converged fabric with secure multi-tenancy• All Protocols Supported: FC, Ethernet, InfiniBand• Oracle Hardware Software Engineered Together 34
  35. 35. Oracle Virtual Networking Product FamilyOracle Fabric Interconnect Oracle Fabric Manager Oracle SDN Oracle Fabric Monitor 35
  36. 36. Customer Examples 36
  37. 37. Leading Cloud CRM CompanyBefore After Savings 6 blade chasses 6 blade chasses Cap Ex: 12 Eth >$1M savings for every six blade chassis 24 IB cables Other Benefits: • Reduced server connectivity by 588 FC 4 Eth 92% • Deploy 64 hosts in days rather 8 FC than weeks servers, over 3 years) (120 Brocade • Production test cycle went from • 588 cables • 36 cables Brocade eight days to two days • 24 Ethernet ports • 4 Ethernet ports • Build and destroy 8000 VMs per • 576 FC ports • 8 FC ports day 37
  38. 38. Leading Cloud CRM Company Before After 94% less complexity 98 cables 6 cables 6 switches 2 switches 38
  39. 39. Top Global Systems IntegratorBefore After Savings Server Pod Server Pod Cap Ex: $1.1M Op Ex (3 yrs): Power: $100K MAC: $389K TOTAL $1.6M SAVINGS (120 servers, over 3 years) Server Ports:Server Ports: • 2 IB ports per server• 8 Ethernet + 2 FC ports per serverAgility:• 216 hours to provision new Agility: 69% TCO savings • 2 hours to provision customer app new customer app 39
  40. 40. Cloud Hosting ProviderBefore After Savings 40 HP DL585 servers 40 HP DL 585 240 1GE servers: • 17X more virtual machines 2 Cisco Catalyst cables routers per hardware device 6 aggregation 2 Cisco switches Catalyst • 66% less I/O cabling routers • 97.5% fewer network 2 Xsigo Fabric devices Directors & • 8X greater virtual machine 80 2 Exp IB Switches capacity QDR • 40X more usable bandwidth cables per server 80 16 FC • Real time performance FC 2 Brocade 2 Brocade monitoring of virtual NICs cables Directors Directors and virtual HBAs 58 cables • Improved power 332 cables 2 10G switch ports consumption and uptime 12 Cisco Router ports 80 FC Director switch ports 16 FC switch ports 50% capital cost savings 40
  41. 41. Leading Canadian TelcoBefore After Savings 12 HP BladeCenter chasses 12 HP BladeCenter chasses Cap Ex: $400K With VirtualConnect Cisco 1104 1G Eth. Nexus Cisco Support: $72K/yr 7000 Nexus 7000 TOTAL $616K SAVINGS (over 3 yrs) 8 10G 48 IB cables Eth Other Benefits: • 95% less cabling Greater (120 servers, over 3 years) simplicity = Better uptime • 75% less time required to provision new blades Automated I/O config • 1104 cables • 56 cables • Single point of management for • 1104 1GE ports • 8 10GE ports I/O 41
  42. 42. UK Bank, VDI DeploymentBefore After Savings 330 servers (at 2 sites) 268 servers (at 2 sites) 2 Cat 6509 Cap Ex: $5.7M 660 10G 24 Nexus 4 Nexus 7000 Support: $1M/yr 5210 536 IB 16 10G 20 IS36 4 I/O Directors TOTAL $8.7M SAVINGS (over 3 yrs) 4 MDS 9509 Other Benefits: 16 FC • 41% less cabling 268 FC • 70 sessions per server 2 MDS 9509 • 4X more bandwidthover 3 years) (120 servers, to each • 2 Catalyst 6504 server Better user experience • 4 Nexus 7000 • 2 MDS 9148 • Remote management • 4 MDS 9509 • 568 cables • 976 cables • 268 servers • 330 servers • 708 10G cables • • 16 10G cables 16 FC cables $5.7M capital cost savings • 268 FC cables 42
  43. 43. Solaris 43
  44. 44. 44
  45. 45. Oracle Solaris 11.1 TM TMBuilt for Cloud Best UNIX for #1 UNIX forInfrastructures Oracle Deployments Enterprise Applications 45
  47. 47. Solaris RoadmapAccelerating The Pace Solaris 12 Solaris 11 Solaris 11.1 Solaris 11.2 Solaris 11.3 Solaris 11 Solaris 11 . Solaris 10 Solaris 10 Solaris 10 Update 9 Update 10 Update 11 Premier Support Extended Support 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 M-3 M-4 M-5 M-6 T-3 T-4 T-5 T-6 47
  48. 48. 48
