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  • 1. Exam Practice 6 Mark Questions
  • 2. FIRSTLY…
    • There is a piece of A4 paper being handed around….
    • Add the topic..topics that you are struggling with in your revision and fold over. E.g. respiratory system…effects of exercise on muscular system…
    • Pass to the next person.
  • 3. Question 1
    • Describe the characteristics of circuit training and explain how it could be used to improve an individual’s health and fitness.
    • In your answer you may consider:
    • • features of circuit training
    • • improvement in health
    • • improvement in fitness
    • • any other relevant information.
    • (6)
  • 4. Question 1 Mark Scheme 6 Characteristics 1. use of stations 2. circular order 3. alternate use of muscle groups 4. set number of reps/circuits/heart rate/time 5. caters for large numbers/small space/limited specialist equipment/equiv 6. variety of exercises/no boredom 7. sports specific/general fitness/aerobic or anaerobic Explanation 8. fitness increased through increasing number of reps/FIT/equiv 9. e.g. strength increase through increased weight bearing stations/equiv example for any aspect of fitness 10. health increased through benefits of exercise – reduction in blood pressure/equiv example of health benefit 1 Mark Answer Q
  • 5. Question 2
    • 2. Some performers make the choice to take socially unacceptable substances in order to improve their performance.
    • Describe the effect of one type of drug on performance and the impact it may have on the performer. Provide a sporting example to illustrate your answer.
    • (6)
    • In your answer you may consider the following:
    • The performance enhancing effect the drug has on the performer’s body.
    • Identify types performers that may take the drug you are describing.
    • The consequences of taking banned substances in sport.
  • 6. Question 2 Mark Scheme 6 You write the Mark Scheme. 2 Mark Answer Q
  • 7. Question 3
    • Chloe is a good all-round sports performer and could represent her school in many different sports.
    • Evaluate the potential influence of different factors on Chloe’s choice of physical activities.
    • (6)
  • 8. Question 3 Mark Scheme 6 You write the mark scheme. 3 Mark Answer Q
  • 9. Question 3 Mark Scheme 6 People: Family – are Chloe’s family involved/not involved in the activity (playing, coaching)? Will Chloe be introduced to the activity by her family? Peers – are Chloe’s peers involved/not involved in the activity? Role models – does the activity have positive/influential role models? Resources: Access – can Chloe get transport to the activity? Availability – does Chloe have the resources to take part in the activity, can she get them? eg equipment Location – do the resources exist locally? Socio-economic: Cost – can Chloe afford to take part? eg membership, equipment Status – is the activity seen as appropriate? eg polo or football 3 Mark Answer Q
  • 10. Question 3 Mark Scheme 6 Cultural: Age – is Chloe old enough to take part in the activity? eg some distance running events Disability – does Chloe have any disability that might prevent her from taking part in some activities? Gender – is the activity available for a girl? Race – does Chloe’s race/culture/religion restrict the activities she is able to take part in? eg dress Health and wellbeing: Does Chloe’s health prevent her from taking part in some activities? Are certain activities believed to have a positive influence on Chloe’s health? eg swimming for asthmatics Image: Fashion – is the activity, and any associated resources (clothing, equipment) fashionable? Media coverage – does the activity get media coverage? 3 Mark Answer Q
  • 11. Question 4
    • Discuss ‘ power ’ and its relative importance to each of the types of participants below.
  • 12. Question 4 Mark Scheme 6 You write the mark scheme. 4 Mark Answer Q
  • 13. Question 4 Mark Scheme 6 Importance of power to participants 􀁸 Tennis player – uses power in serve/ground strokes/equivalent – use of power to give opponent less time on ball – doesn’t use power continuously (need to recover, use of ‘ touch’ shots). 􀁸 Javelin thrower – use of power to throw javelin as far as possible – maximum power needed for maximum force – most important component of fitness/has biggest outcome on event. 􀁸 Long distance runner – does need power for final sprint for line – needs power to get away from other runners at start or end of race – power not most important component of fitness (will also need cardiovascular and muscular endurance). Power in relation to other shown participants 􀁸 All use power, the ability to carry out strength performances quickly. 􀁸 But varying levels of importance to their performance. 􀁸 Rank order – javelin thrower/tennis player/long distance runner. 4 M Answer Q