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The future of digital marketing to include mobile affiliate advertising

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  • Due to the vast array of free content it is becoming harder and harder for people to sell digital content onlineSocial media will become the primary ingredient in all online advertisingAdfunded model will continue to developCPA will become key to all online advertisingMobile will overtake PC web access and the line between web and mobile web will become blurredMobile location based affiliate marketing will developSocial media integration will play a major part in advertisingBehavioural targeting will become the norm
  • 50% of online ads will have video in them and be bought on a cost-per-view basis.50% of all display advertising targeted to a specific audience will rely on real-time bidding.Mobile will become the No. 1 screen for advertising.75% of ads will become socially enabled.50% of brand campaigns will run rich media in the ads.Display advertising will become a $50 billion industry.App stores will die to be taken over by mobile web sites
  • Key criteria will be Targeted, Timely, Wanted, ValuableData is the new oil and it is the users that make the oil not the media. We are increasingly becoming responsible for our own privacy, if we do not apply privacy for our data then it is public and companies can use it for targeted advertising as we can currently see on FacebookInteraction comes before transaction and you have to create fans before they will buyThe ability to lie is gone, if your service is not authentic then people will write about it online and others will Google it
  • Consumers are willing to pay 22%-49% more for a 5 star rated productMore people use social media than email with only 14% of teenagers using email60% of facebook fans and 79% of Twitter followers are likely to recommend the companies are likely to recommend companies that they likeSocial networks provide the cost effective platforms for new and small businesses to compete with the bigger guysSocial media amplifys your message, if you rip customers off they will post about it online. If you treat them well this will also have a viral effect
  • Create a solar system of owned media. Owned media is a channel you control. There is fully-owned media (like your website) and partially-owned media (like Facebook fan page or Twitter account). Owned media creates brand portability. Now you can extend your brand's presence beyond your web site so that it exists in many places across the web - specifically through social media sites and unique communities. In a recession in which marketing budgets are being cut by 20%, the ability to communicate directly with consumers who want to engage with your brand through long-term relationships can be invaluable.   Recognize that earned media is a result of brand behavior. "Earned media" is an old PR term that essentially meant getting your brand into free media rather than having to pay for it through advertising. However the term has evolved into the transparent and permanent word-of-mouth that is being created through social media. You need to learn how to listen and respond to both the good (positive organic) and bad (spurned) as well as consider when to try and stimulate earned media through word-of-mouth marketing. Your paid media is not dead, but it is evolving into a catalyst. Many people are predicting the end of paid media (aka advertising). However, that prediction may be premature as no other type of media can guarantee the immediacy and scale that paid media can. However, paid media is shifting away from the foundation and evolving into a catalyst that is needed at key
  • Mobile advertising market estimated at $5 billion, growing to $1.5b within 3 years [mobithinking] and it will become the biggest ad platform [Mobile Trends 2020]Mobile Display is up to 3 times more effective than traditional online [comscore]50% of new internet connections are via mobile [Google]Mobile Internet will be bigger than the desktop in < 5 years20% of facebook users (100m) access their account via mobile [Facebook]Revenues in online search & advertising are going mobileMobile Search revenues will exceed PC within the next few years [Google]Amazon customers are now ordering more than $1 billion worth of products per year via mobile devices with this expected to growSmartphone sales will see a tremendous increase of 300m during the next four years [Juniper]. With this comes the ability to bring more online services to mobile with better browsers
  • The publisher uses the affiliate network to connect with advertiser and promote their productsThe affiliate could have their own affiliate programLiving Social is a good example of the modern advertiserPublishers will use PPC, social media, SEO and content networks for advertising
  • Affiliate NetworkThe affiliates / advertisers and merchants sign up hereUsWe service the big clients to optimise performancePublisherPublishes the merchant banners and offersVisitor / BuyerReads site content and buys through affiliate links
