Cracking the QR Code: Marketing and the Mobile Web


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Explore the benefits of launching your business on the mobile web and learn how to use QR codes to enrich your online marketing efforts. Learn the importance of utilizing mobile technology solutions for businesses, communities, associations, events and networking initiatives.

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Cracking the QR Code: Marketing and the Mobile Web

  1. 1. Welcome Cracking the QR Code:Marketing and the Mobile Web
  2. 2. Alicia CurleEconomic Development PractitionerProject Manager , SEDA
  3. 3. AgendaDashboardSpeakersQ&AFollow-Up
  4. 4. Michelle SpezowkaMarketing StrategistCulcher Connect Media@shelka
  5. 5. Ginger KoolickInteractive Business Consultant@gingerk
  6. 6. Innovation + Technology
  7. 7. Mobile Networking Platform
  8. 8. Mobile Networking Platform Register business credentials and social networking profiles.
  9. 9. Mobile Networking PlatformAfter registration, a unique QR codeis generated. Every delegate badgewill display a unique QR code.
  10. 10. Mobile Networking Platform1. Scan a QR code on badges to access delegate information.2. Interact with the mobile vCard.
  11. 11. Interact at Growing SaskatchewanEnter into anysmartphone browser.
  12. 12. Your Smartphone● Connected to a Wi-fi or 3G Network● iPhone● Android● BlackBerry
  13. 13. The Mobile Web
  14. 14. The Mobile Web
  15. 15. The Mobile Web
  16. 16. What is a QR Code? ● Quick-response, open- source 2D barcode ● Encode data horizontally and vertically in a grid of tiny squares ● Trigger actions like launching a mobile site
  17. 17. Where to Find QR Codes● Magazines● Billboards● Business Cards● Flyers + Ads● Product Packaging● Manuals
  18. 18. How to Interact With a QR Code● Download reader app● “Snap a picture” of the barcode using QR code reader on your smartphone● Engage!
  19. 19. How to Interact With a QR Code
  20. 20. QR Codes Deliver Engagement● Important to marketers● Create anticipation and brand experience● Can deliver engagement anywhere
  21. 21. Mobile Marketing Examples ● Magazine ad ● Use small amount of real estate to promote QR code ● QR code is a call-to-action
  22. 22. Mobile Marketing Examples ● Offline advertisement translated into online engagement ● Mobile web makes is easy to convert browsers into fans and customers
  23. 23. Mobile Marketing Examples ● Traditional print advertising for Biore skin care product integrates QR code
  24. 24. Mobile Marketing Examples● QR code translates into video demonstration● Provides instant credibility
  25. 25. Mobile Marketing● Mobile marketing is growing quickly, lots of information and tools● Experiment with mobile marketing first by engaging with QR codes● Experiment with the mobile web using your smartphone browser● Can you identify a mobile-optimized website?
  26. 26. Ginger KoolickInteractive Business Consultant@gingerk
  27. 27. Desktop Website and the Mobile Web ● Question #1: Why wont it work? ● Answer: Phones have limited capacity and different environments.
  28. 28. Desktop Website and the Mobile Web ● Question #2: What is the difference?● Answer: Websites are designed for the mouse: tiny scrollbars, links and buttons. Mobile sites are designed for fingers.
  29. 29. Desktop Website vs Mobile Web ● Question: How do mobile websites work?● Answer: The key differences are: > Design > Content > Implementation
  30. 30. Design for the Mobile Web● Best Practice #1: Simplify and minimize● Best Practice #2: Remove images that dont serve a purpose● Best Practice #3: Optimize navigation – large clickable areas accommodate fingers
  31. 31. Design for the Mobile Web● Best Practice #4: No Flash or Javascript
  32. 32. Your Mobile Site ● Question: What do I put in my mobile site?● Answer: Content that is essential and relevant to the mobile user experience.
  33. 33. QR codes and Your Mobile Site ● #1 Rule: QR codes must be used to send users to a mobile site. QR codes can be used to direct users to a desktop website, BUT users will be disappointed.
  34. 34. Q&APlease send your questions via the Chat orQuestion widget on your dashboard.
  35. 35. Follow-upSEDA will send an email to participants next weekwith a link to the presentation.Contact us if you have further questions.
  36. 36. Stay in TouchThank you for joining us! Alicia Curle Project Manager, SEDA @saskecdevassoc @growourregion Spezowka Ginger KoolickMarketing Strategist Interactive Consultant@shelka