  49. 49. Simplified Cloud Deployments Total resource Control and virtualitatón Rapid provisioning with AI Server automated installation DHCP Server Net config CPU cap CPU shares Memory Cap Swap Cap AI addressNew forOracleSolaris 11: Bandwidth Cap CPUs for Max Processes Networking per Zone Rapid develop, test and production Fast, fool-proof updates with deployment of Application Zones robust dependency checking and boot environments Active BE Active BE Old BE Updated BE New BE 49
  50. 50. Solaris Zones Best Foundation for your Cloud• Programmable management APIs iSCSI 1• OpsCenter Integration• Zone images encrypted on iSCSI N shared storage• Immutable zones rad(1m) ZoneA ZoneA mgmt. APIs ZoneA ZoneA• Tightly integrated Network ZoneA Zone1 virtualization Virtual• Zero overhead IB and Ethernet Router connectivity Global zone• Scalable to 100s of zones/ physical machine 10GbE InfiniBand Network Fabric 50
  51. 51. Security Tailored for the CloudBuilt-in, Flexible, Transparent, Hardware Assisted Immutable Zones, Sandboxing: new basic privileges Application Runtime (net_access,file_write, file_read), further executable address space reduction. Network data-link & IP anti-spoofing for Zones. SSH X.509 Certificate support, Kerberos PKINIT (X.509). Kerberos data Authentication in LDAP. Root login disabled by default. Role auth via user password, Authentication caching. Audit Auditing on by default, audit policy in SMF, Secure remote audit trail. Sudo with auditing. Fine-grained user/password/RBAC management CLI Delegation with LDAP support. ZFS filesystem, swap, dump and zvol encryption, NFSv4/NT style ACLs, Data Security Multilevel security with file labeling. IPsec/IKE policy per zone. Per Zone NFS server and Kerberos Realm. Transparent Hardware Encryption for Solaris, Java. OpenSSL 4x faster. Cryptography Trusted Platform Module (TPM) keystore, file integrity scanner Signed binaries & packages, Oracle Key Manager appliance integration 51
  52. 52. Solaris 11.1 Security HighlightsBuilt-in, Flexible, Transparent, Hardware Assisted ASLR & Security Extensions Framework, rsyslog (GSSAPI & TLS), Application Runtime OpenSCAP Compliance tool /etc/pam.d Linux Compat & Minimisation, Per User PAM stack, Kerberos Authentication client multi master, Last failed login time Audit Audit Remote Server Extended Policy – privileges on objects, pfedit, auths admin command, Delegation RAD usermgr Per file security labels, multiple zones per security label, 1024 groups for Data Security AUTH_SYS/NFS TPM key migration, SHA512/t, Large DSA keys, Intel RDRAND, AES Cryptography XTS, Perf improvements SPARC & Intel 52
  53. 53. Solaris 11.1 Storage Highlights Improved FMA integration for better diagnosis. Semantic (Veritas) DMP support. Boot from UEFI & 4K disk. SCSI UNMAP for thin provisioning. ZFS Dump/SWAP on RAIDZ. Auto-resize swap ZVOLs. Incremental (Token) based backup for NDMP. Per file security labels. Finegrained Share control for NFS & CIFS SCSI Disk write Cache State AUTH_SYS support fro 1024 groups. NFS NFSv2 DTrace provider. FedFS LDAP support for NFS reparse points. CIFS AD Domain join improvements, DC failover improvements Removable device simulation with lofi(7D) . COMSTAR SCSI UNMAP. Misc Shared datasets for boot environments (/var/share). Storage URI tools. Per Zone file system statistics (fsstat). 53
  54. 54. ZFS Virtualized Pooled StorageScale Out Design. Built-in Data Services.Flash-enabled Compression Replication Deduplication Datasetvirtual storage Encryption pools 10x Deduplication for Virtualized Environments Rapid Provisioning of Virtualized Storage Resources No Silent Data Corruption. Ever. 54
  55. 55. Cloud Ready Data SharingBuilt-in, Flexible, Transparent, Hardware Assisted • File Sharing – Unified User and Access Control with Active Directory integration: ZFS, NFSv4, CIFS, WebDAV, FTP(S), SCP/SFTP • Cloud Ready OS install – Solaris boot from SAN, iSCSI and FCoE – Zones on iSCSI/FCoE ZFS pools • Block Storage Sharing – Raw Disk & ZFS LUN: iSCSI, iSER, FCoE 55
