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Microsoft desktop virtualization_offerings - chris_estonina


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Microsoft desktop virtualization_offerings - chris_estonina

  1. 1. Desktop Virtualization OverviewUnderstanding MED-VMicrosoft’s VDI OfferingAlternatives to VDI - Remote Desktop Services (RDS)Summary 2
  2. 2. Focus: Reducing Costs Roaming Profiles Data, User settings Folder Redirection Microsoft Application Applications Virtualization Microsoft Enterprise Local Desktop Desktop Virtualization Virtualization OS Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Remote Desktop Virtualization Hardware Microsoft Virtual Desktop InfrastructureTraditional Client Computing Focus: Increasing Flexibility
  3. 3. Managed Desktops Managing Unmanaged Desktops User State VirtualizationMicrosoft Application Virtualization Shared Remote Desktops (RDS)Personalized Remote Desktops (VDI) Lay the foundation for desktop optimization
  4. 4. Separating facts from hype
  5. 5. Client Based Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V)Server Based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Remote Desktop Services (formerly Terminal Services)
  6. 6. When using VPC’s, users typically manage two desktops (host and Internet Explorer 6 the guest operating in XP system)Internet Explorer 7in Vista
  7. 7. Different security context from the host OS8
  8. 8. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (or VDI) is an architectural model where a client OS runs in a server-based virtual machine environment and interacts with the user via a network connection. Desktop Workload (OS, Apps, Data)9
  9. 9. VDI benefits non-mobile workers with sophisticated IT in highly regulated industries Flexibility of access Business Continuity Personalized desktops at shared Quicker recovery from device terminals malfunctions Work from home and approved Centralized data storage and backup offsite locations without the reduces losses from stolen devices need to purchase laptops Centralized Management Reduced IT travel to user workstations for support Improved desktop lifecycle management through quick access to centralized desktops.10
  10. 10. Small Scale Deployment: Microsoft onlyLarge Scale Deployment: Microsoft+PartnerTechnology Citrix XenDesktop or Quest vWorkspace
  11. 11. Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) -> License to access Windows OSHyper-V 2008 R2 -> Server Virtualization to host the VM’sSCVMM 2008 R2 -> VM ProvisioningWindows 2008 R2 RDS -> Connection BrokerMS Application Virtualization -> Application Provisioning
  12. 12. Virtual Desktop Access (VDA) -> License to access Windows OSHyper-V 2008 R2 -> Server Virtualization to host the VM’sSCVMM 2008 R2 -> VM ProvisioningCitrix XenDesktop/Quest vWorkspace -> Connection BrokerMS Application Virtualization -> Application ProvisioningInternet
  13. 13. Scalability: When do I use partner solutions? Microsoft Inbox: Low complexity environment Microsoft+Partner: Enterprise-ready SCALE 100’s # of users 1,000’s < 10 # of 100’s few # of images many MANAGEMENT single # of sites multiple static image placement dynamic OS-level user profile advanced CLIENT EXPERIENCE LAN only connectivity LAN / WAN Windows only client platform Windows / non-Windows limited local peripheral support comprehensive
  14. 14. Partner Connection Broker Checklist Low-Complexity Environment Enterprise-ready Environment Microsoft VDI with Microsoft VDI only 3rd Party Connection Connection Broker Broker  Single site/location  Multiple sites/locations  Static image placement  Dynamic image placement  Single virtual desktop pool  Multiple virtual desktop pools  Single, non-clustered broker  Multiple brokers in failover configuration  LAN-only connectivity  LAN & WAN connectivity  USB support limited to PnP devices  Generic USB support
  15. 15. *If you already have Windows SA on your devices, then you don’t have to pay for the VDA license.Note: Non-windows devices are not covered by Windows SA such as iPAD and Android devices. VDI Platform: Server and Management MDOP, SCCM CML and RDS CAL* Technology*RDS CAL is only required if you will also be using XenApp component of XenDesktop Enterprise Value AccessPartner Add: Points Partners add value to the Microsoft VDI Solution (PC, Thin clients) TechnologyMicrosoft recommends that you consider partner solutions when you have enhanced needs of scale,(such as multiple site requirements), manageability (which could support advanced provisioningscenarios) or user experience enhancement such USB and Flash remoting.
  16. 16. Desktop Virtualization = VDI VDI will save money immediately All users will benefit from VDI VDI is the future of the desktopVDI is just one of many tools to virtualize your desktop
  17. 17. Hardware CostsStorageRedundant Links Software costs is only about 1/3 of the total cost.Consider other solutions for centralizedmanagement. Remember VDI is just one of themany solutions to achieve this.
  18. 18. Windows Remote Desktop Services (formerlyTerminal Services)App-V+SCCM. Both works on physical andvirtual desktops
  19. 19. VDI is expensive and it will not reduce TCO.Consider using Remote App: Server Role in Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2Also provides Seamless User ExperienceCompared to VDI, the hardware requirementsare not as high.It is basically the same Terminal Servicestechnology (RDP)Partner Solution: consider XenApp.
  20. 20. Common requirement for VDI = CentralizedManagementThere are existing technologies already that aremuch cheaper than VDICombine System Center, App-V and FolderRedirection…and of course a good standarddesktop policy.
  21. 21. Use MED-V for App-to-OS compat issues. MED-V is partof MDOP.Upsides for VDI: VDI offers better user operating system isolation VDI has better native application compatibility VDI allows users to be admins of their own images App-V complements VDIUpsides for Session Virtualization: Session Virtualization requires less hardware than VDI Sessions are cheaper than VDI desktops Server management is less than VDI Can also use App-VRemote Desktop Services enables both session virtualizationand VDI!
  22. 22. Improves Application Compatibility• prevents one app conflicting with another• Prevents one app conflicting with other instances of itself• Fixes many issues where app wouldn’t run as standard userEnables Consolidation of Session Hosts• No longer any need for silos of session hosts• Allows session hosts to be homogenousImproves user profiles• Application settings can be stored to network location / roamed independently• Increases usefulness of mandatory profiles
  23. 23. Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Desktop Services