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  • 1. Reach to your consumerswhile on the Go! Microsoft Tags 2 billion real world objects with its phone friendly barcodes Microsoft Confidential
  • 2. € Mobile isn’t a technology anymore. It is a way of life!€ Phones are becoming increasingly integral to marketing campaigns, allowing marketers to reach consumers while on the go.€ 2D barcodes will play a big role in marketing campaigns. Deliver a richer interactive experience to the consumers. Microsoft Confidential
  • 3. Mobile Broadband is key to the success of the Mobilebarcode penetration. Below is the statistics of Mobilebroadband growth in Asia:€ Mobile broadband subscriptions are increasing exponentially, with penetration rates in developed Asia-Pacific projected to rise from 2.67% to 11.3% by 2015.€ Data revenue growth is surpassing voice revenue growth and the introduction of smart phones will accelerate this trend, with mobile broadband revenue increasing to USD 7.1 billion by 2015.€ Growth in mature markets will be eclipsed by emerging markets as Asia becomes poised to dominate mobile broadband by 2015. Microsoft Confidential
  • 4. € Printed, placed, or displayed anywhere € Scanning a Tag with a mobile phone takes users to more information, allowing them to take immediate action € Publishers get detailed scan reports to improveThe Future of marketing is communicationsin your hands! effectiveness and decision making Microsoft Confidential
  • 5. • 1 billion Tags printed in past four months, 2 billion Tags printed since launch (Jan 2009). WW Tag• Tag users increased x3 since May; Users Tags scanned increased x4 during same period.• 140,000+ Tag accounts created.• Since August 2010, Tag has been in more than 100 million magazine issues.• Largest known barcode campaign to date: Allure magazine, 450,000+ scans Microsoft Confidential
  • 6. € Superior User Experience :: Unsurpassed read rates and robust error correction - even works out-of-focus€ Fast :: Can decode in under 0.01 seconds€ Small :: Requires ¼ the print area of Relative size of QR Code and other 2D barcodes. Microsoft Tag. Example of a€ Multi Channel :: Effective for print and successful scan video display using a Samsung€ Customizable :: Incorporate branding Blackjack II and design€ Mobile Optimized :: Designed by Microsoft Research for performance on mobile handsets Customized Tags Microsoft Confidential
  • 7. QR Tag Code color B&W only B&W, color scheme Look & Codes Yes, affects quality of Yes design customizable scan Minimum size 1.25” square 0.75” square Acquiring Multiple sites, sources can Single call to action and reader be confusing for user; single site to point to quality of readersConsumer inconsistentexperience Reader quality QR readers inconsistent, Tag Reader works with any some will not work with Tag some QR codes Flexible content No, content ‘hard-wired’ Yes, where the code points into code to can be changed in seconds Reporting No Yes, free to any Tag creatorBrand ROI services Investment in Scattered Yes, Microsoft committed to future Tag through at least 1/2015 + 2 yr. notice Microsoft Confidential
  • 8. Tags can point to:• Web sites• Contacts Tags• Display Text• Dial Phone Number Cross Platform: • Windows Mobile/Phone 7 • iPhone Microsoft Tag Reader • Blackberry • J2ME • Android• Online service to create and manage Tags.• API allows bulk Tag Tag Management Tool creation and management. • Know which efforts are most effective. Analytics and Reporting • Enhance decision making. Microsoft Confidential
  • 9. ¾ Connect with your audience from just about anything ¾ Increase effectiveness of traditional marketing efforts ¾ Create truly integrated marketing campaigns¾ Dynamic engagement with potential customers ¾ Shorten the purchase cycle ¾ Increase add-on sales ¾ Decrease costs of service and production¾ Report and measure ¾ Easily assess ROI ¾ Adjust campaigns based on results Microsoft Confidential
  • 10. ¾ Help clients transition from traditional to digital medium¾ Open up discussion with new groups¾ Demonstrate innovative thinking¾ Pull through additional products and services revenue ¾ Mobile/web site development ¾ Mobile/web advertising ¾ Promotional opportunities ¾ Expanded creative opportunities¾ Enable end-to-end strategic marketing solutions Microsoft Confidential
  • 11. Product Packaging Print-based Ads In Store Displays Business Cards Catalogs Signage Price Tags & Shelving Spec Sheets & Brochures Posters and Flyers Transit Ads Storefronts Magazine ArticlesMuseum Exhibits & Attractions Billboards & Outdoor Advertisements TV Shows & Commercials Giveaways Receipts Video Displays In Video Game T-shirts Serial Number Plaques Product Manuals Microsoft Confidential
  • 12. Microsoft Confidential
  • 13. Seeing is believingMicrosoft Confidential
  • 14. Microsoft Confidential
  • 15. € Challenge: Increase engagement with readers for annual giveaway in partnership with brands € Solution: Allure’s August issue included 39 Microsoft Tags that readers scanned to enter the 159 giveaways of beauty products € Results: › 444,572 scans - believed to be the top 2D barcode campaign to date › 38% more entries than the 2009 giveaway › Mobile participants 2.5x as active as other contestants › 34% of mobile entrants opted to receive email updates and Allure informationMicrosoft Confidential