  56. 56. Examples of Optimizations for Oracle RDBMSThe Tip of the Iceberg Key: In Solaris 11 New in S11.1 Full MT-hot kernel, scales to 100s of cores and 10,000s of HW threads Support for Critical Threads features in T4 chip CPU 5x performance improvement of high-resolution timer Multi-processing and multi-threading support for Oracle DB Large Page support Optimized Shared Memory (OSM) NUMA I/O Framework Memory Fast DB Restart Latency-aware kernel memory allocator (x86, SPARC) Re-architecture of Virtual Memory sub-system Userland Fast-Memory Registration and Shared Protection Domain File System Userland file system for DB, Oracle File Server support uDAPL, RDSv1, RDSv3, SDP: Support for low-latency Infiniband protocols I/O Direct I/O with concurrent writes Exclusive-IP zone support for RDSv3 to support DBaaS Dynamic reconfiguration for IB HCAs 56
  57. 57. Examples of Optimizations for Oracle RDBMSThe Tip of the Iceberg Key: In Solaris 11 New in S11.1 Enhanced observability for segmentation faults Observability Read-out of libdtrace by Oracle 12c Reliability and Dynamic reconfiguration notifications for DB for resources rebalancing Availability FMA callback for bad hardware Improved PGA performance Kernel lock acceleration for Oracle RAC Performance Message Passing Co-processor Remote Memory Access (RMA) Exafusion Mult-tenancy Zones: Secure isolation, lowest latency virtualization Security Transparent crypto off-load for SPARC and x86 57
  58. 58. Oracle Database I/O Observability Optimize yourNew with Oracle Database 12c Database I/O Quick resolution performance of I/O issues • Added DTrace I/O Event Tracing to Oracle Database 12c • Tracing info loaded in V$ views v$kernel_io_outlier for queries TIMESTAMP • Enables DBAs and Oracle IO_SIZE support to quickly resolve I/O IO_OFFSET related escalations DEVICE_NAME VARCHAR2(513) PROCESS_NAME VARCHAR2(64) TOTAL_LATENCY SETUP_LATENCY 58
  59. 59. Examples of Optimizations for JavaThe Tip of the Iceberg Key: In Solaris 11 New in S11.1 User-level high resolution timer support WLS scalability, Single-thread mode CPU smt pause() to optimize busy waits in the JVM Fused compare-and-branch with no delay slot New block initializing store (BIS instruction) Large Page support by JVM Memory T4 2GB pages for Java performance SDP: Support for low-latency Infiniband protocol I/O HA for SDP Integration with Solaris crypto offload engines (Java 7u4) Security Zones support for SDP Zones: Secure isolation, lowest latency virtualization Observability DTrace plugin in Java Mission Control 59
  60. 60. Java Mission ControlVisualizing DTrace data 60
  61. 61. Java Performance Optimizations on SolarisThe Tip of the Iceberg 3000000 SPECjbb2005 bops 2500000 2000000 1500000 1000000 500000 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 80 90 100 110 120 132 138 JDK 7 Builds* 4x2.4GHz WSM-EX, Oracle Solaris 11 Express snv_156 X86* 2.2x Improvement through JDK 7 development 61
  62. 62. Co-engineered with the Oracle Stack Fully MT-hot kernel, scales to 100s of cores and 10,000s of HW threads Support for Critical Threads features in T4 chip CPU JVM support for Solaris scheduling classes, User-level high resolution timer support WLS scalability, smt_pause() to optimize busy waits in the JVM, 5X performance improvement of high-resolution timer Large page support by JVM, T4 2GB pages for Java performance, Preemption control NUMA IO framework, Latency-aware kernel memory allocator, NUMA optimizations Memory in LDOMs, Intimate Shared Memory (ISM), Dynamic Intimate Shared Memory (DISM) Optimized Shared Memory (OSM), NUMA IO framework, Latency-aware kernel memory allocator, Large Page support,Fast DB Restart File System Support for Event ports, Userland file system for DB SDP, IPoIB,Receive-side Scaling, LSO for VNICs, Traffic fan-out for EoIB, HA for 2.4x Faster Database Performance I/O SDP, Open Fabrics User Verbs, SR-IOV performance scaling, Dynamic Reconfiguration for IB HCAs,vnet & vswitch performance improvements, uDAPL, RDSv1, RDSv3, SDP: Support for low-latency Infiniband protocols, Direct I/O with7x Better Middleware Price/Performance with Java Concurrent writes, Dynamic Reconfiguration for IB HCAs Integration of JVM with crypto offload engines Zones support for EoIB, IPoIB, SDP: Secure isolation, lowest-latency virtualization, Security Integration with Solaris Crypto offload engine Zones: Secure isolation, lowest-latency virtualization 62