  • Performance based model with dynamic bidding towards CPA goals – DNSR are an example of thisIt is no longer about selling, it is about social engagement and your customers being your advertisers. Facebook has 500 million users worldwideMobile web is coming and will overtake WAP very soonPeoples’ expectation levels are a lot higher than when Zamano first started selling mobile content and customers’ strength in voice is a lot greaterIndustry is enabling users to become more sophisticated in their buying
  • Digital marketing future

    1. 1. Digital Marketing
    2. 2. Agenda 1. Where we are now and what the market looks like 2. Future Online 3. Where Mobile is Going 4. Opportunity and Value Chain 5. Processes and barriers 6. Zamano Future 7. SWOT Analysis 8. Summary of what definitely is happeningzamano Confidential (March 2010) Digital MarketingSlide Number 2
    3. 3. Consumers Journey 2010/11 App stores Mainstream Price low or free Dispersal & abundance of app stores 2006/7 2008/9 Internet User sophistication rises Print & TV Internet fuelling higher expectations Free contentContent Taker More of the same Mobile Internet worked if promoted Usage growth High price cleverly Richer experience Paid for content when convenient & impulsive
    4. 4. Mobile Market Evolution Value-based Relationship Based selling High Selling High Value-based Relationship Selling Based selling Customer CustomerSophistication Transactional Sophistication Sales Branded Sales Transactional Low Low Sales Branded Sales Low High Low High Customer Loyalty Customer Loyalty
    5. 5. Affiliates Digital Marketing
    6. 6. Online advertising Affiliate Networks Independent Content Networks affiliate networks Social networks Search engines Advertisers Publishers
    8. 8. ...according to Gareth Social Media Behavioural Targeting CPA Adfunded content Mobile growth location based marketing Digital Marketing
    9. 9. ...according To Google Video Real time bidding Mobile no.1 Display advertising App stores death A look into the future of advertising as told by Neal Mohan, vice president of product management at Google, and Barry Salzman, managing director of media and platforms at Google. Digital Marketing
    10. 10. ...according to Gerd Leonhard, MediaFuturist Targeted, Timely, Wanted, Valuable Data is the new oil Interaction before transaction A presentation from Gerd at Adtech London 2010 Digital Marketing
    11. 11. ...according to Smarta Social Media Visibility of service good and bad A presentation from Smarta at Adtech London 2010 Digital Marketing
    12. 12. According to Ford Paid – Owned - Earned ‘We had impact that was greater than a super bowl ad. We had 500,000 people go to’ Scott Monty, Social Media Director Digital Marketing
    13. 13. ...according to UK SEM BenchmarkReport 2010 Increased appetite for SEO, PPC and social media. The social media exponential growth Digital Marketing
    14. 14. Where mobile is goingFrom $160 million in 2008 to $3.1 billion in 2013 (Mobi Thinking)Revenues in online search & advertising are going mobile (Comscore)Mobile internet will be bigger than desktop < 5 years (Everyone)Smartphone sales increase of 300 million in next 4 years (Juniper)Next decade will see 99% messaging, media & entertainment 1%voice mobile users (Slide Share)Content to be bundled with phones (Slide Share) Digital Marketing
    15. 15. Where mobile is goingClosed or open?Apple and Google on theacquisition trail – AdMob,Quatrtro WirelessSmaller number of players –infancy or future?
    16. 16. Mobile / OnlineOnline source PC MobileFree Content Big GrowingLocation LimitedImmediacy LimitedAlways with youScreen size potentialPayment MNOCredit card EmergingPersonal privacyBandwidthAnalyticsSEO Digital Marketing
    17. 17. OpportunityThere are many different affiliate programs and content networksThere are many different SEO companiesMobile web services are in their infancy Connect all of these in one service? Digital Marketing
    18. 18. Value chain Networks Industry trends Product Advertiser Publisher Sale OS Developer and manufacturers New technology Digital Marketing
    19. 19. Advertiser Cost Effective ROI Where to go? CPM > CPC > CPA.... LTV?
    20. 20. Publisher Affiliate networks PPC, Social Media, SEO, Content Networks Where to go? ROI Living Social
    21. 21. Value chain Mobile SEO Online Visitor / Us Publisher Buyer $$$ Channels Fragment ed market Optimisat ion Digital Marketing
    22. 22. Buying Process Transactions Direct Response Digital Marketing
    23. 23. Affiliate process Clicks: 20,000 Sales: 600 Transaction Value: £105,600 20,000 600 £105,600 Commission: £5,280 £5,280 3% 0 Conversion rate: 3% 15
    24. 24. BARRIERS
    25. 25. SEO
    26. 26. Competitors in Tools1. Search Engine Tools2. Bid Management Technology 1. Advertisers with 100K+ budget use third party tool. (+33% use Dart Manager ) 2. Search Centre (Omniture) 3. Coremetrics 4. DCStorm Digital Marketing
    27. 27. One Platform One Solution Digital Marketing
    28. 28. Where the market IS goingPerformance based modelSocial engagement not sellingMobile web mainstream!Higher levels of expectation and sophistication Digital Marketing
    29. 29. THANK YOU