  • 16. Microsoft Confidential
  • 17. Microsoft Confidential
  • 18. Publication using Tags in Editorial as well as Advertising
  • 19. • Tags on 2Pro soft drink bottles (3 flavors) Peach, Apple, Grape• 3 short films (video) based upon different characters and endings• Microsoft Confidential 46
  • 20. Shanghai Expo Implementation Microsoft Confidential
  • 21. Ford is using Tag in their 2010 Dealer Brochures and print ads to link toadditional information about specific features. Scan to get detailed product info Microsoft Confidential
  • 22. Madison & Mulholland sponsored a Tag party in New York. Theyfeature Tag in their catalogues throughout New York and in theHamptons. 22 Microsoft Confidential
  • 23. Sweet Crude printed Tag in its outdoor advertising. It uses Tag to help get more out of itsad-spend, turn interest into action, and more deeply engage with its potentialcustomers (and in a measurable way). 23 Microsoft Confidential
  • 24. Italian Publisher using Tags in Phone Directory to link to additionalinformation about companies. Microsoft Confidential
  • 25. Avatar PromoTag being used to promote a movie – includesdownloadable content Microsoft Confidential
  • 26. • First Tag deployment by a major studio• Tags in print ads that link to movie trailer• Expanding to additional DVD titles and potentially movie posters Microsoft Confidential
  • 27. “To publicize the release of an Xbox game called "Halo Wars," the retailer created tag-enabled store displays. Consumers who scanned or "snapped" the tags with their phones were taken to a special Web site where they could pre-order the game and get freebies like ringtones.” Elizabeth Woyke, Forbes 85% of the people who visited the site ended up downloading content onto their phoneThe technology will appear in most of the 10 Xbox titles Microsoft plansto release this fall. Advertisers include operator Sprint Nextel , which will use tags in a campaign on Xbox LIVE. Scan for special pre-order & freebies Microsoft Confidential
  • 28. Product ad in Wired magazine that linked to a mobile website for more detailed product information. Scan for detailed infoMicrosoft Confidential
  • 29. Throughout Get Married magazine, select editorial and advertisements will havea Microsoft Tag printed directly onto the pages… busy brides connect instantly tovideos, websites, photos and information - while on the go. “…integrating Microsoft Tag changes the way brides read a magazine, gather inspirations and connect with advertisers… we are moving beyond the traditional ways of delivering a bridal publication -- from the newest interactive technology and latest trends in bridal shopping and style to a colorful, fresh voice in the wedding genre.” Stacie Francombe, founder and president of Get Married Media Scan for videos, websites, photos on the go Microsoft Confidential
  • 30. French Retailer, Auchan, is using Tags in their Hypergames magazinewith links to mobile content. Scan to get detailed info Microsoft Confidential
  • 31. Microsoft Confidential
  • 32. Implementing Tag enables (at last) theability to measure off-line advertisingeffectiveness. The old saying goes “Iknow half of my ad spend is wasted, I justdon’t know which half”.By providing an engagementmechanism to traditional media,agencies and brands now have a wayto get visibility into the effectiveness oftheir spend.Use Tag’s built in reporting and analytics capabilities toaccurately measure your campaign results. Which Tagswere the most popular? How many people used thatcoupon? Did our mailing list grow after our last event?With Tag, anyone can measure the effectiveness ofstatic campaign elements the same way they cantrack, warehouse, receive, & analyze digital datarelated to online media interactions.In other words… Tag delivers the full picture when itcomes to marketing spend.
  • 33. Gain greater insights into campaign effectiveness using Heat Map reporting • view data on individual or group of Tags you’ve created. • The circles below represent where scan activity is taking place. Microsoft Confidential
  • 34. € Microsoft Tag is a mobile 2D barcode that lets you seamlessly connect your offline materials to the digital world. Engage your customers in the moment using their mobile phones.€ Agile: Tags dynamic technology lets businesses change campaigns at any time, enabling companies to react and evolve in real-time and deliver the most powerful outcomes.€ Report & Measure: Tag has built-in metrics allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your offline materials. View where and when your Tags are being scanned - for free.€ Tag vs. QR: Unlike QR, Tag is an end to end barcoding solution that creates customizable codes, uses a single Reader for a consistent end customer experience and delivers robust reporting€ Pricing: Tag is free to use. There is no charge to create Tags, download the Tag Reader or access our basic reporting. Microsoft Confidential
  • 35. € Creating Tags takes just a few minutes€ It’s Free for the basic usage€ Full control of user experience and content€ Full access to scan reports and analysis for more info contact: Sandeep Nair ( or Camille Mazo ( and to get started visit: Microsoft Confidential