  63. 63. Sparc 63
  64. 64. SPARC SolarisBest infrastructure solution for enterprise applications 64
  65. 65. About SPARCSPARC: Scalable Processor Architecture• Introduced by Sun Microsystems in 1987 – SPARC is 25 years old• Initially a 32-bit architecture, 64-bit version V9 was delivered in 1993• SPARC is a Big-Endian RISC• More than 45 versions of SPARC processors shipped since ’87• Over $100B SPARC Systems Sold• SPARC is fully open and non-proprietary 65
  66. 66. Oracle SPARC Hardware Strategy INTEGRATED Only Oracle provides a true integrated stack with SOFTWARE AND management visibility throughout the software and HARDWARE STACK hardware layers PERFORMANCE Integration between hardware and software results in leadership in all Enterprise Business Applications BUILT FOR CLOUD Simplified Administration, Designed-in Virtualization, COMPUTING Scalable Data Management, Advanced Protection INNOVATION •Long-term Roadmap. Software in Silicon. 66
  67. 67. SPARC Server PortfolioFoundation for Mission Critical Computing T-Series M-Series SPARC SuperCluster 67
  68. 68. Oracle SPARC Processor Roadmap M-Series In the Lab +2x Throughput Oracle Application M-Series +1.5x Thread Strength In Test Accelerators +2x Throughput Database Query M-SeriesDelivered +6x Throughput +1.5x Thread Strength >1x Thread Strength T-Series Compression Encryption +2x Throughput Cluster Interconnect +1.5x Thread Strength Application Data Protection In Test T-Series T4 +2.5x Throughput +1x Throughput +1.2x Thread Strength +5x Thread Strength 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Solaris 11 Solaris 11 Update Solaris 11 Update Solaris 11 Update Solaris 11 Update Solaris 10 U10 Solaris 10 Update Solaris 10 Solaris 10 Solaris 10 68
  69. 69. SPARC Solaris Strategy At Least 2x Performance Improvement Every 2 Years Silicon Direction Solaris Direction • Security: Enhanced End-to-End Analytics cryptography Distributed Service • Oracle numbers Arithmetic Management Acceleration • Hardware Decompression Software Defined Networking • In Memory Columnar Zero Downtime Patching Database Acceleration • Memory Versioning Encryption Everywhere • Low Latency Clustering Hardware Scaling to 1000s TBPerformance • Reliability • Security • In-memory Database • Big Data 69
  70. 70. Application Investment ProtectionTake Advantage of New Oracle Servers and Solaris 11 Solaris 10 Solaris 8 Solaris 9 Solaris 10 Solaris 11 Zone Zone Zone Zone Zone Oracle Solaris 11 Oracle Solaris 10 Oracle VM• Preserve existing investment – Move older Solaris environments forward – P2V tools make it easy• Applications since 1997 guaranteed to work – Plus source code compatibility for developers 70
  71. 71. T-Series Servers New SPARC T4 Processor SPARC SPARC SPARC SPARC T4-1 T4-1B T4-2 T4-4One Processor One Processor Two Processors Four Processors8cores/64 threads 8cores/64 threads 16cores/128 threads 32cores/256 threads2.85 GHz 2.85 GHz 2.85Ghz 3.0 GHz256GB RAM 256GB RAM 512GB RAM 1TB RAM2RU Blade 3RU 5RU 71
  72. 72. SuperCluster 72
  73. 73. 12 World Records over IBM and HP1.0M IOPS, 32 GB/s query throughput Cloud provisioning in seconds T4-4 Fast and Efficient Consolidation10x Java performance Near zero virtualization overhead 2x faster and ½ the price of NetApp 5-8x the speed of current networks 73
  74. 74. SPARC SuperCluster Best for Oracle. Runs All Existing Workloads. SPARC T4 Compute Pool Solaris 11 Twenty World Records over IBM and Cloud provisioning in seconds HP across every tier Unmatched Scalability Exadata Storage Cells Virtualization 1M IOPS, 32 GB/s query throughput Near zero virtualization overhead Exalogic Elastic Cloud InfiniBand 10x Java performance 5-8x the speed of current networks Integrated ZFS Storage Enterprise Manager 2x faster and ½ the price of NetApp Up to 90% reduction of downtime due to proactive critical application patching As fast as Exadata for Database / as fast as Exalogic for JavaSee performance substantiation slides 74
  75. 75. Consolidate on SPARC SuperCluster T4-4Simplify , Accelerate, and Reduce Operating Expenses • Consolidate up to 100 legacy midrange servers to 1 SPARC SuperCluster ERP • Fewer, smarter processors CRM dramatically reduce: • Software licensing costs • Support costs HR • Power and cooling • Floor space consumption BI • Run a wide range of new and existing databases and multi-tier eCom applications on a single system 75
  76. 76. SPARC SuperCluster VirtualizationT4-4 Node 1 T4-4 Node 2 T4-4 Node 3 T4-4 Node 4 •Built-in, low overhead Solaris 11 Solaris 10 Solaris 10 Solaris 11 virtualization GP Domain •Optimized Exadata GP Domain GP Domain GP Domain domains Solaris 11 Solaris 11 Solaris 11 Solaris 11 • General Purpose Domains support fullExadata Dom Exadata Dom Exadata Dom Exadata Dom range of workloads InfiniBand Network •Runs Solaris 10 and 11 Exa Exa Exa Exa Exa Exa data data data data data data ZFSSA • Simultaneously run multiple databases, applications and tiers 76
  77. 77. Rapid Cloud Services Quickly Provision Secure Cloud Services Application Cloud Application Domain(s)• Application Cloud Services Zone – Provision a VM for secure, Zone Zone multi-tenant applications, Zone in minutes! DB Domain• Database Cloud DB Zone DB Zone – Deploy a new Oracle DB Inst DB Inst DB Inst DB Inst Database instance, in minutes! DB Domain DB InstDB Inst DB Inst DB Inst Database Cloud 77
  78. 78. Optimized for High AvailabilityOnly Oracle Gives You Fault Monitoring and Update Services in a Standard Support Package Integrated Support Proactive Support Tools Monitoring & Updates 24/7 HW and SW support Personalized health checks 24/7 remote fault monitoring Consistent service across the Advanced knowledge sharing Industry-leading response stack from single vendor and communities times: • 5-min fault notification Integrated stack delivery with • 15-min restoration or SW and OS updates included Oracle Enterprise Manager escalation to development • 30-min joint debugging Converged HW mgmt with Integrated online support Oracle Enterprise Manager interface – My Oracle Support Risk mitigation and business Ops Center innovation through update and patch deployment ORACLE PREMIER SUPPORT PLATINUM 78
  79. 79. Oracle Platinum ServicesHighest Level of Service in the Industry• Available Now for Certified Configurations running on Exadata, Exalogic and SPARC SuperCluster• No Additional Cost under Oracle Premier Support• 24/7 Oracle Monitoring for Database, Middleware and Systems via Oracle Advanced Support Gateway – 5 Minute Fault Notification – 15 Minute Restoration or Escalation to Development – 30 Minute Joint Debugging with Development• Patch Deployment four times per year 79
  80. 80. Datacenter EvolutionFrom Traditional Datacenters to Cloud Infrastructure Solari Solari Solari s s s Virtualized Systems Business Critical Clouds Next Generation Infrastructure • OS or Application • Service isolation • Secure, self-assembling clouds isolation • Flexible resources for virtual • End-to-end Analytics • Shared resources instances • Advanced enterprise application • Stack management • Cloud management services - Provision, update • Distributed service management - Chargeback and observability - Capacity planning • Built-in capacity planning • HW scaling to 1000s of TB of RAM 80
  81. 81. 81